Dagim Dirba’s Pariah State of Ethiopia (Ersasu Mere)


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7 Responses

  1. Support says:

    well said! You pointed out all facts based on evidence and reason. The so called cadres of TPLF will not save this regime from falling but they give CPR. You are the real organic Ethiopian who stood for truth and justice. I am sure this individual or Party whose name is Dagim will come back to defend his boss but we know the truth and we have lived it for 23 years. We can’t let the ethnic based party govern (abused) our country. We will prevail if we are united. God bless Ethiopia!!

  2. Sebsibe says:

    @Ersasu, do you know the meaning of Pariah state? The east african nation led by holigan Esaias, who give military and logistics support to Gim boat 7 is rather a good example of Pariah state at this moment. Meles was a pioneer actor on G8 and G20 summits. And now Hailemariam has took over that role for good.
    Ethiopia is a reliable global partner for peace and development. Didn’t you hear what John Kerry witnesswd during his recent visit to Ethiopia?

    • Zewge says:

      Thanks Sebsibe, yes John Kerry has boldly said Ethiopia is one of the eight african nations that have strong economy and one of the world’s 10 fastest growing nations. What else and wwhose testimony are you refering to name Ethiopia as a pariah state. Poor analysis.

  3. Bahru says:

    Ersasu you are Simply Ersas. Nothing more and nothing less.

  4. Awraris says:

    Dagim said in his second article “this, needless to say, has been refuted by reality as Ethiopia remains as ever the stable country, bracing to fulfill its ambitious Growth and transformation Plan. This is not to mention the survival international which has opened a new front of defamation against Ethiopia in the southern regional state. On its part, Survival International claims to have uncovered persecution and harassment of indigenous people to make way for cotton, oil- palm and sugarcane plantations linked to the Gebe III hydroelectric dam, soon to be operational. In fact, every one of Ethiopia’s mega- projects, through which alone the country can once and for all end its humiliating dependency on foreign charity are under NGO attack” good point.

  5. Awassa says:

    This is knowledge based commentary. Dagim, his dictator bosses think that they are the only ones who knows about NGO. They lied , lied and lied. I do not see any Weyane Cadre Chanllenging Erassu. Just one person shut all the paid cadres. Love you Ersasu, write more . Thank you Dawit Kebede too

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