[Breaking News] Yemen Issues Extradition Warrant for Andargachew Tsige, Senior Ethiopian Official confirmed


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135 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    Yeteregeme generation

    • teshome says:

      Never would have guessed Adarigachew being British citizen, meddling in Ethiopian politics. He must have had lapse into a political comma. I am so eager to listen the response of the British government for Anidargache Tsige embarrassing British and British citizens. Anyway, This confused Britain guy was under arrest before he sees the light of the day of Ethiopian Daispora politics…I am so sorry who is gonna serve as a guinea pig for Isayas Afworki. I am writing this in good conscious, I wish Anidargachew body sets on fire infront of us for the crime he did. I also wish all men and women I the Daispora implicated in the legal, face similar consequence

      • Name (required) says:

        I can see your dark heart and poisoned blood ,,, You cant even name a single crime that Andargachew did,, can you? you are the result of the System EPRDF made many dick headed ppls like you ,, sorry to say the word but that is who you are.It is your God (EPRDF)who declares war on the entire citizens, by labeling as a terrorist and jailing innocent bloggers and journalists. Trust m nothing is permanent in this world , the big kings fall , the deg fall and now is the time for these trashes to leave.
        Anything could happen on freed fighters and Andargachew is one of them.

        • Mont says:

          The crime is treason. He corroborated with enemies of the state and as such he should bare the full weight of the law. Nothing new here. Let’s see how he handles the heat .

        • Name (required) says:

          The arrest of a man who declares violence to distablize Ethiopia by “All means” is a good news. This guy who is English citizen and leader of an organization that follows violent approach must be seen as terriorist as those UK citizens who joined terrorist sects in Syria and should be extradited to face justice.

          • Name (required) says:

            Hello, I have red the point you have mentioned above and in general what you said is correct. But when we see spefically about Andargachew tsige, he is a freedom and equality activist. He didnt kill ethiopians, the one who is killing people, dislocating, and starving people is weyane. Refusing a truth doesn’t advance us to a better way rather end up with reverse. You know very well what weyane is doing even if you are from tigre, I am sorry to say that, weyane is in general colonialist. I don’t know why weyane disrespects Amhara people that much, and also oromo people, so please come to the truth and the truth will let you free.

      • Mot Le Woyane says:

        What about Ben of Ethiopia First? He is a Canadian Citzen meddiling in Ethiopian politics. Since you are hodam firfare lekami you always appear with double standard.

        Goitom why do you appear as Teshome? You are banda from tigray.

        Ben of Ethiopia First must stop meddiling in Ethiopian politics and return to his country Canada

        • Alula says:

          What do Ben do ? Can you mention any crime about Ben? He didn’t intend any violence against Ethiopia!

        • kabaki says:


        • idris says:

          Mr MotLeweyane,
          Ben is not meddling in Ethiopian politics. He is supporting at the will of the government with legal permission. But this Andargachew (Isayas’s donkey) can not be compared with Ben. Andargachew is a leader of Gim7 who is relentlessly trying to assassinate government officials and to over through the constitutional order in the country by force. As a result he is a leader of a violent political organization designated as terrorist by the law of the country. So, how can you compare Ben with Andargachew?

      • billfree says:

        @ teshome
        stopped cadre

      • Fifi says:

        Guess why he went to Yemen in the first place? My guess is that he went to organize some terrorists there who can blow up themselves somewhere in Ethio. ‘He was traveling to undisclosed area’ . Funny enough. I can see Ethiopian security (sileya) are playing the Mossad style game which is quite sophisticated.
        Never had guessed either that the man is Brit national, but would now Brit save him? Hope not. Anyone who works with Isayas Afework should be captured and face justice. I don’t call someone to be killed, but the harshest punishment possible.
        DOWON with Isayas and G7!

        • Kjb says:

          We will fu@&k qomalat agame sahsah. Trust me he will not be left alone. We will Get him back to our country ERitrea.

          • jgna says:

            Foolish hamASSien get lost from here. Isayas is f***cking the ASS of foolish Hama and the helish ….

          • Asghedom says:

            Go and take him from Addis from the hand of qomalate Agame and you will see it you will hate yourself because you born.
            when you and others like are finished then people will see the best ethiopia.

      • Metkel says:

        We Eritrean going to save him, if the yemeny gov’t try to harm him or extradate him to Ethiopia they will pay hard price. Mr Tsige is a polotician as well as freedom fighter not like you begger weyane subhuman tigrians.believe me we are Eritreas we are not going to live him alone. Remember firest for most we are the one who put you on minelik vila. God bless my belove. Fotherland Eritrea!!!!!

        • king says:

          you cant free ur land that took and still hold badme by so called subhuman wayane beggers if this ppl did to you like that how in earth are you save him you cant save ur self there is a proverbin my country lkikesay THE SMALL OR THE WEAKEST PERSON THAT THE ONE THEY HAVE BIIGGG MOUTH

        • yohannes says:

          Go and will see it, what will happen to you,Rubish Italians like you has has been tried and failed like you.
          Come you will see it.

      • Mekonnen says:

        Andargachew Tsge a close friend for Tesfaye Gebreab, is the enemy of Ethiopian people and a personality who hate Ethiopia, how come he fight for our peace, freedom & democracy?

        I was laughing while his friend Birhanu Nega trying to make a hero & political giant out of this idiot and criminal.

        Please refer to this website http://ginbot7d.org/ and get a 1-st hand info from Ethiopians who escaped a death row from ertira. A crime Andargachew Tsge committed on Ethiopians in ertira has been posted

      • Sami says:

        Why Andargachew and the other son’s of a bitch shuttle to Asmara and Cairo? For prayer?Or for….? Guys, let them pay the price.

    • Ebsa says:

      I believe Amhara people must rise up and bare arms !! Lets talk with a gun with these Tigre and the rest of people whom they consider us coward . All 80 tribes hate Amara people. They will tell us the answer when we organize and balance the power!!

    • Borsamo says:

      Hola Gana. This is great news indeed. Ethiopian enemies will downfall one by one.Who is next bokbakaw Birhanu ena esayas. kkkkkkkkk Bravo Yemen and Ethiopian Security.

    • YeKermo Sewu says:

      How To Beg Money During The Soccer Tournament 101

      Film Director: Dr. Engineer Samuel
      G-7 Movie Theatre

    • Name (required) says:


      Needless to say, the tyrants in Addis Ababa have opened a new chapter that may or may not change the course of history when it comes to Ethiopian politics and possibly that of the region. It also remains to be seen whether this is an act of timely calculated risk or blind act. However, one also may speculate, based on past experience, the current phenomenon is nothing but a continuation of irresponsible and treacherous act of violence against innocent citizens, be it that of journalist, persons of the Amhara, Afar, Ogaden Somalis ethnic groups; opposition members, Oromo students and remotely situated minority tribes, such as the Anwak and other Omo-valley tribesmen who possess fertile lands.

      Kidnapping opposition members/leaders or anyone that was seen as a threat to the statuesque in Addis Ababa has been a common practice by the government of Ethiopia. In 2007 Tesfahun Chemeda and Mesfin Abebe, both of whom are member of the Oromo ethnic group and refugees in Kenya at the time of their abduction by Ethiopian and Kenyan security officers. They both were eventually snatched back to Ethiopia and thrown into the notorious ‘MAIKELAWI’ prison with allegation that they were members of OLF (Oromo Liberation Front). Tesfahun Chameda died in 2013 while still in prison allegedly due to torture and malnutrition. Another man who is serving life in Ethiopian prison since 2006 is Bashir Makhtal. He is of Ethiopia’s Ogaden somlai ethnic and a citizen of Canada. He was a business man by profession. He too was kidnapped in Kenya and was taken to Ethiopia. If you wonder what his crime was: just an allegation that he might be a member of ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front). There was also the case of Sulub Ahimed and Ali Hussein, members of the Ogaden National Liberation Front. They both were in Kenya upon accepting an invitation by Kenyan Government which claimed to mediate peace talk with their Ethiopian counterpart in January 26, 2014. They too were kidnapped by Kenyan security officers who were allegedly bribed hundreds of thousand dollars by Ethiopian government. Their whereabouts is unknown to this day. Followed was the abduction of Okello Akoy in Southern Sudan with the collaboration of Ethiopian masked security officers and Southern Sudan police force. Mr. Akoy, the former president of the Gambella region of Ethiopia, defected early and fled to Norway where he took citizenship, in opposition to a massacre of innocent members of the Anwak tribesmen by the locals orchestrated by Ethiopian security force.

      The abduction, detention and possibly repatriation back to Ethiopia of G7 (Ginbot 7) general secretary Andargachew Tsige is just a continuation of such treacherous act by the government of Woyane in Ethiopia. What makes this recent act exception is the fact that it took place outside of the continent of Africa. Mr Tsige was in transit at Yemen’s Sanaa airport waiting for his next flight to Eritrea when he was abducted by Yemeni’s security officers. Mr Tsige is a renowned political figure both within Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora.

      What we should and must pay attention to is the fact that almost each country that was involved in these abductions broke either local or international or both laws. None of the abductees were given a chance of due process to determine whether there is legal ground for their detention and eventually repatriation to Ethiopia. They were not represented by any lawyer nor even given an opportunity to be heard.

      We also have to pay attention to the fact that most of these abductees were citizen of other nations, not Ethiopia. Hence if there is legal ground to deport them, it should be to the country of their citizenship. Though they were born in Ethiopia, according to Ethiopia’s current law; one losses citizenship automatically once one becomes a citizen of other nation. Here we are also talking about jurisdiction. Kenya, South Sudan or Yemen for that matter could arrest a foreign citizen if he/she is found committing a crime in either one of these countries.

      Now, we should also extend responsibility to the nations where these individuals are citizen of and to that of the international community. These nations did not interfere in the abduction of their citizens, nor did they attempt to halt their repatriation to Ethiopia. The only case that I remember of where these foreign nationals did help their citizen is when they interfered in the arrest of two Swedish citizens (both of whom are white) who were abducted by Ethiopian government in the Ogaden region and thrown to Ethiopian prison. I wonder if there is racial diamension to this.

      The international community too failed to do anything about these abductees and other form of arrest and killings of innocent Ethiopians who number in thousands ever since the Woyane came to power. Every single day, there is a killing of Ethiopian citizens by its (Ethiopian government) brute security, police and military forces. The regions of Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Benshangul Gumuz and others have witnessed such ethnic cleansing act by its squads. We also witnessed mass arrest and killing of Ethiopian Muslims whose crimes was nothing other than holding peaceful demonstrations in Addis Ababa, Jima, Desie and other cities in the country. Today, there are thousands of political prisoners throughout the country; among them journalists, legal opposition members and leaders, peaceful demonstrators and etc.

      It seems to me that if one is black and/or Muslim, one is irrelevant to the international community and it’s so called democracy and rule of law. Hence, at the end of the day, the solution has to come from within us, blacks and/or Muslims. We have to come together for our own sake; for the continuation of our survival and that of our country, Ethiopia!!! The question is: what is to be done?

      We have tried peaceful process to voice for the voiceless. We stood in lines in rain and sun asking for our rights. We rallied in thousands peacefully, yet the response we got was either prison or bullets. We lost so many and continue to lose so many more of our brothers, sisters, fathers sons and daughters. It is our birth right to live on this earth in peace with respect and dignity. Nobody can take them away nor give them to us. They belong to all of us humans. If we cannot live with our birth rights, there is no meaning to continue living. We should hold hands and rise up!! Let’s once more sing, “Ye Oromo Amaraw Yetigrew bemulu; le democracy membet satinetatelu, bereat angibachehu bandinet tagelu”

      Yes, I am advocating for armed struggle. You don’t have to belong to any organization; it is something you can do on your own, just like Boko Haram! I hate what Boko Haram does, but I must admit I admire the methodology it uses: no organization, no leader, and each strike on his own. If you catch one, that is where the story ends, you have no lead. You cannot infiltrate it because it is not an organization. You can act like Boko Haram against Ethiopian killing machines and its collaborators such as state media persons, bankers, businessmen, diplomats, cadres, beneficiaries and etc., in Ethiopia or in the diaspora. Yes, you can make any place hell for them. Your strike should also include officials and diplomats of those nations who collaborated with the junta in Addis Ababa by abducting our fellow countrymen.

      We must be careful of innocent bystanders, children, and women. We also have to be careful of starting ethnic conflict. This is not to be something against the Tigrean ethnic group; it is against those who are using the name of the group to advance their own power monger interest. Remember, the ordinary Tigreans are as victims as all of us!! If we don’t do this, we are nothing but an average terrorist.

      Yes, those of you who believe that you could be more effective if you operate under organization, it is your prerogative. Join, OLF, G7, ONLF and etc. Those of you who believe there is still room for peaceful dialogue; it is also your prerogative. But you need to work harder. You need to be creative because it seems that the international community is not getting it; or I should say, they don’t care because you are black and/or Muslim. Remember, it is the USA, Israel and British who have been funding and training Ethiopia’s brutal security and police force. Remember, it is USA’s weapons and machinery that were used to massacre the over 200 young men and women (most of whom were under 18) in the streets of Addis Ababa during the 2005 election. It is these nations and other so called western democracies that have been arming it (Ethiopian Government) toe to hair. It is also the Chines who have been involved in assisting Ethiopia’s brute security force in using the internet to surveillance citizens and block free press that happened to differ from the ruling junta when it comes to their political view point. Whatever it is you chose to do, I wish us the best.


      • Mekdes says:

        This must be Birhanu speech. The cowards are always cowards. Andaracew is talkative and he went down by his cheap did so next will be Birhanu time. Yiyebku enasayechewalen bilual Be California and sibeseba lay. Eritrea Lenin ayhedim ezih kemeleflef. Libe Bis yeEssza netsa awchi.

    • Tesfaye says:

      i’ve seen no problem with the generation the problem is u guys

    • muleta says:

      how come weyanea is not fighting to bring the criminal pilot who bombed the school in tigray from djibouti..?…i see double standard and sympathy when it comes to eritreans .there are so many criminal eritreans..who massacred innocent ethiopian soldiers roaming the streets of addis and enjoying life and getting in every college and universities for free ,while ethiopian youth sitting on the street corner eating chat and doing nothing….hello eritreans you filthy animals go back where you belong…you don’t belong with a civilized ppl ..u r animals

    • Edom says:

      Gezaee u r not a curse and no one is either.Lets not cheat ourselves.All we need to do is to think free.Free yourself be independent.Listen to your inner heart.Only then you can say what the heck is going on.Let me remind you of dis : “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

  2. jegnaw says:

    በጣም ጥሩ የሆነ የገቢ ማሰባሰብያ ኣጀንዳ ተገ። እስቲ ኣሁን ደግሞ እሱን ለማስፈታት እያንዳድሽ ኣምስት ኣምስት ሺ ዶላር ይደፋ።

    • yakob says:

      Lemagne beyene will come out now calling a money collection meeting in DC.

      The funny thing is the last time Andarge made his speech in the state he promised he won’t come back un less they did some thing tangible than the usual talking.

      so now he can’t do any tangible did in the name of G7 so to continue the money collection he sacrificed him self.

    • cherkos ina bole says:

      His master Issayas is a wanted man as well so if he go to yemen asking for Andarge he will end up in Sweden prison as well.

      By the way keep the secret and he is in ADDIS already. the security got open his email and send a message to birhanue nega telling him he is in good hand and he can visit him as he have American passport nothing will happen to him.

      if you don’t believe me listen birhanue intervie in VOA. he sounds very down he used to booste a lot but now come to earth like and cried like baby

  3. Solomon says:

    What happen to this Banda, Essayas’s shoe shine .
    I don’t like him ,his attitude to all Ethiopia and when you see him talk you can tell he is laying .arrogant calling names.
    How can say you are Ethiopian and talk positive about Banda Essayass
    And you tell me you want to rule Ethiopian .
    I think anybody who adimare Essayass is dangras to Ethiopia .
    Bout I don’t want to take his right to oppose Ethiopian govrement police .bout declare war on ethiopia is not right espcialy siding with band essayass ertirea and egypt . ethiopia will eat you befor you eat them .
    How can adargachew trust Banda Essayas ,Aadargachw trying to tell us Ertirea is like haven looke what is happening in Ertirea there are more than 150000 ertrean refuge in Tigray Ethiopia

    • Ermi says:

      “Talking to Isais is better than reading ten books.”
      Meles zenawi, the great leader

      peace to all but woyane!


      • axumawe says:

        @hi Ermi,
        Esaias is untie Ethiopia, that is why Esaias, and any body who collaborate with him is terrorist, so Andargachow is a terrorist.
        pm Meles is Ethiopian. he serve the people of Ethiopia. and he scarify and devoted his intier life for the people of Ethiopia.
        we Ethiopians like me, and the people who love pm Meles we will read his books for ever and ever. he is one of the greatest golden child ETHIOPIA EVER HAVE .

      • Alula says:


        Isaias knows that if he touches Ethiopia somehow, it will be the end of him! Andy is under the control of Ethiopia! We know Berhanu Nega is a chicken , so he won’t do something manly! Woyane has been winning over & over , & still winning!

    • Meles Zenawi says:

      Well It is not the first time. The biggest sho shiner of Esayas was our beloved leader Meles Zenawi, who even gave occasional Blow jobs for Esayas!

      • Solomon says:

        Is It what your Banda Edargachw doing to banda essayass? Is it what your Banda grandfathe Minlke did to Italian ?when Minlke betrayed Ethiopia sold part of Tigray Ethiopian now Ertirea .if it were not for Banda Minlke there would been Eritrea now. And when your Banda Minlke sold Djibouti to French .the sad thing is still Banda Minlke is your hero in this case you are not in any position to criticize males zenaw .even though I always disagred with meles’s when it comes on his Ertirea police.
        But people like you like to criticize males the some time Banda Minlke is your hero.that is biggest Hippocrates .your hippocrcie shows me .your criticizem is not about a country it only hate.k

      • KING says:

        you know what i now you where there leaking melses ass that why unknow well the secreat and ur nick is meles zenawi yoiu mised hie sheet you used to teste

    • Tesfaye says:

      Essayas by any means could not be danger to Ethiopia, but of course to weyane(TPLF)

      • Delila Reta says:

        The song you are singing right now is the song by Ertreans when they invaded Badme. You Drgist Tesfegnoch were propaganda machine for the Eritreans. Eritreans hate Amharas more than Tigreans. For the time they seem friend to us. They are your friend because they are spending their 2% tax from their expatriates. That money will be spent in Birhanu Nega’s cousin restaurant Dama. Chingaf yehonk Neger Doma. You might be Tesfay Gerberab.

  4. Gebez says:

    The logical end of an ugly mind and a terrorist hater!! Who is next? Make a queue losers!! Each and everyone of you will end up in the magic hands of weyane!!

  5. Gebez says:

    I can imagine that he is now shitting and urinating and shivering out of fear!! I was always right to call people like this loser “ቅዘናሞች and ሽንታሞች and of course ሆዳሞች”.

  6. Solomon says:

    This Banda Edargachw Essayass’s shoe shaner crime is not opposing ethiopian government .because I personal there is a lot issu that I opposs specials about seaport of Ethiopia acssess .
    His crime is sleeping with Ethiopian sworn enemy Banda Essayass and tiring to tell us essayass is a hero and Ethiopian sever.
    About opposing Ethiopian goverememt I believe every Ethiopia have a right to oppose and support the government of Ethiopia .
    When Edargachw speaks about Essayass and Ertirea you can tell he is laying by his body language .
    Edargachw is in love with Banda Essayass so please in stade of sending him to kalite in addiss Abeba send him to the huge because soon the united nation will arrest Essayass of charge of humen rights volition on his Owen people will be in the huge with Endargachew.

  7. Patriot says:

    Brilliant news!!!

    No sanctuary to terrorist. Ginbot 7 in the the final throes of death . . . Egypt now wanting to normalise relations with Ethiopia and all neighbours other than Eritrea (that well known champion of democracy, freedom and prosperity in the region – as all fair minded people can testify) in the Ethiopian fold. More over diaspora support base evaporating in the sunshine of development and democratisation we are witnessing on daily bases.

    Long Live Ethiopia! Long Live EPRDF!

  8. bb says:

    Who will be next ——————-? Dr. 

  9. Alula says:

    G7 can run , but can’t hide! I hope the Yemeni authority extradite Andy to face justice in Ethiopia to face justice for treason & trying to collaborate with Ethiopia’s chronic enemies! One Banda down one left!

  10. tesfa says:

    UK, USA, and other European countries allow Ethiopians to be their citizens. When these Ethiopians become other countries’ citizens they are not informed enough their political involvement is very limited in their original country. Most people who are members of the oppositions groups outside Ethiopia have other country citizenship which makes them non-citizen in Ethiopia. If a person is not an Ethiopia and gets involved in Ethiopia’s political affairs the individual is working for the government he/she is allegiance for as a citizen. In this regard the Ethiopian government should draft a legislation how Ethiopian origin who are citizen of other country can get involved in the countries politics. If a person is other country citizen he/she can not have a political involvement in the country and has no position in public office in order to avoid any conflict of interest. This law has to be well articulated to all countries who has a large number Ethiopian origin citizen, like USA,UK, and other European countries. If a citizen of other country, who was an Ethiopia, gets involved in Ethiopia’s affair that individual is working for that country not for Ethiopia. If that is the case the country where the person is citizen from should take some kind of action because the person is getting involved in political affairs of another country where he/she is not citizen from. It seems UK and USA seem to ignore this fact and are using their citizens to destabilize other countries using citizens who are originated from that country. Indirectly these countries are using this an excuse to mess up other countries internal affairs. The Ethiopian foreign affairs and the parliament have a lot to work on in this matter. For Ethiopia, political turmoil is coming from Ethiopian origin of other country citizens. This individuals are taking cover from the country where they are citizen from to do what ever they want regardless of Ethiopia law. This is going to create political strains between Ethiopia UK and USA. UK and USA are exporting terrorism to Ethiopia under the cover of their citizens get involved in in politic in the origin country with out realizing these citizens are not Ethiopian citizens any longer after they accepted other countries citizenship.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wish from day one as he has given the opportunity, if he would have worked hard to struggle peacefully in the country correct if see any wrong constructively again.

    ** for that matter all of the opposition should be be humble and work with the government by stepping down and walking low
    for the sake of the Ethiopian people and unity ***
    The solution to all opposition trust me is the best way to assist your country is using peaceful avenues and criticize constructively with a viable solution which will bring a working alternative, don’t tell me only democracy like that country or this state.

    Despite my reservation to some of the policies that the government has, up to now and I hope in the future the current government and its polices by large will alleviate poverty in the country.

    If in fact the government continues with what it has in hand with large scale investments and projects like the Abbye Dam there is a light in the tunnel

    *** I wish if a lot of work has been done by the Ethiopian embassies to reach each and every diaspora individually and personally to support and finance the Abbye Dam ***

    ** regardless of any thing all of us should be the ambassadors of this historic project ****

    *** Let the world see one day we can feed ourselves ****

    • Gezaee says:

      Anonymous: Do you think you can work peacefully with people who believe only in gun and lies? How can you work together with people who set up Musna ( corruption sefer )? did you hear that is a sefer or mender in Mekelle where all the people who do Musna or corruption live together. Opposition can only contribute if there is law; Ethiopia is lawless. The fact it is lawless is white journalists were released but Ethiopians are languishing in prison. If you want to play a soccer game? you need a playing field and the rule of the game. There is no way you can play soccer game if there is field to play on. If you think of playing soccer, the fist thing you have to think is where to play? if there is a soccer field, then you go and play and apply the rules of the game. In Ethiopia, there is field from the beginning. Democracy is not engineered by woyane. Woyane has no clue about democracy. If it has an idea about democracy, it would not force itself on the people forced ethnic apartheid. Everything is done by referendum in democratic countries. In Ethiopia everything is done by force, by gun. Ethiopia partitioned into ethnic fiefdoms by force without any public involvement. How is a government which is gun touted to become democratic? TPLF has been faking it to look like democrat. It is camouflaging like stick insect. Do you know stick insects. Stick insects are insects which copy their colour from their surroundings so that they hide from their predators. TPLF uses democracy for hiding itself. It is the most sinister, cynical and racist organisation Ethiopia have seen in its entire history. There can never be democracy where people officially discriminated, persecuted based on their ethnicity. It does not make sense. Democracy requires enlightenment, high level of social consciousness and high level mind state. You can not expect honey from flies. Can you ? No matter what TPLF says, it is not liked by Ethiopian people because it is racist, an apartheid organisation that is persecuting people based on their ethnic. No, such barbaric, cynical organisation have no the quality to usher democracy in Ethiopia. Democracy requires fairness, impartiality, transparency, equality,… non of these exist in Ethiopia. Every public wealth, assets is controlled by TPLF. The people second citizen because even job is given to party members. It is better even the word democracy is not even talked about in Ethiopia. Because there is nothing that looks like that in Ethiopia. It is unfortunate but that is the reality in that country.

      About Andargachew, I did not support the armed struggle from day one for myself, not because I believe there is democracy but because I believe there is easy to do that than sacrificing yourself and others for nothing. If armed struggle could help, TPLF fought for 17 years by living in caves. But unfortunately, the armed struggle only brought to Ethiopia caveman style politics. As you can see it yourself people are divided by race in Ethiopia and this was done in primitive communal society when people did not know how to plough and make tools. TPLF after living in caves for 17 years, it has come with cave man politic and our people are now denied mobility and coexistence. They are forced to be herded as if they are speaking animals. This is a proof armed struggle is not needed. What is needed is Yenade ken Netsanet than yezelalem barnet. What we need is not armed struggle but Unity that can overthrow woyane in one single day by public disobedience and this requires unity only, no need for bloodshed, expensive hardwares, and decades of skirmish and bloodshed. I encourage young Ethiopians in the diaspora to form a Unity movement in all the universities and create a link with all the Universities in Ethiopia and then it will be easy to remove TPLF. We have seen how Ambo protest shaked them. It is easy, and never expect TPLF ill ever hear or defeated by war. TPLF is much stronger than derg. Derg was an isolated government and easy to weaken. You are dealing with a sophisticated apartheid system set up divide people by race which is called Koreta. TPLF administers Ethiopia using its armed struggle tactics called Koreta. Koreta is divide and conquer. You divided Ethiopians into ethnic Oromo, Amhara, Tigrie, … give them piece of land called Oromia, Amhara, Tigrai Killel, and others then people are divided and blind folded by ethnic and then TPLF has a lot of air to breath without any consorted public wrath. This is the reasons TPLF created the apartheid system in Ethiopia. The nations or nationalities propaganda is not true. There was no nation or nationalities problem during derg. Those concerns of nations and nationalities were addressed by derg. Everyone was equal. There was any systematic and official ethnic or nationality problem.

      All Ethiopians put aside your difference, put away your armed struggle theory and unite and remove woyane in one day without any bloodshed. I know there are many diaspora driven by hatred, revenge and wanted armed struggle, but that armed struggle is yetebela ekub. Mark my words, you will not get anywhere with the G-7 agenda. I do not have to die or go to prison to free anyone. The youths from Oromos, Tigreans, Amhara,even Eritreans need to come together and bring change. Those of us who are still young we must bring quick change to our country. I wanted to go home and live in peace in one day without my ethnic tag on me. I wanted to live anywhere in Ethiopia without anyone labelling me my tribe name on me. The quickest way to do that is to kick out TPLF public disobedience peacefully. Never expect a calf from an ox or a honey from a fly. It will never happen. Can a man be pregnant and give birth to a baby? TPLF will not give you democracy because its does not have the elements of democracy from day of its inception. TPLF came to power by waging bloody war for 17 years and sacrificing 60 000 teenagers. People were executed for having sex; it did not have clue about democracy? It did not have even clue why it was fighting? because the fact TPLF had an agenda of independent Tigrai then changed its agenda all of a sudden or it landlocked Ethiopia by force, do you think any entity that has an idea of democracy would forcefully landlocked 95 million people by force and make them pay 2 billion dollars?

      Young people from Oromo, Amhara, Tigrie, Eritrea, must come together and form a new civil movement that can free them from fear, discrimination, persecution,… forget G7, Andargachew Tsige, Jawar Mohammed, forget, PLF, OLF, ONLF, EPLF, forget all the FFs anarchiests, form a new civil movement that unite Ethiopans and remove despots in one day. Unity is power. The then USA president J.Kenneday said that a house that is divided against itself can not stand. He said this to unite Americans. Now Americans are united, it is united state. Unity is strength. Throw away the old baggage from everyone. Let the old guys expire with their FF fronts. Unite now and do not wait because it is your future. TPLF people think about gain today and they do not care about your future. You can see them calling Andargachew Tsige a terrorists? is he a terrorist? if so, then they were doing the same things 24 years ago, for 17 years and they were called wonbediewoch, which is the same as terrorists. It is relative. They even forgot themselves where they came from. Instead of promoting understanding and bringing change they are recycling the same thing. Derg told us Woyane was a terrorists and then now they manage to hold power they are not anymore terrorists? Now when another rebel starts to rebel against them they are calling the same derg was calling them? do you think this is stupid and recycling the same things. People never even learn from their own life and journey. Do not wait even one day and form a brand new all inclusive Ethiopian civil movement. IF we have no strong, unite, transparent organisation that embraces us all regardless ethnic or race or region then everything will be easy. Even to harness Nile would not requires us to see agreement with Egypt or seek loan from WB or IMF. People your bright future depends on your unity. We are all Ethiopian no matter where we came from. It does not matter whether we came from Mars, or anywhere we are one country. None of us can fare by living with apartheid wall built between us. We need to tear down the apartheid wall built by TPLF. There is no other quick way to develop Ethiopia. The best investment for any country its human development. At the end, development depend on the country human development. No investor will develop Ethiopia if its citizens are not developed. Stand up Ethiopian youth.

      • andargachew says:

        you wish! change your mind from racism to genuine humanity and equality before trying to give advice. “ginbot 7″ is a terrorist organization and too racist! andargachew gonna taste what it takes to be ” the habesha concept of patriot” /pure racism/. THERE COMES A DAY FOR ETHIOPIA WHEN WE LOVE EACH OTHER! WHEN THE WISE INDIGENOUS ETHIOPIANS LEAD US!

      • Areffe says:


        ገዛኢ ግድ የለህም የምናውቅህ እናውቃሃለን! ወያነን የምትጠላበት ምንያት ስልጣን ስለከለከለህ እንጂ በእውነቱ ለኢትዮጵያ ኣዝነህ ኣይደለም! ስልጣን የከለከሉበት ደግሞ ወላዋይ ስለሆንክ ብቻ ነው። ኣስታውስ መጀመርያ ከኢህኣፓ ጋ ታሞጠምጥ ነበር፣ ከዛ የደርግ ካድሬ ሆንክ፣ ቀጥለህም ከወያነና ከሻብያ እዚህም እዛም ታጣቅስ ነበር፣ ከዛም በኤርትራ ሪፈረንደም ተካፍለህ ኤርትራዊ ሆነህ ቁጭ ኣልክ፣ አሁን ደግሞ ኢትዮጵያ ኢትዮጵያ እያል የኣዞ እንባህን ታነባለህ! ኣሁን ይህን ሁላ የሚያስለቅስህ እዚያም እዚህም ስትል ኣንድ ቦታ ሳትረግጥ እድሜህ በማለቁ ነው እንጂ በሌላ ኣይደለም!
        እዚኣቢሄር ይቅር ይበልህ!

  12. Gebre says:

    If anything happens to Andergachew ..I will start from Dawit!

    • Patriot says:

      very much in keeping with G7 press release. I will class it terrorism by words as they have no means to do it in deed. Impotent, nasty and destined to the garbage of history — that is G7

    • Kebede says:

      Kizenam mokra werie bicha… Ahunm gena tlekemaleh eyandandih ..Dr,Birie kech tlalech gizewan tebka…

    • axumawe says:

      wo wo wo Gebre calm own,
      Dawit is in Ethiopia, the terrorist is arrested in Yemen, and the news came from Esat,(Aheiawen ferto dawelawen)
      it is for shour Yemen wants to buy hydro from Ethiopia,
      Egypt now’s, it well never stop Ethiopia from building the (GERD). ONE OF THE 7 AGRREMENTS EGYPT AGREED WAS PEAC AND SECURTY in east Africa.
      Egypt’s new president want to change the image of old Egypt, so he wants peace.
      Know do the mathes,shabia,g7, Al-kaida, B nega, Andargacho, prof Hail Mariam internal and external terrorist, there main financial support is going to be drain.people like Andargachow, Brehanu, Tamaghn, Hailmariam and so on, one by one they well meat in kality. trust me that is why they start to sheet in there pants. long live Ethiopia

  13. w .yilma says:

    I do not considered it as an important news. This guy is living in the land of utopia! dreaming when and how he and his groups snatching power from the incumbent government. As long as individual like this guy live in our holy land Ethiopia will never get peace, and good government. The old dogs are thinking not with their mind, but with their instinct.They do whatever is necessary to topple the government, without scrutinizing or worrying what will be after the end of the game. I do not argue about the importance of government change but what I am arguing is about its methods. It is not as easy as this guy is preaching the public.He is still in the 60’s state of mind. What a dogma! The problem is they born with violence and they live to instigate violence. Because living in peace is a war for them and living with conflict, human misery, and violence is a peace for the people like this guy. What unfortunate to live with this maniac!
    I do not wish him to extradite to Ethiopia. I do not think this guy is important. His action will hunt him if , and if he comes to his mind some day!
    for how long they sleep with the enemy, a person who make Eritrea a hell!
    Peace and unity for Ethiopian people, and may God protect the people of Ethiopia from this TUT NEKASH!

  14. Hanibal says:

    The days of the Woaynes are numbered. For one Andargachew we will make sure 100 Woyane officials pay the heavies price. Pest, arawitoch. That is what you are

    • Patriot says:

      threats, threats and more threats…
      please let us see one single action…
      impotent, nasty old men having a collective wet dream does not change anything…

    • Suleman says:

      Hanibal, kkkkk. Exellent joke. where have you been as of yet??

      Esey esey “Hanibal” yetebale jegna tewldolinal, weyolish woyane, weyolish ye G7 telat hula!!!!

  15. UDUDU Naga says:

    Im glad they got this hod am amara son of b@@ch. Who cares if rotten in jail or hanged up like a chicken with out head.

  16. me says:

    He played the game with Woyane.
    It was like playing golf with tiger woods.

    Esayas himself is waiting for the wrath of TPLF to befall up on him.
    Let alone these borcham boss of taxi drivers.

  17. tiru says:

    I like their warning though(lol)
    Joke of the year.must have been written in DC coffee house.
    Threaning EPRDF? Hahaha

  18. tiru says:

    I like their warning though(lol)
    Joke of the year.must have been written in DC coffee house.
    Threatning EPRDF? Hahaha

  19. fictor king says:

    tiwal tider enji ahiya yejib nat. no mercy for this terrorist. the rule of law requires he be executed. better be hanged than shot. please no mercy for terrorists. as a person who negligently kills another finishes his sentence andarg should also finish his. no special favours please kill him our government. no lesson from reducing his sentence. teach the others by example. please kill him please.

  20. kebede says:

    from the beginning if he is a British Citizen what the hale he want to fight for that he doesn’t belong.It is by itself Violation of countries loyalty .This guy he need to get extradite from Yemen to The Ethiopian Government.Long Live EPRDF……Fesame Hulu they start shitting on themselves.

  21. me says:

    Hode new telate!
    He was going to sign on his payroll sheet in Asmara palace.

  22. Dagna says:

    Why The second in command of a terrorist organization is extradition to ethiopia is a real possible scenario.

    The Asmara backed and Al Shebab affiliated ginbot 7 is designated as a terrorist organization by Ethiopia.

    Alshebab is seen as a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom who the second in command of ginbot 7(Tifat 7 is a citizen and by many western and all African countries minus the renegade Ethiopian province of Eritrea. —-
    Currently the Yemen government is engaged in trying to root out islamist extremists with the help of US war machine. The Yemen islamist are an alliance in principle with ginbot 7 which its leaders are in turn is wanted by Ethiopia. —
    Aya ya ya. I guess it is time to free Ethiopian bloggers to make room at the luxury resort of Kaliti Gate for the real sold out enemy of Ethiopia. He works day and night, as his anti Ethiopian organization says to secure a $500 000. fund from father Esayas Afewerki. —–
    Oh boy the panic button is off and Asmara is experiencing a major shit in the pants attack, cause its beloved son Andargachew Tsegie might be cooked for Ethiopia feast .

  23. Belay says:

    There should be no hide and chance for mad egocentric idiots anywhere in the rigion and africa any more. Those wanna be politicia devils sitting in the west are instrumental not in helping their countries of origin but are majore source of killing and perpetuating suffering. The arrest of this person is a small hope and sign to whole of Africa that these greedy evils have no hide anymore forever. Good job Ethiopia! Great job Yemeni Gov! United we stand. More has to come!

  24. axumawit says:

    Mr.Afworki does not want any evidence showing he harbor fugitive.He does not want UN commission catch him with Mr.Tsege,an evidence of destabilizing the region.Now,mr.Tsege is looking shelter.Well,Kaliti seems his last place.Yes,Mr.Al Amoudin will bring him cheese cake.

  25. Tekei says:

    Andargatchew is a citizen of the UK. So Yemen has to answer first to The UK how it can transfer its citizen to a third country known for its kangaroo courts, sham trials & child killers. Mark my word he will be allowed to proceed to his ultimate destination. There would be no transfer. Even the stounch supporter of TPLF Aiga forum is silent on the issue because they know it will not happen.

  26. desta says:

    In two members organization, just lost one

  27. kebrom says:

    Well, i never support violence in Ethiopia, hence G7. I support only peaceful struggle in my loved country so that no one will die again to form new government. For what? i am saying this coz it is already an established norm to abandon existing government and form new one as far as people want and through ELECTION!!

    This is where i prey Ethiopian politics to line up!

    But as man who knew woyane from close,fair election may be is a day dream in Ethiopia—kind of lame alegn besemay—. It is ok, but there are several ways to deal with such a corrupt regime too. For instance, ye kelem abiot! In fact, ye kelem abiot is at the get of 4 kilo, not at dedebit as it was before. Even i hate such a massive move, but it seems that is what is going to dash the hateful and evil woyane, and make them just random people like me—i donot say just go and kill them, rather take them down and make them live with us—struggle to get into taxi like me, struggle to buy bread for their kids like majority of us—-ohhh leka semonun demoze lichemirulegn new.

    However, it is also not a new thing that oppressed people will go out to bush. What makes it mistake for G7 and right for woyane?! I donot think there is such a law!

    Dergu said woyane was rebel, terrorist, gentay asgentay—ye enat tut nekash—but those determined woyane boys despite all these derogatory names and words assigned to them, they just become government. And now it is their turn to oppress others, even more systematically than dergu, and when the oppressed people went to bush, they call them terrorist. Now woyane is dergu! No No difference! But there are differences, i will come to them.

    This is unfair!!!

    What makes DEMIT boys to fly to desert? it is what made melese and aboy to fly to desert. Period! They are oppressed and they just left and Mr Tsige is one these guys!

    The questions is now,

    1. Did the struggle went down when dergu killed several members of the then gentay asgentay? No way! they increased in number and power, rather!
    Is there something new or different will happen by capturing and assassinating Mr Tsigae today?, No no no, nothing will happen! rather it will fuel the struggle, many will join, more fear to woyane cadres, woyane leader at any place they will travel—-! This is just normal. G7 might also be even encouraged to enter into more cruel acts, which i really donot want to happen to my people and country.

    at Alula

    I have a question for you. You may ask me why in particular to me, coz i feel you have more info as you are close to woyane! That is simply why—lenegeru atenagerum eko. Tiferalachihu!

    1. why you hate Isayas? endew afer sihon negeregn? Are u fooling us your readers, that woyane was not even more pro to Isayas than to Ethiopians???? why you forget what your evil man advised to do so—-listen to Isayas, listening to him for 30 minutes is more than reading 30 books????? why it is right when meles sat under the leg of Isayas and wrong when Mr Tsige did it?

    why you call Eritrea our conic enemy when you meles told us the above? i hope you also knew what aboy said last time—-we will even die for Eritrea if something happen to them. I am very ok with what both meles and aboy said, but not with you! Coz they are our brothers and sisters!

    Who are u to call them chronic enemy??? did any one said, in that case

    1. why meles struggled lot to make sure aseb will be given to Eritrea while the international communities including these who can decide on the issue at that time advise him to take share one of the port? is that not he love them, and they are his friends? i dnot think you just give port (precious asset) to your chronic enemy.

    2. why meles tolerated Isayas when the army is ready and in short distance to enter Asmera and retailate for the evil act he did to us—remember Ayder school.
    Is it not becuase the two are friends???!

    lenegeru ante tanash cadre silehonk endeh aynet mister aynegeruhem. It is me who expected apple from acacia!

    at Teshome


    Are you serious??? you want to see an Ethiopian (even your enemy) to be put on fire and burn in front of you?????

    Yefetari yaleh!!!!

    Ewnetem woyanewoch yebeshitegna sebeseb new. Leka ebedoch nachew!

  28. እናርጅ እናውጋ says:

    አባቴ ይሙት ሳቅ የሚገድል ቢሆን ኖሮ የዛሬውን የግም ቦት አስቂኝ መግለጫ ቀልድ ባላለፍሁት ነበር፡፡ ግም ቦትስ ዋጋ የለሽ ግማታምና ምንም የማይሆንለት ቢሆንም ግን አሸባሪነት አላማው ስለመሆኑ የታወቀ ነው፡፡ የሚገርመው ግን እንደ እሳት አይነቶች ሥራ ፈትና አላማ ቢስ አመዳሞች ከዚህ አይነቱ አሸባሪ ሆነው አብረው ሲግማሙና ግማቱን በራሳቸው ላይ እንደ ቅባት ሲቀቡትና እንደ ልብስ ሲከናነቡት መመልከት ነው፡፡

    አይ ግም ቦት፡ በእውነቱ የሚያስቅና የሚያስገርም ነው የከንቱዎች መግለጫ፡፡ ራስን ለኢትዮጲያ ተወካይ ማስመሰል እና እንግርግሪያው፣ ዛቻውና ሌላውም የሚያረጋግጠው ቢኖር ሥራ ፈቶችና አቅመ ደካሞች ከአቅማቸው በላይ የሆነን ለማግኘኜት በሀሳብ የሚያቅዱ፣ በምኞት የሚያሳኩና በቁም ህልም እንጀራ የሚኖሩ ስለመሆናቼው ነው፡፡
    አይ ግም ቦት ስደት፣
    ምኑን ከምን ለማድረግ ነው የዚህ አየነት መግለጫ ለማውጣት የተሞከረ፡፡ በእርግጥ እናንተ በሀሳብ እንጅ በተግባር ስለሌላችሁ ጥቂት ሥራ ፈቶች በዚህ አይነት ተልካሻ ሰይጣናዊ ሆቢ መሥራት የመያውቅንና የማይችልን እናነተነታችሁን ለማጥፋት ብታደርጉት የሚያስደንቅ አይደለም፡፡ ችግሩ ግን ለማጥፋትም የሚያስችል አቅም የሌላችሁ ከንቱዎችና ዋጋ የለሽ ጥርቅሞች መሆናችሁ ነው፡፡ እንደ እናንተ አይነት ምናምን የሆነ ኢትዮጲያን ቀርቶ ራሳችሁን የመወከልም ሆነ የመጥቀም አቅም የሌላችሁ ሥራ ፈቶች በኢንተርነት እንደ ውሻ ብትጮሁና እንደ ጉርጥ ብትንጫጩ ኢትዮጰያ ውስጥ ግን በህይወት ስለመኖራችሁም ሆነ በአካል የምትንቀሳቀሱ ስለመሆናችሁ የሚያውቅ የለም፡፡ እና ሌላን ለማሞኜት በማሰብ ዝም ብላችሁ በባዶ ራሳችሁን ባታሞኙ ሳይጠቅማቸሁ አይቀርም፡፡

    ከውሃ የበለጠ ተፈጥሯዊ ሀብት እንደሌለና በውሃ ሀብት በአግባቡ መጠቀም መቻል ቀዳሚውና ዋነኛው የመሻሻልና የመጠቀም መንገድ መሆኑን በማመን በድፍረት፡ ቆራጥነትና በራስ በመተማመን አባይን ለጥቅም ለማድረግ በታላቅ የህዝብ ንቅናቄና ሁለገብ ተሳትፎ በኢትዮጲያዊያንና ወዳጆች እየተገነባ ያለውን የህዳሴን ግድብ ለመቃወም ያሰቡ፡ የደፈሩ፣ በውጭ ሀገር ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ የወጡና የግብፅ ትውልድ ከሁኑ አፍራሪዎች ጋር በመሆን በአደባባይ የኢትዮጰያዊያን በአባይ ወንዝ ሀብታቼው እንዳይጠቀሙ ለማድረግ ያልጣሩት ጥረትና ያልሆኑት የለም፣ በአሁንም ጊዜ በዚህ አይነት ወንጀል ላይ ተሰማርተው ይገኛሉ አይሳካላቼውም እንጅ፡፡ እነዚህ ውሻዎች በኢትዮጰያ ስም መሆን፡ መቻልና ማግኘት ቀርቶ ማሰብም የማይችሉ የዜግነት መብት የሌላቸውና ህዝብ አንቅሮ የተፋቸው ናቸው፡፡

    እና መሳቂያ የሆነው መግለጫቸው የመን ቀርቶ የትም የማይደርስ የደሮዎች ጫጫታ ነው፡፡ በአሸባሪዎች መቼገር ምንኛ ጉዳት እንደሆነ ከኢትዮጲያ ይልቅ የመን የበለጠ የምትገነዘብ ስለሆነች ይህን አሸባሪ ለኢትዮጲያ አሳልፋ እንደምትሰጥ ምንም ጥርጥር የለውም ፡፡ የጉዞ አላማውም ሌላ ሳይሆን የአሸባሪነት ድርጊት ለመፈፀምና ህዝቧን ለመጥቀም ለእድገት በሚያበቃ የሥራ ዘመቻ ላይ ያለችን ኢትዮጲያን ለመጉዳት ነው፡፡ ይሁንና እነዚህ አጥፊዎች ከውጭ ሆነው የኢትዮጰያ ጠላቶች ለሆኑ መጠቀሚያ በመሆን ሀገርን ለመጉዳት በአሸባሪነት ተቧድነው እያሉ ስለኢትዮጲያና የመን ግንኙነት ራሳቸውን ወክለው መግለጫ ሲፈሱ መመልከት ራሳቸውን የሳቱና ያበቃላቼው መሁኑን የሚያረጋግጥ ነው፡፡

    የመን ይህን ወራዳ ለኢትዮጲያ እንደምታስረክበው ምንም ጥርጥር የለውም ፡፡ እድሜ ይፈታው በቃሊቲ ፍርዳችን ነው፡፡ ሌሎችም በሱ መልክ የሚያበቃላቼው ናቸው፡፡

    • lulit says:

      aye enarej enawga

      leka enarj enawgam endih aynet kizenam bokbuka ale? ye yante neger

      ahun kante belay gen esti yet yegegnal bel:: endew yegerimal. Bians eko andarigachew malet amara new be woyane kuwankua ena bante sim—enarj enawga. tadia yegeza wegenih kodaw ligefef siset dessssssss aleh?? aye ante bekukem yeshetetek honehalsa—

    • awakenow97@yahoo.com says:

      Don’t say Enargi Enawga. Why you afraid to say Woyanie? I admire you for your competence in scolding. You will see what will happen, no one will continue like this.

  29. lemma says:

    Dr Birhanu nega has warned the government in yemen with dire consequences if the mr Andargachew Tsige will hand over to ethiopian goverment. i do not know how could ginbot 7 retaliate the Yemeni government if Ato andargachew would hand over to ethiopia. Probably there are two possible way how ginbot 7 will retaliate to the yemeni goverment is either through the eritrean regime or move the handful ginbot 7 fighters to al qaeda in yemeni, these could be a boomerang dire consequence to ginbot 7 it self. It was a terrible mistake from the beginning that the ginbot 7 movement to work with the eritrean dictator regime while many ethiopia freedom fighter have vanished in the eritrean deserts.
    Dr Birhanu nega has warned the government in yemen with dire consequences if the mr Andargachew Tsige will hand over to ethiopian goverment. i do not know how could ginbot 7 retaliate the Yemeni government if Ato andargachew would hand over to ethiopia. Probably there are two possible way how ginbot 7 will retaliate to the yemeni goverment is either through the eritrean regime or move the handful ginbot 7 fighters to al qaeda in yemeni, these could be a boomerang dire consequence to ginbot 7 it self. It was a terrible mistake from the beginning that the ginbot 7 movement to work with the eritrean dictator regime while many ethiopia freedom fighter have vanished in the eritrean deserts.
    lets us pray for Ayte Andargachew.

  30. Gezaee says:

    A call to all Ethiopians: specially the youth, we must form a brand new civil movement that can work ungerground and remove TPLF in one day. We must unite, and pool our resources together instead of funding different many useless factions. There is no any other way easy solution for our problem than unity and getting our freedom at the speed of light.
    We must form a new movement that is all inclusive and that can pool Ethiopians. These will remedy to all the daily suffering in Ethiopia of racism, discrimination, persecution. he mass is more powerful than than a brigand who hold power by the power of gun.

    1. After forming the new part
    2. We set up youth parliament
    3. Youth government based on merit
    4. No hate mongers, but fraternity
    5. We will not kill TPLF members, but chase them away from power
    6. We can also protect our country from further agreement woyane can make with Egypt because Woyane is evil and will not hesitate from signing away the Nile.

    What is needed now mobilizing students in North Americans,European University and create link with Universities in Ethiopia and mobilize all the diaspora people to unite than divided. Ethiopai is for all of us, it is not for EPRDF members. We will have to convince EPRDF members to abandon EPRDF because it is in their long term interest. Everyone is crying and I can stand some of people crying on face-book of injustice, corruption,Zemedbezemed.It is the ugliest thing to be treated by zemedzemed in your country.

    • Belew says:

      yes,that should be done long time ago.never late but who? Are we sure everybody thinks the same?Do realy people learn from past and see the future disastr? what happend with the young and women in our country?chnging the governance and his idiology means is not killing all, but do your best teach them that you can do better.Great Ethiopia for all equaliy with out hate and racism.best regard,

    • Alula says:


      We have seem so many wishing to chase away TPLF, but they themselves was chased away until they run with their legs touching their ears! You don’t know what you are talking about at all! I think your brain has been heated as time goes! I don’t think you are normal! Every time I get into a new web sight , Gezaee is there! When I get to Egyptian pages somehow, Gezaee is there! Though it’s not my business wherever you go, though I don’t like your extreme hate against the brave sons & daughters of Tigrai! Your problem is, since chose to be Eritrea & Eritrea’s leaders failed Eritrea , since your choice had gone wrong, the only way for you is, to turn yourself crazy! For these of us who know you, we know what is driving you crazy!
      Take is easy Gezaee! There is nothing that you can change by barking everywhere like a mad Dog!

  31. Paulos says:

    Ato Dawit,

    Please correct the following:

    ”…designated by the Ethiopian government as terrorist,…”

    ”…designated by the Ethiopian parliament as terrorist,..”

  32. carlos danger says:

    who is there?
    Andargachew Tsige
    Andargachew Tsige who?
    Andargachew Tsige,An English Terrorist with out border.

  33. Habtamu A. says:

    Dear Editor Dawit,
    even though you were victim of Ginbot7 leader’s racist labeling, I do admire your impartial and professional reporting of Andargachew’s saga. I know everything what they did to assasnate your character. But when it comes to journalism you did the right job.
    Keep going with your impartiality bro.

  34. እናርጅ እናውጋ says:


    ጎበዝ ነህ!

    QQQQQQQQQ. You are stupid and retarded.

    እንደ ሰው የምታስብ፣ የምትሰራና የምትኖር አለመሆንህ ቁልጭ ብሎ በአንተ ላይ ይታያል፡፡ አንተ የት ሆነህ፣ ምን እየሠራህና ምንስ ኖሮህ ነው ለሌሎች ስትል የለቀለቅኸውን ባዞባ ለመለቅለቅ ስትል የተጨማለቅህበትና የተግማማህበት፡፡ በባዶ ሜዳ ሆነህ ብትጮህ፣ ብትጣራ ወይም ብትፎክር ብታቅራራ ለአንተ አይነቱ ምላሽ መሰጠት ቀርቶ የሚሰማም የለም፡፡ በመጀመሪያ ራስህ ካለህበት ተስፋ የለሽና ጉዳት ከሆነ በውጭ ሀገር የህይዎት ማቆያ አኗኗርህ ራስህን አውጣ፡፡ በከንቱ የምትቀር ስለመሆንህ ብቸኛው የአንተነት ገላጭህ ሆኖ በአደባባይ እየታየህ ግን አንተን የሚሰማና ወደ አንተ የሚመጣ ሳይሆን በቁም የሞትህ ደካማና ሰነፈ መሆንህን በመረዳት የሚሽሽ ነው የሚሆን፡፡

    This is how look like the last place the criminals are ending which is being caught and life imprisonment in the worse prison. From now on his criminal against the innocents era is over but living with criminals in prison. A donkey only can run, jump, kick or do whatever its donkey nature allows him to do is until it is caught by the hungry and angry Lion. When once it is in the lion’s mouth, then the story is about to enjoy the lion its fresh donkey meal. This is a natural phenomenon.

    However this chicken head little terrorist is doing unnatural but criminal activities.

    Once he said: “Issayas is a democrat. He is walking on his feet and the people are not killing him. He is the best leader Africa needs and lacks.”
    What a rubbish and inferior animal he is. Can you expect anything else from this kind stupid and beggar including from issyas who is a life time terrorist since 1964 CIA and MI6 created him through the English and USA embassy which is 50 years ago while he was in Addis Ababa University?

    A 50 years criminal and terrorist against Ethiopia like issayas who is terrorizing and wiping out his Tigrigna people from Eritrea is regarded as the best example to the hodam and worthless terrorists like this one, Birhanu, Joke Tamagn and the likes that are responsible for the deaths of innocent Ethiopians in Eritrea and in the desert in the name of Ginbot 7. terrorist group.

    There are evidences telling many young Ethiopians have died because of lies and misleading information in the name of Ginbot 7 terrorist organization. This terrorist will be charged with these crimes too, including Birhanu and joke Tamagn.

    One thing is certain: this waanabe terrorist but looting money while doing nothing, criminal era is gone. Be sure, he will never ever test so called human freedom again after so many damages, death and crimes happened because of him. Go to Eritrea and Sudan to know more about the crimes they are doing to innocent and naive Ethiopians in the name of joining Ginbot 7 but many of them have died, are suffering and losing their future life because of lies and misleading crimes done by Gonbot 7 where this terrorist and Berhanu are behind all these.

    So, this stupid waanabe terrorist era is over and he will enjoy life in the Ethiopian prisons where all prisoners are equal and they will teach him how it hurts when someone plays dirty games on others life let alone doing crimes against the nation that is equal to each and every citizen.

    This is and must be the beginning. Other terrorists that are hiding in USA, UK, and Europe and elsewhere in abroad will be hunted down like this stupid and face the crimes they are committing against the nation.

    • Gezaee says:

      TPLF cadres are graduated with degrees with insult and theft, looting, bandanet. You do not qualify to call terrorist anyone. Because you have terrorized people in your time. You were also called a terrorist and Wonbedie Asgnetay. Today you calling others the same name recycling it. This is an evidence you are worse than even derg because you are repeating what derg did. You can call me anything you wanted; but it does not matter because it only shows who you are. Attacking people is TPLF cadres wages. That is how you get paid. This shows this how you treated people in real life. If my living outside is a crime? Then thanks to you, it is because of your bandit that I have to leave my country. But I do not regret living out of Ethiopia. It is better to live outside than to live among murderers. You are murderers who murdered people for 17 years. You can call me derg whomever, it is all murderer. It is that murder culture that you haven respect for any human. That is why you are chasing one ethnic group Amhara in every conner of the country and you call it liberation? Anyway, insulting people and saying all these kind of nasty thing is a sign of paranoia or Akli Tsbet. But trust me, this will not get you anywhere at the end. You can not drive out every Ethiopians into exile and you can not keep persecuting people. People will say at the end enough is enough. I was TPLF cadre I would rather think of the Musna Sefer, Aparthied sefer. No single cadre is able to argue with sober mind apart from insulting people and gesticulating gura. I work and live, you do not work. You beg donation from every country in the name of millions of poor Ethiopians and then you make a living from that donation. The fact that you are stuck in Arat kilo is an evidence that you have no other ways of living because other people who have other ways of living leave officer or power after few years , normally 5 years. You are sitting in Arat kilo now almost 25 years. You tell us all Ethiopians did choose you? We have seen in 2005 how Ethiopians chosen you. Anyway, Mekerew Mekerew Embi Kale Mekera Ymkerew. But to think you can stay in Arat kilo by force forever is foolishness. But it is understandable, despots never think a day will come where everything will crumpled down like a house of cards. We have seen how Gadaffi disappeared. Despots think they are always in control. They are perfect and everything they do is right. Even they think the sun gives light because of them. But remember there is a day of reckoning. Even the insult you are roaring here will be counted and you will pay for it. You are gun will not save you. People are tired of corruption. People are crying on facebook. A day will come enough is enough. I am glad I support myself and I do not beg anyone and I do not use Ethiopian people to live my life and I do not send my kids to Europe and China, North America using the poor people’s money. I am clean. I stole no one’s money. The crime in my life history TPLF can find is only my life is out Ethiopia. It is not my fault because it is TPLF who drove me out of my country. Not only me, but millions of Ethiopians. I am being told I am economic refugee. Thanks to TPLF, is that an insult to me? How can we not be economic refugee when we were denied peaceful life, school, development for two decades in the name of liberation? How the hell am I supposed to be rich in the middle of bloody war of TPLF. Oh, yea, because TPLF begs in the name of Ethiopians and suck the poor people now they rich now and they are cooling other people poor? Can you guys see the content of this man? Is there any Ethiopian who has become wealthy because of TPLF two decades war/ Yes, you made us poor and you deprived us life and you made us refugees. Anyway, this is how far you go down the hill and think you own everything and you are even boasting you are rich in the second poorest country in the world? Only TPLF is rich now but no Ethiopian. I am being insulted as refugee. This is insulting the entire Ethiopian outside Ethiopia and who were forced to leave their country because of the bloody TPLF two decades war and we are not being insulted? The aggressor keep on transgressing? You are displacing the Amhara people and making homeless and landless and you will tell them homeless soon. We will hear more things soon. Never mind, change is natural and no TPLF cadre can stop it. The day will come do not worry. If you think the cry of people will go unheeded. History shows no human being has ever gone away with injustice. There is pay back time for everything we do. I am imagining how hard it could be in Ethiopia if they can threaten people like this online. I am willing to be convinced and even corrected if I was wrong. But there is no single TPLF cadres who can argue with reasons than jumping threatening and insulting people. Good Yemusna Cadrewosh, Apartheid cadrewoch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Gezaee, Some of your analysis seems make sense from what we read every day on the web, but still I am a very ardent advocate of extremely peaceful and humble struggle

        I believe in one Ethiopia with fair and equal opportunity for all, with great respect and representation of all ethnic culturally, morally and economically and I know it will come.

        at the same time I would like to support and help the big project that the government is struggling to accomplish

        at the same time I am crying that the cost of goods and services will be affordable to
        the lower middle class and the poor.

        I still trust that one day we all from
        north in Tigray to south in Borena from west in Illubabor to east in Degahabur feed ourselves and drink pure water , that is my dream.

        May GOD give a wisdom to our leaders
        May Ethiopia will unite and over come poverty


        • Gezaee says:

          You have a great vision, but TPLF vision is a vision of hatred, conflict, war, diseases, anarchy, corruption, Musna, Aparthied. Your wonderful vision is not welcomed in TPLF house. What TPLF aspire is corruption only, ZemedBezemed only.

  35. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,

    Opposition groups and diaspora politicians do not understand how strong and organized EPRDF is. Look how Eritrea is isolated from the rest of the world and crying from the sanction imposed on it. Don’t you think this is part of EPRDF’s political game. The fate of others will not be different unless they clearly comprehend EPRDF’s strength and develop real plan and vision to do their job. This actually does not include the diaspora fools and idiots who simply talks and write down trash articles.

  36. Cherkos says:

    The enemies of Ethiopia are being eliminating one by one from the face of the earth, starting from Gadhafi of Libya, Asad of Syria, Morsi of Egypt, Isaias of Eritrea, and now the racist Andargachew. The EPRDFites must have been naturally endowed with extraordinary intellect to be ably smashing all their enemies like no other time. The mercenary will soon kneel down before our security personnel and tell everything about G-7’s planned operations, source of fund, etc, which in turn will bring about the inevitable collapse of this terrorist cell.

  37. Ermi says:

    TO all Ethiopians,
    As you can see from the woyane hod ader terrorist agents in this forum, the only way for you is to protect yourself in the lawless land. They are calling Ethiopia the fate of Syria, the are calling for the execution and beheading of anyone opposing them intellectually. As they have shown you time and again, they are merciless blood sucking terrorists worse than AL QUEDA and ISIS. They have killed your brothers and sisters in Dedebit for having love afairs; they have sold the only port the country had to their god father shabia; They torture and kill bloggers, jornalists, peaceful opposition members, school children; they starve you by artificially inflating food prices. There are tons of crimes they are commuting against you daily.

    The only thing you can do now is protect yourself and avenge your loss. Don’t expect US dron to take out the woyane terrorists roaming the street of Addis and Mekele. Take matters into your own hands. Start with the obvious low level Woyanes that live next to you. They are numbered only few hundreds. They are found driving around in luxury cars and land crusers, spying in internet cafes, in their flush expensive homes. Avenge you loss by any means. They are designated terrorists. Don’t wait for an organization to mobilize you, take individual action.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


    • Alula says:


      The old times are gone forever not to comeback again! Every time you see Ethiopia growing,you get jealous , & irritate yourself! I feel very sad for you! Ethiopia is marching forward with its GTP plan! After the completion of the first phase of the GTP, GTP1, GTP2,GTP3… Will continue nonstop! But you & your likes will burn from inside out as you see Woyane transforming Ethiopia with the nations, nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia! Nevertheless, you will stagnate with your brain stuck in your brain! I’m hoping Andy extradite so to see how far you will irritate yourself!

      Ethiopia is getting stronger by the day with out any petroleum! Look how the smart leaders of the EPRDFites brought the ingnorant leaders of Egypt to the round table!
      Look how Ethiopia stood firm on its ground & defeated internal enemies. HRW, international rivers,neoliberals, terrorists , Egypt & it’s dogs. … ! God. Less Ethiopia !

      • Ermi says:

        Hi Mario/Alula,

        I just don’t understand the rush to claim the number one spot. You have to beat Niger first. You are still number two. With pace of woyane, it is achievable in a short time. So you still have hope. Repeating ETC day and night makes you stupid though as the rest of the globe visits the oxford university reports as well.

        Anyways, Ethiopians should start avenging the woyane crimes committed against them by targeting the low level Woyanes that are roaming cities. If woyane demolished your home, then burn the woyane cadre’s home that is in your vicinity. And stone his car.

        Peace to all but Woyanes!


        • Alula says:


          Woyane defeated: EDU,EPRP, ELF, DERG, shabiya,kinijit (defeated through a little political obstacle)…! So kaferku aymelsegn new? The in your term, the loser have to lead the country or the winner? What do you think? Always the loser have to follow the winner’s terms & conditions!

          Who is your intellectual though? Can you mention one of your diaspora intellectual who benefitted Ethiopia ? Just mention one & tell me what your so called intellectuals did for Ethiopia? Would you?

          You are talking about Oxford & shit, but the dedebit graduates doing much better than your intellectuals from Oxford & others!

          Burn woyane’s house? Remember where All who underestimated woyane are now! We all have the same legs , hands…..therefore, when you attack, we will be waiting you with our hands folded! Alright Ermi?

          Ermi, if you play politics, you must start where you are known as a person & grow from there! As far as I understand, the EPRDFites will lead Ethiopia for decades to com! Because there is no sound opposition that can replace the EPRDFites!
          The political process is, start from your kebele, then to keftegna, the to kilil, then to the higher position! If you serve good , they will see your services as you go & will elect you! No jumping!

  38. Tasew says:


    From which mental institute did you escape or are you still there and painting your shit like this as a therapy session?

    You must be the dampest among the damps over there in your worthless and hopeless world.

    You little head worthless you have no idea about anything including what is going on within yourself let alone Ethiopia; a country leading Africa with economic development, best economic policy, diplomacy, clean energy, social transformation and everything the 21-century humanity has to behave and do for its own benefit.

    You and your little head old and worthless just stay there in abroad and suffer from the worthless life you are suffering from while waiting to die. What you are doing here is the way how the hopeless and worthless are doing with no idea and ability about anything but acting like worthless and hopeless.

    You stupid are no longer make us sick for the sake of our country but you are very sick with no sign and reason for recovery but die in a way making you being born to die in vain in abroad destitute and worthless.

    So, the rats and dogs in abroad that are using Ethiopia to collect money from other Ethiopians and these days from the Ethiopian enemies, criminal era is over. They will be hunted down like rats and dangerous insects everywhere they are mainly in England, USA, Western Europe and anywhere they are living suffering from mental sicknesses and physical weaknesses. Look at yourself. You are nothing.

    Have you ever seen any English, USA, western European or the likes citizen against own nation and governmnet behaving the way you do towards Ethiopia (the best country unfortunately you are calling your country despite she is no longer recognize you and will never allow you to walk on her let alone to live with and in her a happy and respected life) while living in abroad as you are? No. There is no one. But you worthless and damp animals are doing against Ethiopia while living in those nations. You are really stupid and worthless.
    You are sick to the death and no one cares about that but waiting you to pass away and see the area being clean from dirty and stinky head like you.

  39. bro says:

    My respect to EPRDF is growing by
    Day.Especially when i observe the grand foolishness of others.

  40. alex says:

    This news reminds me ato Andargachew Tsige’s reaction, to the death of the late Ethiopian prime minister, his excellency Ato Meles Zenawi

  41. Gezaee says:

    A message to Musna Cadres or Apartheid Cadres:

    You do not know me. You might under-estimate me because you see me online. But I am more than that. You are talking with the strongest person ever. There is no way you can intimidate me, leave alone online, I can get intimidated in even in real life. That is my quality. I have no fear for any man under the sun. If you are thinking by insulting, throwing nasty things I will be intimidated ? then you are completely and 100% wrong. I do not believe in war, violence but I have the capability to mobilize and unite all Ethiopians. I do not believe in armed struggle but I believe in yande ken Netsanet ke zelalem barent. That is my moto. I can remove TPLF in one day. I am saying in one day because I know the secret and leave alone with my own citizen I have tired even in foreign land and it works and it is possible to remove TPLF in one single day without going to Eritrea or Egypt but relying 100% on Ethiopian people. I am not gesticulating or gura. This is what I can do if I wanted. Truly I AM busy now with own personal life and I will have time soon. I give you time to think soberly and allow the country to use its ports immediately and stop discriminating and persecuting Ethnic amhara people. I love all people who live in the land called Ethiopia. I do not care if you Tigrean or Amhara or Oromo or any tribe. I am 100% pro equality, egalitarian, prosperous and civilized society.I do not buy racial discrimination and persecution in the name of freedom of whatever you call it.

    Here my demands:
    1. Stop persecuting Amhara ethnic immediately.
    2. Stop denying people mobility in their country and they can live anywhere and time as long as they respect law and order.
    3. Allow the country to use its ports immediately.
    4. Stop stealing and live on the poor people and live on your salary instead.
    5. Abide by the law and respect citizen and do not consider yourself above the law and better than any citizen.

    If you fail to do the above, I have no choice but to mobilize Ethiopian diaspora which I believe they have power to bring a change in Ethiopia if they unite as one and we will not chase people and we will convince EPRD supporters to abandon EPRDF. This is a last sort. Do not think you can control everyone. There is no anything I fear off, not human being at least. The only man whom I fear is the creator of this universe. I can not fear human being like me. It is possible to remove TPLF without any war or bloodshet and without even having a single person on the streets. You may not believe me, I have planned how I can do that. But that is a last resort and you still have chance to listen and reform before it is too late. I am not G7 or anyone. I would never allow Ethiopians to invest in protracted long civil war because I know it from my life. But I know how I can bring change quickly in very short period of time. I used Differential equation modeling. It is a mathematical modeling. I use mathematical functions and system of differential equations. Leave alone how to change EPRDF I have a mathematical model I developed how to eliminate poverty from Ethiopia from each house hold. You are not talking to someone whom you can scare off my insult.

    • lemesak says:

      L O L

    • No bragging says:

      What a brag you are… don’t play a Messiah… No body believes in it or it doesn’t work… Be realistic and cool down man… u r just like anyone of us… Some advice (not an insult or to intimidate) for help from psychiatrist to rid of your grandiosity problem (said to be one of the early signs of schizophrenia…

  42. Proud of Tigray says:

    I have received an update from credible sources within UK Foreign Office. UK will NOT allow Andargachew to be sent to Ethiopia as the TPLF junta is known worldwide for killing and torturing innocent citizens let alone a strong opposition figure. Ginbot7 is a legally registered organization both in UK and US. So, the labeling of the Ginbot7 as ” terrorist” by the Tpl junta is absolutely pointless with respect to international law. Furthermore, the Yemenese authorities know TPLF is currently breathing it’s last breath and is getting weaker by the day.

    Ginbot7 also has credible reports that TPLF intelligence chief has not attended security briefings for over three weeks and has not spoken with his deputy , essayas woldegiorgis, within the security services for more than 6 weeks. There are major disagreement within the tplf security apparatus and there is a real fear the internal tplf witch hunt will turn bloody soon. Currently, Dr Mehari Taddelle Maru is chairing the intelligence meetings and we all know that Bereket Simon of ANDM and Arkebe Oqaube of TPLF hate each other ……. Tplf is internally falling apart…..freedom to the a ethiopian people is near and tplf will belong to the dustbin of history. All you Tplf supporters, stop using the proud name of Tigray as you do not represent the Tigray people. Current Tplf leaders are hardcore Eritreans who are busy stealing wealth and other peoples wives.

  43. Ali says:

    He will be released. Take my word. Since he has a British citizen both y
    Emen and Ethiopia can not afford to lose millions of pound they
    Receive as deft and humanitarian aid. There will be a diplomatic fall out between these countries. Secondly the former dictatator of Yemen is living in Addis Ababa, Yemen might use this man as a bargaining tool to force Ethiopia to hand over this man. As Yemen is solely dependent on foreign military aid to fend the onslaught of extremist organisation, it would be a serious political miscalculátion if it hand over him to Ethiopia. The current y
    Emen weak govt cannot afford to loose western countries’ military
    Support. As political analysist, I believe both country don’t want this man spoil their relationship with the west” sometime it require political maturity to let thing goes as it is if there is no major threat. As you know gibot 7 has not yet engaged in major military onslaught in Ethiopia. It operate in Eritrea which has a closed and heavily militarised border. Ethiopia will let him go since they don’t consider him as a major threat.

    • me says:

      Ante denez,
      Yemeni special force is led by former presedant’s son.The current president is his close friend.Abdelah salah still rules yemen.

  44. Desalegne nega says:

    Guys, you all forgot something, the ethiopian junta would not have any interest in Mr. Tsige’s arrest. The reason is simple, his harm would bring more harm than good to the regime in Addis Abeba. Iam absolutely sure the ethnocratic junta wouldn’t take that kind of risk. Relax guys, the Yemenis will release him by Friday, right after prayers. Ethiopia ena yequrt qen lejochwa le zelalem yinuru.

  45. messi says:

    hmmmm, I wonder what it means to be arrested in Yemeni, on the way from or to Eritrea….in the age of the West worrying on home grown terrorism….would see.

  46. ethiio says:

    If something happens to him, it will change every thing. the end of woyane or the end of G7 and we all know every body is sick and tiered of woyane…

  47. Yekatit says:

    Every banda will never be out of the looonnnnnngggggggg hand of “weyane” everybody wait for your turn.

  48. Filmon says:

    ዶክተር ኢንጂነር ብርሃኑ ነጋ በበኩላቸው ከዚህ በኋላ ግንቦት 7 የሚለውን ስያሜ ወሳኝ አባል በማጣታቸው ግንቦት 6 ሊሉት እንዳሰቡ ምንጮች ገልጸዋል፡፡

  49. Borsamo says:

    Hola Gana Interesting news. An end to all terrorists and enemies of the Ethiopian people. Who is next-bokbakaw Birhanu and his boss Isayas. Bravo yemen and Ethiopian intelligence. kkkkkkkkk

  50. jmm says:

    Ethiopia has agreements with manyafrican countries.They can only wage cyber war from DC cafes
    Coolecting money form fools.

  51. habesh says:

    I agree with enarj enawgam

  52. biruk says:

    He is British National.

  53. Gezaee says:

    I am not worried about Andargachew Tsigie. Anyone who believe in war and become accomplice of murderer Issayas Afeworki is an insane. Andargachew is not the one who has been preaching us Issayas is a good man? For him the killing of school children in Mekelle and the invasion of Ethiopia that caused the death of 100 000s of Ethiopians souls is a blessing? For him, the bloody war Issayas waged against Ethiopia for 30 years is a blessing? I know woyane is as evil as Andargachew Tsigie. But I would not mind If Tsigie I being handed to Woyane. Do you know why? He is another blood thirsty ready to shed Ethiopians blood together with Issayas. Anyone who cuddle with a criminal is a criminal. There is no way a good person can cuddle for a criminal. Leave alone to cuddle with Issayas, I would rather arrest Issayas and hang him at Mesquel square. You Ethiopians are worthless that you worry about Andargachew? that means you do not love your country and your people. What your love is power only. You were accusing woyane for being a partner of Shabia? now you turn around 360 degrees and you become Shabia’s lap dogs?

    You even tell me because he has a British passport he can not face justice? This is hypocracy and double standard. Your hate for woyane is then not based on reasons and because you wanted freedom? It is because you hate them. According to you, if one has Btitish pass port he can face laws and rules? Why? because he has Europeans pass port? If European and North American pass port is being used to promote conflict and war, then hell, no, Ethiopia can live without UK. You people have no good wish for your country. Injustice is injustice. If you are emulating a man who works with Shabia and Egypt? then you are worse than Woyane. We do not need war guys. We do not citizens who work with enemies because it is not in the interest of our country. Do not make me sick please. I wish there was justice in Ethiopia and he face justice. Shabia did not destroy your life but it destroyed almost my life and the life of the entireean and Tigreans. you people I do not know what you are looking for. You are not looking for freedom. You are looking for power otherwise, you would not worry about a man who works with Shabia the enemy of Ethiopia. you can not tell me Shabia is Ethiopian friend. Ato Tsigie told us Shabia is good. He is a loser and mindless criminal who cuddle with criminals. He does not even care about Ethiopians.Otherwise, Shabia is the one who made bleed for 30 years and made Ethiopia spends its resources on the bloody war and sponsored by Egypt from day one. And you are emulating the criminal Tsigie who is working with murderer, criminal man who is known by the entire world for subjecting his own people to human atrocities.

    For me it does not really matter whether these loser rot in jail or get released. He is a burden of Ethiopia.

  54. Gezaee says:

    How is Ato Tsigie hero?

    What Does “Shabia” refers to the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, and/or to the Eritrean government, or something else? Shabia should be a redirect. Apokrif (talk) 08:49, 1 June 2011 (UTC)
    I haven’t seen a reliable source saying it is the same as PDFJ, have you? WikiDao ☯ 17:53, 1 June 2011 (UTC) Is this related to Sheba? –NorwegianBlue talk 21:42, 1 June 2011 (UTC) “Shabia” = PFDJ. It is also used, perhaps with different transliteration to Latin script, for the PFLP. –Soman (talk) 21:38, 2 June 2011 (UTC) “Shabia” (or in Palestine more like shaabiye) is short for jabhat ash-shaabiya (‘People’s Front’). Likewise the DFLP is nicknamed dimoqratiya, etc.. –Soman (talk) 08:31, 3 June 2011 (UTC)s Shabia?

    Shabia was established in Cairo in 1965 and the name Shabia is an Arab word. It has nothing to do with the people in Eritrea. It was an Egyptian Arab name. Shabia was designed to destroy Ethiopia. Shabia waged war for 30 years with the exclusive support of Egypt. Ethiopia bleed for three decades. A modern Ethiopia during Haileslassie was reduced to nothing by Shabia. Millions of innocent Ethiopians died fighting Shabia, many hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians become disabled. Ethiopia wasted its human and material resources fighting Shabia for 30 years? Shabia even created TPLF, ONLF, …. and Ethiopia was almost destroyed. People reduced to beggary, diseases, illiteracy, famine, hunger, refugees. I am one of the victims of Shabia and woyane all together. If there was no Shabia, there would not be woyane. Shabia is the mother of all problems in Ethiopia and the mother of Shabia was/is Egypt and as I speak the Egyptian intelligence is in Asmara right now.

    Andargachew Tsige partners with the man who made Ethiopia bleed for 3 decades? Is there any Ethiopians who have not lost his beloved brother because of Shabia? You people are ill and sick and you come to tell me here he will not be extradited because he has a British pass port? You tell me he is your freedom fighter? You are losers. You wanted freedom from Shabia? And Andargachew is your hero and freedom fighter and your liberator? Leave alone to free anyone, he is liberated himself. If he was a free man he would never become an accomplice of a man who made Ethiopia bleed for 30 years and who landlocked your country? A friend of a criminal is a criminal. I know TPLF is the mother of Shabia because if TPLF did not allow Shabia to do that, we would not even have Tsigie going to Shabia. TPLF is the main problem. But to tell me Tsigie my hero and Ethiopians are shocked is a mockery. You are even writing in the name of Ethiopian people. This is ugly and corruption at highest level. Do not use my name please. I am Ethiopian but I do not believe Tsigie can be my liberator. He is the enemy of my people and who is ready to kill Ethiopians with Shabia.

  55. Girma says:

    Medre ye lemange lij weyane hula meslohal hovdam banda.

  56. Belai says:

    Can we all pause at same point and think rationally ! if we pick all the negatives and talk trash we are not going to get any where . why can’t we talk in a proper manner ? we all belong to one nation and we have to find a way to live peacefully. I am not preaching like a priest but we need to learn to talk , compromise and understand each other. No body deserves to suffer by any means. We also need to accept a harsh reality. Sometimes we all make mistake have to be responsible for our action. When I say this there has to be a fair and balanced way of resolving the problem. Why do we need to hurt our own people, be it on the Government or opposition side. Time has changed however we seem to be stuck on the 70th model of politics where you blame, misinform and misinform in order to make your point. We need to be fair to each other. We can always maintain our unique views as long as we respect and listen to each other. Lets find a middle ground and in order to do that the Government and the opposition must admit their mistakes come together to resolve it. The government can’t say I am always right A government is elected for every body, means need to listen to every citizen . the same goes to the opposition , they need to stop blaming the Government for every thing.

    • Gezaee says:

      Mr. Belai, how can you have middle ground when Woyane divided people and polarized the entire country and controlling everything only by Tigrrean from Adwa. Is that healthy and sustainable? Will that benefit Tigreans? Can Tigreans prosper at the expense of other people? for how long is one ethnic going to dominate Ethiopia? we were condemning amhara? right? today, Woyane is doing the same thing and even worse, No Tigrean was openly persecuted during any of the regimes. There was never hatred among ordinary people in Ethiopia. All Ethopian lived as loverly neighbours. I lived in addis ababa. People loved each other even during derg time. There was no hatred among people. We had gurage Neibhours, Amhara neighbours, Oromo Neighbours, Eritrean Nieighbours, … most Ethiopians did not even know the difference between Eritrean and Tigreans. We lived as family, we mourned together when someone died and we buried each when someone died. We invited for coffee, tea, for cultural things. I adopted gurage food because of my neighours. There was no hatred among people. This woyane came from the caves after living in caves for 13 years and forced Ethiopians to live like cave men? why my brother? You do you sow a seed of hatred, division, schism, … why? Are we not all human being? It is because the woyane felt they deserve because they fought for 17 years? They decided to fight themselves and why does Ethiopians people have to be forced to be divided. In this century, people coming together and sharing their culture, values, wisdom, because every culture has something good. It is unfair in the name of liberation you sow seed of hatred and division. Trust me, if woyane could do what Ethiopians wanted, no would care if they rule Ethiopia for 1000 years. What is piss people they are racist, they persecuting people in the basis of ethnic. Why people has to be uprooted and displaced and marginalized and discriminated? when did Ethiopia land belong to one or another tribe? when? I have read the long history and the land never been owned by any particular tribe? Will all these injustice, segregation, isolation, persecution of Ethiopians make Tigreans prosperous or help them to develop? There is no anyone who can tell them wrong is wrong? It is ignorance and arrogance. I think they think they too powerful because they defeated derg? but derg was defeated by the people and time. It is not because the forces of derg were less than woyane or shabia. It is because derg was hated and people longing for change that derg was not supported; it is not people Tigreans fighters superhuman or Shabia fighters superhuman. Why woyane teach Tigreans as other Ethiopians are their enemy? is this not poisonous? What did they came with evil ideas? Is it not easy to do what the people wanted instead of their narrow dedebit agenda? why are the other Ethiopians supposed to be speaking animals and be pushed like camels by woyane? You landlocked a country of 95 million people by arguing we will buy ports? is it better to buy than to use your own port? is it better to beg than to use your own? is it better to buy port from Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Tanzania? It is nauseating how people come end up as stupid because of arrogance.

      They are living by stealing from people and they make refugees and they come here to insulting us by saying refugees. I left my country not because I wanted, but because of them. I have had a beautiful career but they deprived me my opportunity and my life and I have to leave the country. Do I deserve to be called poor or refugee? I could not go to school or I could not even sleep in my house because of them. They come in the night they take everything we had and this happened to us from both side, derg, woyane and we scattered, become refugee and suffered. They themselves were starving, covered with lice, with dirty dreaded hair, dirty clothes or no clothes and now they in addis and they corrupt and parasite of society and they have become millioners over night and have villas and many cars and they wealthy people in the second poorest country in the world and now they come here to tell us we refugees? They made me refugee. I am actually lucky because I have survived their bloody war and many of those who were with me have died one way or the other. There are even those who died on the way before they reached where I am now. Is this my crime? But this is woyane crimes of humanity we have to become refugees. We are the victims. I believe this idiots must removed and they must work like the rest of the citizen instead of living on the people and begging in their name and considering themselves they are rich. How is possible to have middle ground with arrogant people who think they own everything and violate other people right and human dignity because they think they are right and perfect. I do not know for how long they will stay by violence and supressing 95 million people.

  57. Fetawrari says:

    He is ethiopian national and British citizen you need to correct it.
    Tewlaj ferenj new national yemibalew.

  58. Gezaee says:

    I know Woyane is Shabia; there is no difference between Shabia and Woyane and Andargachew Tsigie. What I am curious now that to see Andargachew Tsigie handed to Woyane and he will tell us how many times he travelled to Issayas, how much Issayas he gave him and how money he got from Egypt. I longing for him to tell us all the things he has been doing in Eritrea and Egypt. But I do not want him to be harmed. I do not want him even to be put in prison. I wanted him to be released after exposing himself and his network so that many Ethiopians can be saved from his violent agenda. He must be a cruel person to make Issayas his friend. Issayas , a man who drunk Ethiopian blood like water. HOw can you make a man who bleed your country for 30 solid years? This is insanity of high level and high degree. It is okay to oppose even to become rebel, but why with become a friend with the man who murder your people for one generation. One generation of Ethiopian were killed him/ how can he be my freedom partner? t is a joke guys.

  59. ermias says:

    I wish one day for me and for others in the name of Ethiopians it is not so far The Great God bless US to Join each other at the END! do not forgeet that !One Love !


  60. wedinakfa says:

    My heart bleeds to the land called Ethiopia, The people that inhabit in this rich and fertile land are wicked, they are only interested about in theri belly, thus at the expence of their father, mother, brother and sister, they could not careless. These people segrigate themseves by saying amhara, oromo etc., but what at stake is nothing becasue the people beleive in, like the saying “if I die let no body survive” is their motto.
    Haileselasie kept them in darkness and in shackles not physically but mentally by portraying himslef as god elect so much so, they were not allowed to see him, at the sight of him they bowed so they could not see what he looked like yet they were never botherd about his wicked acts.
    Mengistu came he gave the a sickle and a hammer but they did nothing with it because he tought them to rais it into the air while shouting at their highest pitch denauncing their neiboughrs yet they ended up loosing hundreds of miilion of young men, women, children still they did not care their only interst was still to fill their beasty bells.
    Melles came he fooled them by showering nice words like having to eat 3 times a day they cheered, clapped an yet they did not get it instead he divided them into hundreds entity and they were overwhelmed so muc they cheered, gloated about his achievement, he fed them nice words, none was wise to see his wickedness but they were happy their belly was full.
    now their brother suppose to be their savioure (perhaps like Melles and Mengistu)is being incacirated by the brutal system they lauded yet they sat, chatted and loaded their belly the man wasforgotten.

    Oh my heart bleeds to the cursed land not so much to the inhabitants for what they know is their belly let them perish shouting Emama Ethiopia for nothing.

    to be continued.

  61. destiny says:

    Dawit,,run and hide,,,i am coming to cut your head off

  62. Cherry says:

    አዬ ግንቦት 7 እና ኢሳያስ “የአህያ ባል ከጅብ አያስጥል” አደረጋችሁት እኮ ነገሩ

    ለታጋቹ ግን “ሕጂ’ዶ ይሓይሽ ዋይ ዋይ” ናይ ወዲ መብርሂት ጠንባር ጋቢዘዮ’ለኹ : ከማን’ታ ናይ ኣምሓርኛ ኣበሃህላ which goes like “ቀድሞ ነበር እንጂ መጥኖ መደቆስ ኣሁን ምን ያደርጋል…”

  63. በለው ! says:

    “አስቀድሞ ነበር የመን ላይ ማፏጨት
    አሁን ምን ያደርጋል ቃሊቲ መወትወት የኢትዮጵያ ዜጋ ባልተከበረበት ሁሉ እሥር ቤት ሲጓዝ ከቶ ምንሊያመጡ ማን ሰሚ ያገኛል የጥቁር እንግሊዝ!” ማን ሆነና የሀገር አፍራሽ፡ለሰቆቃችን የሚረጨው መርዝ? ይባላል ከጥንትም ዛሬም እየሳቁ በቁም ቀባሪ አጅሬ እንግሊዝ!!!!

  64. Gezaee says:

    Dear Dawit: I know there is no law in that country called Ethiopia. But destiny is threatening you that he will cut your head. If this was in the country I am he will be immediately arrested and treated by the law. This is a real threat. Do not ignore this. Get his IP address and take this man to the court if there is any court in that country. This is violence; What we have saying is even violent but this is a serious one. I do not think even Al-shabab can says that.

  65. teklu says:

    beytgnawem alem yanden ager zega yasekaye binor eritrea new and they paying the price if you have the courage do any action where this guy is based.not in ehiopia

  66. Genamo Dhaqabo says:

    This is nothing bad and good news, personally I am not supporter of his idealgoy and neither the party in power.They are both fooling the people of the empire of Ethiopia. I am 100% sure the ethnic issue is at the heart of Ethiopian politics. Note that Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that has imposed one ethnic ethnic group language and culture over others as country working language. I feel this is frustrating progress in the current federal system. The nuelues of the current regime-TPLF is more interested in making its own regime, the economic power house, if the worse comes I feel they may look for option of republic of tigray (probably this unheard history), they may also deal with their former friend and consideration of great Tigrea + Eritrea republic.
    I think most of us discussing in eyeglass of urban elites that is absolutely blind about the rural …just go one km away from Addis in any angle and listen what indigenious people talk. Though it Ethiopia is said to be a country 80 ethnic groups but the proportiction of each ethnic groups varies Oromo and Amhara constitue around 71% of the total population of Ethiopia Oromo (43%) Amhara (28%) besides it only ten ethnic groups that have population more than one million.
    1. Oromo 43%
    2. Amhara 28%
    3. Somali 6.7%
    4.Tigray 6.6%
    5. Sidama
    6. Wolaita
    7. Gurage
    8. Afar
    Now constitutionally speaking Ethiopia is formed by nine regional state based on ethnicity and language. Though, the formation Harar as a region is so debatable, it is a region according to the constituion of the country. The Harar town was established more than 1000 years ago-mostly related with jagual building, the Adare’s now constitue only 10% population of Harari they niether dominate the town and the rural. currentely 60% of the region is oromo yet the region inside Oromia, the other controversual issue is Dire dhawa, I think ethnically speaking Oromos have much to share with somali and Afar than any ethnic groups, I think the case to make Dire-dawa charterd city is claim over the city by two, I think somalis never hesitate to ask Bole-rewanda (little moqadisho) in addis to be part of somali. The other biggest challenge is the issue of Finfinee (the city the Oromos absolutely determend to give thier forhead as regard to claim is concerned, geographically no question Addis in the heart of Oromoland but though the oromos are the second populist even in the city. If you go all along small around the city Oromo constitute more than 90% I think there complete confusion over here. The double standard of centeral goverment is another problem, it acts like not federation but era of Mengistu. The

  67. carlos danger says:

    is not definitely a man who stabs his friend`s back.

    Last night I dreamed about interviewing member of Ginbot 7 , concerning the arrest of Mr.Andargachew.The interview went like this:
    Carlos Danger.In your speech the other day,you seem very upset about your com-red`s arrest.
    Berhie Negasso(I named him).yes indeed,Andargachew is good friend of mine,a true son of Ethiopia.He loves his country,and his people love him.
    CD.Who do you blame for his arrest?
    BN.First the Yemen govt.,second,Woyane.
    CD.But they have agreements just like any other nations do.For example, USA extradited many since sept.11.
    BN.His human right is violated.Yemen violated the international law.
    CD.I think I read at Answers website,it said,” Extradition has nothing whatsoever to do with “good relations” between the states. It is a matter of law. Extradition is a legal action and a process which all states must adhere to, much like the sharing of Motor Vehicle Drivers License and Registration records between the states. It is to the mutual benefit (not to mention a matter of law) to both the state, and its citizens, that they mutually cooperate with one another.”
    BN.Look,I am not a legal expert,I leave that to our counselors,but I know one thing.If,Yemen gives our leader to Woyane,It will pay dearly.
    CD.It looks like a threat.
    BN.My man,you can define it how ever you want.
    CD.What about the speculation that Mr.Afworki does not want Mr.Tsegi in his land ,while he is under investigation, by UN,EU and other humanitarian organizations.Some even say,his hand is in it.
    BN.Well,we have good relation with Eritrean government.President Issayass is a man of integrity.He is an independent thinker.He is not a man who bow down to any foreign pressure.He is not definitely a man who stabs his friend`s back.
    CD.Dr.,with all do respect,we are talking here that Mr.Afeworki must join the world body.His people,countries in the region,and the whole world is tired of his policy.I think there is general agreement, he has to go.But,he is a survivor.Mr Andargachew may be victim of that survival tactic.
    BN.All I can say is pres.Issayass gave us his word.No any international pressure will damage our relations.
    CD.I assume his arrest will have huge impact on your struggle.
    BN.Not really,like I assured our members,he finished his duty.The new blood is continuing his work.Woyanewoch are fools.Andargachew will die in their hand singing”NAMORA ENDE CHE GUVERA”.Andargachew will die with a motto” ABIYOT LEDGWAN TEBELALECH”.Even he is not arround,our struggle will continue.
    CD.If things change in Eritrea,what is your alternative plan?
    BN.I can not answer that question.
    CD.Ethiopia has good relationship with all neighboring nations.There is huge economic and security co-operations.
    BN.We depend on our people.
    CD.Many share the idea of Ginbot 7 D.,that is work with the government,instead of trying to overthrow with violence.
    BN.No room for working with these idiots.They know it ,we know it.We said to AFENGACHOCH go ahead,mengedun cherk yarglachehu.
    CD.Thank you for your time.
    BN.My pleasure,and any time.

  68. zenaw says:

    I am very much wondering how ginbot 7 intellegence people had not made any pro security analysis for all of andargachew journy since he is theost key person in the movement

  69. i say hi to Agazi Commandos! wel Done Agazi Commando U got a Big fish!!!!!

  70. Barak2 says:

    there are some few dilemmas among many Ethiopians specially the Diasporas. I don’t know what they thought but if you are a politician you have a huge responsibility. A politician should or needs to stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your country and your people. It is a time to make a U turn and change your life path to serve your people and your country.

    It is a time to start thinking so wide & broad and to stop thinking small & narrow more than any citizen. It is a time to think what is a better for the future than wishing a worst path regardless any difference you have with your opponent parties or organization.

    Meanwhile G7 leaders seems they were in a mess & hard to understand their leadership capability, way of thinking, their strategies and activities. They have mixed and opposite interest, idea, thinking as we compared with the interest and thinking of the Ethiopian people. They use honest people like Tsegi as good, warm blanket and coverage to drive the ship and full fill their destructive mission against the prosperous future of the country.

    For me Why other G7 leaders were not ready to do what Tsegi has done for so many years, even once in their leadership time, to travel to Shabia, why only him when the leaders like Berhanu and other unknown leaders go around and live in US and EU. Is it G7 movement in Eritrea needs a one person committment only? or what.

    They either under mined the Ethiopian people knowledge and understanding about their country or Did they think we “Ethiopians” understood nothing and wishes to fellow them blindly. No we couldn’t trade our long term interest, progress, future with their short sighted/cheap politics which is by far worse or not much better than EPRDF as well as their exaggerated /prevailing short term problems and challenges we have to day here and there (either governance or what so ever).

    I hope we will over come the problems and challenges we have to day through tolerance, learning by doing and time. I hope we, as a people with diversified culture and language (amhara, oromo, tigri, guragi, kambate, u name it what so ever), will continue the progress we started and succeed as a developed nation one day. God bless US.

  71. wedi says:

    at first place why he went to eritrea
    ethiopia yegarachine eritrea yebichachine eyalu yeteretalu.

    today thousend of eritreans leave their country the old ones they are very happy to come to ethiopia invest and a happy holliday the poor in eritrea they are the one suffering,

    if you go to djibouti port people who work there are eitreans the have house in addis busines their kids go to number one schools,

    before assab even start the service they all are in the marine.

    if ethiopia happen to be in worest state
    do you know the eritrean are who gone commit sucide not a single ethiopia.

    thats the reality.

    sone thing in the top educated eritrean
    must come out and admit by saying to their nation that ethiopian existance means our existance so we need to accept reality and live in peace.either you join sudan or you join ethiopia as federal state.full stop.

  72. Neknik says:

    Colonel Fikreslassie bizu telat kewistym kwichym sileneberen new engy berasachin yetebelash y dedeb amerar aydelem maletwon betam tizibt lay ytliwotal .lewidketachihu wana mkniyat b wetaderawy astesaseb ager lememrat bemewesenachihu bizu telat linesabachihu yechalew b sew lij lay eyeserachihu yeneberew gif k gileseb meseretawy nesanet b mentekacchihu bizuwochin yale frd bemegdelachihu enante enquan yaltederegebachihu ,lelewt yeminesa mangnawunm yehibreteseb akal bemechfchefachihu yemayaquart tornet bilom yetor meriwochachihu saykeru b amerarachihu destegnoch silalneberu tilew wede tequwamy gora weym bewstachihu honew tequwamyn merdat mejemerachew lelam bizu mkniyat alat.k mot frd b mihiret yetelekekachihu yederg sew belaw srat bale siltanat ye ethiopian hizb tenberkikachihu alkisachihu ykirta meteyek gid ylachihual mkniyatum enante le Haileslassie beteseboch le minstrochachew hiwet sataznu endihum ye bizu nisuhanin hiwet yeketefachihu seytanoch neberachihu.

  73. Wolfgang says:

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