Eritrea president targeted by new Swedish law


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24 Responses

  1. Gebez says:

    This is the best compensation so far( after the Operation Sunset)for the blood of innocent children spilled in AYDER!! And this law was, as a coincidence, formulated in Sweden the week the parents of those victims of Napalm bombs were remembering their children. Hence, the best gift to them I can say. Yes!! All children killers must be prosecuted!! Isaias and his psychopath gang members violated our sovereignty, killed our children, touched our dignity. They deserve more punishments. The primary victims of these sick gangs are though Eritreans themselves.But they can not rise up because they are already demoralized, dehumanized, disorganized and may be sometimes they are really shitty. lol

    • Fareon says:

      Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh children of Tigray? We do not consider as a people they are begger subhuman, on the swidish case , do not we Eritrean we will show Them that we er the people who selfrelly not like Ethiopia addicted to White man’s aid.

    • Andrgachuw says:

      Weyane Low level cadre ,this web must be weyane cadre’s bussy highway.
      The talk like this.
      Cadre1 ‘ Who is?
      Cadre2 ,I think erirawi
      Cadre1, call him banda if his Amara ahiya belo Oromo call him some thing , don’t say qomal,agame or begger or in this case goat herder this is ours
      Cadre2, already they call me that thing I feel like I step to low level
      Cadre1, ignor those words , they are bad to us

      This is tigrayan chat lookalike .

  2. ALEMAYHU says:


  3. teshome says:

    Diaspora politics bruised again. The master minds of Ethiopian Diaspora politics are hunted one by one. Yesterday Anidargachew was through to custody and today Isayas Afeworki warrant arrest. These are not two distinct issues, rather share a common denominator…they metabolize hate politics and terrorism act.
    NO game no gimmicks…Ginibot 7 declare to retaliate to the worst at Yemane government and ETHIOPIAN people. This is not a copy-cut statement were repeatedly hearing from Al-qiyda, al-alshebab, Bokoharam and Hezebola.
    We Ethiopians let alone to scare from Ethiopian Hizebola,(Ginbote 7), we were able to defeat Al-shababe and al-shebia on its territory in Somalia. For Ethiopian Hizebola, if Al-shebab doesn’t serve as cautionary tale, then face the consequence.
    The arrest of Adirgachew typically generate wide attention in the fragile Diaspora politics, look how ESAT and its ‘journalists’ shocked up and boils frustration.

    • kebrom says:

      at teshome
      Please let you at talk your mind at least sometimes.

      I totally disagree with you who say “we won alshabab”, i really donot think so. Rather the evil and bandit policy of your boss meles, made us victim as a nation. Alshebab is still killing in kenya. Ok we are able to protect our country, but we are on the top of uncertainty. Our etv also told us that, they are still attempting to cause massacre in addis. That means they are still there. You can also imagine the amount of money we have to invest to protect the borders.

      I know Somali is our long time enemy, but meles could have not put his hand in a boiled oil just for the seek of Americans, his god fathers, not for the seek of Ethiopia. My friend teshe even America is unable to finish terrorists, or themselves sometimes terrorists. You woyane were classified as terrorist sometimes ago. Off course what make woyane different is, they are still terrorist after 22 years of assuming government. Surprising!

      Despite I hate terrorism, but i believe in the theory of why terrorism. The terrorism theory is all about the oppressed people, brutality of government, interference of alien group. Hence, as far as there will be oppressors such as woyane and shabia or america, there will be terrorism in the world. I tell you u can’t finish them, rather you make us victims. Ethiopia become victim due to your boss.

      And last point on your last sentence?—you said how esat journalist shocked—
      have u forgotten how etv journalist shocked when they heard that meles was dead? go and check the video. Is it only the journalist? have u forgotten how the woyane system as a whole shocked? in fact it is still shaking!

      why you stooped us from making simple demonstration at mekele if your not still on the shock? i tell u are not yet recovered even after 2 years of the death of your master.

      dengatoch, demo feri ena chekagn be woyane lik ale ende?

      • Alula says:

        What do you have left? Nothing! The EPRDFITES HAVE won the game! Ethiopia’s gov’t defeated every adversary! Shabiya was broken in to pieces & simply dead men walking!
        You see everything , But you can’t see it, because you are blinded with a false propaganda!
        Once the Ethiopian gallant forces broke the backbones of Issayas, Ethiopia started its development quickly & look at it now!
        Meles had Ethiopia on the right track & Ethiopia is marching to its bright future slowly but surely!
        Kebrom , don’t forget that Ethiopia is the super power of east Aftica, though Ethiopia is acting motherly to all East Africans! You can talking whatever with a lot of help from Egypt , you can do nothing! Once Issayas falls apart east Aftica will be at peace & G7 & it’s mouth piece ESAT WILL be history!
        God bless Ethiopia!

        • korem says:


          I liked your words “God bless Ethiopia” if this is from your heart!

          That is off course what i totally miss from my leaders! I feel them like they are destroying my country and me, my people. In fact that is what they are doing. Have u been to Gambela recently? in various places in the region, you read on the screen of your mobile INDIA, INDIA—believe me! I am sure u know the reason behind. I am not sure if they corrected that now. So that is the sold land of my people and my country! Thanks to meles and his flawed evil policy.

          by the way you pray to God to bless Ethiopia when you and your likes usually works towards here death?, towards disintegration of here people??? what type of pray is this one? how can God will listen to you when He knew you make sure her disintegration?

          endet yale gera yemiaaba neger new?

          Is it not you and your system which cultivated a generation that hate his country and determine to say publicly Oromo first and Ethiopia second?? have you heard in albeshires regime who say (Gedarif first and Sudan second), if not south sudan who already gone? or have heard that type of new generation in china who had that type of feeling? Don’t undermine and misinterpret this point. I wanted to to tell that you made the generation hate his country? and now you pray for our country to be blessed.

          bakeh atashuf!

          is it not you who make sure to displace all educated children of Ethiopia so that she can’t benefit from their knowledge like other countries? are you not the one who dismissed over 40 scientist overnight from aau, just because they criticized your boss and advised him to be humble? you remember that guy who said, the ball is in your hand, and what we want from you is only humble heart!? But the next night the devil meles exiled this guy and many others. How comes he exiled a person who advised you?. what a pray is yours? or are u still have a good heart?

          Sure i know few good heart people in woyane too. But they are controlled and hence can’t come out! how can they come out when the number of security is like taxis in addis ababa.

          Ohh i can’t talk my mind in taxi. I remember many days the taxi driver told me to leave their car because i blame the government. After listening few of my words they say, getaye lijochen lasadegibet. I even knew a taxi driver who said i will not go now and he left the car, telling the next guy to take his turn over because of me. It is not i am terrorist, but i talked about the negative said of the government. Why i talk about it? coz i planed to work at a give place in 4 kilo, but after i arrived there was no electric and i have to drop my plan, and that is what i mentioned. why you pray when your security is working day and night to make us fear, break our heads, loss hope and decide to migrate to desert or see? why you pray?

          which Ethiopia are praying for? Is this ethiopia your boss eaten and left her in bone? don’t u heard the 11billion usd elicited just in 10 yeas under the leadership of your bosses? is this not my money, is this not i now go hungry, is not that made 100 of 1000s of youths to migrate and abused in arab countries? tell me why you pray??? This money could have opened enough job for all of us!

          ayete alula hulun binagerut hode bado yekeral yibalal—

          NB: i have no personal hate for you and anybody, you just said it! Donot blame for the thing i didnot did, rather falsify my points in case you have data! Honest God i hated single person, and that was gone. Even for him i prayed to my God several times to take out this bad sprite from my heart. For that matter it is he himself who made me hate him. Mainly after i saw him ordering his security machine to go and kill Shibre and nebeyu! U see, you yourself initiated the current demonstration at ambo and killed my brothers and sisters and you said you killed them when they try to robe bank. Ohh is the 8 years old child killed at Guder was also found guilty of robing?

          hahha among two key oppression meles led when they were in the bush were robing and —robing. but he failed in both cases. please donot blame me it his boss at that time who said this.

          lam balwalebet—lekema—lenegeru esu wedewenetegna bota hedoal—

          • Alula says:


            I understand that there are so many mishaps in my country! Don’t forget that Ethiopia used to be a country where millions died because of hunger ,famine, poverty.war… Nevertheless , this is all changing now! The much exploited farmers of Ethiopia are almost self sufficient now! At least the farmers of Ethiopia sustained their everyday needs at this moment! So everything will be solved as we go, the situation in Ethiopia shows just that, being better & better!
            As you see it, there will not be a change of gov’t by force in Ethiopia, but by election! Simply dreaming for power from abroad isn’t going to work in anyway!
            The three stages that was prepared to disintegret Ethiopia , 1) Egypt with all Ethiopia’s enemies in the west with all kind of NGOs ready to hit Ethiopia with whatever accusations are .2) shabiya with power hungry Ethiopian ready to hit inside & out! 3) put Ethiopia where it was 23 years ago, war , poverty , famine…! But all of the three stages failed miserably! Shabiya is dead man walking, Egypt is choosing the peaceful way of solving problems( though no one can trust Egypt)! The internal enemies of Ethiopia have been disintegretted…..! Over all , Ethiopia emerged victorious!

            God bless Ethiopia!

  4. ALEMAYEHU says:


  5. Tulu Geleta says:

    Dear Awramba: There are many dozen criminal leaders, mass murderers, genocide criminlas and dictators very close to you. Would you please point your pen towards them too. I am not sure why you are pointing at other fishes when you are swimming with the criminal in your own pond.

  6. Yematat Dero says:

    Issayas is funny. Is he laughing about what is going on in Eritrea and the region because of his 50 years of terrorist profession started in 1964?
    He doesn’t know or he might know but don’t care about what is going on in his little and messy Eritrea and the people that are enriching the evil Egyptian Sunni Organ harvesters, human smugglers, rapists, abusers and killers. So far more than 4000 Eritreans almost all Tigrigna are killed in Egypt for organ harvesting.

    They are flooding and filling refugee camps in Ethiopia, Sudan, Italy, Malta and all over Europe and the world despite Eritrea has only 4 million populations.

    The question is what is going to be his future and mainly his cronies and children future after all these have happening against millions innocent Eritreans.

    As far as Ethiopian concern, he is doing the best for her despite many people don’t see the situation that way. Because of him, Ethiopia is getting reasons to prepare well, being vigilant and ready to crash any enemy started from home from any worthless Banda working with foreign enemies to affect the country.

    Issayas is the Ethiopian military training ground making them prepare to keep him in check and to eliminate his terrorists like what is going on with the Ginbot terrorist Andargachew/afrsachew.. He can stay where he is as long as the Eritreans loves him to treat them the way things are happening there because of him.

  7. axumawit says:

    ROME, Italy, July 2, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ — “It’s time for a new start”. This was Deputy Minister Pistelli’s comment during his visit to Asmara – the first visit to Eritrea by a member of the government since 1997, with the mission by the President of the Republic at that time, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. “I am here today to bear witness to our determination to revitalise our bilateral relations and try to foster Eritrea’s full reinstatement as a responsible actor and key member of the international community in the stabilisation of this region”.
    “I came here to enable Italy and Eritrea to embark on the road to cooperation in all sectors of mutual interest, given that many of the security and migration problems that affect Italy actually originate in this part of the region. To achieve that cooperation, I wanted to clarify, in person, to President Isaias here in Asmara that Italy is ready to show a new willingness to engage and to rekindle that mutual trust that has been lacking between our two countries for many, too many, decades”.
    July 2, 2014
    fact1. Italy is in front line countries where Eritrean refugees end up or washed out by water.
    Fact 2.Italy is one of the nations where fascist parties are getting popularity because of illegal immigrants.
    Fact 3.Italy is a country in EU who decided to stop any flow of immigrants by all means.
    Fact 4.Not only EU,AU and UN are up in arms to get rid of Mr.Afworki who is a reason for this problem.
    If any one thinks this diplomat is coming to Asmara to befriended with Shabia leader,he is wrong.

  8. Gezaee says:

    I hope this applies to the EPRDF leaders who are persecuting and exterminating the Amhara Ethnic in Ethiopia. I hope the guys who working on the Amhara ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia report this issue to them and to UN human right commission although I UNHRC is shitty one. I hope the EPRDF officials who persecuting people on the basis face justice. Amhara ethnic cleaning campaign in Ethiopia is not less than genocide. It is introduction to genocide. People are vandalized, their dignity and human integrity violated because they belong to a certain ethnic group. I hope the Swedish firm takes this case too. If the firm get a leave of this persecution on racial basis I am sure they will get of sporship for the case to be taken. I hope PM HD will be blacklisted as Issayas. There is small crime. Crime is crime.

    The problem is not Only Issays guys, add TPLF like Sibhat Nega to Issayas. These are the same Entities despite the fact one lives in Mekele and lives in Massawa and they are cousins and they are same Lucifers who made Ethiopia landlocked and who made Ethiopia bleed for 30 and 17 years blood war. Even if derg was brutal and barbaric, he could not do much worse than what TPLF and Shabia did. I did not believe Shabia is the only crime gang, but also on the same, it is a criminal gang who made our lives hell on earth by waging two decades of war in the name of liberation. Is not TPLF who encouraged EPLF not to make a deal with Derg? Why we condemn only EPLF? The two devils are the same. There is no difference.

  9. Zema says:

    Issayas is not the problem but his dirty, evil, monster and satanic masters they used him to affect Ethiopia and also Yemen knowing the Satanic Saudi wahabis are the greatest enemy to the Yemeni people for many reasons including wahabi Saudis are occupying huge and mineral rich ancient Yemeni territories that are located in south and south west Saudi Arabia( a country illegally and by force created in 1933 calling after a person who declared a king-Al Saud who was a shifta allying with the English against the then Saudi king that was with the ottoman and from other ethnic and not a wahabi as this one is).

    Saudi Arabia being a holy land is a joke. Because before 1933, there was no such a country called Saudi Arabia but a shifta that was an English puppet named the place after his own name. Saudi Arabia means Arabia belongs to the al Saud family as private property. It has nothing to do with any holiness but Satanism as these wahabis are doing against humanity and the world.

    To keep that and affecting the Yemeni shias that are 45% the Yemeni population, they are affecting Yemen in many ways as they are doing to Ethiopia for years together with the rest of the desert creatures including the humiliated and disgraced Mubarak, Gadaffi, Sadam, father of Assad in Syria which all are gone and those little rat gulf nations including Kuwait, Qatar and UAE that are too busy affect others including Ethiopia. .

    Hoping the wahabi Saudi will pay the ultimate price the world haven’t see yet with this kind magnitude and consequences and the same times those Tiny oil and gas created Gulf nations will disappear all together.

    Hoping at the End Yemen, Oman, Iraq and Bahrain will become the victorious.

    So, Issas is nothing but a dog cannot, will not exist when the devil masters of him disappear or at the time being they are facing a huge task they never been tested before. Hoping they will pay the ultimate prices they have done against the innocents worldwide including Ethiopia for years and in many ways. .

    Let issayas stay where he is. He is not in any position to affect Ethiopia. He is there just punishing the Eritreans mainly the Tigrignas that are known with biting own mother breasts as they are doing to Ethiopia. They were the front runners and leaders Eritrea to become separated from Ethiopia while black painted and hated Ethiopia despite they are one of the 9 Ethnic groups in Eritrea and many Eritreans are treating them not as Eritreans but the enemies that have nothing to do with the red sea.

    “30,000 Saudi troops deployed to Iraq border

    Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 soldiers to its border with Iraq after Iraqi soldiers withdrew from the area, the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television reported.”

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Zema, you have forgotten the TPLF shabia that saved Shabia and sacrificed 100 000 Ethiopians? Do not forget TPLF the another Arab Telalaki which is still ready to sell Abay to Egypt. You are looking far away, TPLF is not less danger than Shabia itself. How many times TPLF saved Shabia by using Ethiopian blood. It is good to be fair brother. Evil is evil even the evil belongs to your tribe.Let us stand for justice, not to hide criminals because they speak our language. The TPLF shabia who destroyed almost my life come here and insult me by saying poor or refugee while it is them who drove me out from my country by waging bloody war. I am the victim of woyane and Shabia who deprived me peaceful in the name of liberation and yet they come here to tell me I am poor? Is there any Ethiopian or Tigrean or Eritrean who has become wealthy because of TPLF and Shabia war? I am actually blessed I survive the brutal, primitive and war lords TPLF and Shabia. How can a TPLF war lord come here and tell me I am poor while TPLF and Shabia denied me all the opportunity to prosper and progress. Did the Eritrean become wealthy because of shabia? did the Tigreans become wealthy because woyane made them live in war zone for 30 and 17 years? How can a woyane come to this website and call people poor. For me, TPLF = Shabia, no difference, we need to eliminate both murderous and criminal organisation. Did not Sibhat said he will fight with Shabia? Why are we only focus on Shabia? why not TPLF? Evil is evil. Injustice is injustice no matter who commit it. Past atrocities, violence that destroyed must be accounted for. How many lives lost, how many people became disabled, how much time wasted? how many people become refugees. I would never leave my country if there was no the bloody Shabia and the bloody woyane. We are the victim. Now woyane come to tell me or call me I am refugee? It is really surprising eko? People stand for truth. Do not stand for wushet. The world is enjoying peace, development and peace, we were deprived peace, development and life itself by TPLF and Shabia. You TPLF people you must look into yourself and at repent and ask apology to the Ethiopian people. Even apology is not enough; you destroyed our life. Life is not reversible. you wasted the lives of one generation in the name freedom. If TPLF did not exist, Derg would not kill 60 000 Tigreans you and would never disable about 60 000 Tigreans and would never make millions of Ethiopians refugees. you are the cause of the suffering

  10. Solomon says:

    Finally this Banda Essayass Africa hitler is on the robe .
    But this Banda always can get away .please keep squeezing the robe I don’t want him dead ,I want him in prison so he ask to pie when to eat when to sleep.
    I want him to safer

  11. Be ewnetu says:

    I don’t care about Arab bitchs and their mad-dog.
    but considering Aider.
    The justice is not yet to come for all direction…. it’s the matter of time. after we clean internal from foreigners will speed up to paid off in soon future.

  12. Fidel says:

    Can you read this one and get some understanding about the reality in Ethiopia and the region(IGAD) rather than being blind and unable to see and understand things that are good or bad, right or wron . You really have some personal issues. What you think or do here or there is nothing to Ethiopia or the government but you are suffering from Ignorance Being in the wrong path.
    You represent no one but yourself.

    So, stop talking about others. No one appointed you to talk in their name. your own silly situation affects no one but yourself.

    GDP 4.037
    Debt in GDP:2011,133.8%; 2012,125.8%
    GDP 94.878
    Debt in GDP 2011, 37.2%; 2012, 31.2
    GDP 71.427
    Debt in GDP 2011 48.9%; 2012, 46.5
    GDP 63.892
    Debt in GDP 2011 44.3%; 2012, 47.7
    GDP 89.048
    Debt in GDP 2011 73.1%; 2012, 108.9
    GDP 46.368
    Debt in GDP 2011 29.2%; 2012 29.4


    4 december 2013

    Ethiopia hailed as ‘African lion’ with fastest creation of millionaires
    nation achieving 93% GDP growth in six years, finds study
    The number of dollar millionaires in the east African nation rose from 1,300 in 2007 to 2,700 by September this year, according to New World Wealth, a consultancy based in the UK and South Africa.
    That figure puts the country well ahead of Angola, up by 68%, and Tanzania, which had a 51% increase. Zambia and Ghana completed the top five

    IMF 2013:
    GDP 121.4 billion; 67 ranking

    GDP 90.5 Billion; 74 Ranking

    GDP 80.4 billion; 77 ranking

    GDP 79.4 billion; 78 ranking
    GDP 54.6 billion; 87 ranking

    GDP 4.5 billion; 151 ranking

    GDP 127 billion in 2013

  13. YEABSIRA says:

    HI fiedel i see u wasting ur golden time for the shabiya affliated people never learn nor want to learn,they simply tell their misperception about ETHIOPIA coz they enjoy listening weak analyses of their old rabid leader isayas

  14. Adwa Soloda says:

    i hope DIA<Dicxtator isayass will die soon and dance in Hell with his Slave Andargachew Tsige.

  15. Kibrom Hagos says:

    Hello Dawit Awramba waz up?
    Ane wedi Adka wedi Adwa adiAbun eye so Selemntay Natey comment delet Tigbro? pls Stop deliting my commet will you? 10-Q

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