UK Foreign Office: Andargachew could face death penalty in Ethiopia


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79 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    If Benghazi suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala extradition from Libya USA was justified, why UK failed to think like wise when it comes to Anidargachew Tsige. Following in his capture exiled “Ethiopian Hizbolla, Ginebot 7” even didn’t deny Anidarachew was traveling to Eritrea for military support of Rebels who had strong affiliation with Al-Shane and Al- Shebia. There is nothing more left here to say but The reaction of UK government called the mother of all hypocracy.Mr Khattala was involved in a terrorism and Anidarfachew red handed in a worst crime over-throwing a legitimate government of Ethiopia. With the latest information we have, Anidargachew might be in Addis and I wish him to be held indefinitely

    • eden says:

      ኢሳት ና ጀሌዎቹ…የፍየል ወጤጤ ዘፈን ጄምረዋል

      ብርሀኑ ነጋ ደሞ ትግሉን እርግፍ አድርጎ ትቶ ….በየህበሽ ምግብ ቤት ቆመን ወያኜን እንሳደብ እያለ ይቀባጥራል

      • Fareon says:

        I am sorry to intrapt but I am Eritrean it is not my business what the hell happen to all Oromo and amra.
        “They are afraid been slauteres by weyane kadre”
        Fuck you are slautered any !!!!!
        Forgive my language

  2. D says:

    Can you imagine what Berket semon it’s going to do with andi? It’s very personal between those two.

  3. Cherkos says:

    This mercenary sub-human was collaborating with the tyrant of Eritrea to wreck havoc in Ethiopia, even if he has sold his Ethiopian citizenship for UK pounds. Now he will vegetate behind bars indefinitely.

  4. Desta says:

    From the speaker, the audience concerns me. A man with no credibility of his past, keeps on laughing at his audience. What a society, what a level of intellect.

  5. Diina Diig Dureesso says:

    I heard Bereket Simon is a faggot is that what you are hinting at Mr. D?

  6. Alem Tsehay says:

    UK is breading, manufacturing, producing and exporting terrorists like use and throw mass production including against Ethiopia. According to the UK reports, there are more than 500 UK citizens Jihadists only in Syria to kill people and cause destruction the way we are witnessing which is very barbaric, gruesome and none human. But the true numbers of UK citizens’ jihadists in Syria is much more than that. It is the same in Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya and so on.

    UK and USA must change their evil and stupid dirty games against other nations to play political games using terrorists including in the name of democracy and opposition party. There is no one to buy and accept their crap games anymore knowing particularly UK is breading, manufacturing, producing and exporting terrorists with different names and reasons including against Ethiopia. All terrorist groups against Ethiopia using different names are in UK living happily and making terrorist act against Ethiopia including getting some help from some English(in the name of NGO, Charity, Media, politic) that are known racists and part of the Establishments.

    UK must change its non working old policy and agenda she is having with the terrorists using them against the government that is not surrendering its people and nation (economic, politic, social, cultural, tradition) sovereignty to them in the name of democracy, privetaizeantion and neo liberal system that is working only for the few at the very cost of the mass.

    21-century needs 21-century mentality and approach. UK must be happy about this little terrorist did get cleaned from England. Instead they need to do more to clean other dirty terrorists including so called ONLF and OLF that are in England having jihadist minds as secret agenda to achieve at the end goal.

    If he and other terrorists are the British citizens, why is UK not stopping them when they are engaging with terrorism against the country they are not citizens? Legally they are not Ethiopia. They left the country and changed their nationalities meaning they abandoned and lost Ethiopia for ever. Ethiopia doesn’t know and accept them for anything except for something good and right.

    Remember: Al shebab so called leader is a Somali born Swedish citizen where his wives with many children are getting the best care by the Swedish tax payers. The same times he is doing terrorist crimes in the region allying with al-Qaida. Europeans are getting damp every day that would finish their existence one day because of the terrorists. At the end the terrorists will get them. This is their ultimate goal.

    UK, USA, Europeans and other nations must wake up to see, realize and understand which country and people in Africa and the Middle East are the best, reliable, honest, strong, committed and long term ally to the free world including them against terrorism or anything that is against the world interest. Those are Israel and Ethiopia.
    So, they need to stop too much for so long trying to affect Ethiopia in many ways using lots of tactics including the terrorists. This terrorist must face justice in Ethiopia. Others that are in England must follow. This is the testing time Ethiopians are having on the UK government stand with the terrorists and others that are affecting the nation because of they are facilitating them to use them for their agenda.

    We know he is already in Ethiopia. Bravo Yemen. Others will follow. This is the high time for hunting all the terrorists including those so called opposition political parties. This man owns UK citizenship. So, he has no right to have any political party in the name of Ethiopia he is not a citizen and he is not living there.

    Any political party including an opposition must be in the country and respect the nation law. If not, they are using so called political party or other reasons to commit terrorist crimes as this Ginbot 7 stupid is doing for years. There are thousands documented crimes he is responsible including the death of many young Ethiopians taking them out from the country illegally with lies and misleading stories to join its terrorists group. There are many have lost their future life because of the lies and misleading stories to join ginbot 7.

    UK must shut up. This time we are and must be too serious. No one buys their crap anymore. Instead they must be happy one terrorist less/down from England. He is no good to you but a very bad liability. There are others still in the UK and do the same thing to them too, for your sake and get good relation with Ethiopia. They are bad to you have nothing to offer but being parasites on eth nation for so long.

  7. axumawit says:

    “Ana Gomes, a Portuguese member of the European parliament who led the EU observer mission to the 2005 Ethiopian elections, has written to William Hague, calling on the UK foreign secretary to intervene on Andargachew’s behalf, saying: “I urge you now to do the utmost to ensure his release and protection and his return to the United Kingdom as soon as possible.”
    theguardian Friday 4 July 2014
    A person may be legally declared dead (declared death in absentia or legal presumption of death) despite the absence of direct proof of the person’s death, such as the finding of remains (e.g., a corpse or skeleton) attributable to that person.
    The new act allows applying to the UK High Court to declare a person dead. This declaration is conclusive and cannot be appealed. It is recorded on a new Register of Presumed Deaths, and has the same effect as a registration of death. Death is taken to occur on (a) the last day that they could have been alive (if the court is satisfied that they are dead), or (b) the day seven years after the date they were last seen (if death is presumed by the elapse of time).
    My dear Ana,Mr.Hague knows where Uk or Ethiopian law applies.What is not good for UK is not good for Ethiopia.Ethiopians don`t allow any one destablize their country.Yes,you have issues with ruling need to separate the people from the government.

  8. Name (required) says:

    6andargachew should face justice regardless of the G7 or 8ritsh shouting Long live Ethipia. Hailemariam Goday anjo.Haleluyah!!

  9. Alula says:

    Egypt’s ESAT TV & it’s dogs G7 are freaking out now , cause its leaders have never been men enough to stand for what they believe! The likes of G7 always run when things get harder! They never stood firm in whatever they believed! They ran from Assimba to Sudan in their fight with woyane some 36 years ago! In 2005, they almost won 200 seats & refused to take their seats & was arrested for insiting violence , asked forgiveness & left the country immediately, coz they knew their colored revolution had totally failed!

    Berhanu Nega, the unmanly man had said so much, but it’s all about a lie, deception, empty ego…but nothing else!

    The British & the western politician in general are anti peace & stability in the world in all forms! They are the ones who allow their banks to save stolen Gold. Diamond, cash ….from all over the third world countries! When to much wealth is accumulated, then they over throw the government who accumulated too much wealth & take over the wealth easily!
    It is a recent memory that ONLF killed 79 people at Ethiopia’s Somali region & the terrorists claim responsibility from London, but a terrorist who killed their citizen will not escape! They preach freedom & democracy , but all in all , they are biased! It’s all about them dominating the world to satisfy their filthy rich individuals!

    Aandargachew Tsige is nothing , but a messenger of Ethiopia’s enemies! It doesn’t matter wether he is arrested or not, hence Ethiopia enemies are failed & failing in all directions! Because Ethiopia is Ethiopia who followed its own destiney!
    Take it easy G7 & ESAT! Try to be men enough like the EPRDFites!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  10. Gezaee H. says:

    I am against armed struggle. it is bloody for everyone. It does not solve problem at all. It kills people, children, women, make people refugees, maim people, burn houses, destroy everything. I have said it is a rustic method to deal with because there are many better ways. He will not kill him if they can ask themselves where they were and what they did. Mr. Tsigie is another woyane, no difference. He is a rebel like them and the only difference is they have controlled the big office. He has not killed people yet as they did. He is still clean. But he was to kill with Issayas together. But condemning woyane for allying with Shabia and landlocking Ethiopia and even for separating Eritrea and turning around 360 degrees and allying with Shabia does not make any sense and will never benefit Ethiopia.

    What is the point of capturing Tsigie anyway? Shabia will find another Tsigie anyway. Actually Shabia will get more Tsigies now than before. So you can capture the messenger, but the creator Issayas is there. In my opinion, instead of wasting time, and decades, lives, resources pursuing individual messengers, Woyane must have dealt with the real threat and real enemy of Ethiopia who is Issays instead of chasing messengers.

    Anyway, Woyane will never touch Shabia because Woyane = Shabia. Woyane loves playing with fire and does not like dealing with the sources of the fire.

    I am sure they will not touch him but definitely they will get vital information and I can not wait to hear G7 relation with Egypt. For me allying with Shabia and Egypt are more than enough disappointment than anything else. G7 will find it hard now to fly into Africa leave alone to Eritrea. But this will never help woyane anyway. The only thing woyane can save itself is if it deal with the real enemy Issayas and get rid off him and free the Eritrean people themselves and rescind the Eritrean independence and unite the people. Otherwise, this might create Ethiopian Al-shabab version of G7. g7 might decided to do suicide bombing. It is all about revenge.

    In my opinion, the only solution is to end the long story of Eritrea and withdraw Eritrean independence and unite the people and remove Issayas and then form a new all inclusive government in Ethiopia including Eritrean. Otherwise, Issasyas will get more Tsigie now and things will get worse even. Revenge or killing Tsigie will never solve anything. Even keeping him in prison will never do any good. But this is a chance for TPLF itself to reform itself than keep on chasing people. Because derg did not get rid off woyane by killing woyane or putting woyane in prison. I remember when I was a kid that the derg soldiers will capture the young woyanes and kill them on the road infront of the public not by shooting, but by beating and torturing them. I watched this horrible while I was a child. I remember the two times the young woyane was being spread on the road, and beaten until he breathe his last breath. Those action only drove young Tigreans to join TPLF. It cannot be different now. It is the same story. If woyane even touch Tsigie or if they torture him? then they are repeating exactly what derg was doing to them. It will only create more Tsigie who will become recruits of Shabia. I know woyanes do not remember where they come from. But Tsigie is not different from woyane. it is the same story of bloody armed struggle. Everyone is right in his own right.

    If woyane can learn from its own history, it must never touch Mr. Tsigie. It better reform itself and correct its grandiose mistakes than keep on recycling the same things. If woyane was right what it has done in its armed struggle, then Tsigie is also right. But both are wrong. The only solution is to change attitude than to believe because you are on power you are right.

    • Aagamino says:

      Who is paying attention?

    • Alula says:


      If somebody wants to kill you, you will never sit idlly! You hear them preaching how to eradicate Tigrians! You hear their hate against Tigrians! Therefore , the like of Andargachew Tsige facing justice is appropriate!

      & also you know how much the people of Tigrai paid to reach here! Out of all the revolutionary factions , woyane emerged victorious & shared power with every nations nationalities & peoples! Now Ethiopia is a federal state , therefore, every state/kilil/ must send it’s elected official to the central gov’t! Now nobody is going to cheat anybody in the name of Ethiopia! The old days are gone once & for all! Even though there are some individuals who think Ethiopia as if it is their backyard garden! They don’t even understand Ethiopia is changed for good!

      Someone from Tigrai, Amara, debub… Will not try to acquire administrative office at Afar, Ethiopian Somali …, as a person from the kilil can serve the people better than from different kilil! In the so called democratic countries , like in USA , a politician from Virginia will not try to acquire political office in California! But our so called politicians don’t understand anything but themselves!

      • hagos says:

        but the reality is different. it is not like you want it to be . The Tigres govern the whole country in the name of Federation. They exploite the country. there is no free media, the courts are not free. theere is no true election. the people dont feel they are reppresented by the goverment. the officials are not elected by people. they are assigned by the Goverment(TPLF).

  11. Desta says:

    For Western hypocrisy, the sky is the limit.If it is terrorism for killing British, why it doesn’t be for killing Ethiopian, or any human being? Any man who is willing to kill anybody should be hold accountable for taking someone’s life. British’s sun set long time ago, when it ended up a tiny island, called British. The empire that was built by slavery and ripping off of many nations’s wealth around the World crumbled many years ago.

  12. ruto says:

    The long arm of NISS will get all teriorists.Whatever their nationality.wherever they hide.

    The West only cares about its interest.pick a boo!

  13. derebew says:

    There seems confusion about the legal right of Ethiopia detaining Mr. Andargachew while there are many compelling, legitimate reasons and president cases that allow Ethiopia to have him extradited from Yemen and arrest him.
    Here I am not interested to argue wether the G7 is a terrorist organization for the sake of reducing the argument to the bare minimum as the scope of this comment(space) will not allow me to elaborate but there is no doubt in my mind that the G7 qualifies to be designated terrorist organization for many reasons which I will not elaborate here.
    My discussion here is Ethiopia vs British right and protection of the person of Andargachew.
    Andargachew is for all intent and purposes Ethiopian even if he hold British passport.
    – 1) He became British citizen then he returned to Ethiopia as
    as an Ethiopian citizen which he never renounced and held
    a public office.
    – 2) He participated in the 2005 election in Ethiopia as an
    Ethiopian while holding British citizenship hence
    confirming that he has kept his Ethiopian citizenship.
    _3) If he claims to be British citizen what reason on earth
    does he have to lead and wedge war against Ethiopia
    and become a leader of an organization designated
    terrorist by Ethiopia.
    _4) What business of a British citizen is it to try to liberate Ethiopia from what ever he thinks is wrong. Shouldn’t it be left to Ethiopians to liberate Ethiopia if liberation is needed.
    FINALY to those who are hanging on hope that the British will do anything to get Andargachew free from Ethiopia (if he is already in Ethiopia) I will tell them to come back to their senses or buy a real-estate in the moon. .

    • hagos says:

      you mean all we diasporas(ethiopians by birth hold another passport) include yourself don’t have to do with ethiopian Politics????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Endaw says:

    End aw bedefenaw monalisaye nesh

    Kalatoch yatrugnal min bite ladnkesh

    Yene EPRDF Betamax wededkush

    Now wedi tsege in in how about dr dangzchew birzo

    The stanch and avid supporter of andargacher

    The People loves fairness

  15. janet says:

    I think these guys forget about the war they declared, this is just
    the war between woyane and Ginbot 7 , and woyane captured one…. as simple as that

    • ida says:

      G7 is fighting for Amhara people. Do you think woyane sleeps in peace having caught an Amhara fighter? Let the Amhara people in Addis respond.

  16. Andy says:

    Where is the video, Dawit? You promised a video and ended up recycling news from western media. Were you that desperate for a scoop?

  17. w .yilma says:

    If he is a British citizen why he is involving in the internal affair of Ethiopia. To me he is a mercenary sent by his host country. The British should told other Ethiopian origins that whoever changed their citizenship, and became a British (former brutal colonizer) citizenship he/she should not to involve in the internal affairs of their country of origin. Let’s say Andargachew organization seized power in Ethiopia by miracle. Then the British citizen will rule Ethiopia. Is it acceptable? or they simply change their citizenship for cover-up just to avoid accountability, and become vulgar “political activist? Who said American or British citizen are not accountable for hideous crime they committed against foreign independent country?
    I think we Ethiopian should think twice, as long as Ethiopian origin abandoned his country citizenship and become another country citizen, the game stop there. He/ she no more have the right to involve in political sphere in her/his country of origin, except directly or indirectly involving in other socio economic activities.
    In the era of colonialism it was a direct intervention, but now it was undercover. The western former colonialist are now using our own Bandas to go against Africans and other countries. They have many “army worms” in their foreign department training how to cause discontent and unrest in the country of their interest. They already completed their job in Arab world as well as Eastern Europe and now they are targeting other African and Asian countries. Ethiopia is their target. It is a hidden international conspiracy designed long time a go by former US Henry Kissinger to disintegrate Ethiopia.
    Simple question from where Andargachew is coming from to Sana airport and where is he heading? It could be from Asmara, and to Asmara. As every Muslim have an obligation to go to Mecca, every terrorist should go to Asmara to get taring how to create trouble in our regions and beyond.
    I understand we need change, and this should not be an excuse for the incumbent government to stay in power forever.
    They need to change listening the people voice. Government should not rule the country under party doctrines. Party doctrine is a dogma and stagnant neither helping the government nor the public.
    We have to have a courage to take our country out of violence. It is true when people exhausted hope, they will become violent. God save our country from this.
    Last, I do not think the government should insist the Yemenis government to extradite this simple person.This issue should take as simple,irrelevant to make Andargachew a simple person. Then the naive Diaspora will stop dancing for the demise of their country.
    Long Live Ethiopia

  18. Z says:

    I agree the West is producing much more terrorists and sending them to terrorize the citizens of East Africa Nations.
    You can’t use your Western passport as a shield and do your evil acts!

  19. tekle says:

    What a collection of idiots are posting on this website.Or does this site belongs to TPLF on which case it is fine. These opposition parties are at least trying to bring some justice and freedom to Ethiopia.How can,and how dare you say anything about these people because you obvbiously no nothing -probably have an IQ of a 5 year old.If you can manage to write your names that will be a big achievement for you let alone comment about others.Morons !!

    • Z says:

      Takle, first learn how to write before you comment on peoples’ IQ. Got it! or go and ask Dr. Birhanu to measure your IQ.

  20. Tasew says:

    This is some thing purposely done bemnem aynet ye English citizen be almakefe hege yenesun heg metas mallet like what ghadafi done in uk Lockerbie air disaster even he paid the billion dollar that was not enough you can kill adargachew but yenesun heg Megdel malet gen
    Tose Ethiopia west mefter new .

    This organized crime against Ethiopia.
    You better watch out.

  21. Mood says:

    The ethiopian goverment abuse two foreign journalist for two years after Ogaden they captured melese zenawi paid the price .

    Today adargachew extradite will bring another confrontation with internation law and the uk will lobby. Every law you could emagine to punish weyane .
    uk foreign minster saying go ahead you will pay the price.
    That’s .

    Before isaias afewerki punish Ethiopia will go the worest confrontation with west that’s the western plan to distract the development the country achieving plus the Nile ensue .

    • Alula says:


      No matter anyone will try to destruct Ethiopia , don’t forget that Ethiopia will keep going! You guys predicted so much so much evil against Ethiopia in the past 15 years, but everything went wrong against you ! That’s why we Tigrians say “ንተራጋማይ ወሲኹ ደሮጋማይ”! If you wish evil, you will get that evil for yourself! Ethiopia has passed everything, therefore , whatever you say won’t matter at all!
      God bless Ethiopia!

      • Hagos says:

        Mengistu Hilemariam was visionary and he is really better than weyane. Tegreyans/evils are telling us that Ethiopia will fail with out them hahahahahahah

  22. abay says:

    tekle! if u understood the word moron,u r the one. ur hero is the butcher mengistu hailemariam.and that says it all.

  23. berhane says:

    Hang that idiot, Andargachew. Berhanu is next. elelelel

  24. Z says:

    Some insiders of Ginbot 7 are saying that Dr. Birhanu allegedly gave the details of Andargatchew’s travel plan to Yemeni and Ethiopian officials. He probably have received money for it.

  25. በለው ! says:

    >>ለሞተ ደረት ተደልቆ የዕርዳታ ንፍሮ በድንኳን ተነፍቶ፣ አድርባይና ሆድአደር ባነር ወጥሮ፣ በፀሀይ መነፅርና በሱፍ ተወጥሮ፣ አሁንም ለታሰረ ታጋይ ተለቅሶ …እንደገና የዕንባ እጥረት የውሃ ብክነት ነው።አዋጪው ተቀምጦ የሰቀሉትን ተነስቶ ማውረድ ነው።
    *** ሰሞኑን አምራችና አከፋፋይ በኢፈርት የሚኖሩ ተደናግጠዋል “የገቢ ምንጫትን ጫታችን ጫታችን” ታላቋ እንግሊዝ ይቺን ቅጠል የሚቀነጥሱ ሁሉ ለሥራ ተነሳሽነታቸው ሳይሆን የደቻሳ ፍላጎታቸው ጨምራል፡ሜንጫ እየሳሉ መንጫጫት ጨምረዋል በሃይማኖትና ባሕል በአግባቡ ከሚጠቀመው ይልቅ ለሸርና ተንኮል የሚሰባሰበው ሲበዛ ከገቢው ኪሳራው ያመዘነው ቅጠል እዚያው በሀገሩ አለች፡ ከተጠቃሚው አስመጪና ላኪው የሚመረቅንበት ሁኔታ ድንገት ክው አሉ። እንግዲህ ተጠቃሚ ለማፈላለግ ማሻሻጥና በነፃ ማቃመስ ያስፈልጋል። ዘመኑ የዊን ዊን ነው! የሰጥቶ መቀበል ነው! እከክልኝ ልከክልህ ነው!.. እግዜር እክክ ሲሰጥ ጥፍር ያሳድጋል አሉ!” የጫት ፈላጊና አፈላላጊ ህወአትና የመንን አንድአድርጋቸው ፅጌ ጭዳ ሆነ ለጫት ንግድ ማግባቢያ ወደ መሰዊያው ቀረበ በለው!
    **እንግዲህ አሜሪካኖች ለዜጎቻቻው ቄስ..ፓስተር…ጠበቃ..የሰላም መልዕክተኛ እንቢም ሲል ጦር ሰብቀው ዘምተው ሲያስፈቱ አይተናል። እስራኤሎችም ለአንድ ዜጋቸው አንድ ሺህ እስረኛ ፈተው ነፃ አውጥተዋል። ኢትዮጵያ ፻፶ሺህ ስደተኛ መንገድ ላይ ወጥቶ ሲጮህ አጅ እግር አንገቱ በሜንጫ ሲቀላ ፳ሺህ ብቻ ናቸው ብላ ስታስተባብል ነበር። የአሜሪካው ምክትል ፕ/ት ጆን ኬሪ በኢትዮጵያ ስለታሰሩ ጦማሪያን በቁርጠኝነት ጉዳዩን አይቼዋለሁ ብለው ኢህአዴግ ለዜጋው ያለውን ጥላቻና ንቀት ስለተረዱ አይናቸውን ጨፍነው ጠፉ…. ኦባንግ ሜትዎ የተባሉ ጥቁር ኢትዮጵያዊ ሰው ግን “ነጻነታችንን ከአሜሪካ መንግስት አንጠብቅም እራሳችንን ነፃ አናወጣለን ግን ጣልቃ አትግቡብን ብለው ነበር።”
    ***የዜግነት ክብር ከተነሳ እንግሊዞች ስለ አንድአድርጋቸው ፅጌ ምን ይላሉ!? ዜግነት በቀለም ልዩነት አንደኛና ሁለተኛ አለውን!? የመጣበትን ሀገር መነሻ አድርጎ ጭራሽም ዜግነቱን መካድ ይቻላልን!? የየመን መንግስት የናቀችው የዓለም አቀፍን ሕግ ነው ወይንስ የእንግሊዝን ዜግነትና ህግ ? በእርግጥ በዓለም አቀፍ የወንጀለኖች ፍርድ ቤት የእሥር ማዘዣ የወጣባቸው ግለሰቦች እንደፈለጉት ከሀገር ሀገር ሲዘዋወሩ የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋሚ መሪ በየትኛውም ቦታ ታድነው ወደ ሀገር የመመለሱ ጉዳይ በእርግጥ ኢኮኖሚያችን ብቻ ሳይሆን ሕጋችንም ከገለበጥንባቸው (ከኮረጅናቸው) ሀገሮች በልጧል ማለት ነው!? የየመን መንግስት መከላከያ ነጥቡ “ይህ የመንግስት ትዕዛዝና የሁለቱ ሀገሮች ስምምነት አደለም ድንገተኛ በ፸፪ሰዓት የተደረገ የፀጥታና የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚ/ር ውሳኔ ነው ልትል ትችላለች። ግን በግለሰቡ ሕይወት ላይ ኀላፊነቱን ማን ይስዳል? ሳዳም ሁሴን ላይ ሞት የወሰነው ዳኛ መጨረሻ ምን ሆነ? በእርግጥ ይህ በጫት ጥቅም የተገኘን ድል ኢህአዴግ ቱልቱላውን እንዳይነፋ ድሮም ደርግን በጦርነት ሳይሆን በአድር-ባይ፣ ሆድ-አደር፣ ባንዳ፣ በግል ጥቅምና ገንዘብ፣ ከውስጡ ተደልለው ገዝግዘውና የሕዝቡም ምሬትና ብሶት ተደማምረው ጣሉት እንጂ በወታደር ስልትና ኀይል እንዳልጣለው የታወቀ የማይቻል የማይሞከር (ተራሮችንን ያንቀጠቀጠ ትውልድ!) ማለቱ ለህወአት/ወያኔ ትውልድ ተዓምር ይመስላል በወቅቱ ለነበሩ የቅጥፈት ታሪክ ወሬ ነው። “ይህ ትውልድ እውነት ሳይሰማ እውነት ሳይናገርና ሳያውቅ ሊያልቅ ነው ያለው ማን ነበር!?”
    እንግዲህ የኢህአዴግ ዕጣ ፈንታው:-
    (፩)ግንቦት ሰባት አሁን አማራሩ ስለታሰረበት በሚወስደው እርምጃ አሸባሪነቱን ለሌሎች ሀገሮች ምስክርነት ማስቆጠር…ቢቻል ኢህአዴግ ተሌኤዩ አሸባሪና አፈንጂዎችን አሰልጥኖ ማሰማራት…
    (፪) የቀጣዩን ምርጫ ለማራዘም በሀገር ውስጥ ሽብርን መንዛት ሕዝቡን ጭንቅላቱንም ኑሮውንም ማዞር..
    (፫) እንግዲህ ከእኛ በላይ ላሳር ነው… ሕግን በካድሬ አንደበት እነደ ከበሮ መደለቅና ሕዝቡን ማደንቆር..
    (፬) ስለ ኀያሏ አንግሊዝ ሲባል ግለሰቡ ሳይበሳቆሉና ሳይደበደቡ ሕጋዊ ፍርድ እንዲያገኙ ቃለ-መሀላ መንፋት
    (፭) በግለሰቡ ‘የሕግ የበላይነት’ ቱሪናፋ የወጣቱን ጭንቅላት ለማናወጥ ጥሩ የየመን እና ህወአት ለጫት/በጫት አንድአድርጋቸው ድራማ! ቀራጭ ሻቢያ፣ ተውኔት የብሔር ብሔረሰብና ሕዝቦች ከፊተኛው ወንበር የተቀመጡ… ደራሲና አዘጋጅ ደብረፂዮን ዕረዳት ስብሃት በበረከት፣ አልባሳት ኀይለመለስ ደስአለኝ… የክብር እንግዶች አጋር ፓርቲና የተቃዋሚ ተቃዋሚ፣ የኢህአዴግ ደጋፊና ተደጋፊዎች፣ መድረክ የተሰጣቸውና ሊሰጣቸው ያቆበቆቡ በተገኙበት ይሆናል። ተመለስ ሀገርህ ነው! ታሠር ወንድ ነህ ! እንኳን አንድአድርጋቸው እነበትናቸውም ተጠቅልለዋል በለው!

  26. carlos danger says:

    Last night I dreamed about interviewing member of Ginbot 7 , concerning the arrest of Mr.Andargachew.The interview went like this:

    Carlos Danger.In your speech the other day,you seem very upset about your com-red`s arrest.
    Berhie Negasso(I named him).yes indeed,Andargachew is good friend of mine,a true son of Ethiopia.He loves his country,and his people love him.
    CD.Who do you blame for his arrest?
    BN.First the Yemen govt.,second,Woyane.
    CD.But they have agreements just like any other nations do.For example, USA extradited many since sept.11.
    BN.His human right is violated.Yemen violated the international law.
    CD.I think I read at Answers website,it said,” Extradition has nothing whatsoever to do with “good relations” between the states. It is a matter of law. Extradition is a legal action and a process which all states must adhere to, much like the sharing of Motor Vehicle Drivers License and Registration records between the states. It is to the mutual benefit (not to mention a matter of law) to both the state, and its citizens, that they mutually cooperate with one another.”
    BN.Look,I am not a legal expert,I leave that to our counselors,but I know one thing.If,Yemen gives our leader to Woyane,It will pay dearly.
    CD.It looks like a threat.
    BN.My man,you can define it how ever you want.
    CD.What about the speculation that Mr.Afworki does not want Mr.Tsegi in his land ,while he is under investigation, by UN,EU and other humanitarian organizations.Some even say,his hand is in it.
    BN.Well,we have good relation with Eritrean government.President Issayass is a man of integrity.He is an independent thinker.He is not a man who bow down to any foreign pressure.He is not definitely a man who stabs his friend`s back.
    CD.Dr.,with all do respect,we are talking here that Mr.Afeworki must join the world body.His people,countries in the region,and the whole world is tired of his policy.I think there is general agreement, he has to go.But,he is a survivor.Mr Andargachew may be victim of that survival tactic.
    BN.All I can say is pres.Issayass gave us his word.No any international pressure will damage our relations.
    CD.I assume his arrest will have huge impact on your struggle.
    BN.Not really,like I assured our members,he finished his duty.The new blood is continuing his work.Woyanewoch are fools.Andargachew will die in their hand singing”NAMORA ENDE CHE GUVERA”.Andargachew will die with a motto” ABIYOT LEDGWAN TEBELALECH”.Even he is not arround,our struggle will continue.
    CD.If things change in Eritrea,what is your alternative plan?
    BN.I can not answer that question.
    CD.Ethiopia has good relationship with all neighboring nations.There is huge economic and security co-operations.
    BN.We depend on our people.
    CD.Many share the idea of Ginbot 7 D.,that is work with the government,instead of trying to overthrow with violence.
    BN.No room for working with these idiots.They know it ,we know it.We said to AFENGACHOCH go ahead,mengedun cherk yarglachehu.
    CD.Thank you for your time.
    BN.My pleasure,and any time.

  27. Jobir says:

    If Egypt is smart, it can use this opportunity to destroy woyanes. Now they can easily destroy the woyane dam.

    • hagos says:

      i write here my feeling.
      i am not a member of G7. but if weyane make things like this , they kidnapped ,they are acting like mafiya…
      i am ready to work with Egypt to destroy woyane

  28. Erty says:

    Andargachw was a British citizen but he declared war against the Ethiopian government and went to war front to defend his cause. Unfortunately Andargacw was shot dead in war front and there is nothing the British government can do except to mourn his death who lost his life in vain. Andargacw’s fate was decided by himself only. No one is responsible for his action except himself. When Andargacw started to organize a military wing in Eritrea to fight the Ethiopian government, he made the decision to die to what he believes in. Therefore no party is guilty, be it the Ethiopian government, the British government, or the Yemeni government in the death of Andargacw. Most Ethiopians who oppose the government take unimaginable action by taking cover of their citizenship status from other countries or their profession hoping if something happens to their life help would come from outside. My advice to any person who lives in overseas who has other country citizenship is that get information about your rights and obligations about political involvement in your native country. When a person get citizenship from other country that person’s Ethiopian citizenship is denounced therefore the person has no any right to get involved in any action that is limited to Ethiopian citizen only, like seeking official seat.

  29. ERTY says:

    It seems to me that Andargacw was an opposition’s leader secretory when things are very smooth and are going well when it comes to his political carrier as opposition member. When he faces difficulties and held responsible for his action he bring in to the table his British citizenship status as if all British have immunity from a crime they commit in Africa. By the way this is what most Ethiopian in the diaspora assumes to happen if they break the law in Ethiopia.

  30. Abate says:

    One down, more to go.

    They are in England, USA and some European nations mainly Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Belgium.

  31. Mahmoud says:

    It’s now becoming obvious the western countries specially the British and US are a place of recruitmet for all terrorists activities in the world. foreeign fighters flock from those countries to Iraq and syria. Similarily, Andargachew Tsigie illegaly uses the british passportas a cover to destablise Ethiopia. As British and US travels a long way to protect their safety, Ethiopia as a sovergin state has a right to bring this traitor in to justice.

  32. Merto Lemariam says:

    ይህ ነው መጨረሻው የአጥፊዎች ዳርቻ
    ቀናት ቢያስቆጥሩም አይደርሱም መባቻ
    ያ የሆነው ሁሉ አጥፍቶ ሊጠፋ
    በእንደዚህ አይነቱ ማን ይይዛል ተስፋ

    ከንቱ የከንቱ ልጅ በከንቱ የቀረ
    ልዩነት የለውም ተማረ አልተማረ
    ሥራ የሚሠራ ሲገድል፣ ሲያፈርስ
    ፍርዱን የበየነ ቀድሞ ሳይከሰስ

    ከውጭ ሀገር ሆነው ቢሻቸው ይደንፉ
    ውጤቱ በእነሱ አጥፍተው ሲጠፉ
    ሆን ብሎ የከፋ የወጣ ከመንገድ
    ሀዘን ይላበሳል ይገባል ከጉደጓድ

    እና እኛ ምን እንበል ነፍሱን ለኩነኔ
    ጭካኔ የሞላው የሆነ አረመኔ
    በዚህ ይቀጥላል የሌላውም ፅዋ
    ሀገር ትፀዳለች ከሰው አረም፣ ዳዋ

  33. ET says:

    Now Andu is gone G7 is exposing Andargachew’s crimes

    የግንቦት 7 ህዝባዊ ሃይል ተብየውም የምልመላ ክፍል ሃላፊ ከነበረው ቴዎድሮስ ስዩም ወይም በትግል ስሙ ምኒልክ ጋር የተደርገ ውይይት

    የህዝባዊ ሃይል ተብየው የአስተዳደርና ፋይናን ሃላፊ ከነበርው ሽታው ሽፈራው በህዝባዊ ሃይሉ ስም የሚሰበሰበው ገንዘብ እንደ አስተዳደርና ፋይናንስ ሃላፊነቴ ማወቅና አባላትም ግልጽ በሆነ አሰራር ማሳወቅ አለበን ብሎ በመጠየቁ ብቻ ሰበብ ተፈለጎለት በነ አንዳርጋቸው ትዕዛዝ እንዲታሰርና ለሻዕቢያ አሳልፎ እንዲሰጥ ከተደረገ በኋላ የደረሰበትን ግፍና በደል፤ ድብደባ በአጠቃላይ ከባርነት በከፋ ሁኔታ እንዴት እንዳሳለፈ ይህም እሱ ብቻ ሳይሆን በአጠቃላይ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሻዕቢያ እጅ እንዴት እንደሚሰቃዩና እንደሚገደሉም ጭምር ይገልጽልናል።


  34. Dagna says:

    UK did declare a war on Ethiopia.

    Mr. andargacher is Ethiopian national with a British passport, However he is the second in command of an organization that openly waging a war on Ethiopia as an Ethiopia armed political wing, and the British government has nothing to do with that, neither his naturalized British citizenship can be used to declare a war on Ethiopia.–
    He choses to be the leader of the an opposition group that took arms to kill Ethiopian solders just for the sake of power grab from another dictator regime. His organization that called itself Giinbt 7 has a major credibility problem and he and his partner Birhanu Nega sees Ethiopia as their play ground, for them Ethiopians are just a bunch of dumbs and unintelligent people that can be manipulated by any falls patriotic slogans, The arrested man and his boss Birhanu Nega so arrogant towards Ethiopians that they still, nine years later from the botched 2005 Ethiopian election call the dreamer Nega as the — “former Mayor Of the City of Addis Ababa “ — is this some kind of a jock? Or is it a plot to cover up an obvious identity crises believing that if it keep on repeating a lie again and again eventually it will become believable?
    Since when and from what time and date Mr. Birhanu Nega ever has held a mayoral office of Addis Ababa?

    Because of Nega and his political colleagues power greed in 2005 the Ethiopian people dream of free and fair nation is torpedoed by TPLF junta to oblivion. We all Ethiopians know that Mr. Nega is a convicted criminal, who asked a pardon from his own kind and when realeased run to US and formed Ginbot 7 just to avenge his tormentors whom he believed snatched the helm of the Ethiopian presidential seat from him. To do that Mr. Andargachew and Birhanu Nega even went so far to make a devils deal and seek help from Ethiopia’s arch enemy the renegade province of Eritrea.

    To all Ginbot 7 supporters, just ask your leaders at least to tell who they are to all of us. It is true that your leaders are political victims of TPLF. However if they are not a Dentist they shouldn’t say I am and if they do that is a major credibility problems and that is a shame for any leadership aspirant of a nation to claim of what he or she is not .
    We all want good for our home land Ethiopia , but we must also demand our supposed to be leaders at least to tell us a simple truth so we some how give them the benefit the doubt and support them if we choose to.–
    —Ethiopia is not for sell
    —Ethiopia has only one trusted friend and that is only we Ethiopians but no one else.==

    The Ethiopian government must not harm Mr. Andargachew, and Mr. Andargachew must also tell and should tell to Ethiopian government what is planed against Ethiopia by his friends but Ethiopia’s enemies, and serve his country by doing right in rewriting wrong. He is an Ethiopian and must deserve to be treated as one in court even though he slept with a devil and allied with an enemy that works day and night to destroy Ethiopia.

    The EPRDF (TPLF) government must not act arrogantly towards Mr. Andargachew, his arrest must not be seen as a celebration rather it must be approached in a very cautious manner to learn more about an enemy within and without and give their prisoner Mr. Andargachew why Ethiopia can not afford to tolerate any entity that is an ally of an enemy and is waging war against the nation.
    Mr. Andargachew Welcome home to Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia must also abolish the death penalty
    God bless our home land Ethiopia and true Ethiopians.

  35. Merto Lemariam says:

    ሌባ የሚጣላ ሰርቆ ሲከፋፈል
    የግላቸው ጉዳይ አይባልም ወንጀል
    ሲፈልግ ይስቀለው ሳይፈልግ ያውርደው
    እንዲያው እንዳሰኘው እንዳሻው ያድርገው
    በተጎጅዎች ፊት ሁሉም ወንጀለኛ
    ይቅር የማይባል የማያልፈው ዳኛ
    ጥፋት የፈፀመ የገባ ከሲኦል
    የገነትን ህይዎት መች ይታደላል፡፡

    So, there is nothing to buy from the second hand story market you are having and trying to make others to believe. What we are interested is not what did happen to him and others because of conflicts between them, but what each and every one did against the innocents and the country.

    Where is he now? Is he back to Ethiopia with deep regret for what he did against the nation and citizens asking forgiveness and be the productive citizens rather than engaging with killing and destruction? Is he no longer suffering from hate, ignorance and living with a criminal life and instead he is totally changed from his past crime life but feeling deep love, understanding and respect to himself , the country and people?

    There is no what so ever sympathy let alone empathy to anyone that was part of any terrorist group including Ginbot 7 let alone still is there around with them but know how to get out from. They went there with own choice and by themselves to join the terrorist group. So, anything bad happens to them is their own private matter no one feels anything about them but God is great punishing and destroying these criminals that are choosing the devil’s path to kill and destroy instead of working hard and good and create results for themselves and the citizens benefit.
    Anyone who is associating and relaying on issayas is a terrorist and the enemy of Ethiopia. Any Ethiopian who is in Eritrea is a terrorist and an enemy of Ethiopia. This must be clear.

    Therefore, no one cares anything bad including the worse thing is happening against anyone of them or all of them. We just say Good luck Issayas for punishing these chicken head animals having a little and backward brain working with less than the animal capacity.
    Any normal Ethiopia knows how issayas, Eritrea and his group are bad to Ethiopia for many years. Ethiopians also know there is nothing nothing and nothing good and positive comes from Eritrea as long as Issayas and his criminal group are there.
    So, why is he and others went there by themselves in Eritrea with goal to affect Ethiopia. This is pure stupidity only the ignorant with the animal brain are doing because of they have no the capacity and experience to see and understand the different between good or bad, right or wrong.

    Let then perish there. Because they went there to get help from the life time terrorist issayas to affect Ethiopia while calling she is their country and killing the citizens. Issayas and Eritrea are not good even to their own people, let alone to Ethiopians they do hate the most and committing terrorist acts against the country for many many years.

    The survivors from the mass Organ harvesting lucrative business in Egypt, human trafficking in the Sahara desert and sharks in the Mediterranean sea Eritreans are filling to the full refugee camps all over the world including Ethiopia and Sudan. So, what do you expect Eritrea and Issayas to do for Ethiopians other than the known hate and crimes they are doing for years?
    The reason why Ethiopia is doing since the beginning of the 21-century is because of they (the issayas Eritreans) are no longer there.
    They are not only bad and enemy to Ethiopia in Eritrea but also when they are in Ethiopia, too. They are affecting badly in our country. So, what do you expect other than what you are saying and expecting from them when they get us in their place. I’m saying here about the issayas Group he is in a mission to wipe out them from Eritrea and who cares about them knowing what kind enemy they are against Ethiopia.
    God is great and is getting busy punishing them knowing what kind bad people they are.

    • Gezaee says:

      Dear Lemariam,

      I hear your claims; but do not you think you are being ignorant and self-righteous. Why is when TPLF do those things okay, but when others do it wrong? This complete heresy and complete hypocracy. Was not TPLF doing the same thing even much worse perhaps? Actually, it is not TPLF that caused all these? If TPLF did not save Shabia after sacrificing 100 000 souls, we would not go to Somalia, have war in Ogaden, and have Tsigie and his members in there. You are being ignorant of yourself and only pointing fingers on others. For me Shabia = woyane. There is no difference. Actually TPLF top leaders Shabia themselves more than Tsigie. Did Tsigie did much crime than TPLF? I am not defending Tsigie or G7. But my argument is why TPLF never see its own terrorist acts. Does it mean TPLF was part and parcel of Shabia mean it was /is a terrorist too? TPLF has landlocked Ethiopia? for me this more than a crime that did cost Ethiopia more 50 billion dollars? This much more crime than Tsigie going to Assmara. The betrayal of 100 000 innocent Ethiopians souls is much more barbaric crime than Tsigie going to Eritrea. Yet, you will never see your crime apart from pointing fingers on others only. Let us do the transaction now? What did Tsigie do except planning to do harm ? nothing apparently, but what you have done crime up on crime against 95 million people. But you never never never see your crime against the country. But you are telling me he is animal? You were serving Shabia and you are still serving ? are you are subanimal? Let us G7 is made of animals? It TPLF made of subanimals? When are you going to see the log in your own eyes before telling us about the speck in other Ethiopians eyes? In general, you are the problem you are the reasons for Shabia to exist even at the cost of 100 000 souls of innocent Ethiopians. Issayas must have been captured and brought to addis ababa for the crime has committed by waging meaningless war that consumed many lives like flame. you come here to tell me how Tsigie is animal, criminal, terrorists? but you have failed to see your own crime even after 38 years? But the way, as long as you are in power an as long as Issayas is alive, Issayas will continue to make people suffer. But you are the idiots who have given easy ride to do whatever he wanted on the Ethiopian people. Issayas abduct people from the border almost the time,but you idiots never even talk about it. you are criminal and terrorist too except you are in Arat kilo. You are terrorizing Ethoipian people by protecting and saving terrorists. Shabia would never exist if TPLF did not exist. Shabia could have finished by derg even. But G7 is a terrorist, then you were eating, dancing, dying, feasting, with Shabia,. then you are also a terrorist. You can not cover up what you did and only tell us about the other party. Crime is crime no matter who does it. You even told us you will fight for Shabia. Man, you do not know yet what you stand for. That Ethiopia you talk about is not true. you hate that country and you only love it to suck the poor people in their name. You have landlocked them and you have betrayed them many times. You are even betraying them by signing agreement with Egypt by saying you will never use the Nile river. All of you are terrorists. TPLF has terrorized Tigreans for 17 years and made them suffer and you are still making them suffer. People still live in fear in Tigrai and with corruption and many other bad things. You are useless because you talk only about Ethiopia, but you do not thing for the people except betraying them. you are actually the cause of the birth of G7. People only become like that if they are not recognized and this a protest for recognition. You did the same and went to live in the caves. Arresting individual woyanes never stopped woyane. you can not stop G7 by arresting few people. It is the same. Do not be emboldened by your success of arresting one man. Do not think you are above anything. The lasting solution is to have a good system where everyone feels a part. Force, persecution, suppression, oppression, subjugation, intimidation, threat, naming calling, degrading, lambasting, gesticulating (Gura),… does not bring peace or prosperity. The solution is to have a system that is representative that everyone feels a part and included. Chasing angry people will not solve any problem. You may think now arresting Ato Tsigie will end the story? no, arresting individual woyanes, killing individual woyanes had never destroyed woyane. Actually Woyane got more recruits as a result of persecution of ordinary people. My suggestion, you better stop pointing fingers on others without looking into yourself. If these country has to exist and get out of poverty, there must be love, peace, mutual understanding among the people of the country and work together. Otherwise, you may happy by his arrest, but there are those who feel the opposite and will do anything to revenge. It may not be with immediate effect but it will sow a seed of revenge, anger and retaliation. You better see the effect of your actions in the long run instead of gesticulating and become a teacher now by forgetting your own crimes against a nation. You have done a lot of national treason, of the major treasons you have done, is landlockign Ethiopia together with Botros Gali and betraying your own soldiers in a war field after they gave their lives. Tsigie did not committee much more crime. He has betrayed his country and his people by allying with the enemy of Ethiopia, but it is the same with your crime. you did betray Ethiopia and he betrayed Ethiopia.

  36. berhan says:

    dr berhau ahunim gena algebahim alterdahim ehadg man endehona be endargachew inkan atiredam ke ehadg yemiyamalt manim yelem mangistesemayat kalgeba besteqar demo tinageralh atafirim bemiqatilaw yante entabiqalan gana ye ethiopia hizb yitayqachuhal yetim atameltun qan yibaza yihonal enji yemigermaghn degimo ahunim chuch bilo yemisemachu sew new kkkkkkkk

  37. Merto Lemariam says:


    2nd Merto Lemarian comment was meant to your request/suggestion.

  38. Sefefe Belay says:

    Big Congratulation to the Ethiopian securities. As you do, we have a great deal of understanding what kind terrorist you hunted down. He caused lots of damages including for the deaths and suffering of many young Ethiopians in Eritrea joining his none existence only on a paper tiger so called Ginbot 7 group. You are going save the life of many young Ethiopians he is planning to recruit them for his terrorism mission against their own country. There are many who did lost their future because of they did abandon their study, farm and other jobs they hand in order to join his terrorist group.

    His travelling from London-UAE-Yemen and then Eritrea was not for fun, doing real job or as tourist to visit those nations but for terrorist act against Ethiopia. He went to UAE and Yemen to lie and mislead some Ethiopians there with false promises and none existence and never ever achievable myths in his head. For that many innocent lives did lost and this time he was also in the mission to do the same thing against the vulnerable, naive and lonely immigrants.

    We are very much confident about the Ethiopian government and security will continue hunting down all of them by being in any country including in Africa and the Middle East. It is very important working with Ethiopians living in the community in abroad.

    Big support and appreciation to the Ethiopian government for building the best solid relationship with all neighboring (Eritrea is not a country but a place in wait to be recreated again) and other nations including Yemen. Yemen and Oman have long historical, cultural and human connections with Ethiopia than any other nations including Saudi. It is the same with Sudan too.
    There are millions of citizens in Yemeni and Oman with the Habesha ancestry. You can see and understand then this way when you get there.

  39. mahmoud says:

    ይህ ነውዴ አንዳርጋቸው ማለት? እኔኮ ቆፍጠን ያለ ሩጦ ተራሩጦ የሚያዋጋ መስሎኝ ነበር። ይህማ ለራሱስ ምርኩዝ ያስፈልገው የለምንዴ? ምነው የአገራችን ተቃዋሚዎች ጋራ ሸንተረሩ ከሮጠው ኢህአዴግ በላይ አረጁ? ግንቦት ሰባት ለዚህ ሰው ነው አካኪ ዘራፍ የሚለው? እንድያው ” በእውር ቤት፣ አንድ አይና ብርቅ ነው።’ ካልሆነ በስተቀር ሰውየወስ ባይታሰረም አብቅቶለታል።

  40. Zellalem Leyew says:

    BBC is a usual spreading lies and information as if there is no one on earth but they are here, there and everywhere to rule and benefit without considering how others are feeling and taking their known evil behavior happening still in the 21-century.

    This evil establishment criminal media is painting on its fake and misleading dirty website saying:

    “An Ethiopian opposition leader, sentenced to death while in exile for plotting a coup, has been extradited from Yemen to Ethiopia”

    Is this terrorist an Ethiopian? No. He is not. Is his UK passport a toilet paper?
    Does he has an opposition party registered and functioning in Ethiopia according to the nation law?
    Is he a leader even to the terrorist group he is having because of UK is allowing him to do so as long as it is against Ethiopia as they are doing with others too?
    Are his crimes only plotting a coup? What about the deaths and suffering of many young Ethiopians in Eritrea under his terrorist group name and other crimes he is committing against Ethiopia while having safe heaven and support from UK which is legally his country.
    This terrorist is a criminal foreigner to Ethiopia like Bin laden was to USA. They hunted bin laden down after lots of efforts and material losses and Ethiopia is also doing the same thing towards the terrorists against her no matter what kind support and save heaven they are getting in UK, USA and Western Europe.

    BBC is laying to this level about everything based on its own creation and agenda. Yet, this criminal establishment media is in still Ethiopia having an office in the name of BBC Trust which is a criminal charity to commit crimes in the name of charity as their other charities are doing. They are killing while saying helping and destroying while saying building.

    This terrorist is not a leader to any political party. He even doesn’t have a right to belong to any political party in Ethiopia as he is not an Ethiopian citizen. He is a mercenary and criminal terrorist finally is hunted down. Thanks God for that. The rest will follow. It is just the matter of time.

  41. Hagos says:

    Its true and every Ethiopians know except Tegreyans, that weyane is destroying our country and spreading terror, unequability, corruption and poverty.
    you tegreyans don’t worry we know you who you are

  42. Solomon says:

    Andargachew will feature on live ETV soon condemning GiMBoaT 7 and BrrrHanu lebaw. Next time we need extradition of the ugly bull – Ana Gomez to Ethiopia.

  43. Gebez says:

    በኣቶ ኣንዳርጋቸው መያዝ ምክንያት ኣቶ ተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ ማበዱ ከኣድማስ ባሻገር ከተላኩልን ዜናዎች ኣንዱ ኣረጋግጠዋል::

  44. Gezaee says:

    For how long are we going to criminalizing each other? This attitude of the one with power is right and the one who is not wrong attitude must change otherwise, it is doing the same thing but expecting different thing.

    Derg called Woyane wonbedie which is today’s terrorist and derg even refused to recognize woyane as a movement and called them worthless shiftas. He recognized Shabia instead. But we know today Shabia was indirectly controlled by woyane and could not make or strike a deal with derg. So but derg was hunting for the woyanes and he was putting them in prison and even killing them. I am a witness derg capturing teenage woyanes and killing in public place. You have seen Somalian dragging American and Ethiopians in Mogadisho? well, I have seen that in Tigrai when I was a kid. Almost all the time derg soldiers will go in the night to the villages and come back capturing teenage woyanes and execute them on the road. Beating them to death using stick. Imagine you are being beaten to death, it is shooting, but beating with agony and dragging them on the road. This was common in Tigrai towns where derg soldiers were stationed. They were doing this to discourage people from joining TPLF. But the effect was the opposite instead. Teenagers left to join woyane by those actions and those killings and injustice only made woyane to get more recruits and become formidable than ever before.

    Calling woyane wonbedie or terrorists did not stop woyane from marching to addis ababa and also woyane did not march to addis because it was powerful. it was because people were tired of derg system.

    Now history repeating itself woyane calling others wonbedie or terrorists?This is just what derg was doing. In Ethiopia any who grap power becomes right and even when wrong is done, they are right. To be right in Ethiopia, you have to be on power. In Ethiopia everyone is right. There is no reason, logic, sensibility or rational.

    Are we going to continue in this vicious cycle of calling each other terrorists? when will reason prevail over hate, biase, betrayal, bandanet, …? I see EPRDFites are high with the arrest of Ato Tsigie. But is the arrest of Ato Tsigie by itself an end or a beginning for another scenario? why get so blind by revenge and hatred and never see in the long run of interest of the country? In my opinion, the arrest of Ato Tsigie might give the sensation of victory for EPRDF but that is not the end of the story. As it happened with TPLF, it might have the opposite effect because there are those who upset and angry. Leave alone a group people, even one single angry person can do a lot of things in revenge. In opinion, this EPRDF hura will never help Ethiopia.

    If anyone of you ever think of doing good for the poor people, you need to ask yourself if you are free from blame? Look into our own history and look what you have done to the country and see the cause of the problem instead. I am completely opposed G7 working or joining Shabia. It did not make any sense to me at all. But what can you do, Ethiopians love bleeding themselves. That is the history of Ethiopia. As you can see, you can have PHD and you can still think in a bloody way. Education by itself is not the means to end injustice.

    Instead of becoming self-righteous while we know everyone has done something wrong. It is better for all parties to stop and think do something that is good for the country, revenge or even hanging people will not do away our problem. Our national problem requires working together, establishing a transparent, just, impartial, equal, egalitarian system. That is the only solution. The gesticulation here by saying hura hura or hoy hoy Ato Tsigie is arrested will not get us anywhere. You can not bring a lasting peace by arresting people and even by calling them terrorists. Albert Einstein said that you can bring peace by war or by force. Some people feel they are too powerful and say hoy hoy. But that is complete ignorance. The judge who judged Saddam is now dead by revenge. After how many years ? People can wait for their time to come. you better see far from your nose. Revenge brings revenge. I have seen in Ethiopia the whole subclans get wiped out by cycling revenge. They wait for their time and find way to eliminate each other and I remember of I had two neighbours. Both of them were related to us. There is this called Tsibel and they used to be members one Tsibel Mahber which some sort of traditional club. One of the family is made of 8 members and another 4 members. The one with 4 children was very popular and very kind, love by community and also rich. He had a large bee farm, animals and he had many things. The other who had 8 families members did not posses any property except depending on community because he was related to the local rulers and they do not work but they get things from the communities in different ways their power hierarchy. Anyway, one day, the one with 8 family members with friend broke into the house of the one with 4 family members. He slaughtered the innocent man in the night. No one was arrested but the community knew who killed him. Family members, relatives were heart broken. But they never said anything. But what happened? One of the sun of the victim grew up with revenge and eventually got his day and he axed the man who slaughtered his father. He was found cut into piece. People said that he did not only kill the man, but he drunk his blood. Why? revenge, revenge, vengefulness is deep and hurts human deeply. Anyway, what happened? for miraculous reasons, the family of 8 has about 6 matured, young guys, all of them died at young edge for different reasons and the family almost disappeared from the face of the earth. What I wanted to day, hate, revenge, …. is not good. Has no benefit or will not bring peace. Whatever you think is victory is temporary for your short sighted vision. Ethiopia, the second poorest country in the world needs people who can think better and broaders than people who indulge in revenge, murder, killing, rebellion. You can not solve problem by war. Never, never, TPLF and Shabia defeated derg but did not solve the problems of the people. Ethiopia is still the poorest country in the world and Eritrean are suffering much worse than more than ever before. They are facing problems they have never face. In Eritrea during the wars days people used be live with nothing or with no bread. You may not believe people were eating a dry fruits called Akat. Akat is a very dry fruits and I do not know what element it has but it hard to believe survived eating that dry, rock like fruits in those days. But today, things worse than that. People are losing their lives, organs, … All I wanted to say, those of you are ululating and gesticulating by the arrest of Aite Tsigie, you better look ahead than being short-sighted and acting like derg.

    This is also good for Dr.Berhanu and others to rethink if this is the right way to help Ethiopia? how are you going to liberate a country that is already in the abyss of deep poverty? how are you going to help the country by immersing it in another civil war? you may tell me Tigreans control military or everything? but is it not better to correct wrongs things by consensus than by gun? Why Ethiopian think only in gun? By the way, in the Ethiopians culture, you are not even supposed to use stones when you fight? you have to throw any tools and fight by fist? I like that fighting by fist than by gun. All of you think ahead. G7 agenda is 100% wrong. you accused woyane landlocking Ethiopia and partnering with Shabia, but you made a turn and you become Shabia partner? It does not make sense. How can a human who has a brain become a friend of a man who made Ethiopia bleed for 30 years? Does Dr. Berhanu have brain at all? It is wrong to associate with yourself with a criminal. Issayas is a criminal who committed so much crime against Ethiopia. Issayas is the who mobilized the entire Eritrean by propagating anti Amhara hatred. How is now Issayas in love with Amhara? it does not make sense. G7 killed itself by associating themselves with a criminal gang. You do not know how many people perished because of Shabia.

    You all look ahead if you ever think good for the country. Corruption and war will never provide bread and butter for the hungry Ethiopians. You better invest your time. It is possible to remove the government without going to Erirtrea or Egypt. It is easy, it only requires vision and unity without any need for investment in gun and war and allying with mortal enemies of our country.

  45. Working Ayele says:

    Wow!! What a mess I thought Weyane is the only one to blame selling his land with un replaceable sea and left the country land locked. But I figure u too r mercinerys running around with no concert agenda and fulling innocent Ethiopians in the name of partition. Tell me now was Andargachew get cought by Yemenis while traveling to meet his friend Esayas?

  46. Gezaee says:

    I have a question for all Ethiopians?

    If you can live together or work together with peace? why you can not have your own regions or killil?

    If this what call Ethiopianwinit, then

    1. Tigreans go your province and do whatever you want and leave the other people alone
    2. Let the Oromos have their Oromia
    3. Let the Amhara have their amhara kilil, …

    You are just making ordinary people suffer for nothing by fighting each others. In Ethiopia where everyone is right and no one is wrong and nothing can be right but everything is wrong. Such a country will prosper and that is reasons you are the second poorest nation on earth. You all have big mouth and you know how to kill each other, you do not know anything about humanity. You have become cave men of the century. This is the reasons you have been shipping your own citizens to Saudi Arabia to be maids and to be raped. You are lost generation of Ethiopia. You all must be ashamed to call yourself Ethiopians. I was talking with my close friend today about the situation and he tells me that is why Ethiopia poor. It is amazing how ignorant and idiotic this Ethiopian generation. For Mr. Tsigie and Dr. Berhanu, was it not easy to take 200 seats and expand your horizon slowly after taking over addis baba in 2005 than running to USA and joining hands with a criminal and enemy of Ethiopia. You are telling me you are going to kill now your enemies? who is going to win? what is the goal of killing each other ? you are emotional and how are you going to lead 95 million people with type of narrow agenda? People we tell you whether you agree or not, you will only destroy Ethiopia and you will never free anyone because you are free yourself leave alone to free anyone. Gun never solve problem. If you kill, you will be killed. Because you are angry I do not anyone is going to be wait until get killed.

    Anyway, Ethiopians will not listen forever.

  47. aa says:

    why he go there man there are many country lover struggling being here with the people for the people

  48. me says:

    He Will soon ask al court to ensure his constitutional rights.
    What an irony!
    I expect a fair trial as usual.Thanks to our martyers that he would know how democracy functions.

  49. Kiber Temesgen says:

    By Martin Plaut

    “Andargachew Tsige, a British national, is secretary general of an exiled Ethiopian opposition movement, Ginbot 7.”

    First of all who is this mother f*ckr so called Martin Plunt? There is no doubt he must be part of the well organized, funded and savage English criminal cartel and syndicate groups spreading lies, misinformation, non existing stories, hate, hostilities, divisions and countless propaganda stories they are coming with based on their own agenda and plan they are having to the world for their own benefit.
    Greedy and criminal western companies including weapon industries, pharmacy companies and others mainly from USA and England are engaging with criminal activities legally in the name of trade and investment using so called western aid and medias but in Africa it is monopolized by the criminal English all out criminal activities including in the name of free media while their media empire turnover values with billions and the salary they are getting is reaching with 7 digit figures. Search BBC and other Medias financial activities and the salary some of them are getting. yet, they are telling the world about free media in order to sell it will billions and using so called free media to achieve billions they are looking while affecting millions at home and abroad in any country and naive people allows them to do so.
    Don’t think those in the name of western medias are all of them journalists but using journalism to do their real jobs including as spy agents, engaging with criminal activities and so on. It is the same with those in the name of NGO and charities, too.

    So any foreign mainly English and some USA criminals doing propaganda jobs against other country based on their own plan and agenda for that country must not be seen as a free and fair media work but using media to achieve their dirty agendas.

    “Andargachew Tsige, a British national, is secretary general of an exiled Ethiopian opposition movement, Ginbot 7.”
    If he is a British national who gave him the right to have anything to do with Ethiopia the way he is doing? Can an Ethiopian citizen in Ethiopia having a political party or engaging with terrorist act against the English? This is what this one and other in London are doing against Ethiopia.
    What does this mother f*cker mean saying “Exile Ethiopian”? Is he not a British citizen living in his own country? He said a British citizen and in the same sentence he also said “an Exile in England”. This is the crap this criminals are painting based on their own agenda to achieve in other nations. they don’t care about others weather they accepting or rejecting it but using aid to make them feel weak, helpless and accepting what they say or do against them for the sake of the English type of aid that is intended only to influence and affect other nations in a way the situation their becomes based on their agenda, plan and benefit at the very huge expense of that country.

    This one is telling as if this English citizen terrorist is a secretary general to an exile opposition party. While BBC which is the mother of all evil medias on earth(west) is went further and saying as if this terrorist is a leader of an Ethiopian political party in England and USA where the terrorist groups against other nations are freely and happily doing their terrorist act against including Ethiopia from the base mainly in England and USA.

    Do these the establishment children think we are in the 16-17-18-19 or even 20 century? No we are in the 21-century after the 9/11 brutal and savage the worse terrorist attack against the western foundation by the Arabs that leads the dramatic change in the world. The 500 years foundation they have built with lots of drama and hundreds of millions of death, suffering and enslavement against the natives and trillions of worth valued looted, the Arabs crushed it to death on 9/11. Yet, still they are with the Arabs to finish them all. it shows resources and power(being evil like Arabs against them) making the weak and kneel down like slaves while treating them with respect and understanding like Ethiopia is making them acting as if they are God and have the right to do anything bad against them. This is the way they behaved against the Africans and natives all over the places they reached including Americans, Australia, New Zealand and SA.

    Let they continue engaging with the old job no one accepts and allows them anymore and singing the old song using as propaganda machines with no facts and realities to match it on the ground.
    England is doing nothing but all propaganda economic development job telling the world how the English economy is growing despite the whole world knows what they are talking and saying using their own media to the world is not to see, find and benefit in the ground in England. The situation to the millions citizens is getting from bad to worse. Yet, they are doing propaganda jobs telling about how their economy is growing. It is a big and lots of QQQQQQQQ

    Their economy has already lost it way and strength. It is like a balloon on the air moving all directions even with something light air and easy causes can crush it to the ground. Their economy so called growth is totally based on the un presented house price increase including only in 2013 average house price increase was more than 70 thousand pond which is about 120 thousand dollar. This is in one year. The average house price is more than 450.000 dollar while minimum real wage is the worst among all developed nations.
    Another joking their economic development source is the stock exchange that is changing its values every second based on the economic propaganda not based on the real economic activities.
    Other so called their economic development is based on just engaging with printing billions of pounds every month like a toilet paper but because of it’s from them it becomes as a hard currency the moment it is printed. Others have to work hard and produce real products to sell in order to get their hard currency while the English need no doing any production activities but just printing their money like a toilet paper but making the world to treat it like gold.
    Their financial sectors including banks are the biggest criminal systems or organization ever existed on earth in human history. Their trade speculation in international market especially with oil and gas is another crime they are using to make profit with hundreds of billion while others have to lose it for their gain.

    The world economy is became to this level is criminalized, is a false and an acceptable. Instead of engaging with real economy activities meaning engaging with productions, a tiny island like England is engaging with an acceptable activities including sheltering the terrorists to use them affecting others nations in order to make the situation for their advantage. They are using the terrorists to influence or make other nations fear if they reject them. As a result the stupid corrupt leaders mainly in Africa are allowing them to do anything they want. It is the same with the aid and loan too. They are hijacking the situation in a way making the situation to be dependent on foreign aid and loan. Then they use the situation for their advantage telling if you are not accept what we are saying and allow anything we are doing, we are going to leave and there is no aid to this or that they already created the situation to be that way.
    The English media is always there to do the propaganda jobs working together with those so called NGO, aid agencies and embassy.

    The point is that don’t give ashit to that little island. England is the size of Eritrea that was one of the 12 Ethiopian provinces until the English plaid their evil job and facilitated at UN Eritrea to become independent in order to block Ethiopia from the sea which was the long period plan the Arabs had to get the red sea as an Arabian lake. England is the one played her dirty game using her UN permanent sit for this kind activities while China tried her best to stop and voted against while Russia abstained because of that time Russia was also on the process to be lost before Putin came a rescued her. But if it was today, USA and France would reject the English request to block Ethiopia from her ancient sea coast right and all 4 permanent members except the English would decide Ethiopia getting a sea coast as it was done to other nations at UN including D. Congo, Iraq, Jordan and so on.
    However, The Arabs gave them 7/7 and 9/11 which is the Ethiopian New years day as a tanks giving gift including for blocking Ethiopia from the sea she always had for millennia fulfilling the Arab agenda about the region and red sea including affecting Ethiopia. Arab Oil and gas is polluting the English establishment and greedy USA capitalists to the level they have no idea what for reason they are doing but just doing as long the oil and gas money in handed to them in many ways including the lucrative weapon trade and the likes

    The point is this little evil island will continue affecting Ethiopian in many ways as long as we are allowing them to play their dirty games in the name of aid by sending the spy agents, mercenaries, criminals in the name of NGO, Charities and Media. Europe is doing its best to make England leave the EU as quickly as possible knowing this little island is the cause of troubles and difficulties in EU. They are not part of the EURO. Yet, they are wishing to lead the games in the Euro countries in a way London remains the centre of the EU financial activities.
    Because of they are not welcome and are getting pushing away in many ways from Europe, they are looking other weak and naive nations in Africa these days in Ethiopia to play their dirty games. They are saying we are here to help. Really?
    if they stay away, stop spreading lies while doing propaganda jobs intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the citizens, if they stop sheltering and assisting the terrorists including this one and others that are still in England moving freely and happily while preparing terrorism against Ethiopia and if they totally stop interfering in the country matters but behave as foreigners and when they don’t like the situation they just shut up and leave the country, then this could be the best aid, help or whatever they are talking and we can get from them.

    Be always sure, there is no aid coming from England to make the situation better and self sufficient but using it as opportunities silently but surly doing their agenda which is doing things that will affect the nation in the long run. The good aid from England is not having anything at all; but when they leave us alone and stop each and every bad and negative activities they are doing against Ethiopia including coming in the country, from Kenya or elsewhere. . The good support and benefit comes from the Euro countries not from England. They are good at and known causing troubles and affecting the nation in many ways and making the situation not working.

    So, it is important to face them face to face and deal with them. If they don’t like the way things are in Ethiopia, they are free to leave and never come back again. This can be seen as the best benefit and gift they are doing and giving to Ethiopia in order to make herself by herself working with the best nations that are plenty these days.

    Stop having any foreign relation or allow any foreigner coming in the country in the name of service delivering but those investors with lots of useful and modern knowledge engaging with knowledge transfer and production activities. Ethiopia needs no foreign aid especially the English type but working closely with EURO nations and engaging them with production activities while stopping any interference in the country own matters including how politic is running. We are not interfering in their internal matters. So, they must behave the same way towards us. If they want to talk and do about any political activities in other countries, first they need to start with the Arabs they are sleeping together with them on the stinky and dirty oil and gas bed from eth desert.
    Ethiopians banks and other financial institutions, energy, telecom, land, water, Infrastructure, trade mainly retails and supermarkets and so on must be always in the Ethiopians hands. Don’t be fool and stupid allowing foreigners to have ownership in those and other very useful and fundamental national sectors.

    Ethiopians must, must engage with production activities which are going on but not take time instead use each and every possibility to make it happen in all development sectors. Ethiopians must, must appreciate and use Ethiopian made products which is the key for development and strengthen the Ethiopian private sectors. Ethiopians must must give big priority making quality products and domestic consumers to use home made products. This was the key to Chinese and also Koreans and others successes. Ethiopians are and must be the key to the nations future successes and certainty for many years to come.

    Ethiopia must not concentrate far away in Europe or elsewhere before taping the huge markets and consumers in the country and neighboring nations and Africa, Middle East and Asia which is the key and future market and centre of world development. Ethiopians must produce quality products while Ethiopian consumers must use Ethiopian made products which is the key for development and building solid economy foundation within the country by own capacities.

    Don’t ask questions, don’t take time or have something else in your mind including thinking how others would behave but deal fiercely and victorious with anyone that is against Ethiopia with confidence and certain outcome starting within the country and the terrorists like this one. These are the tools the enemies from behind are using them to affect the country knowing they are not getting their way in Ethiopia but Ethiopians for Ethiopians benefit paying any and every sacrifice to
    achieve that.
    The Ethiopian foreign policy is the best including having the best relation with china, Japan, Korea and the likes that is became as main reason and source for the current best Ethiopian situation and the very best is on a head. The foundation is already there to achieve anything while dealing the enemy with no mercy while avoiding being naive and reluctant towards some foreign enemies despite we know who they are and what they are doing.
    Industrial zones must be filled with foreign knowledge transfer and good manner before any money coming from abroad. Money is coming from dirty paper produced like products using knowledge. So, foreign knowledge and manner is the key before any foreign money which is a paper like the Ethiopian birr but the system makes it hard currency. So, we have to concentrate getting very useful foreign knowledge and manners with development activities including having quality work force. We must Engaging with productions in the new economy and good manners while producing our own money in a way it also one day can function as hard currency at least at home and the region.
    Money is not the answer and solution but knowledge that makes and produces including money. So, not issuing foreign bond in the international financial markets that would affect the nation but working very closely with knowledgeable and good manner foreign investors/intellectuals based on respect, understanding win win approach.
    what You need always to Rmember is that:
    foreign enemy is no longer coming as an invading military force and facing it with military force accompanied by tanks and jet but using terrorists, aid, so called aid workers, charities, media, democracy and so on and acting as if it is useful and friendly which is the best tactic they are using.
    So, you need to concentrate on these things and stop aid the way it is coming as soon as possible. Because it is not working for us but them to affect us in many ways including their medias and spy agents getting free tickets to do anything bad and negative they want about the people and country they don’t belong or understand for real but their racist and criminal mind is telling them the known things from them about Africa and black people.

  50. Hello guys? yeah< we got a big Fish hahaha and soon very sooon Birhanu nega will be in our Hand Trust me!

  51. TPLF Buster says:

    We know you only posted the messages from The TPLF leaders and die-hard supporters like you. You went to join the diaspora and fool them. However you found out that they became aware that you are TPLF member. Then you run back to your family TPLF. You enjoy with them and will demise with them too. Good luck my enemy.

  52. Christos says:

    Tough times ahead for the leading colonial master-Little England

    After the Second World War, the countries of Europe, freshly rescued from guaranteed German massacres by the UK and her allies, wondered how they could ever ensure that the Germans did not plunge the continent and the world into war again.
    A plan was hatched to integrate the Germans so thoroughly with the rest of Europe that not only would they have no interest in going to war, but they would also have no means of doing so. Central to this plan was the division of Germany into East and West.

    (England is known with dividing the same people in order to make them weak in a way only England can benefit from. They are doing anything possible other countries not to become strong, rich and influential but only them especially when they know that country will become influential. To do that they are using lots of tactics and methods including lots of none stop propagandas based on calculated lies and misinformation to make the world believe and change the subject of the true and real matters. Instead the wrong, fiction and dangerous one takes its place in a way only they can get benefit from while they don’t care about others but be happy when they seen them weak and suffering with causes they are the reason for).

    Thus held captive to the respective Cold War spheres of influence, the Germans were content with being a rising economic power, rather than the brutal military power of old.
    By the time the Cold War was ending, memories of Germany’s brutality in the two World Wars had receded. A new era was upon the world, and German reunification became unstoppable.
    Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister of the UK, was alarmed. She told the-then leaders of the US, France, and the USSR at a meeting, “I was opposed to German unification from early on… To unify Germany would make her the dominant nation in the European community. They are powerful, and they are efficient… you have not anchored Germany to Europe, you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant Germany.”

    Mrs Thatcher’s words were prescient, but they have largely been ignored. For the British themselves, the future is bleak.
    They no longer manufacture anything of value, and have instead become a service economy reliant on the EU for business, an EU controlled by Germany, their old enemy. Interesting times ahead for the British, for Germany, and for the EU!
    (But the question is how the rest of the world mainly nations like Ethiopia going to deal with them knowing what kind secret policy and agenda they are having to affect the country officially started since 1984 and followed by the 1993 English lead at UN intentionally blocking Ethiopia from the sea thinking that would weaken Ethiopia forever as they did to Germany after the war.

    Ethiopia is taking the best lesson and true support from Germany and other nations including how to deal with the enemies and become strong and powerful like Germany in the near future including Ethiopia and Eritrea along side with Djibouti to be reunite as the German did in the 1990s after 30+ years illegally and forcefully separation and humiliation the most part orchestrated by the English.
    About Africa and black people, be sure they will be very nasty and the worse than they were and still are trying against Germany or anyone else. So, we must be good enough for ourselves protecting us from this kind enemy.
    The English type aid will never ever help but worsen the existing situation while creating the new and worse ones. Dividing and making fighting the same people that are living in one nation is one of the best methods they are using. That is why them talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia is becoming like a daily job while in little England are the citizens divided and differentiated among each other with natural and human made situations including living there not only all human Ethnics numbering with tens thousands but also all human races, religions, languages, culture, tradition, customs and everything exists on earth.
    However, they are not talking about the huge and visible differences existing in England among the population but in other country creating the none existing issues and making it as if it is the biggest one which is the tactic to use it in order to create divisions and conflicts among the society they don’t belong and have any feeling when bad things happen to them but be happy about. BBC covering the ambo conflict was not an accident but part of the wider plan they are having without we know to the detail what are up to in our country.

    Sheltering the terrorists and standing for them when they get caught is also part of their agenda to weaken a country they fear is getting strong and influential that will stop their benefit there.
    Dealing with the English is more that doing the biggest and best thing the nation demands and deserves first and the most. As long as they are around and getting some space to influence in the country, be sure the poison is brewing to explode according to their plan, at least they are thinking this way.
    But we will never ever allow them to do so. Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than Little England which is an island on the northern corner of the earth. Madagascar is more than 4 times England. England is one of the 4 within UK. But others are victims to the English as they are doing against the rest including in Ethiopia including using the terrorists. Their Medias are pure evils and criminals must be stopped. They are the main part of the establishment agenda. They are not doing a journalism work but the establishment policy).

  53. idris says:

    Look the amazing contribution of Andargachew tsige, to the life of Ethiopians in eritrea.

  54. Gezaee says:

    Please reduce your hatred campaign. If you have concern point out your concern in a civilized manner. Otherwise, condemning entire country for whatever reasons is wrong. There are good people and bad people in every country. Leave alone foreign countries, even you have done many bad things to your own country although you do not see them.

    Besides, do not call other people terrorists because you were also called terrorists by the previous government. This type of hatred or bias, or prejudice will not help or bring peace. Please do not generalize and condemn societies and never with bad to any human being based on hatred. Leave alone foreigners, you yourself and G7 have been betraying your own country for narrow agenda. No surprise if other countries do bad things to other countries because you have been doing it yourself even. That is your landlocked your own country by denying the people their historical and natural sea, the red sea. Take the beam from your eyes before taking the speck from other peoples eyes. You landlocked your country and you forced your country men to buy ports and their ports sitting idle? You call others terrorists but you never see what do to your own people. The people whom you do not like have similar feelings like you. Anyway, this campaign of hatred, bias, prejudice is not good for any human. Pure reasons, truth will only serve everyone. When ONLF killed 75 people and ONLF declared from England it did itself but your worthless government never said a word or do any protest. you government was collecting donations instead. They know you people are worthless and against yourself. You believe Eritreans are not Ethoipians and you believe they were colonized by Ethiopia and you have this distorted believes and you can see how many people suffering because of you and Shabia wrong and colonial slavery. Please leave us alone.

  55. Gezaee says:

    I have message to all Ethiopian:

    My message is reconciliation and making peace. I know the people in power are arrogant and even Dr. Berhanu is another despotic. But we can not destroy our country by following ignorant and arrogant people. My reasons are that yefukure beit sayzega yadral new. If we continue to criminalizing each other relentlessly, trust me we will burn our country. Some of us seems longing to do that now. But we will regret later because once you set the fire on, you can not stop it. It is easy to start conflict and killing each other but it is almost impossible to stop it once a blood is being let.

    I have read the declaration of G7 for full blown war and hate, but such narrow outlook will never benefit Ethiopia. It is yefukure beit sayzega yadral. TPLF is part of the big problem. TPLF loves Shabia but hates anyone who associates with Shabia. This is the big problem. I know it is difficult for many Ethiopians to accept TPLF because it has anti-Ethiopia, unpatriotic agenda. But why we can not be united and say no to TPLF than declaring war on earth other. G7 is says do anything to EPRDF supporters. How is that going work for Ethiopia? You hit ,and they hit you, it is war and eliminate each other. It is neither a solution.

    I suggest the elders like Professor Tecola Hagos, Prof.Mamo Muchie, Minga Negash, Prof. Seid, other well to do Ethiopians scholars and elders intervene bring reconciliation. I am not in love with TPLF because they are the cause of the problem because I know most Ethiopians grievances. As such, I do not believe in this bloody revenge never ending cycle.

    I do not believe also boycotting or asking British or anybody will solve our problems.

    My suggestions:
    1. Let there be dialogue between parties
    2. Let the parties do settlement and let G7 put down the ideas of armed struggle. G7 people may not agree with me, but you have made a big mistake. You were supposed to take over addis ababa and the 200 sit in parliament. I know you never admit doing any mistakes and that is the biggest Ethiopian problem. No single Ethiopian admit doing mistake. Everyone is right and perfect in that country and that is the problem of the country.

    It was the best choice to take over addis ababa and take the 200 sit in the parliament but you squandered it and you decided to run to USA and to Eritrea, Egypt? Wrong decisions that made you waste time of more than a decade. If you were to takeover addis and the parliament then, by now you might have been the governing party of the country. But you destroyed completely because you wanted power 100%? That was the wrong decision you have made.

    Anyway, only reconciliation, understanding each other and respecting each will solve the problem. Going to Eritrea or Egypt will never benefit any Ethiopians. Please stop using the people for your own agenda. Stop telling us you are the maker and breaker of Ethiopia and you are the liberators? None of you liberated anyone including TPLF. We can not keep on recycling the same madness forever.

  56. Gumaye says:

    Yesterday he was with eplf today he is with tplf no difference weldon.
    That’s the end of genbot7

    All thing is done systematically he is not detained by force I think but not sure.

  57. Lugam says:

    Mr isayase afewerki is an ethiopian patriot and he hand over the so called opposition figure but they know well each other they won’t harm him he only lead all the secret to them berhanu nega the day he trust weyane and shabia that all over.

    I think genbot 7is day dreamer weyane will not harm shabia .
    Shabia never let down weyane that’s dam dead end.

  58. Erty says:

    Ethiopia need to work hard to figure out why some Ethiopian origin individuals are getting involved in ethiopian politics after they become another country’s citizen. This is going to be a diplomatic dilemma if it is not going to be sorted out soon. If these citizens are getting involved in Ethiopia politics is based on they being an Ethiopia at birth, it is good idea to put a break their involvement by legislation action so that the Ethiopian government would not get involved in arrest and taking these individuals to court and face diplomatic problems with the country they are citizen from. Once this is done, if an Ethiopian who has other country citizenship gets involves in Ethiopia politics the matter can be discussed between the two countries to find a solution. The way things stand right now in Ethiopian politics what the right and obligations of Ethiopian born individual who has foreign citizenship is not clear to everybody. There are a lot of Ethiopian origin who have another county citizenship who get involved in Ethiopia politics. These individuals think that if they are in trouble in Ethiopia the country they are citizen would come to their rescue. This kind of mentality put these individuals to take uncalculated risk in Ethiopian politics.

  59. yakob says:

    Asmara’s Happy Summer gift to Ethiopia.

    Price of treason Andargachew Tsegei

  60. bereket gebreyohannes says:

    my dear ethiopian bros and sisters how do we came from a self reliance; proud and dignified state to to days people of state; who are a playing cards to the us or uk?
    it shameful when we try to grasp the external influene instead of exercising acts of harmony among our selves. let alone our situation for the time being and go to to-days planet earth hell; syria.
    the athrocities and inhuman acts agravated all the time from the insergents( free fighters or terorists)and the chemical weapons deployed over the victim people of syria are mainly sourced from uk; us and france.
    do you realy know how this happened? because the syrian political reformist and the stagnant king closed their corridors to their people wills and stood the interests of the nation behind the external powers interests; I.e. the us and the western powers.
    so do we need to see the other syria or somalia on our country? no way….if people never quit their messanger mission the message of mr. andargachew tells more…who is next.

  61. bereket gebreyohannes says:

    my dear ethiopian bros and sisters how do we came from a self reliance; proud and dignified state to to days people of state; who are a playing cards to the us or uk?
    it’s shameful when we try to grasp the external influene instead of exercising acts of harmony among our selves. let alone our situation for the time being and go to to-days planet earth hell; syria.
    the athrocities and inhuman acts agravated all the time from the insergents( free fighters or terorists)and the chemical weapons deployed over the victim people of syria are mainly sourced from uk; us and france.
    do you realy know how this happened? because the syrian political reformist and the stagnant king closed their corridors to their people wills and stood the interests of the nation behind the external powers interests; I.e. the us and the western powers.
    so do we need to see the other syria or somalia on our country? no way….if people never quit their messanger mission the message of mr. andargachew tells more…who is next.

  62. Andargachew Tsige is under Agazian control but thes Cyber warriors can cry like a lil girl here and there and i can only say to you guys we can’t Hearrrrrrr Ya! Hahahahahahah Next? of course Birhanu Nega will be in our Hand Take my Word.

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    designed for me, keepp upp posting these types of content.

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