EthiopiaFirst interviews PM Hailemariam Desalegn (Video)


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20 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Thank you Ben. That was cool interview….

    • dafa says:

      As a human, I respect him.
      Otherwise, he is full of shit. I wouldn’t vote for him to be a leader of our community’s ‘edir’, let alone my country’s leader.
      He is a protestant, and probably he has a strong lobby from American Bible Belt. Don’t forget that Ethiopia hosts American drones, where one location is in Arba Minch. Wasn’t the Ethiopian prime minister a dean of Arba Minch University?
      Here is the motto of American Intelligence: A country doesn’t have a right to exist.
      i.e. For a country to exist, it has to make itself useful to the higher powers, or it has to shut up and live in poverty. Ethiopia has chosen the latter for many years, its attempt in the former were disastrous, when Ethiopia chose Russia as its god father; it is still not necessarily beneficial for most of the population, because the country is still led by such clueless leaders as mister Hailemariam.

      • dafa says:

        I pray, Ethiopia quickly starts true democracy (addressing the legitimate concerns of its citizens) before the next monster rises in the form of Basil Davidson. I hope I won’t see any bloodshed in Africa, i.e. Ethiopia.

  2. Desta says:

    I disagree with Prime Minster. Those students and kids who hate others for who they are, grown up and taught under EPRDF rule. They grew up with school of thought US Vs Them.
    If EPRDF believes Ethiopians are single political, social and economic community, it should transform itself to idea based, to single party. There is no justification unless and otherwise they are suspicious to each other. If they don’t trust each other and don’t have common cause, why they are Coalitions?…
    If they believe they are different groups with the same goal, why not transform to a single party where every Ethiopian will join the party based on the platform not his or her color of skin , religion, or ethnic.
    Time for Transformation!!! Enough using ethnic card

  3. Masresha says:

    I love this guy, he doesn’t act as a politician rather he has a genuine personality.

  4. Support says:

    well..I don’t know if I should call it interview or just family reunion. I never seen a journalist (well Ben is not me evidence if he ever graduated from journalism school) who focus on family issue instead of our current affairs. He spent 10 minutes about Hailemariam ‘s kids instead asking hard question like ” Why EPRDF is corrupted? Why Ethiopian bloggers imprisoned without evidence?” Ben is emotional person and he is not trained journalist but I gave him a credit asking the Prime minister about salary increase however PM denied that salary increase will not trigger inflation. I think the PM should take basic Economics class. The late Prime minister was well informed about Macro Economics.

  5. Buzu says:

    Thank you Dawit for posting this interview!
    Great job.

  6. Alula says:

    Very inteteresting interview! A great states man’s answer is always satisfactory!A polite, caring , honest,… Leader! Mr prime minister , I wish you all the best on your duties!

    Ben , thank you very much for this timely interview!

  7. D says:

    I would’ve expect Ben to ask out of the box kind of question rather than the usual like ETV. HOw about question like what’s the cause of ato meles’s death? Andargachew Tsiga etc

  8. tiru says:

    EPRDF -the only sensible party ever!
    Keep marching heros/heroins!!

  9. Kifle says:

    Truth and only the truth is what we need at this time when a lot of shouts going on. Thank you Mr. PM and special thanks to Mr.Ben

  10. kebrom says:

    Dear Ben (Ethiopia first or Property first????)

    I also appreciate your efforts and good to listen to (PM) HD. Please gues why i use the (). I like to be led by a person like HD, at least as this give me some comfort as his hand were not washed by blood of the voiceless Ethiopians. It is pity that it last only short. This is becuase, he lead the current Ambo massacre. I know Ben will not going to like this word “massacre”. I will substantiate my why Ben dislike it latter on.

    (PM) HD washed his hand with blood and he joined the woyane circle after he ordered agazi to go and kill stone throwing citizens. I donot support violent demonstration, but peaceful. But it is criminal to shot more than 50 people in few minutes at a point, for being engaged in violent, but non-armed (traditional) demonstration. More than the killing, it hurts me when i listen to woyane cadres such as aba dula saying (we killed them while they are trying to robe bank). Where in this planet earth have you heard 70 people shot at point when robing bank if not Ambo?! HD is then next to the devil meles in mascaraing poor, including an 8 years child. Is he also robing??? I think Alula and Teshome say YES he is!!! I am sorry for you guys! because, your mind was damaged far beyond the return point, and hence the way you are feeling things and the way the healthy majority see things are significantly (p<.01%). I donot think you have an idea about p-value! No problem, you can be Dr Eng. Z Michael any time you want. Thanks to the poor Ethiopia, you can even buy your degree from Oxford.

    Let me talk about (). Is HD my PM? i really doubt. How he order a massive death at Ambo? can he, is his background, leave alone the religious background unlike the devil meles, allow him to do so? The woyanes are non-believers and that is why they were
    1. entered in every wholly place, robe resources, saw hate seeds, recisms, when they were in the bush (terrorist)
    2. now working strategically until they make sure that, there will be no christian, particularly, so called amhara christian, and Islam, particularly Arsi-Bale Islam. By the way according to my experience with them, they dono't that care if wolega, jima Islam come on on bored and kill. That is why they dropped and never treated the Jima massive christian kill. But Muslims in Bokoji area are even not allowed to demonstrate, otherwise, will be killed.

    Ohh, i forgot, HD started washing his hand with blood at Bokoji area. Sorry i forgot that. By now he is expert! Where is the difference between him and the then devil? the answer could both yes and no. why yes? the tplf gunge wish to push HD to put his hand in blood, so that will not blamed alone. hence, in such cases they want him to decide and lead. But he is also not my leader as, he is their slave, slave of his crony. He has to follow his masters, can't be in front.

    Owww sorry i have taken long time

    let me back to Ben!

    At least from his name, like Ben. Ethiopia first. This is in contrast to Ethiopia second, the jawaria—in this case female, group.

    But, Ben, do you remember what you said when you were abot to leave to ambo? you said let me go and hear from the horse's' mouth. Didn't you found the horse? Really no horse at ambo? i know there are. There are many horse who like to die for their words. That is why woyane hate them.

    Because you didn't found a horse, hence you never heard the truth, you drove that far and reported to your audience NOt about the massacre, but about property? you see that is why i call you property first! Yaw neh, juwar neh. Esua gosegnineten kehager asbelete, ante demo, habten ke sew lij hiwot asbeletik. Yaw new. Huletachihum ye ewnet telatoch nachihu. You may differe from juwar, that you only talked about throwing stone, and putting fire on hotels, and also drinking beer, you didnot said (we are 90% and hence we cut minority neck). I think it is better not to report the killed people and talk only about property than promoting throght cut! you are better than him Ben!

    Anyway, i said this coz i was very sad at you when u at ambo. Ewnet arnet tawetalech!


    thanks AWTs.


    can u search bit of info about the Andargachew Tsige? Despite he is labeled as terrorist, it is unfair to not know the whereabouts that big person. OMG, i can imagine what bloody woyane security do to that man. I think they cut his figures one after one, cut his body piece by piece—in fact they are experienced in that. Gen Jegina yemotal tegil aymotem yelalu.

    The guy was the friends of the devil meles. He led addis ababa for some 3 years or so as deputy with meles. meles died, but he eat for sometimes. he enjoyed life, if that is the case. But this guy has to die before even he settled. That is pity! Endihu endetebelalan alen! Egzerum beka alil ale!

    • Alula says:


      Yours is simply an empty comment ! These messengers of Ethiopia’s enemies burned innocent citizen’s property , therefore, is these crimes against innocent citizen’s lose ok with you? You just don’t know what you are talking about at all! Peaceful demonstration is legal, but the Amno kind is an acceptable! Your comment is far from the truth!

      Take it easy though! Ethiopia is growing fast as it is a super power of east Africa!
      God bless Ethiopia!
      God is blessing Ethiopia!

  11. Change says:

    ኣቶ ሃይለማርያም ሲናገሩ ከገረመኝ መካከል። ዩኒቨርሲቲ ውስጥ በሃላፊነት ደረጃ ላይ በነበርኩበት ጊዜ የፓርቲ ስራንም ኣካሂድ ስለነበር ቢዚ ነበርኩ ኣሉ። ኣለማፈራቸው ሳይሆን የገረመኝ ስ ህተት መሆኑ ራሱ ከጭንቅላታቸው ሙልጭ ብሎ ወጥቱዋል ማለት ነው። የፓርቲ ስራን ኣብሮ የሚሰራ ካድሬ የሆነ ዲን እንዴት ሆኖ ነው ኣካዳሚክ ነጻነትን የሚያመጣው። ለነገሩ በቅርቡ ከኢህዓዴግ ኣምልጦ የወጣው ኤርምያስም እንደገለጸው እንኳን ኣመራሩ መምህሩ ሁሉ ኢህዓዴግ እንዲሆን ተሰርቱዋል።

  12. OROMO first says:

    Dear PM Hailemeria,

    I woluld apperciate the comment you gave about Meles but his successors in TPLF camp has killed more then five dozen of Oromia youth…how do u evaluate this?

    JUTICE for oromo!

  13. fikru says:

    Andy is a prisoner of war caught
    Serving the enemy.Treason carries death penalty.

  14. Ethiopia says:

    I am really satisfied on this interview. I have a great respect for our humble, kind, honest and visionary leader. His government Is trying to do best for our motherland. According to their tireless effort our momma Ethiopia is already transformed … thanks your excellency for your positive respond to z journalist. But more than this please try to give more freedom and democracy to this beloved people and opposite political activist/members. God bless u and your family.

  15. Tufa says:

    When did we see Woyane and Telalakis debating any policy or issue in public or in parliament ? Never…. PM Desalegn is a Telalaki of Tigrrean People Liberation Front.

  16. next cakk says:

    As a member of the pentey cult, Hailemariam is wrong to be allowed to lead a country, like Ethiopia. He and his wife belong to a ‘ dangerous cult’ which has its roots in the Deep South of the US, where blacks, to this day are discriminated and considered ‘ sub-human’. This chap is wrong in ‘ all parameters’. He belongs to a dangerous alien cult, so does his wife. His philosophy is utterly rubbish and probably dictated by extreme racists of the Pentay denomination of the Deep South. i think the EPRDF will be wrong in nominating this man with little capabilities to the upcoming election. He and his wife who are subservient to alien belief will sell our Nation. They have occupied the Palace and preaching alien teachings day and night. Wrong on all parameters. I think the eloquent Dr Mulatu should be the one taking the helm not this inadequate individual.

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