Andargachew Tsige Speaks on ETV After Extradition (Video)


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112 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Anidargachew was a priceless gift from Yemen Republic to Ethiopia. Thank you very much Yemen. I have too many emotions but no words.
    There is no way We, Ethiopians could ever repay the debt We owe you for your standing by us through the challenges of Terrorism.
    Ginbote 7 supporters are still playing a foul politics, degrading and disrespecting diplomats of British and Yemen by having a sleep over in Embassies of America and Europe. If this meant to stabilize their broken heart following the arrest of their leaders, Dude…we say it won’t work.
    Anigargachew and his associates were telling us time and again ” we are above the kingdom of the world, we have no laws” and they were using foreign passport as a shield for terrorism act. If you are black or white or brown, if you are An American, European, Asian or an African, in the eyes of terrorism it won’t differ. This is where the toxic Ethiopian Diasporas failed to understand. It is only a question of time, all of the people in the world who had affiliation with terrorism will bear full weight
    My fellow Ethiopians I have a brother advice for you, you better distance yourself from any illegal political involvement, it doesn’t matter whether you are Mars or Jupiter. Anidargacgew case should serve you as a cautionary tale. Ginbote 7 member or supporting it with any kind of resource, is a big enough problem without having a political axe to grind.
    I can’t wait to see who is next, the American Berhanu Nega or the Britain Abebe Belew or the American Tamagne Beyene

    • tola demeksa says:

      @ teshome
      This is the beginning of the fall of TPLF/EPRDF. Their game tactic will be different in the future.What woyane get from here is speed up its fall.TPLF is Fascist with empty promise. I recommend you the rethink your stand.You can either fall with TPLF or stand with the rest of Ethiopian people.

      • tola is crazy says:

        hahahahahahaha today anagachew and tomorrow ____ don’t day dream tola tplf will never fail it has been tested by fire and came out as gold.. tultula hula

      • Alula says:

        Tola demeksa

        I know you are not Tola Demeksa, but that’s what you have been saying all along! You said WOYANE’s are numbered for at least 15 years all along! In the contrary , woyane has joined with the Ethiopian nations, Nationalities & peoples of Ethiopia & now, the EPRDFites together with the people are building Ethiopia’s future as you see it! The building hydroelectric dams, 32 universities built all over Ethiopia , plus many private universities & colleges, self sufficient farmers, sugar factories for export, our capital Addis is the fastest all out growing city , …, this is only on the first phase of the first GTP plan! There are GTP1, GTP2,GTP3 after the each GTPs! Therefore , does this show EPRDF’s failure? I think you have better to exit your empty dream & face the reality! The reality is; Woyane is getting stronger by the day!

      • Ethiopians never fall says:

        Dear Tola (though the G7s & ESATs are using the proud Oromo name whenever they deliver comments)

        It doesn’t matter anyways…

        Whom do you think in the Tola’s camp… The base of EPRDF is wide when it comes to the majority… Only few don’t support EPRDF or do not support anybody else otherwise… Do you think those majorities will fall with EPRDF… Its an insult for the majority of Ethiopians… I know the party or ruling elite group or coalition may go away…at least one day… But definitely sure that the idea of the multinational federalism under the umbrella of our beloved Ethiopia stay for ever as long we (all Ethiopians) agree and keep to stay together… The return of the old regime, in the expense or demolishing of the very existence of multinationals, is a day dream… it will never come to exist… I am happy that those who want power in the expense of the majority right are facing justice for their wrong doings… I pray for strong & prosperous Ethiopia which is able to deliver the maximum achievable happiness to all nations, nationals, peoples…

        • TPLF BUSTER says:

          All TPLF gangs and killers,
          You brain is full of evil and hate. Why are you rushing to your demise? It is gone to happen soon. There will not be any place in the world for your to hide. We are everywhere. I do not want to be you when that comes. you will have your skin peeled off while you are alive. If you see it the right way, by kidnapping Andargachew Tsigie;our hero, u niter and visionary leader and the true son of Ethiopia during its difficult time, you have bitten more than you can chew. By kidnapping Andargachew You have swallowed a python that will chock you and make you gasp for air. Already his sacrifice has brought all parties together. I think this is a blessing in disguise. You are like a corpse waiting to be buried deep.
          Just wait.

          • axumawe says:

            @ buster
            you worried about andargachow, seat and watch who is next.
            brhanu ,tamagn and any associated with them including you.kkkkkk
            I am honest and telling the truth.
            long live Ethiopia !!

          • solomon says:


          • Alula says:

            So many tried to bust TPLF in the last 40 years , but no one could ! If you are simply dreaming , so dreaming is free, go on dreaming !

      • Asghedom says:

        Demeska, Ethiopia is far ahead you and like you have no space in ethiopia.
        A great nation like ethiopis was under stupieds until know, but God is greate He liberate it from guangs like you , ethiopians they don’t want donkies like you.
        It is better if you , do a good service to your black American brothers, and command by white Amrticans . Good by btother ethiopia and ethiopians are free know and they are developing with good speed. After 20 years or 30 yesrs your hafcast sons will viset the country of Queen sheba and King solomon.
        Good by my brother

      • daniel joseph says:

        you tola you are the first to benefit from eprdf or else you would have remained a gala as before choose liberty with eprdf

      • yohannes says:

        Go ahesd, if ethiopians follow you, you are looser.

    • andi love says:

      you racist woyyane,our struggle will never stop.denkoro.

      • Asghedom says:

        Andi love
        Ethiopia dosn’t need guarbeges and stupieds, ethiopia need intelligent people, guarbeges are in ametica and you are one of them. Ethiopia is free country since history started,. The blablaa it dosen’t work. In this country , we are tired of you and propke like you they are slaves and bettere America for them. We stai at home in Africa

    • Getachew says:

      Ana Gomes-Stopping opening your wide mouth and meddling in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Ethiopia shall shine and war and terrorism mongers will never triumph.

    • soressa says:

      Dear Teshome,

      I agree with u getting andargachew is one of the top agenda of woyane for the past 5 years! This is simply the guy is the one they fear most.Don’t try to give us another story. I heard there some rich woyane generals who shit on their dick sofa when they discuss about Andargachew. This is true my bro, believe it or not.

      But one thing is sure, many of us, the youth, used to somehow accommodate woyane (tplf) when they go around and hunt and hurt migrants in Kenya, Somali, Djibouti—. That time we were hoping that, as the peaceful struggle with woyane will work, there is no need for backing our country to bloody civil war. But now your fathers have shown us both are impossible. No peaceful and or armed struggle with woyane. But i assure you, this will only last few years. You hunted and hurted our row models Aberha and Habtamu, i assure this alone will hatch several determined youth to join nothing but G7. You will face it. For that matter you better revisit your stand, you know that your thief bosses accumulated the amount of money they want abroad, and they fly under your eyes leaving u behind when the date come. So u better join G7 now.

      One small point

      you said to the yemen people—who can’t pay back your debt—-do you think like that? are kidding? you mean they him without millions of USDs??? you child in that case you have no idea on what mafia means. You better read.

      At least u didnot heard tobacco was soled to Yemenis mafia? i think i heard that. Otherwise, u are just nothing but ignorant.

      yours kindly

      Proudly G7

    • Mot Le Woyane says:

      I never was a support of G7. After this barbaric illegal act of woyane I now convinced myself to be ardent supporter of G7. I support G7 and any group who are ready to dismantle violently the TPLF junta.
      With the arrest of Andargachew they produced million andargachews. You mother sellers your time is counted. You cannot keep governing to the country you dislike and the people you dislike; you cannot continue governing at the point of gun. We will join G7.

      • axumawe says:

        (celu semteshal) kkkkk.
        when we say meles have produced millions of meleses, you are coping our slogan. what did andargachow PRODUS to EThiopia TERORRISTS ??????this is what your man saied I cote.
        I am in pc with my self !!kkkk
        I am going to be traveled and enjoying my life !kkkk
        I am tired !kkkkkk
        our meles never get tired, he died while working. never complained about his life.
        he fought for the country he loved so much from the age of 18.
        he is the golden son of Ethiopia, his hard work is visible, and started to flourish all over Ethiopia.
        plc can you give me some thing about Andargachow any thing that can be seen except we need money to remove woyane, him, lemaghn beyen and brhanu nega are using you and the diasporas for there Owen personal luxurious life weak up doood.
        do you know tamaghn beyene have a huge 6 bed room house ?
        the guy don’t even have a job in the state.
        do you know brhanu negas childrend goes to privet school in the USA and he lives more than any ordinary American citizen in the USA ?
        have you ever ask when you donate your money what for ?kkkkkkkk
        woyane well all ways be the historic gruella fighter, to bring pc all over Africa trust me .
        long live Ethiopia !!!!

      • yohannes says:

        No problem go ahead with your garbege idea ,and you will see where ethiopia will be after 20 years, ethiopia dose’not need you.
        Stay there where you are, Ethiopia is not in need of begers.

    • JUSTHUMAN says:

      ya are the same people non of my business but I cant believe you said this people are terrorist…do u know the defination of terrorism? if you do you would not connect any oppositional parties to terrorist when your the terrorist supporting government who kill innocent people….keep in mind you will die one day and God will judge you. no matter how powerful your you will die one day speak the truth and stand for the right and human things. look your boss Melssa he is gone and do you have any idea what he is facing. wether you believe it or not there is life after death….if your christian or Muslims please think about it you live on this earth only for up 100 maybe but after life is forever and your punishment is forever when you commit crime or support those who do crime. The money and power will never do u anything when you life this world if you dont use it for right purpose. I know people completely forget that there is power over them..God
      fair of the almighty God/Allah in everything you do and say.
      I cant believe anyone one wether they are christian/Muslim support ethiopian government(tplf) shame

    • Emayu says:

      You are the most stupid person i have ever known. you are saying this because you are benefited from the sale of our land coffee and you are living at the expense of Ethiopian people life. but the people whose name you mentioned are suffering on the hands of weyane fascist are living for the benefit of our people. if that was not the case they would have lived like you only filling their belly and their pocket mehayiman!!!. i i had known you in person i would have died killing u first

    • Sirawdink says:

      U dont have any idea what a terrerist is. Ze gov’t u r supporting is doing real terror on ze people. May god help andargachew tsige

    • taye says:

      Thanks to Andargachew ESAT is stopped killing ethiopian on the news in every woreda.

      If it wasn’t to Andargachew arest ESAT would have put a news of 100 people a day in every woreda and kebele.

      they already finished the first round of killing people in every woreda of ethiopia and was going to second round.

      Thanks Andarge in the next 6 month you are saving so many life’s from dying on ESAT News.

    • Ebsa says:

      the untrained eye Ethiopia appears stable in a region of almost total instability; it is a misleading social steadiness, however, and masks deep-seated widespread bitterness and simmering fury towards the ruling party. The arrest of Andargachew Tsige is part of a government strategy to undermine any movement for change, to create an atmosphere of fear amongst those who are brave enough to speak out against the regime, and cultivate a false impression, presumably aimed at Ethiopia’s principle donors (Britain, America, the European Union), that there is some kind of terrorist plot at work, and they are the righteous ones fighting alongside their Western allies against extremism. Since the 9/11 attacks on America and George W’s reiterated declaration of a “war on terror”, the ‘T’ word has been used by repressive regimes throughout the world to tarnish opposition groups and civilian protest movements.

      • Alula says:

        Ebsa,i know you don’t belong to Ebsa Nationality,but using someone’s nationality for your evil purpose shows you have no hope of standing on your own!

        You know why Andargachew Tsige is arrested!
        By the way,ethiopia is doing fine taking care of herself! no more famine now! farmers are self sufficient now, with all kind of fruits & vegitables….!isn’t it an awesome success Mr fake Ebsa?

    • dafa says:

      Ethiopia has every right to punish Andargachew Tsige, whether it is capital punishment or any other thing.
      Actually, I am really angry since I knew that he is a British citizen. God saved Ethiopian youth that would have been slaughtered had they followed the war he waged. Shit

  2. taye says:

    It is a big blow to G7 and ESAT as he already gave every details of info about those people in Ethiopia who are working with them and the details preparation in Eritrea.
    The fighting finished before started only lasted 6 years instead of 6 month as it promised and been a hard fighting in front of white house and embassies.
    We have sacrificed so many candles in this big fights and our leader is now go back home for retirement after finishing his work in London and DC.
    hope he will get a chance to use the new TRAM in addis

    • Patriot says:


    • hailu alemu says:

      The fall of or capture of the great leaders never stop the fight for freedom and democracy.History teaches us this again and again. If you think the way TPLF empty headed are thinking I can not help you. But I can tell u one thing that is TPLF need to imprison 80 million of Ethiopian people to stop the fight for freedom.I do not think they have enough prison to do that

      • taye says:

        ESAT journalist expert analysis will telling us this week Andarge gave his hand purposely as a strategy .

        Shabia advised them to say strategic retreat and he will broke out from the prison and appear in ESAT soon.

        The one thing EPRDF affraid now is Abebe gelebaw now become officially G7 wow the should have release Andarge earlier before this happen next Lemagne beyene will say the same and they will leave to Eritriea

  3. bbt says:

    teshome why don’t you go and tell your derogatory story to your cousin Woyannes right now? Let me tell you something and we are in the middle of a war with woyannes and this struggle will continue until they get forced out from Ethiopia. And about Ato Andargchew He is our hero and we respect his perseverance and heroism.

    • teshome says:

      @bbt ….you remembered you were telling us the same story when Birtukan was arrested.. You showered her with praise, look now she is chasing the tail of Protestant church. Now Dr. Birhanu was telling us the strength of Anidargachew but already he started to release important information before he hands are chopped

    • bb says:

      Dear baby, the struggle will continue from where? Are you saying from London or us? I thought you learned something from this person I guess not anyway keep dreaming.

    • axumawe says:

      you are wright, with American citizen president B, Nega, British citizen
      PM Andargachow Sege, American citizen foreign minister Lemagn Beyene and American citizen journalist union president Abebe Gelaw
      long live Ethiopia !!

    • nebro says:

      let him shout like a mad dog.OUR struggle will never stop.

    • axumawe says:

      @bbt, you are in the middle of war with your personal ego, not with any body, you can jump, you can fall, you can hang, up side down, who gives a sheet .
      Andargachow is picked up from Yemen and he is in Ethiopian prison. kkkkkkkkk
      he is a sworn enemy of the people of Ethiopia.
      g7 is a sworn enemy of Ethiopia end of story.
      now woyane is in power they are leading the country for the past 23 years !!!!!
      you and people like you are craning for the past 23 years against woyen.
      if you her, not long a go, i cot
      ” the police commissionaire of Ethiopia Saied we can pick you up from where ever you are, if we want to”
      mark my word if woyane wonts they can pick up brhanu nega from wher he is. trust me b/c I know woyen that is true,
      i am just letting you know
      long live Ethiopia !!!

  4. Patriot says:

    They really got him…

    Man he has all the knowledge regarding the armed side of ginbot 7 and he shows all the signs of being cooperative in spilling the beans… being tired and at peace with himself.

    IS THIS THE END OF GINBOT 7 the army? Some doubt it ever took off but surely there is no more hope.

  5. Z says:

    Dr. Birhanu and Isayas Afewerki allegedly sold his travel information to the Yemeni and Ethiopian authorities.
    Isayas will sell a lot more Ginbot 7 members but Dr. Birhanu will be sold by his friends.

  6. lemma says:

    what will be the difference between the 4 star hotel in Eriterea and the 4 star hotel in ethiopia.

  7. Runab says:

    FAKE, and edited…I’m sure ESAT will bring out the real video…little woyanes fooling themselves…he is at peace because he is not scared of getting killed

  8. w .yilma says:

    I do not know when we Ethiopians come to our sense and think with absolute sanity of our mind to give our holly land peace and tranquility. Because our mind was disturbed we are disturbing our country and people. Ethiopia number one enemy is we Ethiopian. Ethiopia has never been colonized due to the heroism of our “wise but uneducated” people. Those poor people who paid their dearly sacrifices has never benefited from their country or they never asked a reward what their country could not afford them.
    However, some (zemenawi yenat tut nekash” who are educated by the blood of the poor people,day and night digging to do harm against their country. They slip with the sworn enemy. If some one tell me sleeping with Isayas, and his cohort Shabia could bring some good change to mother Ethiopia, I do consider him not only as an enemy within, but insane who voluntary sell his soul for his egoistic personal benefit.
    Many Ethiopian want to participate in positive way to bring change to their country. However, every political venues are occupied by hooligans, advocating the 60’s and 70’s dogma ideology, leading to destruction, and human miseries.
    This week G7 press release reminds me the Red terror era, and a replica of the 2005, election, where Birhanue and Andargachew were the architects. It is a reflection of human mind “contaminated with hazardous materials” in this case with ethnic hate.Nothing good comes out of this kind of confused schizophrenic mind. they are telling us do not use Ethiopian Airlines, stop sending money to your families, terrorized embassies and “Woyane” officials etc.. This is what Shabia is teaching them as a first grade student to stand against their own country. Maferiawoch! when we are infantile revolutionaries long time a go, we broke our desk and windows as a revenge against the government. we even do not think during that dark age time we are destroying our own property. This is what G7 is preaching us to repeat the stone age savage character.
    With all this miseries, we Ethiopian should learn how to live together by solving our differences. Believe me, some of the Ethiopian politicians, if I dare to call them “politicians” they will never give us peace and harmonies. For them our division and blood is a source of income, especially in Diaspora. They are milking us in the name of “mother Ethiopia”, without knowing what mother country means. For some “Zebenawian” Ethiopia is Addis Abeba, ignoring their brothers and sisters who raised in another part of Ethiopia, in which their psychological make up was different than them. Entertaining these differences is not Ethiopiawinet. Simply it is Woyane.

    Just observe, and listen their mass media outlets. Are they preaching us about peace and harmony, except saying day and night “Woyane”. The same as the past Ethiopian regimes, call it Woyane or the incumbent EPRDF government have positive and negative outcomes. I lived with three Ethiopian regimes, and it is hard to say that the present government is working against Ethiopian interest. Development could be either static or dynamics depending on the government in power. I gave credit for the present government with regards to development in many economic activities.
    Why we gave too much emphasis only to those failed to succeed? Why not the intellectuals give intellectual analysis and comments if they truly want to see change in their poor country? Why they choose “intellectual dishonesty” to harm their country? To me any Ethiopian person who conspire with the sworn enemy especially with Asmara regime should face justice. The harm Isayas and his cohorts Shabia are inflicted to our people is inexcusable. This does not need further explanation or evidence.
    Shabia and his die hard supporters will sacrifice a lot to see the demise of our country. It is sad some Eritrean who crossed our border and enjoyed our peoples hospitality still have ill intentions against our country, and without any hesitation they stand with their dictator when it comes to the demise of Ethiopia.It is a sad ( are we Ethiopian amed afash ?. I raised this not for retribution but we have to know with whom we are dealing.If Eritrean have a positive outlook as we Ethiopian have to their miserable country peace would have been prevailed between these two brotherly peoples. Unfortunately, our northern “brothers” are looking forward a dark cloud over Ethiopia.
    Those “Ethiopian” who barricading in Asmara should rethink what they are doing and with whom they are playing a dirty game.

    Regarding Andargachew fate, the Ethiopian government should show maximum restraint and civility in dealing with him. He works with some of those who are now in government offices. Treat him humanly and every judicial process should be open and transparent. The trial should be a lesson giving for those who follow him. Once a person is in custody the important thing is not maximum punishment but extracting information of the other side and persuade him to come to his sense and compensate for the damage he made to his country. If it is true what he said on TV, this man need break from Birhanu and vocal Diaspora. I forget also from ESAT!

    Long Live Ethiopia

    • d desta says:

      I salute you, w. Yilma. Well articulated!

    • kebrom says:


      In fact i always trying to finish your post. But today you made feel, while you are blaming those old days when the older brother killed his little brother, but you failed to understand the situation we are in now.

      I am with you in terms of supporting never war in my beloved land and its great people, but peaceful transition, as far as the people want, or even if there no transition now, but fair rule of law. However, what i see from day one to another is pity, grief, disparate governance, world class corruption, silencing by force, killing arbitrary intimidation, execution, robbery,—above-all, disintegrating Ethiopia, moving apart of its people!

      To our surprise, you donot want to talk about such facts. Or you donot care you may be never suffered of them. In that you must be one of the first citizens, not 2nd and 3rd or even 6th like me.
      You see you can’t understand the grief of Ethiopians mothers when the government send and massacre their children and tell them look look i killed your boy when he try to steel from back—hence, u can’t write on this one.

      You blame the 60s, but u donot understand what caused it. What should the rest of the youth, us do the brutal security force assisted by special agazi will just catch and through you to maekelawi? can u tell me the whereabouts of Abreha Desta? can u tell me which hope should i still can wait, if government determined to catch habtamu, the most peaceful opponent of woyane???

      i think all these tell the Ethiopian youth that we have nothing remaining, but one option. It is to determine and come out from our shell! That is it. It is no the time to wast reading the racist teshome and axumite (guys who simply life for their belly, not mind) This also include alula. This is not an insult in fact. It is fact! This is exactly true as there will no a single person supporting woyane and its bandists on this planet earth, if not those living for their belly.

      How can a person support a mafia like woyane who eat us all one by one and today and tomorrow, if not one who share the outputs? No way! you all are sharing! You are prospering with our griefs, with our blood. Otherwise, listened to your mind and observe what woyane is doing yesterday, today and planing to do tomorrow. It is all about destructing Ethiopia as far as they will lose position. You got me? i hope so!

      Dear W. Yilma
      at least i appreciate your advice to the criminal woyane to treat a captured people in human way. I see from the face of andargachew the criminality they did to him. These people who torture blogers leave along a guy determined to fight them. As to your advise, the question now is are your bosses are type of people which can listen to such advices? i really donot think so. This are people who washed their hand with blood from their youth and until now. Meles died while still washing his hand with blood of innocent people. He eat even the best friends of him such as Kiros Alemayehu, Hayalom, Eyasu,—-ohhh too long list. No differences, the rest will also die while washing their hands with blood. The bloody rule could have changed if Hailemariam has take over in real since. But they donot allow him to do so. They keep him slave (asfetsami) until they see he should be out.

      Otherwise, you are my fellow brothers.

      Tnx YWTs!

      • Alula says:


        Go ask Oromo , Tigraway, Afar…ask them & they will tell you they love the federal system! If you play politics, go start your politics where you are known as a person…. Grow politically from the bottom up! Ethiopia is already changed! You can not tell Amara,Oromo,Afar, Somali Ethiopian what want, but they know what they want! You simply hate woyane doesn’t mean anything at all!

        • dafa says:

          Hi Ben,
          If I were you, who submit to a silly effort to appease the government, I would …
          (You are not helping Ethiopians, if your effort is out of good will. Probably, you know how screwed Ethiopia is, if your claim of residing abroad is true)

    • axumawe says:

      I saluted you for you intellectual point of view.
      the people have the problem is the one who use to blive and live ,one language, one religion, and one beher (ethnic).

    • Asghedom says:

      Ethiopians should be like you,
      spescially those who are residing in developed countries, unfortunatlly we have to fight with those donkies they like undeveloped and begger ethiopia. Very good letter to all of us thanks

    • yohannes says:

      your words are like your name, ethiopisns need people like , please counyinuevto advice them before it becames to late.

  9. Tessema says:

    What would be most important is, how much he knows about Egypt’s involvement in arming his so called ragtag fighters. In any way Ethiopia’s secret service done a very good job.

  10. Anbesaw says:

    Yes!Yes! I hope their great master Isayas will also be at the hands of our brave security forces.

  11. Elsa says:

    I think the so called Ethiopia is going on the wrong direction. I see a blood spilled every corner of the country. I believe EPRDF must rethink about power transfer and true election. Because they cannot tide up 90 million people forever against their will. Sooner or later it will blow up from unprecented situation. I personally don’t support any of the parties, however this is my balanced approach to the country whom I know long time ago.
    WAR IS EXPENSIVE GUYS!! It costs life in both sides . Member of US armed force.

    • axumawe says:

      I can understand your concern with what you saw where ever you went to, un lees you joining the g7 armed forces, you want see any blood spills in the Ethiopian soil.!! trust me .
      do you know why ?
      talking is so cheep in G7s political is just to collect more money by angering the poor Ethiopian diaspora.
      long live Ethiopia !!

      • Asghedom says:

        I agree with you, All the immigrate ftom Addis Abeba , ethiopia is only Addis Abeba if they will come back again they could not recognise where they born.
        They are waiting poverty and desperstion on ethiopian people, they don’t understand where ethiopian people arrived and what ethiopian people are doing, let them there , I am sure after fw days they will immigrate tomethiopia as forigners.

  12. Gedif says:

    We heard the diaspora kererto and and the news that G7 has started the real fight just now. I am afraid that the G7 fighters, jets, tanks and Rockets will soon crush EPRDF forces and free their leader. Some people like ‘entonie’ have openly declared to join the group. Of course we know that he is not serious enough and has a gut to join the fake G7 forces in Eri. It is just a derg type strategy aimed to recruit fools. The front has declared ‘ esat ke gorebet aticharu’ type ‘awaj” which reminds us kinijit’s hopeless days in the aftermath of ‘Election 2005′. As usual demonstrations in front of Embassies has begun and I am sure it will continue for about a couple of weeks. Opposition websites post trash articles and unscientific analysis till everything goes back to square one. Enie Yemilew’ why does his big friend and boss in there kept quiet. Some times unlike the diaspora “Berger fighters’ he knows his limit. He doesn’t forget the scar from the recent pinches by EPRDF forces.

  13. Manyawukal says:

    If thy capture him why is dressed up like he was found inside a cave. Shit don’t make sense. Or they make him walk from Yemen to addis through the bushes. I mean If he commit a crime give him a fair trail in court but to make him look like a home less guy is a cheap shot. It is embarrassing for the government. And as an ethiopian I’m ashamed the kind of government we have. I know America likes to show a hair terser it’s guys in Guantanamo bay but common this is guy is what ever crime he committed he is one of as. This is crazy

  14. Desta says:

    About 6 years ago,I remember him saying, If I don’t remove EPRDF’s regime in 6 months, I will retire from Ethiopian politics. Now, he got real retirement. I hope this covey to Ethiopian society (especially 60s generation) the end of violence politics in Ethiopia.
    I used to admire him after I read his two books, then when He declare hate and violence. I gave up on him. he knew it, it was not realistic game.

    Now, take a rest and tell story. you are lucky, you are not American terrorist, they would have taken you out by unmand drone. extrajudicial killings.

    That is why I don’t like their endless hypocrisy .

  15. YEABSIRA says:

    Had i been ginbot 7 or shabya or their supporter i could have commited sucide by now instead of watching shamful tagedy

  16. Gezaee says:

    I would not make a big fuss about his arrest and calling him terrorist. He was doing what he believed in, be it wrong or right. I do not buy the terrorist tag given to him. It was better to ask him his agenda is than telling us propaganda that he is a terrorist. May be the Ethiopians farmers will buy the terrorist name, but not people like me because I know even TPLF was called terrorist by derg. If TPLF calls the same thing to others, it is just history repeating itself. Nothing new, please release him at this age. Please, I am serious, releasing him has more benefit than making him suffer. Give him rest, please do not touch him. He is our brother and we can not keep on killing and butchering each others forever. Someone has to show compassion. You can not the Ethiopia you tell us by calling people who oppose you terrorists. I am not condoning him working with Shabia because two wrongs does not make anything wrong. I am 100% against G7 agenda of armed struggle and even worse alliance with Shabia does not make worse. mess plus mess = mess. He refused to take over addis ababa, one mess. He refused to take the seat of 200 seats in parliament, mess 2, he run to USA, mess 3 and he run to Shabia, mess 4. Now mess 5, Mr. Tsigie is arrested. Dr. Berhanu how is this going to work ?

    Anyway, we need to focus on problem solving by uniting because this so struggle by sleeping with mortal enemies of Ethiopia like Shabia and Egypt is not going to free our people. Guys put the arms down and I suggest the elder scholars like Prof. Mamo Muchie, Prof. Tecola Hagos, and others must form sort of national conciliation and mediation commission to address such things and resolve outstand public discontents. We need to focus now on unity, using our Abay river and promoting equality, transparency and egalitarianism. If the Military is controlled by Tigreans. This must be corrected based on reason, conciliation, mediation in a transparent way without hide and seek. This way we can set up a stable system peacefully. Otherewise, doing what TPLF did will be doing recycling the same thing. TPLF held Ethiopia hostage for 2 decades. We can not afford to repeat this now. We are already the second poorest country in the wolrld. There is nothing worse than that. We can change TPLF or EPRDF without killing each other and without civil war.

    EPRDF must handle this man with compassion and no revenge please. Please revenge or no violence. Revenge or cruelness brings the same thing later or sooner. Whether we like it or not you have outsmarted G7.

    I wish him peace, rest. He is supposed to rest.

  17. Gezaee says:

    Ethiopia could become
    free only through the development of the mind—science—and
    through much hard intellectual work. to achieve freedom, not by picking up arms, but by achieving freedom in the search for truth:
    Separated, divided, we are individual and helpless,
    each looking into the future with apprehension, with
    fear, each preoccupied with his own small worries, each
    pursuing a fainthearted course on a narrow road that will never get us anywhere. Liberate yourself before even talking free anyone

  18. Mamo says:

    Wayane, know that your end is approaching. All this does is expedite your ultimate demise. I don’t why you can’t learn from history. No dictator ruled forever. It is matter of when and how.

    Long Live Ethiopia!!!

    • kebraraw says:

      ድል ለወያኔ (ኢሃዲግ)
      የልማቱ ኣርበኛ
      no mater how hard terrorists like mamo may try to disturb the country ethiopia will not be infiltrated. ye gbts kitregna hula ye areb kit etebu enji yetm atdersum.

      viva ehadig (eprdf)woyane will always win

  19. bereket gebreyohannes says:

    the fate of human beings …who is next?

  20. kebede says:

    Pls guys let him rest…..he had been worried so much about the liberation of Ethiopia from Isayas….Ayebelena dooo ayebelenane doye…..Go back and listen Teretaraw Song….He will get good rest in Kality….
    Anyway Viva EPRDF…Long Live for Emma Ethiopia
    Geemmoye 7 Done

  21. bitan says:

    The fool always talk cheap and rubbish, while Ethiopia goes on and unbeaten to those who conspire against. it’s about time you are giving up on your shits.

  22. solomon says:


  23. ዲነግዴ says:

    `it is a blessing in disguise
    No anger
    No resentment
    NO despair!!` Andargachew Tsege

    ልበ ሙሉና ብርቱ ሰው!!!!

  24. lemma says:

    It is not a big miracle that Ato Andargachew Tsige has extradited to Ethiopia and the extradition of this man will be the panacea of the political issues and challenges in the country. I do not believe the extradition of Ato Andargachew has happened without the tacit of the British authorities. The big challenge and the big issue will be how the government of Ethiopia will handle and convince or sublimate Ato andargachew from Ginbot 7 to EDP (Lidetu Ayalew ) and shape the the struggle for democracy and development in a civilized manner or the EPRDF will make another unprecedented mistake (Andargachew geday, marakey). The Ethiopian people be inside or outside have extremely exhausted and fed up with war to see another bloodshed. This is a very good opportunity to create a win- win solution for both sides , the opposition and the EPRDF side. As far as the Shaibia concerned ye ahya bal kejib aydnim.

  25. Cherkos says:

    So, the rat is here in Ethiopia with all the information about everything? He is very exhausted and wants to rest indefinitely? He is free off resentments against any one, including the EPRDFites,as if he has choices? Well, he is in good hands now. The incumbent will take care of himself and his family affairs. He shouldn’t have sold his identity to UK pound sterling to begin with. Now he is back safely, at home and eating Enjera and drinking Tej. Good for him.

  26. Carlos Danger says:

    “By seeking and blundering we learn.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Yes,we learn.The sad part is Ethiopia paid dearly over half a century because of her politicians` mistakes.One thing Ginbot 7 buffoons must understand is that thug from Asmara uses you.Then,he will throw you out like a condom,when he finishes.

  27. Alula says:

    Asafari coward.The video is so embarrassing.Does he think he will get better treatment from his captors in return for his cowardly act? Why not stand behind your words and stand firm? Shame shame shame. Amora vs Andargachew .

  28. Hahah.. i say it! you can talk bulisht but u can’t hide from Agazian warriors yeap! we got Big Fish. and soon very soon the fat asss pig called Birhanu Nega will be in our Hand Trust me. Long live Ethiopia GoD Bless Ethiopia.

  29. በለው ! says:

    “እንግዲህ እሩጫዬን ጨርሼ ለእረፍት መጣሁ በጣም በጣም ደክሞኛል”እናንተ የምትናፍቁኝ እኔም ያልጠፋችሁብኝ ፈገግታ..!!

    (፩)…ከራስዎ ተጣልተው ከአሸባሪነት ወደ ቱሪስትንት ሲመጡ ምን ተሰማዎት?
    -እኔ አሁን ከራሴ ታርቄ ሰላም አጝኝቻለሁ።
    (፪) በእርግጥ በየመን የፀጥታ ህይልና በወያኔ/ኢህአዴግ ፀጥታ ኀይል በተደረገልዎት አጀብና እንክብካቤ ተደስዋል የነበረዎን ሥልጣንና የዲያስፐርን ዝና ሲያጡ እርግማን አለብኝ ይላሉ ?
    -እውነቴን ነው የምልህ እኔ እንደምርቃት ነው የተቀበልኩት…(፫)አሁን ኢህአዴግ ይቅርታ ቢደረግልዎት በሰላም ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲ መሥርተው ለምርጫ ይወዳዳራሉ?
    -አሁን የሚያስቸኩለኝ ነገር የለም።
    (፬)አሁን ነገሮች ሲረጋጉ የት ሀገር መሄድ አስበዋል ?
    -ጥሩ እረፍት ማድረግ አፈልጋለሁ ምክንያቱም በጣም በጣም ደክሞኛል..
    (፭)ለአለፉት አምስት ዓመት በኤርትራ ምን ዓይነት ኑሮ ይኖሩ ነበር?
    -እውነቴን ነው የምልህ ተረጋግቼ ያለሁበት ሁኔታ ነው። (፮)በጀግናው ኢህአዴግ ላይ ያለዎት አመለካካት እንዴት ይገለፃል? -ምንም ዓይነት ጥላቻ በውስጤ የለም።
    (፯)በኤትርትራና በዲያስፐር ካሳለፉት ባለአምስት ኮከብ ሆቴል የተንደላቀቀ ኑሮ ጭብጫቦ ወርደው እዚህ ሲገኙ ተናደዱ/ተበሳጩ?
    -ምንም ኣይነት ብስጭት የለኝም።
    (፰)እንግዲህ በኢህአዴግ ፓርላማ በአሸባሪነት የተፈረጀ ቡድን ዋና ፀሐፊ ሆነው ሕገ-መንግስቱንና ሕገ-መንግስታዊ ሥርዓቱን በአመፅ ለመናድ ባደረጉት ሙከራ በሌሉበት የሞት ቅጣት ተበይኖቦዎታል አሁን ወደ መሰዉያው ቀርበዋል ምን ተሰማዎት?
    -ምንም ዓይነት መጥፎ ስሜት አይሰማኝም በቃ!።
    (፱)እንግዲህ የውጭ ሀገር ዜግነትም፣ ጋዜጠኝንትም፣የሕጋዊ ፖለቲካ አባልነትና መሪነትም፣የትግራይ ተወላጅ መሆንም ከመታሰር አያድንም ኢህአዴግ በሕግ የላይነት የሚሰራ የኀብረት አመራር አለው ከግንቦት ሰባት ኦነግና ኦብነግ ይሻላል ብለው አምነው ተረጋግተዋል ?
    -የመጨረሻ እርጋታና እረፍት ውስጥ ነው ያለሁት።…
    (፲)ግን ይህ የተለያየ ሥም የማነው?
    (ሀ)ቱሉ፡ እንደ ኦነግ-
    (ለ)ጆን ፖል፡ እንደ ሚሽነሪስት-(
    (ሐ)ደርባባ፡እንደ አፈንጋጭ ኢህአዴግ-
    (መ)ጀምስ ፍራንኪ፡ እንደ ዲያስፐር ነፃ አውጭ-
    (ሠ)ሮቢና ወዲ ሐሪና እንደ ሻቢያ ልጅ….የህወአት፣ኦነግና ኦብነግ ወንድም በአካል ብዙ በመንፈስ አንድ ሆነን ተቀራርበንም(ከውሰጥ) ተራርቀን(በውጭ)ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ከአማራ እስከ ኦርቶዶክስ ለማጥፋት ቆርጠን ተነስተን በሥልጣን ቅርሚያ ሳንግባባ ተቆራርጠን ቀረን ህወአት እንኳን ወዶ ገባ የራሷንም ቤተሰቦች በሙስናና በእምነት ማጉደል ሰበብ በልታ ጨርሳለች። በኢሳት ላይ ቦግ ያላችሁ ጨለማ ቤት ታያችሁ ዘ-ይገርም አለ።እወይ! አቡንአራጋይን እንግዲህ ከትጥቅ ትግል ጀምሮ አሁንም በኢህአዴግ ሥልጣን ላይ ያላችሁ ኤርትራውያንና ትውልደ ኤርትራውያን ስለ አቦይ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ስትሉ አንድ አርጋቸውን ልቀቁ..”ምንም ቢታክቱ ከቶ አይቀርም ሞቱ!” ሕገ- መንግስታችሁ አንድ ገፅ ተኩል ሥልጣን ያስጠቀለላቸው ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትርስ ተጠቅልለው የለምን?አቶ አንድአድርጋቸው ፅጌ ለአባታችሁ ለአቶ ኢሳያስ እረጅም እድሜ የሰጡት ሙገሳና የመልካም ሥም ግንባታ ትዝ አይላችሁምን ለእናንተስ የህይወት ዋስትና ለማጠናከር አደለምን? የሙስና መር ኢኮኖሚ ግንባታ! የትላልቅ እንዱስትሪ ባለቤት! የትላልቅ ህንፃና በወጭ ሀገር ባንክ ገንዘብ በማስቀመጥ፣ ቤተሰብና ዘመዶቻችሁን ለሥልጣን ቅብብሎሽ ማስተማር የቻላችሁት፣ በቀለበትና በአሳላጭ መንገድ የከበራችሁት! ከዓለም ሁለተኛ ድሃ ሀገር ለመሆን ያበቃችሁን በሻቢያ አመራርና ሥልጣና በኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ አደለምን!?ልብ አልባ ልብ ይግዛ በለው!

  30. Abigya says:

    Will the toxic diaspora get a lesson from this? I don’t think so. Lidetu had told them long time ago that weyane tornet tirsu yenekelebet new. It was born to fight. Since its birth, it fought with every enemy and defeated them one by one. Look TLF, EDU, EPRP, ELF(Jebha), Derg, HGDEF(shaebia) were defeated. The fate of Ginbot7 will not be different from the previous ones. Birhanu through remote control couldn’t bring any change. Kalhone yihew medaw yihew feresu. Mengedun cherk yarglachihu. Period.

  31. Gezaee says:

    Let us not point fingers on others. If we have to do auditing of everyone. There is no one who is blameless. If our brother Ato Tsigie has to be condemned, what about EPRDF that has betrayed 100 000 souls during the Shabia war? betraying 100 000 souls in a war field is more than a crime, but genocidal betrayal of 100 000 souls. If you are serious, then bring to court those who aborted the victory of the war and who saved Shabia and who prolonged the war upto today. If there was no Shabia, today we would not have Ato Tsigie going to Asmara. The cause of the problem is no one except EPRDF. You saved Shabia at the last minute and you made Shabia to wage proxy war in Ogaden that produced 10, 000 war orphans and a proxy war Somalia that caused un-necessary sacrifice of Ethiopians. you are the cause of the problem. Leave alone Tsigie. You are the mother of Shabia who allowed Shabia to continue messing Ethiopia. Take the log from your eyes before taking the speck from Tsigie.

    What about the crime of landlocking Ethiopia? can you bring the TPLFites who landlocked Ethiopia to court?

    • mamush says:

      @ Gezaee

      በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ዉስጥ ከጋጠሙት ጦርነቶች በኢህአዴግ አገዛዝ ዘመን የተደረገዉን ብቸኛ አድርጎ ማቅረቡ የፈጠረብህ የጥላቻ ስሜት መገለጫ እንጂ የኢትዮጵያን ታሪክ ሳታነብ ቀርተህ እንዳልሆነ እረዳለሁ፡፡ በተለያዩ አገዛዝ ዘመኖች ኢትዮጵያ በጦርነት አሳልፋለች፤ በሀገራዊ ሥርዓቶች ደረጃም ከአንድ መቶ ዓመት በላይ የጊዜ ክፍተት ባለዉ ዘመን ዉስጥ ያጋጠማቸዉ፤ የአፄ ምኒልክ፣ የአፄ ኃይለሥላሴ፣ የደርግ እና የዛሬ የኢህአዴግ መንግሥታት በሙሉ፤ በስርዓተ መንግሥታቸዉ የመጀመሪያ አስርታት ዉስጥ ያጋጠማቸዉ ዋነኛ ጉዳይና የተጋፈጡት ችግር ከዚሁ የኢትዮጵያና ኤርትራ ግንኙነት የመነጨ ነዉ፡፡ በ1880 ዓ.ም የነገሡት አፄ ምኒልክ በ1888 ዓ.ም ከጣሊያን አድዋ ላይ (ኤርትራዊያን ከወራሪዉ ጣሊያን ጎን መሰለፋቸዉ… Baratieri had about 9,000 Italians, including officers, and 11,000 Eritreans… Paul B. Henze, Layers of Time, A History of Ethiopia, first published in United Kingdom by Hurst and Company, London, 2000, page 169) ፣ በ1923 ዓ.ም የነገሡት የአፄ ኃይለሥላሴ በ1928 ዓ.ም በጣሊያን ተወርረዉ ለስደት መዳረግና የቀጠለዉ የአርበኝነት ዉጊያ፣ በ1967 ዓ.ም ወደ ሥልጣን ብቅ ያሉት ኮሎኔል መንግስቱ ከ1969 ዓ.ም ጀምሮ እስከ ስልጣናቸዉ ማብቂያ የተጠመዱበት ጦርነት፣ እንዲሁም በ1983 ዓ.ም ወደ ስልጣን የመጡት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር መለስ በ1990 ዓ.ም ከነፃይቱ ኤርትራ ጋር የገቡበት ጦርነት ይህንኑ በመጀመሪያ አስርተ ያጋጠመ ፈታኝነት አመላካች ሆኖ ሊቀርብ ይችላል፡፡

      There are 48 landlocked countries in the world, including partially recognized states.
      Bolivia’s loss of its coast in the War of the Pacific (1879-1884) remains a major political issue. In the mural is written: “What once was ours will be ours once again”, and “Hold fast, rotos (Chileans), for here come the Colorados (Reds) of Bolivia”.
      Historically, being landlocked has been a disadvantageous position. It cuts the country off from sea resources such as fishing, but more importantly cuts off direct access to seaborne trade which makes up a large percentage of international trade. Coastal regions tended to be wealthier and more heavily populated than inland ones. Paul Collier in his book The Bottom Billion argues that being landlocked in a poor geographic neighborhood is one of four major development “traps” by which a country can be held back. In general, he found that when a neighboring country experiences better growth, it tends to spill over into favorable development for the country itself. For landlocked countries, the effect is particularly strong, as they are limited in their trading activity with the rest of the world. He states, “If you are coastal, you serve the world; if you are landlocked, you serve your neighbors.” Others have argued that being landlocked may actually be a blessing as it creates a ‘natural tariff barrier’ which protects the country from cheap imports. In some instances this has led to more robust local food systems.
      “የባህር በር ለሀገራዊ ህልዉና ወሳኝ ነበር” የሚለዉን ከዛሬ አኳያ ግን ዘመን ይህን ወሳኝነቱን ነጥቆታል፡፡ በመሆኑም ከዛሬ ሀገራዊ ህይወት አንፃር መኖሩ ተፈላጊና ጠቃሚ እንጂ ህልዉና ነኪ ወሳኝነት የለዉም፡፡

      ከኤርትራ ጋር በተያያዘ ለሰላሳ (30) ዓመታ የዘለቀዉ ወታደራዊ ዘዴ ይህን “የባህር በር ለሀገራዊ ህልዉና ወሳኝ ነዉ” የሚል የአንድ ዘመን እዉነት መሰረት አድርጎ የተነሳ ነበረ፡፡ ዉጤቱም የከፈልነዉን ያህል ያጨድንበት አልነበረም፡፡ ሌላ የባህር በርን ሞተን ሳይሆን ፈልጎን እንዲመጣ የሰዉና የጥሪት አቅም አጥተንበታል፡፡በግልባጩም ጩኸታችንም ለቅሶአችንም የወደቡ ባለቤት ነን “ወደባት ኣዴይ” በሚሉት ዘንድ የማይገባና የገዘፈ ማበጥን እንዲገነባ ያገዘ ሆነ፡፡የኤርትራና ወደቦች በተለይም አሰብን መጠቀማችንን ካቋረጥን ወዲህ ምን ሆነ? እዉነታዉን በዉብ ንፅፅር የሚገልፀዉ “ግመል ያጠጡበት” አባባል “አጣጭዉም ባለግመልም” እኩል ጠፍተዉ በታየ ባዶነት ተረጋግጧል፡፡ እኛስ አለቀልን ወይ? አላለቀልንም፡፡ አንገታችንም አልተቆረጠም፡፡ ይልቁንም የመፈለግና የተፅዕኖ ማሳደሪያ አቅማችን ልናደርገዉ የምንችል ግብአታችን ሆኗል፡፡

      • Gezaee says:

        Hi Mamosh,

        I do need to read books to understand this. You do not need do numerical interpolation or extrapolation or geopolitical or environmental analysis or you do not need to read even history. This is simple logic. You need an outlet which has been yours for millennia. You can not come after 17 years living in caves and tell me I do not need any port. I do not want to waste time writing argument she said this and he said that. We do not need to waste time on this. Ethiopia owns the red sea. But woyane came with the most bizzare ideology and decided to force Ethiopia to be landlocked. This is the problem. All Ethiopian opposed and EU opposed, the then OAU opposed. TPLF refused and insisted Ethiopia has to be landlocked. TPLF leader Meles Zenawi recognized Eritrea as a nation in the face of strong opposition from European Uninion. I remember EU giving a declaration saying separating and landlocking Ethiopia is not in the interest of Ethiopian people. But TPLF refused to listen and prefer to work with Egypt by ignoring EU, OAU. This is the most boggling to understand. I do not care if there are county which are landlocked. Because there are countries which are landlocked I do not have to be landlocked. This is weak reasons. There are country which are landlocked and we have to be landlocked? This is weak reasons, even useless reasons. This is one of the biggest reason I reject TPLF from day one.

        • axumawe says:

          @GEZAEE,i am completely agreeing with Mamush, some times it is good to listen to others ,you keep lecturing people emotionally, for this matter I don’t even respond to your comments any more. b/c there is no lesson from your responds.
          but Ethiopia, is rich in history, culture and heroisms. this are our significant identity. that we well cherish them for years to come.
          I mean the good and the bad, but remember all the good and bad history that we have, they belong to as.
          our front fathers & mothers have done a supervene job, good or bad.
          as, people like me and you and like all the commentators we have responsibility to be honest, not biases, free not prisoners, intellectual’s not clay heads, in order to do that we need to tell the truth. the truth is good and bad. not only the things what our egoistic feeling wants, we need to read, we need to search, there are so many history books about our country, don’t follow the blogger news, or some extreme, heat full PHDS, as I believe you have lived in the era of hilselase, mengestu, and Eprdf, it is up to you to come to your consensus, to see what Ethiopia use to look and what it looks know.
          you need to read history books specially since the 1870th until know to solve your cancer believe that Ethiopia is land lock because of Eprdf.
          I have this book for you to read and fingered out about Eretria and the Ethiopian ports.
          “the book is Y ETHIOPIA TARIK”
          THE AOTERS NAME, Endrzey Bartnesky & Yohna Montel Nyochinck
          from page 353-358 this well give you some understand about the past instead of confused your self for the past 23 years ago.
          long live Ethiopia !!

  32. Amdom says:

    The greatest victory that never seen before over May 15 Terrorist group has been made radically topmost event of the year. It is priceless event of the present ruling party and a big lesson for other group of individuals doing mischiefed and wrongly minded. It is felt shame to those who protesting by stopped working their regular works such as cleaning of toilets and streets. I hope the same tactics shall undertake to the rest of May 15 Terrorist groups and other hopeless individuals currently engaged in terrorism. As we know a freedom fighter fights enemies if so with in his or her country but like that of May 15 are distant from their country as they are initially hopeless, who are totally fossils of the then Dergu regime.
    Woyane must live long and Ethiopia will be the gateway of betterments!!

  33. Tesfa says:

    (ዳዊት ከበደ ወየሳ)
    (ኢ.ኤም.ኤፍ) አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ጽጌ ለኢቲቪ ሰጡ የተባለውን የጥቂት ሴኮንድ መግለጫ በጥንቃቄ ለመመልከት ሞክረናል። አንድ የተገነዘብነው ነገር ቢኖር ፊልሙ በጣም ተከታትፎ፤ እነሱ ለሚፈልጉት ጉዳይ ብቻ የሚሆን ጥቂት ሴኮንዶች የሚቆይ ንግግር ነው ያገኙት። ለምሳሌ ገና መጀመሪያ ላይ ሰላምታ ተለዋውጦ መናገር ሲጀምር የመጀመሪያዎቹ ቃሎቹ ተደፍጥጠው “…የማትይዘው ህዝባዊ ሰልፍ ነው” ብሎ ይነግራቸዋል። ይሄንን ቆርጠውት፤ ሲቀጥል ደሞ እንዲህ ሲል ይሰማል it’s a blessing in disguise ብዬ ነው የተቀበልኩት።” ይላል… ሆኖም ከዚያ በፊት የነበረው ቃል በመቆረጡ a blessing in disguise ያለው ግን ምኑን እንደሆነ ግልጽ አይደለም። Rush የማደርገው የምቸኩለው ምንም ነገር የለኝም።

    ከዚህ ቀጥሎ ደግሞ የሚናገረውን በጽሁፍ አስደግፈው ያቀርቡታል። መጀመሪያ ላይ በትክክል ያለውን ይተረጉሙና ሌላውን ግን ሳይተረጉሙት ይተውታል። Rest ማድረግ ነው የምፈልገው። Because I was really exhausted. ይልና ቀጥሎ ያለውን በጽሁፍ አላስቀመጡትም እንጂ እንዲህ አለ። እና ምንም የመሆን (ሲቃ ይተናነቀዋል) ድፍረት አግኝቼ ያለሁበት እለት ነው። በዚህ አይነት ሁኔታ ነው ያለሁት።

    ለትንሽ ሴኮንድ ያህል የተላለፈው ቪዲዮ በመጨረሻ እንዲህ የሚል ቃል አለው። ልቤ ውስጥ ምንም አይነት anger የለም። ምንም አይነት despair የለም። የመጨረሻ እርጋታ እና እረፍት ውስጥ ነው ያለሁት እኔ፡፡ ከዚህ ንግግር ውስጥ ምንም አይነት despair የለም። የሚለውን ኢቲቪ ተርጉሞ በጽሁፍ አላስቀመጠውም። እኛ ቃሉን ወስደን በትክክለኛ ትርጉሙ ብናስቀምጠው “ምንም አይነት ተስፋ መቁረጥ የለም” የሚል ቀጥተኛ ትርጉም እናገኛለን። እናም ይህ በኢቲቪ የቀረበው የጥቂት ሴኮንዶች መልዕክት በተራ ሰዎች የተቀነባበር እና ግቡን ያልመታ ቪዲዮ ነው ለማለት ይቻላል።

    አንዳርጋቸው በመጨረሻ በተናገረው እና ሳይተረጉሙ በተዉት ቃል እንሰናበት። ምንም አይነት despair የለም። ቀጥተኛ ትርጉሙ “ምንም አይነት ተስፋ መቁረጥ የለም”!

    • Gezaee says:

      I agree with you the film is not authentic. you can clearly see everything is fake because the whole film is not film but faked up. The image is blurred even. Your analysis even deeper than what I am saying. you can see film is not genuine without even analyzing what he says. This is the heart of corruption. EPRDF is made of corruption. The film is panned and cut. Any person who has done film editing can easily see the whole film is not real one. But that is Ethiopia where everything is faked up. Is not Ethiopia corrupt country #1? it starts right there. Is Ethiopia not poor #2 in the world? it starts right there. There is no honesty, integrity, dignity,… in that country and that is where we got our number one rank in corruption in the entire world and our number 2 poor from the entire world. Well done EPRDF. The bad thing is almost many people figured out this film is a fiasco one.

    • axumawe says:

      @ Tesfa,
      have you seen Abebe Gelawes yelling and shouting ?
      Esat just put it exactly the way they wonted it .right why not ETV ? the difference is Eprdf can grab any body by his/her throat and throw them in jail like AndY from any where, trust me and I know.
      this is how you people think.
      it is ok for all the extremist (neftegnoch) to demonize Eprdf, and the superb job of Eprdf, but you and gezaee think it is wrong what Etv is doing or saying. weak up dood.
      what goes around comes around.
      the bottom line is Andy is looked for good. NEXT IS fersamu brhanu nega, comedian lemagn and mto(100) alka sisay agenaw ,abebe gelaw and so on .
      do you know why ? b/c Egypt is changing its course, the government of Eritrea have months to live. trust me Eritreans around the world have mobilizing for public upraising.
      THIS well be the end of Esat and the end of b,nega trust me .
      long live Ethiopia !

  34. Siamregn says:

    Gimmo 7 and ESSAT are two talk-show supplies riding a dead-horse. They keep on playing their sinister political ploy on stage on the emotional Diaspora by exploiting the latter’s political ignorance. Andargachew Tsigie is one such culprit who deserves to pay his dues for protracted crimes he committed in decades along with his partner Birhanu Nega (Negadew).

  35. axumawit says:

    “If they want to try him, they must go through the proper channels,” she told the BBC.
    Andy`s wife Yemi 9 July 2014
    Hey Yemi,how come as a loving wife you didn`t advice him to use proper channel to replace government.Do you know you are as guilty as your husband ,for inciting violence, in that poor country you left.

  36. GaudMengistu says:

    This is a brotherly advise to the G-7 chairman Dr Berhanu Nega. First of, you should be ashemed of yourslf, and you must be foolish to allied with those Ethiopia’s enemies such as Isayas Afewirki of Eritrea on behalf the Ethiopian people. I believe, such as you, a well educated and an experienced, should have known better than what you are doing…
    Second of, you are becoming a laughing stack by preaching your empty bluff against Weyane, and you better tune it down to save yourslf from embarrassing…for your information, as much as I hate Weyane, they have been very effective in excuting their plans and in destroying their oponents. So, once again, don’t be foolish to distroy them by empty blushing.
    Therefore, I hope you will get my friendly advise helpful and I hope soon you will disassociate your organization from those Ethiopia’s enemies, apologize to your followers, and start all over again…

    Your brother Mengistu.

  37. Goshu says:

    ይህ መንግስት በሃገሪቱ ካመጣቸው አወንታዊ ነገሮች አንዱ ሠላም ነው፡፡
    የሠላሙ አመጣጥ ግን ይገርመኛል፡፡

    ለአዲስ አበባ መስተዳደር ምስጋና ይግባውና፤
    ወደ ሥራ ስንገባና ከሥራ ስንወጣ ታክሲ ለመሳፈር እንደምንሰለፈው፤
    የድርግ ባለሥልጣናትወደ እስርቤት ለመሳፈር በወረፋ ተጠመዱ ፤እና ገቡ፡፡

    በሰሜን ፤ በምእራብ ፤ በደቡብ እና በምስራቅ በጠላት የተከበበች ሃገር
    አንድም ቀን እንኳን የሰለም ችግር ሳይገጥማት ወጥተን እንገባለን፤ ሰርተን እንኖራለን፡፡

    አሁን ደግሞ አሜርካውያን ቢንላደንን ለመያዝ የሰው አገር
    በውድቅት ጨለማ እንደሌባ ገብተው ቢንለደንን ከነሕየወቱ ሳይሆን
    ሬሳውን ይዘው ተመለሱ፡፡ ይሄ መንግስት ግን “የኛ ቢንላደን” ያለውን
    አማርኛ ተናጋሪ እንግሊዛዊ ከነ ነብሱ ከገበያ በግ እንደሚገዛ ሰው አስሮ እየጎተተ አመጣው፡፡

    ምትሃት ውይስ ብልሃት ?
    ለማንኛውም ይኑርልን ፡፡

  38. dawit kebede...AKA EPRDF says:

    dawit kebede…senait kebede….i can continue if you want …we know every family member of urs.. …jst saying

  39. ሱልጣን says:

    በጣም በሚገርም ሁኔታ ማንነትህን ማወቄ አሁን ጠቀመኝ ። ዳዊት ከበደነትህን ብቻ ነበር ማለት ነው የማውቀው አሁን ግን ለይቶ ወጣልኝ ፣ጋዜጠኞች ሙሉ ስለ አንተ ማንነት ሲናገሩ እኔ ነበርኩ አይደለም እያልኩ ሽፋን የምሰጥልህ አሁን ግን በቃኝ እውነተኛው ድብቅ ወያኔነትህ ተገለጠልኝ

  40. tola kebede says:

    Yegermal goshu !” Gush tell a teta” thus ginbot 7 sheftotch they expect escape from Ethiopian government “mognent neaw “

  41. idris says:

    Dear, Ato Andargachew (UK citizen, who tried to create havok in Ethiopia in collaboration with SHABEYA and egypt) is now under control. That is fine. The Ethiopian government shall PARDON him provided that Andy makes sure that he will not go back to shabeya. BIRRhanu nega (THE HODAM) shall also cooldown and both Andi and Berhanu shall stop declaring useless war. The ESAT (ARE-tera TV) shall stop distributing fabricated racist information. Such HATE INFO will only benefit our enemies like shabeya. In addition all Ethiopians shall come to their senses and think in terms of forgiveness.
    The more the opposition thinks to remove government through violence the more the government focuses on security and tightens to pressure on extremism.
    So, let us stop attacking each other and think peaceful solutions to our problems

  42. me says:


  43. Phillip says:

    Loser Andargachew branded the Rooney of Ginbot 7 Phantom Ground Force

    ‘Loser Andargachew branded the Rooney of Ginbot 7 Phantom Ground Force,’ the devastated supporters of Ginbot 7 said, referring to England footballer Wayne Rooney, whose team failed to progress past the first round of the World Cup in Brazil.

    Andargachew (the Rooney of Ginbot 7 Phantom Ground Force) has been using several aliases, including Tufa, Jen-Paul, Derbaba, James-Franci, Robi and Wedi-Harena.

    Finally Snatched!

  44. Temesgen says:

    Tultula wousha. Ahunes degmo men messele. All you talk about is a lie and bullshit like the thuggish administration of woyane. This is the last era of the wonbede administration.

  45. mamush says:

    War is the ugliest and barbaric type of solution to differences. Anybody with normal thinking believes that differences arising between nations, communities, and individuals should be resolved peacefully through mediation; human beings shouldn’t kill one another. If by accident war erupts people strongly recommend that it should end through discussion and reconciliation. I do not encourage victory vs. defeat. Those who settle differences peacefully are respected because they are considered wise. Reconciliation and apology is much encouraged especially in this transitional period of democracy. We know war practically not by rumors.
    በዲያስፖራዉ የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ልሂቅ ዘንድ የፀረ ወያኔ/ኢህአዴግ ትግሉ በአጭር ጊዜ ለድል እንደሚበቃ ለታየዉ እርግጠኝነትም ምክንያት የነበሩት አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ ፣ “እኔ አሁን ከራሴ ጋር ታርቄ ሰላም አግኝቻለሁ፡፡ እውነቴን ነው የምልህ እኔ እንደምርቃት ነው የተቀበልኩት፡፡ አሁን የሚያስቸኩለኝ ነገር የለም፡፡ ጥሩ እረፍት ማድረግ እፈልጋለሁ፡፡ ምክንያቱም በጣም በጣም ደክሞኛል… ሰልችቶኛል፡፡ እውነቴን ነው የምልህ ተረጋግቼ ያለሁበት ሁኔታ ነው፡፡ ምንም ዓይነት ጥላቻ በውስጤ የለም፡፡ ምንም ዓይነት ብስጭት የለኝም፡፡ ምንም ዓይነት መጥፎ ስሜት አይሰማኝም፡፡ በቃ … የመጨረሻ እርጋታና እረፍት ውስጥ ነው ያለሁት፤” ሲሉ ተደምጠዋል፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋም ፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ዙሪያ ጥናት ያደረጉ ምሁራን የአቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌን “ከራስ ጋር ታረቆ ሰላም መግኘትን …አምርረዉ የሚደግፉ ምሁራኖች ሲገልፁ ፤ ብዙ የኢትዮጵያ ተቃዋም ፖለቲካ ኃይሎች ገና ስወለዱ አርጅተዉ በጥድፊያ ለህልፈት ሲበቁ የታዩት ከራስ፣ እርስ በእርስ እና ከጊዜ ጋር የታረቀ አስተሳሰብ ቸግሯቸዉ በራሳቸዉ መፈክር ራሳቸዉን መስማት ተስኗቸዉ ከአባቶች ምክርም (በከርሞ በሬ ማረስ ያለመቻል) ሆነ ከምክንያታዊነት በራቀ የተቸከለ ግንዛቤ መተብተባቸዉ ነዉ፡፡ አፋናም ሆነ አቅም ሚስጥራዊነት እና ደብተራዊ መዘባዘብን ግድ በማይልበት የዲያስፖራ ህይወት የቀፈደዳቸዉ ፀረ ዴሞክራስ መስተጋብርና ዝግነት ከተጠቀሰዉ ክብረ ነገሥት ቸከል ፍፁማዊ ግንዛቤ ዉርስ ዉጭ ሊታይ አይችልም፡፡ከሚመሳሰሉተ ጋር የሚጋሩትን ደጋግመዉ በመነጋገር “ዉሃ ቢወቅጡት እምቦጭ” ዓይነት ዉጤት ማፍራት፤ በሀሳብ ከሚለዩት ተቀናቃኝ ጋር አለመነጋገር ደግሞ ተመራጭ የፖለቲካ ትግል ስልት ወረርሽኝም ከዚህ ዉጭ ሊብራራ አይችልም፡፡
    የኢትዮጵያ ተማሪዎች እንቅስቃሴ ዉስጥም የነበሩት አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ በዘመነ ምክንያታዊነት “አይነኬ” ተብሎ የተፈራዉን “የብሔር” መብት (on the Question of Nationalities in Ethiopia by Walleligne Mekonnen Arts IV, HSIU Nov. 17, 1969) አንስቶ ይህን የሀገራዊ ማንነት ክፍተት ባይነካካ የእምነትና የእዉነታችን ተጣጣሚነት የት ድረስ እንደሆነ መልሶ የማጤን ድፍረት የሰጠን እዉነታ በላገኘን ነበር፡፡ ከድፍን ስሜታዊነት ይልቅ በተጨባጭ ተሞክሮና ፍላጎት ላይ የተመሠረተ ምክንያታዊ ምርጫ በማድረግ ለቀጣይ ህልዉና የሚያስፈልገን ከራስ ተጋፍጦ መፍትሔ የማፈላለግ ጥረት የተጀመረዉ ሀገራዊ ዕድል የከፈተዉ የድህረ 1983 ዓ.ም. ሥር ነቀል ለዉጥም የተማሪ እንቀስቃሴ አንድ ዉጤት የሆነ ኃይል ግንባር ቀደም መሪ የሆነበት ነዉ፡፡ የዛሬዉ ግብግብም ይህን በሚቀበሉና በማይቀበሉ የህብረተሰብ ኃይሎች መካከል ነዉ፡፡ ከዚህ አኳያ አንድ ለግብግብ አቀጣጣይ የሆነ ምክንያት ሥርዓታዊ ገዢ ማዕቀፍ በመሆን ለረዥም ጊዜ ሳይነካ በመቀጠል ሊንከባለል የቻለ “ክብረ ነገሥት ተከል” የሀገራዊነትና የማንነት ግንዛቤ ነዉ፡፡
    የኤርትራን ጥያቄ ከፀረ ቅኝ አገዛዝ ትግል እስከ የራስን ዕድል በራስ መወሰን እስከመገንጠል መብት ላይ የቆመ ሬፈረንደም በነፃነት እንዲስተናገድ በሚፈቅደዉ ኢህአፓ ማንነታቸዉን የቀረፁት አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ ፈርጀ ብዙ ግለ ተቃርኖ የበዛባቸዉ የጥላቻ አእምሮ የፈጠረባቸዉ እንጂ ሀገራዊ ራዕይ እንዳልሆነ ያሳለፋቸዉ የፖለቲካ ትግል ተሞክሮ በቂ ምስክር ነዉ፡፡
    ህዝብን ተስፋ አሳይቶ ለተሻለ ቀን የማብቃቱን ኃላፊነት ከማንም በላይ ፓርቲያቸዉ እንደተሸከመ የሚገልፁት የቅንጅቱ በኋላ ላይ ግንቦት 7 አመራሮች አንዳርጋቸዉ ፅጌ ምናልባትም ብዙ ዕይታዉ ያልመጠቀ ዜጋን “ታዲያ ለምን ልታገል” የሚል ተስፋ መቁረጥ ዉስጥ ሊከት የሚችል መሰል እይታ ይጋራሉ፡፡
    “ነፃነትን የማያዉቅ ነፃ አዉጭ” 1997 ከሚለዉ መጽሐፋቸዉ እንቀጭብ፤
    “…ዛሬ ሀገራችን እንኳን በጥንታዊ ነፃነቷ ላይ…የስልጣኔና የብልፅግና ግርማ ሞገስ መደረብ ቀርቶ በአንድ ወቅት የዛሬዉ ትዉልድ ትርጉም አልባ በማለት የኮነነዉን ነፃነቷንና ክብሯን መጠበቅ ያልቻለች ሀገር ሆናለች፡፡…ዉድቀታችን ለትራጀዲ ድራማ ተብሎ የተጋነነ ይመስላል፡፡…”ገፅ 301 እና 309)
    ዉስብስብና ተላላፊ ፍሰት ባለዉ የህብረተሰብ ትስስርና መስተጋብር ዘመን ከምክንያታዊነት ፍፁም የራቀ እና ይልቁንም ጋሊሊዮን ዉጉዝ ከመአርዮስ ላሉ የመካከለኛዉ ዘመን ቀሳዉስት የሚቀርብ አስተሳሰባዊ ቅኝት የሀገራችንን ተቀናቃኝ ልሂቅ ከጅምሩ ሊያሳስረዉ በቅቷል፡፡
    ዴሞክራሲያዊ ፖለቲካ ከምክንያታዊነት ጋር በእጅጉ የተቆራኘ መሆኑን የሚናገሩት የፖለቲካ ሳይንስ ምሁራን፤ ቢሆንም የኢትዮጵያ ተቀናቃኝ ልሂቅ ተግባር ግን ከምክንያታዊነት ጋር በፍፁም የማይጣጣም ግትርነት ይስተዋልበታል፡፡ ከደርግ ዉድቀት እስከ አሁን የዘለቀዉ የተፎካካሪ ልሂቃን መስተጋብር ከዚህ ቀጥተኛ ግንኝነት ያለዉ አንድ አስረጂ ነዉ፡፡ይህን መሰሉ እምነት የቃኘዉ የተቀናቃኙ እና የሥርዓታዊዉ ልሂቅ የድህረ 1983 ዓ.ም መሆኑ ነዉ፡፡
    አንዳርጋቸዉ ፅጌ አንቀፅ ሰላሳ ዘጠኝን በተመለከተ አዲስ አበባ ካለዉ ኢህአዴግ ይልቅ አስመራን ተቀብሎ ለማቀፍ ፍቃደኛ ከመሆን በለፈ የመከላከያ ማብራሪያ የሰጠን የቅንጅት/የግንቦት 7 ዓለም አቀፍ አመራር “ዋና ምሁር መሪ” ናቸዉ፡፡ አቶ አንዳርጋቸዉ ፅጌ አንቀጽ ሰላሳ ዘጠኝን “የወያኔ ግብዝነት እና ድንቁርና የሚገልፅ፣ በሌላም በኩል የጋራ ጥፋት እርሾ መሆኑን፣ ወዘተ ከገለፁ በኋላ
    “…ወያኔ ነፃ የሚባሉ ማናቸዉም ዓይነት ተቋማት የሚያሸብሩት በራሱ ችሎታና አቅም ላይ ምንም መተማመን የሌለዉ ኃይል ነዉ፡፡ ይህ ሁሉ እዉነት መሆኑን እያወቅን ወያኔ ስለብሔር ብሄረሰቦች መብትና ስለ አንቀጽ ሰላሳ ዘጠኝ የሚቀበጣጥረዉን የምናዳምጥበት ጆሮ ሊኖረን አይገባም፡፡ …አንቀጽ 39 በንድፈ ሀሳብ ደረጃ ስታሊናዊ እምነት ብቻ አይደለም፡፡በርካታ የዘዉግ (ብሔር) ልሂቃንን በተግባር ሊተረጎም በማይችል ህልመኝነት እንዲዳክሩ በማድረግ የወያኔ ዓይነቱን የአንድ አናሳ ማህበረሰብ ተወካይ በማናቸዉም መመዘኛ ሊጨብጠዉ የማይገባዉን የመንግስት ስልጣን ይዞ እንዲቀጥል ያስቻለ በመሆኑ ነዉ፤ ልንቃወመዉ የሚገባን”፡፡(አንዳርጋቸዉ ፅጌ “ነፃነትን የማያዉቅ ነፃ አዉጭ” 1997 ከሚለዉ መጽሐፋቸዉ ገጽ 274 እና 278)
    በዚሁ መጽሐፋቸዉ በተመሳሳይ የኢህአዴግ በራስ ያለመተማመን፣ ድንቁርና እንዲሁም ከዚህ ተያያዥ ሆኖ የተበራታ የሚሉት ፀረ ብሔራዊ ጥቅምና ሀገራዊ ክህደት ገላጭም፣ መነሻም አድርገዉ የሚያቀርቡት የኤርትራን ጉዳይና ከሻዕቢያ ጋር ያለዉን ግንኝነት ነዉ፡፡
    “…ወያኔ ስልጣን ለመያዝም ሆነ በስልጣን ለመቆት ያለ ሞግዝቱ ሻእቢያ ድጋፍ የሚሆንለት ስለማይመስለዉ አንፃራዊ አቅሙ ጠንካራ በነበረበት … ዓመታት ሳይቀር ራሱን የሻእቢያ ጉያ አዉጥቶ በራሱ ለመቆም አልሞከረም፡፡…ወያኔ..ከኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች የበለጠ ዋስትናዉን በጡንቸኛዉ ሻእቢያ ላይ ማድረጉ፣ ጥንተ ድርጅት ሲመሰረት ከሻእቢያ ጋር ከገባዉ የጌታና የሎሌ ግንኝነት መላቀቅ እንዳይችል አድርጎት ኖሯል፡፡ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች በወያኔ ላይ ያላቸዉ ተቃዉሞና ጥርጣሬ የመጣዉ ሰላምን ከብሔራዊ ክብርና ጥቅም ጋር ለማስተሳሰር ወያኔዎች ፍቃደኛ እንዳልሆኑ በመረዳታቸዉ ብቻ ነበር፡፡…ድርጊቱ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝቦች በሙሉ ያለ ባህር በር ያስቀረዉን እና…ሌሎች መዘዞች ያስከተለዉን የኤርትራ ነፃነት እዉቅና ሰጠ፡፡(አንዳርጋቸዉ ፅጌ “ነፃነትን የማያዉቅ ነፃ አዉጭ” 1997 ከሚለዉ መጽሐፋቸዉ ገጽ 232)
    ለጊዜዉ የጠቀስነዉን ፈርጀ ብዙ ግለ ተቃርኖ ወደ ጎን እንበለዉ፡፡ ዛሬ መንግስታዊ አቅም ሊኖረዉ ከቻለዉ ሻዕቢያ ጋር ቅንጅቱ የሚጠረጠርበት ቁርኝት አቶ አንዳርጋቸዉ ከገለፁት “ወያኔን ያሳሰረ ሎሌነትና ራስን የሚያሳጣ መመካት” በምን ምትኃት ነፃ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ምላሽ መስጠት ግድ ይላል፡፡
    “ኢትየጵያ በድህረ 1983 የገጠማት እድል አዉሮጳ በ17ኛዉ ክፍለ ዘመን የገጠማት የአብርሆት /ህዳሴ ዘመን The Age of Enlightenment ጋር ነዉ የማወዳድረዉ” ያሉትን አንድ ፀሐፍ በሙሉ ልብ እጋራለሁ፡፡ በመካከለኛዉ ክፍለ ዘመን ስለተፈጥሮ፣ ስለ ህብረተሰብ ፣ በአጠቃላይ ስለ ዓለማችን ምንነትና ሂደት፤ ሰዎች በዚህ ዉስጥ ስላላቸዉ ቦታና ግንኝነት ወዘተ. የተመለከተ ዕዉቀት ብቸኛ ምንጭ ቀሳዉስቱ እና ቤተክህነት ነበሩ፡፡ አማራጭ ዕይታን በሚከለክል ፍፁማዊና ወጥ አስተሳሰብ ላይ የቆመም ነበር፡፡
    ከአስተሳሰብ ለዉጥ በተያያዘ የዚህ የመካከለኛዉ ዘመን ፍፃሜ ተጠቃሽ ዉጤትም የአብርሆት ዘመን (Age of Enlightenment) የሚባለዉ ከመለኮታዊ ዝግ የህይወት ግንዛቤ ነፃ መዉጣት የተበሠረበት ሂደት ነዉ፡፡ ለዉጡ እነ ዴካርት፣ ሎክ፣ ሂዩም፣ ሄግል ወዘተ. በተባሉ የምክንያታዊነት ፈላስፋዎች የሚወክለዉን ያህል የካፒታሊዝም ጅማሮ ወደሆነ ዘመን በመሸጋገርም የሚገለጽ ነበር፡፡ ሊቢራል የተጀመረበትም ወቅት ነዉ ይላሉ፡፡ ከላይ ወደታች እንዲሁም በጎንዮሽ ማህበራዊ ሽግሽግ የታጀበዉ ይህ ለዉጥ እስከዚያ ድረስ ዘላለማዊና ፍፁማዊ ተደርገዉ የሚታዩ የተወሰኑ ክፍሎች የበላይነት በመስበር፤ በማህበረሰብም ሆነ በሀሳብ መለኮታዊ የሆነ ጠቅላይ እና ወጥ የበላይነት የሌለ መሆኑን አረጋገጠ፡፡ሂደቱ ማህበረሰባዊ መስተጋብርን አዲስ መልክ ያስያዙ የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎችና መደቦች መዉጣትንም ያዘለ ነበር፡፡
    The Age of Enlightenment or Age of Reason was a cultural movement of intellectuals beginning in late 17th-century Europe emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition. Its purpose was to reform society using reason, to challenge ideas grounded in tradition and faith, and to advance knowledge through the scientific method. It promoted scientific thought, skepticism, and intellectual interchange. The Enlightenment was a revolution in human thought. This new way of thinking was that rational thought begins with clearly stated principles, uses correct logic to arrive at conclusions, tests the conclusions against evidence, and then revises the principles in the light of the evidence.
    Enlightenment thinkers opposed superstition. Some Enlightenment thinkers collaborated with Enlightened despots, absolutist rulers who attempted to forcibly put some of the new ideas about government into practice. The ideas of the Enlightenment continue to exert significant influence on the culture, politics, and governments of the Western world.
    Originating in the 17th century, it was sparked by philosophers Francis Bacon, Baruch Spinoza, John Locke, Pierre Bayle, Voltaire, Francis Hutcheson, David Hume and physicist Isaac Newton. Ruling princes often endorsed and fostered these figures and even attempted to apply their ideas of government in what was known as enlightened absolutism. The Scientific Revolution is closely tied to the Enlightenment, as its discoveries overturned many traditional concepts and introduced new perspectives on nature and man’s place within it. The Enlightenment flourished until about 1790–1800, at which point the Enlightenment, with its emphasis on reason, gave way to Romanticism, which placed a new emphasis on emotion; a Counter-Enlightenment began to increase in prominence. The Romantics argued that the Enlightenment was reductionistic insofar as it had largely ignored the forces of imagination, mystery, and sentiment.
    የሞት ፍርዱን አጥብቆ ከሚቃወሙት ዉስጥ አንዱ መሆኔን እየገለፅኩ የዴሞክራሲን ግንባታ የቤት ሥራ በላጠናቀቁ አገሮች ዘንድ በሽግግር ሂደት ወቅት የሚያጋጥሙ ፈተናዎችን በሚመጥን ስልት ማለፉ ተገቢ ይሆናል፡፡
    “አርቆ አሳቢና ምክንያታዊ ከሆኑ ኢትዮጵያዉያን የሚጠብቀዉ አንድ ነገር ብቻ ነዉ፡፡ አይንና ጆሮን ለእዉነታና ምክንያታዊነት መክፈት፤ ካለፉበት ሂደት ተገቢዉን ትምህርት ሰንቆ የማይደገምበትን መንገድ መቀየስ እና አይቀሬዉን ለዉጥ አዋልዶ የሰላማዊ ዘመን በለቤት ለመሆን መብቃት ነዉ፡፡”
    ኢትዮጵያ ከመላ ሕዝቦቿ ጋር ለዘላለም ትኑር!

  46. ttttt says:

    Call for Immediate excution

  47. me says:

    Info is power.kikiki

  48. Asinba says:

    pooor Andargachew just look at him? he looks like old Coward hyena hahaha where are these Ginbot-7 cyber warriors now ha? crying like a lil girl in washington dc can’t help Andargachew tsege any more. THE GAME IS OVER! so Cowards stop crying and keep on eating your hamburger and keep on fatting yo black asses and STFU.

  49. billfree says:

    the hero will pay scarification but the struggle will continue.
    being sacrificed like andaregachew is better than daying like meles zenawi(the gangster).

  50. Borsamo says:

    The losers’ word:
    Wondmoche ehitoche bewunu esepa alen? Mengistu
    Badme lay enkifat agatemen. yaletirtir temrenal – Isayas Afeworki
    It is a blessing in disguise. Andargachew
    Min waga alew ahun malazen. Degmo keteshenefe telat gar maber min yemilut felit yihon. le mangnawm tiru ye erefit gize Andarge. At least ke Isayas gilmchana ena termus finketa terfehal.

  51. Kurabachew says:

    How can lead a country when you can not lead yourself
    How a top leader captured so easy you do no where you go and want to lead.?

    This is politics you can’t be so softy softy .
    You have to be die hard .

    This is 21joke .

    It’s better to show your true face like ledetu peacefull fight.
    Hezbun atsfejut you need to have a clear vision people to understand

    If once I become an opposition figure don’t be like sadam Husain once you get captured and stile want to live a better life that’s bullshit.

    You start then you win or die.
    Like meysaw kassa ot take some tablet like those Tamil Tigers before they catch you .you gone.

    If you don’t do not doit hezb ataschersu.

  52. robel says:

    Why would a sworn Britain naturalized citizen Andaragachiw would care about Ethiopia? He denounced his Ethiopian Citizenship when he receive his new Britain citizenship, right? right?

    Our Motherland Ethiopia is none of his business.He should care more about his new motherland Britain. Period

    During the armed struggle the EPRDFites never sold their beloved country Citizenship. Their only citizenship was the Ethiopian Farmer!!!!! you got it?

  53. Dagna says:

    The saga of desperation of and the battle egoistic morons.
    The importance of a nations security verses to self centred and publicity starved politicians.

    The former and the rehabilitated traitors and the enemy dogs of Ethiopia are battling it out, both for different reason which has no benefit but brings tragedy to Ethiopia.

    The once Eritrean allay EPDRF government needs to win the heart of Ethiopians which the organization has failed to achieve since it took power with the help of the Eritrean cartel after the collapse of the brutal derg regime. The EPRDF (TPLF) has in did achieved a mind boggling economic successes even to the negative economic forecaster of the western world but still couldn’t say openly that it has the free backing of the majority but quiet part of the populous.
    But why???? —-
    Because TPLF slept with an enemy and sold out Ethiopian sovereignty and in its quest to capture power the then short sighted rebel leaders sought a devilish deal with eritrea and made the nation land locked. The damned fool arrogant TPLF leaders betrayal is the worst enemy of TPLF existence.
    They are desperate to be accepted and trusted by the citizens of this grate nation, they needed the magic wanda, they have to show to Ethiopians from Tigray to Ogaden from Gambela to Afar that they are committed Ethiopian and is security, and capturing a filthy another traitor seems to be it. It is a good job but not even close enough. They have to bring the Ethiopia sea port back but nothing less.

    The leaders of the Ginbot 7 are even the worst traitors and the scumbag enemy of Ethiopia. During the Ethio-Eritrea war and its aftermath tens of thousands Ethiopian solders lost their life to defend the nation after eritrea declared an unprovoked war against Ethiopia. This eritrean backed gangsters they not only work for eritrea but also took the name Ginbot 7 where they were equally and directly responsible,for the massacre of that dark day not for any reason other than twisted personal political gain. This traitor gangsters has no shame at all to associate the sacred date to their name tag to serve and protect Eritrea’s interest and promote by all means its demonic agenda against against Ethiopia.

    Now the filthy Eritrean dog is captured by a former Eritrean recruit entity. Both EPRDF and Endargachew and his brothers in arms enemy combatants are milking the media attention they get fro the capture of the recent Asmara dog.
    Eritrea is an enemy and any Ethiopian entity that works with an enemy is the worst of all enemies.
    —Mr. traitor Andargachew , enjoy the kindness you are receiving from TPLF till it lasts.

  54. Sewkentu says:

    Andargachew he did not notice that before he is arrest they prepared a tiny hidden camera infront of him so they can check every move he make and some body he knew just asking him like friendly cross question after that very poor editing took place in etv..

    That was it there was no any camera cru at presence .

  55. Ebsa says:

    HEY GUYS , WHERE IS Shemeles Kemal?

  56. Birra says:

    I do not support TPLF but I support what they did with this so called G7 idiot where is all that talk? where is all that fukera used to make on esat?? typical amhara af becha when it comes to action they are zero.

  57. Meru says:

    Adndargchew a politician should know world politics in general not only today from thousand years who was ethiopian allay in every aspect then you come in your sense

    At least g7 if they wait until Ethiopians goal 2015 that was fine .

  58. Ashenafi Alemayehi says:

    You guys needs more knowledge of Ethiopia . Or please do not west your time no one can foul the people of Ethiopia your remote control TV works on your house not in our brave Ethiopian please, wake up wake up wake up people ? Off course we is not perfect but, we are on the right track God bless Ethiopia and the leaders of EPRDF

  59. Ano says:

    We the Ethiopian people don’t care what the few Diaspora gangs say about the government , because the people now the government is building the country and you have to understand there will not be Amhara power in Ethiopia anymore. After all a barking dog doesn’t bit.

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