Britain Pledges £300 million to Ethiopia amid Controversy over arrest of its citizen


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39 Responses

  1. idris says:

    What citizen? British has no terrorist citizens. Every stupid refugee claims political asylum and citizenship after they arrive Europe/USA. And to secure this they fabricate lies after lies defaming the Government and their country. HODAMOCH ena KEHADIWOCH.
    The UK government understands all their tactics very well. So, why they stop supporting poor people for the arrest of one refugee who denied his country by siding with historical enemies like shabeya/ehypt.

    • keyo says:

      What are you talking Dawit?

      Did Saudi stop working with USA when her citizen binladen killed by american.

      shouldn’t even become a news like you did it.

      The big blow for G7 is because he caught alive they would preferred him killed as he know every information about every thing they do with people back home, diaspora and Eritrea.

      This days you don’t need to torture some one to get info. there are so many new ways with the technology to make some once mind out of his control and get whatever you want.

      with one siring of dose he will think he is speaking to birhanue nega and tell every secret.

    • Solomon says:

      why you insult others, this is not the right way to write in an official page like this, & this show your ignorance.
      Moreover I will tell you the British govt also understand how TPLF uses the support to abuse innocent citizens in this nation

  2. teshome says:

    This news is a joy for one and anguish for another. It is not fair how many times are the Toxic Daiporas are bruised in one week. Before we are done with joy and happiness of the arrest Anidargachew, another blessing news is one our hand. This might be one of the biggest prize given for Ethiopian government for job well done

  3. Desta says:

    The editor does not make sense at all on his choice of news or opinion. Just because over one individual issue, countries should stop cooperation and working together? is it what he wants to happen? Does really UK will forfeit its interest for one African warlord? is it how the world functions for the editor? In fact, UK should be hold accountable and apologize for let him use its passport to destabilize Ethiopia, the only stable country in volatile region.
    I wanted Andargachew to be stopped.
    I am fed up of the violent generation of 60s, idea is more powerful than gun. This is a generation believing in killing human body, not ideas, because they don’t have any to offer. And it requires brain to think.

    • Hadgu says:

      @Desta, what are you belching about? The editor has picked an important issue. It’s obvious some toxic diasporas are pushing the UK government to cut a diplomatic ties with Ethiopia because of Andargachew Tsige’s extradition. At this moment what kind of news does fit your interests besides exposing thier nightmare? Actually I know who you are; you are simply underestimate the editor’s credit by bluffing in an air from Vermont, Burlington. Kkkkkk

      • Desta says:

        Dear fortuneteller, Hadgu, you knew me on cyberspace who I am because there is a single name on this planet in over 7 billion population,and where I live which I never heard of the place before. Would you please also tell me the wining lottery number?
        So, what is a point here,even if you know me personally? Are going to arrest me for my perspective? Kill me for my view?
        That is why we are so behind on everything we don’t argue ideas,invent things, we just run to the person? Name calling business, because there is no idea to offer.That is what you proved it to me. Finally, I am not interested to engage anyone on cyberspace, nothing to learn, take it to your likes. Enjoy it.
        No nation will stop relation over one alian citzen beyond lipservice. Ethiopia as country has much more things to for UK, than a single individual.

  4. kebraraw says:

    teshome stupid don’t generalize or don’t use worlds you don’t understand properly. as it is true that not all diaspora are against the Gov. the only people who are like you are those who oppose the gov. cause they live for their belly when they arein ethiopia they kiss the foot of woyane and when they come here they kiss the foot of the opposition to make a living but people like my self we are always on the side of our Gov. as long as it is doing things in the right way and when it makes mistakes we never fail to criticize. we don’t clap hands for nothing and we don’t criticize to be paid. victory to ethiopia the great nation and death to UK and US

  5. Derash says:

    @indis, well said. Whatever the case with this person Andargachew, there is no reason why the poor Ethiopian farmer should suffer. This bad logic of the sold out and often very self obsessed “would be” opposion is the gravest unpardonable mistake they make.

  6. axumawit says:

    President Obama has sent a special unit of CIA officers to the UK to investigate British Muslim extremists amid growing fears in Washington that we are becoming a ‘breeding ground’ for terrorism.
    In a pointed snub to MI5, the agents arrived on a ‘lone wolf’ mission to interrogate senior security experts about the radicalisation of UK Muslims.
    The mission has been revealed as our security services have been forced to admit they are struggling to keep track of the estimated 500 Britons who have travelled to the Middle East to fight alongside the Islamic Isis forces in Syria and Iraq.

    Mail Online , 28 June 2014

    The United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Cameroun, Republic of Chad and Niger Republic have set up an External Intelligence Response Unit (EIRU) on Terrorism.
    AllAfrica 12 JUNE 2014

    ” Terrorism is particularly concerned with the following motives:

    The action must be designed to influence government or to intimidate the public or a section of the public.”

    The action must be made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause.
    Inciting violence for violence’s sake would not be incitement to terrorism.”
    ” The government tried to overcome these problems in its Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 (ACTSA).

    This included powers to detain foreign nationals suspected of involvement in terrorism but who could not be deported. An example of this would be where there was a risk of them being subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment in their countries of origin.”
    BBC NEWS Wednesday, 31 August 2005

    It is popular belief that the west needs to tackle terrorism.What we witness in Syria,Afghanistan,Somalia,Nigeria and the rest of the world must be defeated with the help of front line countries.Ethiopia has shown fighting terrorism with words and deeds.To say Mrs. Lynne Featherstone`s visit and pledges is a thank you gesture is not an exaggeration.
    Why would it be controversial for UK ,to continue having good relationship with Ethiopia?After all,Ethiopia apprehended a guy who was threatening the Ethiopian spy master,live on TV,that he will be marching to Addis ,from his Asmara base,soon.
    Why would it be controversial for UK,cooperating with Ethiopia,when countries are overwhelmed with terror.Lives are shattered,millions of families with children and elderly become refugee,Young students slashed their throat for attending school,girls kidnapped for not stay home and didn`t read Koran.

  7. Desta or Hazen says:

    @Desta, you are not “desta” rather “hazen”. What did the editor do in this regard?

  8. bb says:

    I hope the government of Ethiopia Will do what ever it takes to put them in jail this terrorist groups. We the world need to live peacefully, we Ethiopian s are peace loving people, except this the so called toxic diaspora who happened to be l oosers who never go an inches to get what they want, time is running out for them . The last twenty some years they have been preaching they will be in Addis to be prime minister of Ethiopia and so on this day dreamers are a bunch of garbage individuals one of this garbage individuals leader endarkachew who one time told us to pay him $500 so that he will throw away the current government within six months and I believe some garbages paid him and I guess he did what he promised to do by going back to Ethiopia instead of Eritrea so that he can discuss how to be the next prime minister of Ethiopia with his colleagues Eskinder Nega and so on
    Good luck every one!

  9. Alula says:

    This shows that the British understands Ethiopia is more valuable that a bunch of greedy individuals who have no political aim!

    Ethiopia under the EPRDFites is doing the best of all time! Everything else will be ok as we go! Just give the EPRDFites about 30 years & they will change Ethiopia for good!

    God bless Ethiopia!

    Ermi , where are you? Your British citizen Andy is caught! What do u think wink?

  10. Gezaee says:

    This is good news; the only problem is this money will end up in the pockets of cadres. This is the biggest problem. This money is not TPLF or EPRDF money. This money is being given in the name of Ethiopians people. But after this money is handed to the corrupt officials. This will be their money. This is the big problem we have in Ethiopia. There more AID they get the more powerful they become because they use this money for their agenda.

    Mr. Tsigie is G7 by his choice and will. British cannot do anything about it. It is his own personal decision and life. Honestly, speaking they just cannot anything. The law in Brtiain does not support violence. I know they do not follow your laws, but that is the truth. British could help G7 if they think it will serve them. But G7 is not useful in this 21 century. We are not living in cold war era. Diaspora do not know how this world works and they think they can use foreign government as shield to do armed struggle. I think this will not work at this time century. This money could be used to cover some money for the Dam if EPRDF did not decided to distribute it to their Cadres.

    • mamush says:

      @ Dear Gezaee
      ገንዘቡ በሙሰኞች እጅ እንዳይገባ ያለህን ስጋት መግለጽህን በበጎ ዓይን አየዋለሁ፡፡ የቁጥጥር ሥርዓቱን አንተ ከምትኖርበት አገር አንጻር መጠነኛ ማብራሪያ ብትሰጥ ኖር የበለጠ ሚዛናዊ ያደርግህ ነበር፡፡ ሁላችንም ችግሮችን የመዘርዘር እጥረት የለብንም፡፡ እጥረታችን መፍትሄዎች ማቅረብ ላይ ነዉ፡፡
      ሙስና ለአንድ ሀገር ጎጂ ብቻ ሳይሆን የዕድገት ነቀርሳ መሆኑን ማንም ይስማማበታል፡፡ በዉጭ አገር እርዳታ የሚሰሩ ማንኛዉም ፕሮጀክት ግን እኔ እስከየሁት ድረስ ገንዘቡን በሰጡት ለጋሽ አገሮች የተወከለ ዜጋ ፕሮጀክቱ እስክጠናቀቅ ድረስ ማማከርም ሆነ፣ ገንዘቡ ወጭ የሚደርገዉ ለጋሽ ሀገሮቹ በመደቡት የራሳቸዉ ሰዉ ተቆጣጣሪነት ብቻ ነዉ፡፡ ከዉጭ ሀገር ከለጋሽ ሀገሮች የሚገኘዉ እርዳታ ከሙስና ነጻ ነዉ ማለት ባልችልም ከቁጥጥሩ አኳያ ግን እጂግ በጣም የተሻለ መሆኑን መረዳት ይቻላል፡፡ ስለዚህ ካድሬዉም ሆነ የገዥዉ ፓርቲ ባለሥልጣናት ገንዘቡን የመመዝበርም ሆነ ለሌላ አጃንዳ የመጠቀም ዕድላቸዉ እጂግ የጠበበ ነዉ፡፡
      ሙስና በመከላከል ረገድ የተሻለ ተሞክሮ ካላቸዉ ሀገራት ልምድ ለመቅሰም እንኳ ያነሰ እንጂ የተሻለ አለመኖሩን የአዉሮፓ ህብረት ኮሚሽን ይገልጻሉ፡፡ “there are no corruption-free zones in Europe.” የኮሚሽነሯ አባባል ነዉ፡፡
      ቢቢሲ በ3 February 2014 at 17:34 GMT በቀረበዉ Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’ – EU Commission ዜና ላይ የአዉሮፓ ህብረት ኮሚሽነር ሪፖርትን ጠቅሶ እንደሚከተዉ ዘግቦታል፡፡ ኮሚሽነሯ ሴሲሊያ ማልመስትሮም በሙስና ላይ ተስፋ የቆረጡ በሚመስል ስሜት ሙስና በአዉሮፓ “ፋታ የማይሰጥ” ሆኗል ትላለች፡፡ የፖለቲካ ባለሥልጣኖችን አምርራ ስትወቅሳቸዉ ሙስናን ከሥሩ ነቅሎ ለመጣል ፖለቲካዊ ቁርጠኝነት ይጎድላቸዋል ትላለች “The political commitment to really root out corruption seems to be missing,” she complained.
      The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says. EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem has presented a full report on the problem. She said the true cost of corruption was “probably much higher” than 120bn. Three-quarters of Europeans surveyed for the Commission study said that corruption was widespread, and more than half said the level had increased. In the UK only five people out of 1,115 – less than 1% – said they had been expected to pay a bribe. It was “the best result in all Europe”, the report said. But 64% of British respondents said they believed corruption to be widespread in the UK, while the EU average was 74% on that question.
      EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom: “Price of not acting is too high.” In some countries there was a relatively high number reporting personal experience of bribery. In Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece, between 6% and 29% of respondents said they had been asked for a bribe, or had been expected to pay one, in the past 12 months. There were also high levels of bribery in Poland (15%), Slovakia (14%) and Hungary (13%), where the most prevalent instances were in healthcare.
      Ms Malmstroem said corruption was eroding trust in democracy and draining resources from the legal economy.
      The EU study includes two major opinion polls by Eurobarometer, the Commission’s polling service. Four out of 10 of the businesses surveyed described corruption as an obstacle to doing business in Europe.
      Sweden “is undoubtedly one of the countries with the least problems with corruption, and other EU countries should learn from Sweden’s solutions for dealing with the problem”, Ms Malmstroem said, pointing to the role of laws on transparency and openness.
      Organized crime groups have sophisticated networks across Europe and the EU police agency Europol says there are at least 3,000 of them.
      Bulgaria, Romania and Italy are particular hotspots for organized crime gangs in the EU, but white-collar crimes like bribery and VAT (sales tax) fraud plague many EU countries.
      Last year Europol director Rob Wainwright said VAT fraud in the carbon credits market had cost the EU about 5bn euros.
      Cost of corruption across EU equals its annual budget – EU Commission. EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said “Corruption in the EU costs the economy 120 billion euro per year – equivalent to the EU’s annual budget.”
      ሙስናን ለመከላከል የመንግሥት ኃላፊነት ብቻ ሳይሆን የሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ዜጋ ለሀገሬ ተቋርቋሪ ነኝ የሚል ሁሉ ድርሻ ነዉ፡፡

      • Gezaee says:

        Who said Europe is a model of for no corruption? you guys have problem of ideology. You think Europe, USA is your model? why? why do you think Europe or USA is a model? USA is a corrupt system where you can do anything if you have money. I always read EPRDF try to tell us USA or Europe this and that. They are not my model. America is a lawless country and can not be a model to anyone. They are not what they tell you they are. Use your brain and do what is right instead of Europe or USA is like this or like that. Almost zero corruption in Canada? Why? they have their best system, they do not copy from USA. They have completely unique and clean system where you can be corrupt. The best law. Everything is organized, structured, efficient, almost perfect and there is no room for corruption. Employment is by merit and you do not get employed by party membership. You get employed by your ability and skill. How can you not have corruption while you are owning public institutions and controlling economy by zemedbezemed. EFFROT has never been audited for 24 years? Ask help for the Canadian government how you can reform the federal system because the federal system itself in Ethiopia favours corruption because the ethnic federal system is zemed bezemed federal system. You are a government, you need to see good governments. So I do not buy this logic of telling me because Europe is corrupt we have to be corrupt? no, this is wrong. You have weak reasons. You said we have to be landlocked because there are landlocked countries? now you are saying because Europe is corrupt we have to be corrupt? why do you have to use Europe or USA as your model? This is colonial mindset looking down on yourself and considering Europe and USA as your model. I do not care about Europe or Europe. They can be corrupt or good; it is not my business what they do in Europe. You must do what is right regardless what Europe or USA does. At least Europe does not depend on hand out like Ethiopia. Can you model yourself based on the needs of your community instead of modeling and comparing yourself with Europe? For everything wrong things you do, you find answer from Europe or USA? This is called weak defense Mechanism. People flee away from their guilt by finding external defense mechanism. What is called Defense Mechanism in Phsycology because people prefer to deny their weakness by defending their weakness using what defense Mechanism they can find which is bad. Last time you came up with a list of country that are landlocked to defend Ethiopia must be landlocked because there are landlocked countries? now you came up with a list of countries that corrupt or which have corruption and to legitimize corruption? Sir, you do not have to do what other countries do. you must do the right thing for your community instead of doing things by following irrelevant models of other countries. Do Ethiopians need corruption ? No countries needs corruption? Do not bring this type of weak excuse please.

  11. Gezaee says:

    By the way, I am in love with British Lady. I am just crazy with British women. Wherever I see them, I get mesmerized. Lynne is so gorgeous, oh my God. Do you think I should email her?

    • Gebez says:

      Now I got it!! I was always wondering what the reason behind your never ending madness was. Your desperate need for sex is incurring a mental disease to you. I want to brotherly advise you though that what you said above about Mrs.Lynne may cause you some legal consequences. Sexual assault is crime in the civilized world where unfortunately live some uncivilized zombies like you as well.

      • Gezaee says:


        Where did I talk about sex or violence? You think you got me, but you did not because there is nothing what you are reading. You are reading something within your mind. I never wrote what you are reading. If I love British women means sexual violence, then I say to you good luck with your case. But my advise to you, you better read what is written than reading what is not written. Do not twist things. I think you are not happy with my comment and you decided to twist my comment to your agenda? where did I say I wanted sex? Do not expose your self. You can see how beautiful the Lady is. Saying she is beautiful is an admiration and a complement, not a sexual harassment as you wish to twist it to your twisted brain. British women are beautiful and I love them. You better see your doctor to treat you twisted brain.

  12. Bethiu says:

    Terrorism is an Evils’ mession and UK has been straggling to protect their society…They are also contributing their share in the globally fight against terrorism in order to eradicate terorists from the face of the earth. So, I would think, they will never ever ask Ethiopia to release Andarigachew Tsige, the terorist, because of he is holds their citizenship card. They are fully aware that Ethiopia is fightining those home growing and global terrorists as much as the UK governmet and its people doing. Therefore, this news should be a clear message to those wannabe politician pro-terrorism diasporas hooligan…

    • Gezaee says:


      Mr. Tsigie is not a terrorist. He is a rebel like TPLF. If you tell me he is terrorist,then it would mean the Ethiopian government is also a terrorist. However, the time is different now. During TPLF time, the time was good for TPLF because there was cold war. But now we are living in a different time and becoming rebel or armed freedom fighter is considered primitive, backward, behind time that does not go with 21 century.

      What we need to do now is to educate all people to respect law and each other instead of calling each other terrorists. Fighting each other and condemning each other will not help us. So free Aite Tsigie because what he was doing was right in his mind’s eye. But it is wrong. We have to educate people it is possible to change government without killing each other or without violence. Ethiopian government, please release Tsigie, and other political prisoners. The more people you throw into jail, the more enemies you make and the faster you will loser power. You better listen to public discontent than throwing people into jail. you have thrown 4 people into jail two days ago. That is bad. you better listen to the discontent of people than camping people every month into jail. It is better to ask yourself, the more you become repressive, the more people become angry and the more people become violent to overthrow the government.

      My tips to the TPLF government is the following:
      1. Set free all prisoners now because that will serve your interest better than keeping people in prisons
      2. The Abay Dam is issue appears to get more complicated with Saudi and Kuwait now directly involved with Egypt against our dam and with Sudan changed its position and realigned with Egypt and some Sudan starting attack Ethiopia.
      3. It is time to focus on what is important than fighting each other for no purpose.

      4.Release all prisoners now. Ethiopians politicians must behave and respect the law and focus on solving problems than creating more problems. We have already problems more than we can bear and solve, a heap of national problems. Respect the law and expose corruption, partiality, discrimination and persecuting, like the problem the Amahra have been facing.
      5. We need to unite and make sure our Abay is sold to the Arabs by cups. our water must feed our people now. While we have a precious item which is much worth than oil, we must stop saying we are non-oil country. We must say we are a water source country. We must stop allowing people to use our water for free. We do not feel ashamed to go to middle east to sell sex, but we feel ashamed to sell our water which is our oil , our gold, our diamond. Why are our ladies selling their body in the middle east? why are our ladies selling their body in Nairobi, Johannesburg, …? we need to learn about our rights. Ethiopian do not know their rights. We Ethiopians love begging, fighting each other by armed struggle. Why? G7 complains the Ethiopians military is controlled by Tigreans. I agree with that complain, and other outstanding issues. However, we can not keep on killing each other and dragging our country backwards by fighting to solve every differences or disagreements we have because it is not tenable to solve problem like that. We need to civilize and sit down and correct the mistakes. We must put law that ensures equality opportunities for all Ethiopians and this can not be done by gun but by law and order. We must learn from Somalia next door and from Arab spring. This does not mean TPRDF has to pee on us. We must unite to protect ourselves from EPRDF peeing on us. EPRDF can pee on us if we are divided, separated by ethnic, weak, powerless, voiceless. If we are united, EPRDF will be like our dog. A dog does what you tell it to do. If we unite ourselves for our common agenda, then we will be more powerful than any cadres and we can even eliminate cadres.We do not cadres but we need laws that protect everyone. Cadres are not productive and needs to be removed from the system.

      Now, we need to focus on harnessing Abay. The rest is secondary.

  13. next call says:

    In the ‘ scope’ of historical injustice,Britain committed against Ethiopia, the amount of aid is paltry. I am talking about the 1929 Nile treaty signed with Egypt and the fact that Britain refrained from forcing the despotic Emperor to reform his absolute ways of running his Kingdom. There were progressives who were arguing for ushering constitutional monarchy in Ethiopia during debates in the House of Commons, but Downing street went against conventional wisdom by letting the Emperor stay the course of the bygone era of tyranny. Specially the former has forbid us from tapping into the World of finance to tackle poverty.

    The mere fact that the UK is giving so much aid to Ethiopia has been the result of its commitment to give certain portion of its GDP to developing and impoverished countries. Ethiopia, being the second poorest of them all, is logically the largest recipient, not more no less. If it were up to me, i will sue the Brits for the illegal treaty assignining all our water to Egypt and see where the chips fall.

    • Gezaee says:

      You can not undo the past. Fortunately, we were not part of the that agreement. What we must do today is what we must done today. Since we never endorsed the Nile treaties; we must not even talk about it.

      It would be good to make a case for compensation for the past atrocities done by Britain. I am thinking you are referring to the past. Having a case of the 1929 agreement now would mean recognizing it today. We do not recoginze it and we must not bother about it. But charging Britain for what it did in the past and to pay compensation for depriving Ethiopia its water resources was a criminal act. $300 000 is nothing for 95 million people. It is the monthly income of one British doctor. It is too little to do anything with this money. May be the cadres can be happy by it but it is non-sense because it is like a drop in ocean. And they gave it for some political purpose, not charity per se.

  14. Mamo Zeru says:

    Dawit, every one knows you’re wayane; why bother pretending to be independent? Believe it or not you will pay the price when the time comes…

    • Alula says:

      Mamo Zeru

      Why? What Dawit did is, publish that the British gave about $300 million to help Ethiopia build Addis Ababa weldiya rail road construction, so what’s your problem ? Dawit joined you I’m the diaspora , but he seem that you have nothing for Ethiopia at all & chose to go back home! The British doesn’t care about a bunch of haters like Berhanu Nega , Andy…!

    • bb says:

      Dear Mamo, this is the way how the toxic diaspora have been works for the last twenty some years and I can understand that you are one of this people, this toxic diaspora think if you say your opinion with positive altiteud then will tell you are weyana, they think that every one should say the way they want it because most of them are a bunch of garbage individuals who never accomplished in any way. Remember hate is a deassese and it can be treated.

    • keyo says:


      you are mamo like your name are you one also one of the people who been saying woyanne days are numbered for the last 40 years including derg time.

      like lemagne beyena just sang yileyal zendiro yewoyanne nuro for the last 40 years.

      After full of white hair still he sings the same song and collect money and live a life with out work. miracle

    • jgna says:

      Another terrorist? Gura emma yenanete new. You must be so fOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  15. Cherkos says:

    @Mamo Zeru, why are you blackmailing the journalist? You can simply have your say without pointing your fingers at him.

  16. Ghion says:

    What controversy are you talking about! a world class terrorist has been arrested, so what?There is no as such thing as freedom fighter in the 21st century!

  17. Habtamu S says:

    “Citizenship is not z shed!” B. Obama

  18. CD says:

    @Mamo Zeru
    You must be one of the fund raisers for ESAT TV.Andy`s fiasco is going put the net work in shambles.No Andy in Asmara,no paycheck for your people.Tell`m drive taxi.

  19. በለው ! says:

    £፫፻ሚሊየን ፓውንድ ብቻ!ምን አላት?እነኝህ የኢትዮጵያንና ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ለመጣል ታሪክ፣ሃይማኖት፣ ዝናና ክብርን ሲሰርቁን ሲያወደሙን የኖሩ “እንግሊዞች የብብት ውስጥ ቅማል ናቸው”። ዛሬ ዕድሜ ለህወአት ሥልጣንና ገንዘቡን አይንኩ እንጂ ሁሉን በነጻ ሰጥቷቸዋል…ሌላው ቀርቶ እንደ ውሻ ጃስ እየተባለ የእነሱ ዜጋ በቀን £፻ፓውንድ የሚከፈለውን የእና ድሃ ልጅ ወታደሮች በቀን ፪ሂሳብ እየተካፈላቸው በሰላም አስከባሪ አሽከርነት ለኀያላን ሀገራት በአፍሪካ ንብረት ጥቅም ማስጠበቂያ እየሄዱ እንደቅጠል ይረግፋሉ…አካባቢውን ለመቆጣጠር ቤታችን አመቺ በመሆኑ ይችን ገንዘብ ለኪስ ድጎማ ቢደርግ የሁለት ታንክ መጝዣ ዋጋ አደለችምን!? ግን ኢትዮጵያ የአፍሪካ ቻይና እየሆነች በተከታታይ ፲፩ከመቶ እያደገች..ምንም እንኳ ጫትን ሀገራቸው እንዳይገባ ከልክለው ኢህአዴግን ቢያስቆጡትም ይችን ቀላል ካሳ መክፈል ይጠበቅባቸዋል።ከግብራ እንዱስትሪ መር የሆነች ሀገር። መብራት፣ መሬት፣ ውሃ፣ ለጉረቤት የምትቸር ከአለም ሁለተኛ ድሃ ሀገር ለምንድነው እንግሊዝ ከአፍሪካ ሀገሮች በተለየ £፫፻ሚ የሚቦጭቅላት!?ሙስና መር ልማታዊ መንግስት የተኮረጀው ከእንግሊዝ ነው ማለት ነውን!?እንግሊዞች ለአንድ አንድአድረጋቸው ብለው የረጅም ጥቅማቸውን አይገቱም ይልቁንም ዋናው ተዋናይ እነሱ ይሆናሉ ለጎረቤቶቻችን ጥቅም መትጋታችንን ሲያጤኑ እረጃጅም እጆቻቸውን ይልካሉ ‘ጎረቤቶቻችን ሁሉ የእንግሊዝ ባሮች አደሉምን!?’ አሁን የግብፅና የኢህአዴግ ጋብቻ እከክልኝ ልከክልህ!..ሰጥቶ መቀበል!..በጋራ ልማት በጋራ ማደግ!..ዊን ዊን አሁን ግብፅ በእንግሊዝ መልካም ፍቃድ የታላቁ ህዳሴ ዋናው ኢንቨስተር ሆና ቦንድ በመግዛት በመጪው ዘመን መብራትና ኀይል በቅናሽ ተጠቃሚ የመብራት ሽያጭ ተቆጣጣሪ፣ መሆኗን ሙሉ መብት በችሮታ እንደሚሰጣት በእንግሊዝ በኩል ተፈፃሚ ይሆናል።

    ***በእርግጥ ከግንቦት ፯ ከአንድአድርጋቸው ፅጌ ሌላ ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲና ዜጋ አይንርምን ሰሞኑን ኢቲቪ የረጫት መልዕክት ምንድነው?ጉድ እኮ ነው!!አንድአድርጋቸው ከሰነዓ(የመን) ከመጣ በኋላ ለሳምንት የተደበቀበት ከቢኒያም ከበደ(ህወአት ፈርስት ድረገፅ ባለቤት) አንደበት፡_ (፩)መግለጫ ለሚያወጣው ለብርሃኑ ነጋ መግለጫ ማስተባባያ የተቆራረጠ ቃል እነደነበር.. (፪)ከአንድአድርጋቸው ላፕ ቶብ ላይ በቻይና ባለሙያ ሰማያዊ፣ አረና፣ አንድንት፣ መኢአድ፣ አንዳንድም በቅርቡ የሚወገዱ የኢህዴግ አባላት አብረው ሲሰሩ እነደነበር ተደርጎ የተቀናባባረ አዲዮ ድምፅና ኢሜል..በቻይና በላሙያዎች እገዛ ሲሰራ እንደነበር
    (፫)የኢህአዴግ ሕገመንግስት ቱታ አልብሶ ለምርኮ የሚሰጠውን እንክብካቤ ለተፎጋሪው የአትዮጵያ ጭቁን ሕዝብ ቡና ቤት ቱልቱላ እንዲደነፋ ድራፍት በነፃ ለማደል …(፬)አንድአድርጋቸውን ያስያዘው የግንቦት ሰባት አባል መሆኑንና ኢህአዴግ በቀጠናው ያለውን ጫት በእስረኛ የመለወጥ አቅም ለተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች ለማሳየት.. (፭)ቀደም ሲል ጠ/ሚኒ ማዕረግ አቶ ኀይላማርያን ቤን ሲጠይቅ ውሃ፣ መብራት፣ ቴሌ፣ አለመኖር በሚቀጥለውን ምርጫ ሕዝቡ አይጥላችሁም? “ሕዝቡ ምን ምርጫ አለው? ማን አለ? ሁሉ በእኛ የሆነ፣ ያለ እኛ ምንም የማይሆን፣ ያለእኛ የሚጠፋ የሚበታተን የክልል ከብት ነው” ብለው ስለነበር ይኸው ሁሉንም ተቃዋሚ አሰሩ ምርጫው ከወዲሁ በ፺፮ ከመቶ የተበላ ለመሆኑ ተረጋጋጠ።” እኔ ደክሞኛል! አሁን እረፍት እፈልጋለሁ! ጥላቻ የለኝም!”ማለት ለተደረገልኝ ድብደባ፣ ዝልፊያ፣ ማበሳቆልና ማንገላታት፣ አመሰግናለሁ!። ግን የጉዳዩ ባለቤቶች ከቆመበት ይቀጥላሉ” ማለት ነው፡፤አራት ነጥብ።
    ቢኒና ኢህአዴግ አይበላችሁ ደስ..
    መጋለቡ ይብቃ በካድሬ ፈረስ..
    እናንተን አያርገኝ የዚህ የምት መልስ!

  20. Gezaee says:

    If you do not want other countries not to interfere in your affaires, then do not take money from them. Because whatever money they give you is attached to a string. May be this 300 million pound is a bribe to Ethiopians leaders to give the Hidase dam to Egypt. They love the Arabs very much even if they make their nose bloody. There is no charity from UK, and USA. Whatever they give you is meant to achieve some covert or overt agenda. One top American officials said,” American AID to Africa has never been a charity but a strategic investment padding to safeguard American interest.” The same applies to Britain. Now after handing this 300 million pounds they will demand something from EPRDF government because now you owe them their money and you have to obey whatever they tell you to do. This can be asking or forcing EPRDF aka TPLF to hand the Dam to Egypt because they know TPLF is corruptible easily. Not the British people, the British Government has been a self-made enemy of Ethiopia and they even influenced Americans to be our enemies despite the American people loves Ethiopians. Trust the European, North American people as your trustworthy friends but not their governments. You do not know how British government controls Kenya as a country. you may think Kenya is independent country, but it is still a colony like all the common-wealth countries. To be free, you need to stop taking bribes or this type of alms that will solve your problem except it might feed your cadres. If Ethiopia can use its resources, it does not need alms. We need people who hate alms. No cadres who get excited by alms. Nothing is for free. Do not think this is free gift.

  21. mamush says:

    I hate this 63 years old divorced British woman; she is the same sex marriage advocate. I have doubt she will request the Ethiopian Government to approve the same sex marriage.
    Lynne Choona Featherstone (born Lynne Choona Ryness, 20 December 1951), is a British Liberal Democrat politician, and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hornsey and Wood Green. She is 63 years old and has two children.
    Under the Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition in 2010 she was appointed as a junior Home Office minister with responsibility for equality. In 2012, she became a junior minister with responsibility for international development. Previously she was Liberal Democrat spokesman for Youth and Equality issues, and chair of the Liberal Democrats technology board. Featherstone launched the consultation by the UK government on introducing same-sex marriage and was the first politician to take part in the Out4Marriage campaign. On 5 February 2013 Featherstone voted in favor in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on marriage equality in Britain. She was given a score of 93% in favor of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality by Stonewall.
    In April 2007, Featherstone was forced to return large quantities of stationery after her office ordered £22,000 worth in the previous month in an attempt to beat new rules on stationery allowances. Featherstone blamed a staff member for the incident, stating she “knew nothing”. In a leaked email, Parliamentary official Cliff Harris reportedly stated “it’s quite alarming when you see that Lynne Featherstone spent over £22,000 in one month, the equivalent to three years of the new capped rate”. Featherstone subsequently said she would be putting in place better office procedures.
    She came to the attention of the national media in 2008 when she was criticized by Conservative Member of the London Assembly Brian Coleman for calling 999 (the UK’s emergency number) when her boiler began making noises and sparking. Coleman referred to her as a “dizzy airhead”, Featherstone responded by calling his comments “sexist” and “political” in nature. A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman told BBC News: “If it’s obvious that there has been an ongoing problem with the boiler, then you can call a plumber. But if your boiler suddenly starts making strange noises in the middle of the night, call the fire brigade.”
    In May 2009, she was listed by The Daily Telegraph as one of the “Saints” in the expenses scandal.
    She has indicated she would attempt to ban topless models from appearing on The Sun newspaper’s Page 3, stating “I would love to take on Page 3”.
    In January 2013, she called for the sacking of John Mulholland, editor of The Observer, for publishing an article by Julie Burchill.

    • Gezaee says:

      Hating anyone is not a good idea. But you can oppose. If she is the same sex advocate I do not think EPRDF will have any problem with that since EPRDF GTP includes the same sex as part of its campaign to transform Ethiopia into an industrialized, sexualized,… Ethiopia. May be this 300 million has to do with some project in mind and I do not think it is charity. By the way, why not Ethiopians use their water to generate money by selling their precious item than waiting for alms from every country and sending their children for sex trade? Why not sell the water to the Arab desert rats? They have the oil, and we have the water. They sell us the oil, why not sell them the water and improve the living standard of our people. Even if this 300 million pound is given with good intention, it will not change anything. By the way, free gift or giving money to a beggar is not allowed in England. The British culture does not permit begging. Teach people how to fish instead of giving people a fish is British adage. At the end, the solution is to stop begging and taking money from countries if you wanted to be independent. There is no free money from anyone because you have to pay the money in many different ways. This does not mean Europeans and North American society has not helped Ethiopia. They have been helping Ethiopia. The help that was coming was from the people, not from the governments. The governments actually made Ethiopia by denying Ethiopia access to loan from WB,IMF by allying with the barbaric and primitive Arabs. Ethiopia does not need any charity if Ethiopia could have been at least allowed to use its resources. As short Claire herself told Meles in 2004 when Meles Zenawi went to England to beg emergency aid for 5 million people who were in the verge of starving, Short Claire of ODA(Oversea British Development Agency) told to Meles why can not you use your water which is feeding Egypt and Sudan than begging from us? She told him Ethiopia is much wealthier than England. Short Clair’s comment was genuine and very honest at that time. Meles was silent and could not say anything. So Ethiopia is richer than England. What Ethiopia needs is not charity or stringed drop of in 300 million pounds. What Ethiopia needs is freedom to access the money that helped Europe to develop. The IMF, WB,.. which was established to help Europe by USA did its job and helped the entire Europe to come out of grinding poverty. What we need is not stringed little or even stringed big money, but un-stringed big money that we can pay back without big usury. This stringed money will not help Ethiopians. It will be against Ethiopia because this money will be used to leverage British interests on Ethiopia because Ethiopia will be asked to obey the something the British wanted to be done. And at the same time, this will money will disappear in the Ethiopians system where money starved cadres will live on it. The best help is to stop blocking Ethiopia from accessing the IMF, WB,… money and for the American and British Government to stop being selfish and stop punishing the Ethiopian people for their selfish and narrow agenda and to help their Arab friends who make them bleed and who does not even mind wiping them from the face of the earth. It is better to make permanent friends than to make other country suffer to make permanent enemies. I sometimes wonder how the British government and USA government has fallen in love with Arabs and have been punishing the wonderful and friendly people of Ethiopia. It is mind boggling if you are kind, hospitable, God fearing, innocent, you are looked down and even discriminated. We Ethiopians love everyone and we are colour and race blind. But I wonder why the British and USA government hates Ethiopia too much and wanted to hold it hostage from any development? Otherwise, I do not see why European and American government deny Ethiopia access to WB,IMF… finances. Egyptian even tell us they will help us to get fund from IM, WB, … if we allow them to control our water. Why would Egyptian have right to decided whether Ethiopia can access IMF,WB, …monies or not.

      Anyway, we need to use our human and natural resources now and uplift ourselves because human is human. Every human action is driven by greed and chauvinism.

  22. QQQQQ... says:

    In return you will get 3 billion problems. At the end you will lost your way, your country and yourself.
    This is the plan and agenda that little evil Island from far away has for this project propaganda saying will cost them 300 million.

  23. Yihuna says:

    Instead of giving 300 we could have been better off if they stop viewing ethiopian famine from dictionary and from bbc.

    Yeh rehabtegna hezb eyalu adgo mayet aynachew dem yelebsal

    Ewnet yegnane edget bifelgu alshebabeben with in 24 hour matfat yichlalu gen ethiopian kolefo yemaser tegbarachew new .

    Every pany alshebabe Keyet endemiyameta yakalu.

    Legna 300 dersonal be Egypt bekul alshebabe etefun agegntual.

    Mejemeria adndargachew tasere wwediaw genbot 7 torenet awje
    300 million tesete wediaw David camerun because of terrorist eyandandu email text control.

    That wasn’t happen in September 11 or in 9,11
    Today Ethiopia hezbu enditafen yenesal mercha selhone indirectly anti freedom message while their people advancing in technology and in communication.

    Egypt kalachew astesaseb fenkech aylum
    Benesu gedeb zare europe rekash megeb yagegnalu ya endikerebachew ayfelegum .80 percent malet new.

    Tadia ke rehabtegna hager enesu food import yadergalu
    Bihonema gena facelift endemibalew image masamer alebachew
    Ya degmo mote new lenesu .

    Yegna eta fanta beguaro mekdem new

  24. Gezaee says:

    The solution for our problem is no one except ourselves , our human resources and our natural resources and unity of our people. But unfortunately, TPLF hates our unity and wanted us to be divided and weakened and robbed our resources. How can you unite in the face of antiunity TPLF? That is the big problem we have now.

    It is wrong to give Egypt the right to negotiate on the dam because Egypt has never had right and will not have right. But unfortunately, TPLF is legitimizing the false claim of Egypt that has right on the water. TPFL = made of up of deaf, dumb, people is on the verge of selling Ethiopians now. The only solution we have is to watch TPFL and if it TPLF ever sign any agreement we have to immediately unite and dethrone it from power. We must never allow them to do another mess. it was a mistake of Ethiopian people to allow them to land-lock the country. Trust me, the Arabs will never have any different agenda but we have to watch the cursed TPFL if it does miscalculate this time and then remove it by mass protest across the country. I hate PM HD a toothless and boneless man who appear to sign anything. I do not like sluggish man.This man will go and sign unless we watch this idiots carefully.

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