Andargachew Tsge’s Rendition 6 Hypothesis (Prof. Musse Tegegn)


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23 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    Simply brilliant! Thanks AT for posting it here.
    This video should be a must to see for all Ethiopian diaspora. Please post it and spread it all over.

  2. idris says:

    I support the three hypotheses: 1) Andy’s flight information was leaked to the government from ‘top’ GIM7 members. This could be due to internal power struggle or the people who provided the info are Gov spies; 2) Andy himself was a spy of the gov. 3) the UK (USA)intelligence shared the info to Ethiopian gov. Because GIM7 in cooperation with shabeya (esat) is disestablishing Ethiopia/east of Africa which could have grave/negative consequences on the strategic benefits of the west. Thus they may need to adress the future problem by weakening such notorious organizations like shabeya, al shebab and gim7. They can do this in cooperation with the ethio gov. if this hypothesis is true, the demise of isayas is also approaching. And all notorious elements like olf, onlf, will vanish together.
    The implication will be that BIRRhanu nega will slowly retreat and disappear from the seen.

  3. Desta says:

    This guy should open stand-up comedy night club. He might be successful on this business.

  4. Gezaee says:

    I advise the government to release this man and the other Ethiopians in prison. We can not afford to keep on recycling this. As I stated many times, I am against armed struggle because leave alone now, even before when TPLF did it, it was wrong because there were other cheap way and relatively peacefully way of removing a government than killing millions of people in the name of liberation. Every Ethiopians is precious item for me. Every single Ethiopians life shakes my soul. Ido not want to see Ethiopian dying and suffering. There is no Ethiopian who did not suffer even without going to prison and without being even called a terrorist.

    Now, please if you really wanted to develop Ethiopia? Then the only way to develop one country is to develop its human resources and use its natural resources like the Nile. This requires peace, stability, harmony and unity. People will do mistakes as we all do. How many mistakes did EPRDF do? oh my God, if there was justice, EPRDF people qualify for hanging at mesqel square than Andargachew because andargacheew has not killed people yet; His only crime is working with Shabia.

    My appeal now if anyone has ear, release all the prisoners and focus on working on the urgent national needs. One is finishing the dam as soon as possible and also to start damming more dams for large scale crop production that can provide the country food security. This requires unity and if we unite, we do not need WB, IMF,… money. We can all raise the money and do whatever we want without string attached loans. To realize this, the government should release all the political prisoners in the coming new year. I am saying all except those who refuse to respect the law and who rely on foreigners to get released. Release all of them. We all do mistakes. We need to focus on the need of our people. Are you happy every day an Ethiopian throwing herself from skyscrapers in the middle east? are you happy? I am not happy. I am happy with my life but I get depressed every time I hear an Ethiopians died like this and like that in the middle east. Please, please, have sense, hila, do not be selfish, cruel, …. please focus on the problem of the country. There is complain the military is controlled by Tigreans. you need to answer this question in a transparent way how you are going to balance this problem. This is not good for Ethiopia where one ethnic control everything. Please listen, go to the village you grew up in your mind and think of it. Do not be selfish, please all prisoners and all the opposition who are living outside go back to their country. We have to start somewhere to heal the country because fighting each other will not benefit any Ethiopian. Let G7,like Tamagne, Dr. Birhanu , … go back home and even Mengistu Haliemariam because there is no point living with the wrongs of the past. War, armed struggle will never benefit any Ethiopian. We can not keep on picking guns to solve every dispute and disasgreement. This is not the way to solve problem in real time. Time to stop negative campaign.

    • selam says:

      Mr. Gezaee, all z prisoners including Andargachew will b realised ASAP. Do not get mad sir. Foolish, maferia

  5. Gashaw says:

    Who is this professor and where does he live?he cant live in Ethiopia and talk about taking a weapon against woyane nor does he live in and talk dirty about shabia?or is he like this website owner is working in colaboration with woyane?Dawit was once a refuge only to go back home and interview a high ranking official while others are being puted in prison for blogging?I know my comments dont get through but i have to air my views and it is up to Dawit if he will approve it.

  6. michael f. says:

    I need to hear more.

  7. Ljah says:

    Really this video is relevant for discussion because the so called professor is crazy like Berhanu nega .

  8. me says:

    Does this dog deserve to be a Topic?not any more.

  9. seifu says:

    aye Prof Musee



    I am really ashamed to see the first professor who has no idea about how a give hypothesis can be established. Afer bilate, lenegeru mejajet yametaw ye aemiro melalat lihon silemichel yekirta yederegelegn.

    gen tinish zena adergewegnal

  10. BehareTigrai says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but this man looks like he is reporting from Amanuel hospital…

    • dafa says:

      That is exactly what I feel. But some of his ideas about ‘Ethiopianism’ deserve attention. (Imagine a man in sanitorium rehearsing the poem of Tsegaye Gebremedihin, ‘Yidres Legna’.)
      ወይ ኢትዮጵያ …while we are trapped in a cycle of insulting each other, then murdering each other, the rest of the world has moved on, the competition is out in the outer space…

  11. በለው ! says:

    “አስቀድሞ ነበር የመን ላይ ማፏጨት

    አሁን ምን ያደርጋል ቃሊቲ መወትወት

    የኢትዮጵያ ዜጋ ባልተከበረበት ሁሉ እሥር ቤት ሲጓዝ

    ከቶ ምንሊያመጡ ማን ሰሚ ያገኛል የጥቁር እንግሊዝ!”

    ማን ሆነና የሀገር አፍራሽ፡ለሰቆቃችን የሚረጨው መርዝ?

    ይባላል ከጥንትም ዛሬም እየሳቁ በቁም ቀባሪ አጅሬ እንግሊዝ!!!!
    ስድስቱ መላ ምቶች፡_”የራሳችሁን ግንዛቤ ሳታሳድሩ እኔንም ብሆን የምነግራችሁን ሁሉ አትመኑ”ዋናው ችግራችን ሊቀጠበብት ሙሴ ተገኝ፡
    (፩)ከግንቦት ፯ የመንገድ ዝውውሩን ሚስጥር ያወጣ የቅርብ ሰራተኛ/ቤተሰቡ? ዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ሥልጣን ፈላጊነት አሳልፎ አሰጥቶታል? ወይም ለንቦት ፯ መዳከም አዲስ ኀይል ለማበጀት ግለሰቡ ለመስዋትነት ቀረበ?…—እንግዲህ ሁሉም በሻቢያ ሲገረፉ የኖሩ አደሉምን!?ህወአት ሎጀፐቿነረ ከበላች የፈረጠጡትን ለመብላት ምን ይከለክላታል…ወንደም ወንድሙን ያሰገደለበት ልጅ ቤተሰቡ የጠቆመበትና ያሰገደለበት ሁሉም የደርግ ሥርዓት የዪኒቨርስቲ አሸባሪዎች ጥርቅም ታዳጊ ወጣት አደሉምን!?

    (፪)ህወአት/ኢህአዴግ/ወያኔ በኢትዮጵያ እየቀለበ እያስታጠቀ እያስተማረ የነገው ሥልጣን ተተኪ ግን የኤርትራ ተቃዋሚ ኀይል መሰሎች የመን ሰነዓ ሀገር ተልከው ተመሳስለው አስጠልፈውታል!—-ይደረጋል!..ኤርትራውያን የዓረብ ሀገር ሁሉ ቤታቸው አደለምን? አቶ መለስ ስንት የአፍሪካ ሀገር ፓስፐርት ነበራቸው?የሌሎችን ሀገራት ፖለቲካል ኢኮኖሚ ሚስጥር ለውጭ ሀገራት በማቀበል አደለምን ታዋቂና አዋቂ የሆኑት በመጨረሻም ታናቂ ሆኑ!!

    (፫)አንድአድርጋቸው ፅጌ የቀድሞው ብአዴን/ኢህአዴግ (ደርባባ) በወያኔ ሰልጥኖ በቋሚነት የቀጠናው ተቃዋሚና የኤርትራ አንቅስቃሴ ቃል አቃባይ ሆኖ ሊሆን ይችላል!?—ከእያንዳንዱ ህወአት ጀርባ ሻቢያ…የሙስና ሻንጣ ተሰካሚ ወዶ ገብ..ኦነግ ኦብነግ..መድረክ ኦፌኮ፣ ኦፒዲዮ፣ አማራ መሳይ ብአዴን ብሄር ብሄረሰብ አለ። እቤቱ ገባ በለው!

    ፬)ሻቢያና ህወአት’የታክቲክ አንጂ የእስትራቴጂ ልዩነት የላቸውም። —–ምንም ጥርጥር አለው!’ከትጥቅ ትግል ጀምሮ አሁንም በኢህአዴግ አመራር ላይ ኤትራውያንና ትውልደ ኤርትራውያን አሉ እኔም ኤርትራዊ ነኝ “ስለ ሁሉም የመመለስ ሙሉ ሥልጣን ያላቸው አቶ ስብሃት ነጋ

    (፭)የየመን መንግስት ኢህአዴግ ባላቸው ወንጀለኛ በጫት የመቀባባል ውል..ለመሆኑ የቀድሞው የየመን ፕሬዘዳንት የት ናቸው!?ግን አንድ ወንጀለኛ አሳልፎ የሚሰጠው በተያዘበት ዕለት የሆነው ኢምግሬሽን ሰራተኞቹ ኢህአድጎች ነበሩ!?በሌሎች ሀገሮች በ፸፪ ሰዓት አሳልፎ መስጠትና የዜግነቱ ጉዳይ ከግምት ሳይገባ በመኪና ይዘውት ተሻገሩ ወይስ የጦር ጀት ተመድቦ ነበር!?

    (፮)የእንግሊዝ መንግስት እጅ አዙር አስረካቢነትና ሽምግልና ተቀማጭነት የት ድረስ?—ብዙ ሀገራትን ስለዜጎቻቸው ደህንነት ያላቸውን ቁርጠኝነት አይተናል። አንድአርጋቸው “አጅህን ሥጥና ተከታዮችህን አፍርስ በኢንቨስትመንታችን ጣልቃ አትግባ የሞት ቅጣትህን እናሽራለን ካቆመበት ፕሮፓጋንዳና ቅስቀሳ የኢህአዴግ ህወአትብአዴን የተተኪው ትውልድ አሰልጣኝ የምድር ቤት ሌክቸረር ዶ/ር ኢንጂነር ሆነህ “በሰላም፣ ሳትበሳጭ ፣ከራስህ ታርቀህ፣ ሳትቸኩል፣በእረፍት፣ያለምንም መጥፎ ስሜት ከቱሉ..ጂን ፖል..ደርባባ ጅምስ ፍራንኪ…ሮቢና ወዲ ሐሪና ከመኖር ይልቅ አሳልፈን ስንሰጥህ እንደምርቃት ተቀብለህ ምንም ዓይነት ጥላቻ በኢህአዴግ ላይ ሳይኖርህ፣ በእርጋታ ትኖራለህ” ብለው ጆሮውን ቆንጥጠው አስረከቡት ማለት ነው!? ግባ በለው ሀገርህ ነው! ታሰር ቤትህ ነው!ተመልሰህ ገባህ እንጂ ድሮም እንግዳ አልነበርክም!!አሁን ማን ይሙት በሳቢያ ተፈለፈለ ህወአት ኦነግ አብነግ ግንቦት ፯፣መስከረም ሁለት፣ መድረክና ሌሎችም ብሄር ተኮር ስብስቦች ነፃ ሳይሆኑ ማንን ነፃ ሊያወጡ ነው?
    የሊቀጠብብት ሙሴ ተገኝ ድንቅ ትንታኔና እይታ ነው በለው!!በቸር ይግጠመን

    • dafa says:

      የደንቆሮ ለቅሶ፤
      ወይ ሃሳብ የለዉም፤ ወይ ክብር የለውም
      ወይ መላ የለዉም፤ ወይ እረፍት የለውም
      ወይ ራሱ ኣይሰራ፤ ወይ ሰው ኣያሰራ

  12. solomon says:

    Let us pure ethiopian, forget this banda Andargachew shabia shoe shine of banda essayass get his day in Ethiopian court.
    If he would been banda essayass enemy .He would not get his day in court .He would been dead the same day they got him.And Adargachew love banda essayass .But I have more respect to Adargachew than that Hodambanda Brahanu nega ,Ansaba ertirawe (lemage )tamagn bayene and i feel sorry to Abebe gelaw because he looks so stupid and scrimm when they tell him to scimme.

  13. Amanuel says:

    Who says what is nothing but gossips with no implication what so ever about the one who is already hunted down and gone?
    Just forget this one and move on. The long awaited case about him is closed forever.

    There are still few open cases related to other terrorists mainly in the Diaspora as quick as possible have to be processed and closed after hunting them down as it happened with this core terrorist which is the best catch by the Ethiopian securities.

  14. keyo says:

    Ina yemilew

    Does Andargachew neber inde who writes news in ESAT that kills 50 and 100 person a day in every woreda in ethiopia .

    Minaw after he prisoned i don’t see that kind of news any more.

    Temesgen malet new we managed to save so many life by taking to prison one creater of lie in ESAT

  15. keyo says:

    In old days i used to hear argument from ESAT saying they are independent of any party while the whole world knows they work in shabia money sent by G7.

    Now when there broker who brings dollar from shabia is in prison 9 out of 10 there news is about G7.

    You can’t hide from the truth.

    ESAT is the new name of ERI TV

  16. Ziko says:

    Is he a professor wow I am sorry for the word but he is a dam professor I have ever know,

    • idris says:

      Instead of defaming the professor why not you include your analysis,nullifying his arguments. If you can not argue, you are simply dull head. That professor has said a lot, you said nothing. ALL MORONS SHALL SEE them Selves FIRST!but they can not see.

  17. FIKER ANESEGE says:

    Professor, Good to hear your critical analysis. I believe Mr Andargachew was the architect of the party. The reason he had single handily picked Dr Berhanu to be the face of the party was due to Berhanu’s popularity during 2005 election. As far us I am concerned Berhanu has always been gullible and driven by emotion. what you see is what you get when it comes to Dr Berhanu. Am not sure Berhanu is capable of being a tactical politician to sacrifice a prominent member to get a sympathy support. The only thing I could say is that Genbot 7 is nothing but a talk shop. The ignominious blunder of the security issues on the abduction of their dear leader is a prime indicator of how incompetent and ordinary they are so as to protect their back sides let alone assuming power. I hope Andargacew will be dealt with fairly and given a chance to defend himself. Sadly, the pursuant of hate politics put the group on the defensive. Hatred is a resentment not an alternative to lead for a better government. Good to hear Andargachew when he said he is now free of any resentments. Hope the group will learn from their leader and pursue their dreams without the perpetual hate politics.

  18. Erty says:

    One of the thing that come to surface because of Andargachew case is that Eritrea’s involvement in Ethiopia’s internal affair. Ethiopia has suffered a lot from Eritrea’s active campaign to under mine Ethiopia’s sovereignty. Eritrea has been trying to bring confrontation directly to Ethiopia’s territory through proxy. I always wonder why Ethiopia is not using all possible methods to confront Eritrea? Even though some of the reasons are clear to me I still believe Ethiopia should confront Eritrea head on. Since in action in this case is going to lead the region and Ethiopia into chaos, Ethiopia must convince regional and global powers to do something about Eritrea militarily. Eritrea for the last ten years or more has been waging proxy war against Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s response for Eritrea’s proxy aggression was simply was non-existence. Since Ethiopia had never responded in any shape or form to stop Eritrea’s proxy aggression and Eritrea thinks that it has got the right recipe to destruct, annoy, and frustrate Ethiopia militarily and politically. Why on earth Ethiopia is expecting that Eritrea is going to change its course of action in the future. On Ethiopia’s part tolerating Eritrea is not only sending the wrong message to Eritrea but also to the neighboring countries. Ethiopia’s foreign policy should be that if a neighboring country trains, and send insurgents to Ethiopia that by it self is a declaration war and Ethiopia should act accordingly. Eritrea is not going to stop its proxy war,because for the last ten or more years Ethiopia didn’t respond to this challenge. Eritrea sees that as weakness and keep doing what it has been doing for the last ten years; continue the proxy war. Why Eritrea is not attacking Ethiopia directly? The answer is clear; they don’t have the military strength. Therefore Ethiopia should exploit this weakness and defeat Eritrea. Ethiopia should start border cross attack and should hit military installations in Eritrea and see how Eritrea is going to respond. Eritrea military is founded based on its experience during the liberation struggle which took place while the Ethiopian people were feeding and educating the Eritrean people, and while the Eritreans who lived in Ethiopia contributing money for the liberation cause. What I am saying here is that the Eritrea army is a bloated army, that has never had any experience fighting a war to protect, feed, and educate its people while protecting its sovereignty. Eritrea can not and will not fight Ethiopia while maintaining its national sovergnety. Unless Ethiopia makes Eritrea understand this fact Ethiopia and the region is not going to be peaceful. Eritrea’s military adventure in the past does not reflect its strength because Eritrea’s past experience of war was a gorilla fighting and they had all option to take any risk because they did not have any responsibility to protect anything. Unless Ethiopia teaches Eritrea a war lesson how different the experience of war is as nation Eritrea is not going to understand fighting a war while protecting peoples daily life. They don’t understand the impact of war as a nation. Eritrea’s experience of war is a bloated one and this mentality changes only when they understand the cost of war as a nation. long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. assefa says:

    Isow this guy’s video he told us “he was in With Arbeghoch in the unsuccefull battle field.Why HE is not there now?and why He is telling us again if we do not see him in the screen then He is back there. [tarik new,whom are traying to fool?Ido not see from this so called prof.any logic ora sighn of intellect.shame.

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