Interesting Play on the Historic Treaty of Wuchale (Video)


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8 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    Hmmmmm. To me, what is interesting is the “twist” from 23 years of Menilik/Tayitu trashing and bashing by woyanes/TPLF to the making and airing of the message of this video clip.

    All anti-Ethiopia elements thought Menilik and his achievements/legacy were buried and re-buried. I am not against the making/airing of the video as such, but why at this time of our history? Obviously, someone is up to some thing.

    More divisive dose for haters of Menilik, i.e., elements of anti-UNITY and dis-UNITY. The subtlety of the video clip is, it will anger all those who were convinced and thus, claim Menilik was a “genocider”, “black Nazi”, “colonialist”, “Amhara”, “neftegna”, etc, etc., rhetoric.

    May God give us the wisdom and courage to tell the truth as is!!!!

    • Alula says:

      What’s wrong if the truth is told? Telling the truth has never been a divisive & will never be! Minilik sold Djibutti to France & Bahri Negash to Italy, therefore, why do you want to hide yourself? The Agreement that sold that sold Bahri Negash to Italian & Djibutti to France is still there, so what is the use of trying to hide oneself from the truth? Just curious !

      • Alula Abanga says:

        Yes – nothing wrong in telling the truth —- LIKE Legese Zenawi selling Badme or giving out Ethiopian land to Sudan. This too should be told…What makes Legese Zenawi’s case even worse is there were no European powers from all side waiting to “eat” the country left and right….He gave away those lands of ours out of hatred for Ethiopia….As for Menilik…tells us the exact circumstances he was in…and we shall try to judge him too.

    • lulit says:


      This is organized for purpose. Transmitting the last two religious narratives speaks volumes. I am for sure the security inlets have something they know and fear very much. Try to decrypt the message of these two persons. I am very much skeptical that this is aired from good will given the historical records of the regime and the ongoing worst human right violations by the same regime. If it were true, they wouldn’t have imprisoned the journalists, bloggers, and ordinary citizens just because they are critical voices. It seems like “Be fit neber enji lekito medekos, ahun min yadergal dist tido malkes”. If the regime wants to be heard, it has to release all unjustly released citizens; capture all corrupted party members of the gov’t; return illegally possessed “private” companies” back to public companies, etc. Otherwise, all are trash talks and no deferment from other ETV dramas.

      Dawit, hope you have the courage to have this posted.

  2. Name (required) says:

    Arif nw betam

  3. Paulos says:

    ኣንቀጽ 17 የተባለ ማጭበርበሪያ ጊዜ ኣልፎበታል። ምነው ጃል… ለዚህ ትውልድ በዚህ ማታለል ይቻላልን? ኣንቀጽ 3 እኮ ኤርትራን ኣሳልፎ የሸጠ ውል ነው። እባካቹ ኣትደንቁሩ።

  4. Tedla says:

    The Wuchale treaty is a treaty were King Minelik exchanged land and the people over there for arms and some money. refer the below link.

  5. Raya says:

    We are not kafir stupid we are chiristian !

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