ZTE under fire for failing to pay over $1billion income taxes


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42 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    This is because of woyane Ethiopia has no law and order. It is administered by few families from Adwa. If you are their friend you do not pay income tax. That is why the poorest of the poor Ethiopia lost 11 billion dollars. That is why the poorest of the poor Ethiopia forced to pay 44 billion dollars to buy ports while its ports are sitting idle. Woyane is rotten, besbsewal, gemtewal. Ethiopia has become toilet every country called investors, woyane investors do not pay anything; they just come rape Ethiopia together with the Adwa gangs. This the litmus test that woyane is corrupt otherwise what was woyane doing until 1 billion is not paid? add to this how Chinese citizens steal Ethiopians resources. Leave alone lawless Ethiopia, even in Canada, the Chinese are corrupt and they even over-ride the merciless and strong Canadian law and they do illegal business in Toronto under-ground. Ethiopia is their play ground. The solution is to remove the cursed and evil woyane. Look, our citizen get paid $30 dollars per month in their own country as slaves, and they are forced to learn Chinese and sing Chinese, they do not pay income tax? what is Ethiopia profiting ? Ethiopia is really now a Chinese Colony. Aye woyane, the sooner Ethiopians wake up and remove this Adwa gangs the better otherwise, the country is decaying and losing its dignity and integrity. Woyane will do anything for money. Woyane has never had vision for anyone. It just came to raping Ethiopia together with every country. Who would believe woyane would end up like this. Corrupt, disgusting, immoral, selfish, greedy, hodam, … I am disgusted. This shows there is no law at all. Shame shame

    • Gashaw B. says:

      Gezae, our Eritrean brother. This has nothing to do with your allegations. ZTE is a Chinese company, have no idea whether they belong to Adwa.

    • Kahsay Gebremeskel says:

      Unother silly comments of Gezaee whose frustrated comments are the worest enemies of Tigreans. Let us be frank and genuine- regardless of the sacrified already paid in the past and being paid in the present- had it not been for the massive reforms and changes brought about by EPRDF and Tigreans, it would have been difficult to see the progresses of education, urbanizations, social and utility services and infrastructure in Tigray. So, the matter of the point is that if EPRDF is brave enough to compensate Tigray and Tigreans for their historical significance and the historical costs there of by empowering with better budgetary allocation and political empowerments (like what the West Germany had done to its East Germany by subsidizing up to 2.1 trillion dollars to offset the gaps and the past costs) that would be finer; other wise Tigray and Tigreans shall depend of the fruitfullness of the bravery, industriousness, creativity and team of its beloved sons and daughters- no one else. We shall redefine the meaningfulness and powerfulness of regional self-reliances by our own efforts and minds. But we Tigreans do not need frustrated weeds like Gezaee who deteriorated the strength and values of Tigreans!

  2. Wanos says:

    This is a serious allegation. What is going on in this country.
    You guys @awramba times have a moral and professional obligation to investigate this case.

  3. Asamnew says:

    If this is true, the government should take some serious measures. If so how can we trust the effectiveness of the project that they signed to undertake.
    May be this could be a grand conspiracy orchestrated by the other Chinese counterpart Howei

  4. Ahadu says:

    The problem is not ZTE but woyane himself

  5. Birabiro says:

    Amazingly the government failed to take any measure legally while declaring day and night on state media that they are so serious on tax invasion.

  6. Denden says:

    If ZTE isn’t willing to pay its taxes, the same could be true on the contractual projects on the telecom sector. So sad!

  7. Ararso says:

    Gud eki new enanteye…ahun teretu tekeyroal “Semay aytares, china aykeses”

  8. YEABSIRA says:

    IT is serious and government should take action, but few shabiya in this website like gezae usualy try to tell us about law while they are being govened unconstitutonaly by old demented guy isayas, it is shame for them to talk about port which was intended to make them sngapore at the expence of ETHIOPIA but thanks to GOD AND MELES for they brought other options to prosper our mama, and let shabya use their port for their camels.

  9. YEABSIRA says:

    IT is serious and government should take action, but few shabiya in this website like gezae usualy try to tell us about law while they are being govened unconstitutonaly by old demented guy isayas, it is shame for them to talk about port which was intended to make them sngapore at the expence of ETHIOPIA but thanks to GOD AND MELES for they brought other options to prosper our mama, and let shabya use their port for their camels. NOW we have no time to listen shabiya as we are 23 years ahead

  10. dawit kebede...AKA EPRDF/TPLF says:

    leba siseriqi abiro sikafel tetalito yiluhal yihe new

  11. idris says:

    What is that Minister doing. Dr ….??? shame

  12. Gezaee says:

    Woyane is not a government, but a Mafia group who is raping Ethiopia together with foreigners. How can a government ship teen girls to middle east to be maids? No, only mafia can do human trade and trafficking. It is time to kick woyane from Ethiopia; they can go to Saudi land where they are from. Woyanes are not Ethiopian. They are Tigrignea speaking Arabs. Does Tedros Adhanom look Ethiopian? No, he is an Arab. Look his eyes, his face, not Ethiopian. What Prime Minister Hailemariam? he is nothing and he is the one who was shipping Ethiopians girls to middle east. Can one plow the sea? Can woyane do good things? no no , time up woyane

  13. Desta says:

    crony-capitalism or rent seeking, the result we got not dependable service, not paying tax, society and country lose. Where is accountability????

  14. Gibot7 says:

    People like YEABSIRA and Gashaw B.

    Here the topic is about tax and Gezae talks about how corruption is related with everything in that country but you immediately relate him with shabiya.

    you are morrons paid to change discussion topics.

    If you have the capacity, talk ideas not people and why you just insult him? your cheap critics nothing to do here.
    Woyane is the best friend of shabiya so you can not copy and past the friend ship to other people.
    they share beds together and you do I am sure.

    don’t be idiot and redicuouls

    sstupid people talk stupid idea and I can understand you

  15. YEABSIRA says:

    The dump shabiya are still crying in this webste by changing different names but thanks to our political and social growth we smell them from distance, so please leave mama ETHIOPIA for ETHIOPIANS and go to your tiny nation internationly known human trficers to sinai desert and lampedusa port, sorry to say but hope readers got whom i am talking about. any how our goverment should aways rectify mistakes and go forward to achieve our devt

    • Gezaee says:

      TPLF cadres do not know what to say anymore. In their hearts know they are Shabia slaves than any Ethiopian. But now they tell us we are Shabia? haha, lkslks woyane, leba molach. When Ethiopians say woyane leba, they are right. Woyane has become a gang of leba, mafia. You are collecting the hard gotten of diaspora in the name of GERD,but you do not collect taxes from your slaver masters of China. How this company that does not pay tax going to build infrastructure of a 96 million people? A company have to have high fidelity, high integrity, high stand of professionalism to under take such project. But this company can not pay over 1 billion tax bills? what? what the fuck is going ? Birds of the same feather fly together, If the Adwa mafia were not leboch, this would have happened at all. There is no law. Ethiopia is a toilet now. Anyone can fly to Ethiopia and fuck any Ethiopian teen baby and even prostitution and child abuse is considered civilization and GTP in woyane world. Ethiopia has become a toilet. I have seen many countries, I have never seen a country run by foreigners like Ethiopia. I have seen almost all African countries,… none of them are like Ethiopia. They are independent. No no, Yeande ken Netsanet kezelalem barnet must be our mission now. Guys, I am serious, I open new account facebook, twiter, tumbril, instagram, flicker, … use the social media and form a new civil movement and stop chasing each other. Unite, social media has become the best tool, leave alone woyane, even western government are scared of social media. Oppression is over. Social media, cyber media has now replaced guns, tanks, wars, war is now done online, not on the ground. Unite, mobilize, we do not need this ekekam who sell my country and my people to collect frfari from Chinese and forcing my people to become slavery. $30 per month, I can not sleep after hearing $30 dollars. It does not matter where you get colonized by Chinese or European or Indian, colonization is colonization. Fuck woyane,

  16. kebrom says:

    U seeeee!

    This so called government, is active and always able to collect small money from small business people. The taxiation system of woyane is able to collect without mistake money from the poor, from its own citizen, including small restaurants in the poor village. Despite they donot care about constructing road for these poor villages.

    But when it comes to China and multimillionaire companies, woyane is much reluctant to collect tax and wait until it accumulate to 1 billion. Imagine, it close local small businesses and collect their certificate if they donot pay 100 birr. What does this show? it is clear! The poor must remain poor, and must remain voiceless. And the rich must get richer and that is woyane and its cronies.

    But the other secrete is that, such a huge money will be the one that is shared among eprdf tops. They deny or delay tax and tell the company to store the money in one of the bank in China in their name. That is how the world bank and IMF proofed over 11 billion usd left the country illegally. Where is that huge money? it is in china, Malessia—to whom it belong? to few eprdf guys and their family.

    So it is not because they can’t force zte to respect law, but their order to keep the moeny until they decide on it and until they will give the detail breakdown of the share.

    That is how it works when the so called government turned to big Mafia! and when so called government system turn to Mafia system!

    But this will take only short, mainly from now. It is more than what the society can tolerate.

    All what woyane is doing now is just calling again and again for the day of meeting at our historical Tahrire square!!! Tahrir is the only place to save Ethiopia as a nation!

  17. kebrom says:

    this is most impressing part of the post from the administrator.

    this bellow along show how our system is lawless!!!
    thank AWTs!

    —–It is not clear how the company was allowed to participate in projects in Ethiopia without obtaining a tax clearance from ERCA which is major precondition to participate in any government project. How ZTE signed these projects without a tax clearance from ERCA and eluded its customers especially Ethio Telecomremains a mystery.

  18. Gezaee says:

    Dear Ethiopians:

    The only solution now is to remove the cancer woyane. This woyane is the main enemy of Ethiopia. As you might now,ERPDF has accepted long ago neoliberalism. It has accepted Washington Consensus structure adjustment programme ( SAP) and now in Ethiopia there is no government. Ethiopia is administered by proxy of USA, WB,IMF,… plus other NGOS plus some journalists. Ethiopians are 100% outside the game. With that there are other computing ideologies like China, India,Arab,…. The country has become apparently a play ground of everyone. I am not joking. I am serious, there is no the Ethiopia we claim. Woyane has transformed Ethiopia from poor to toilet country. Ethiopia is now the center of sex all kind of sex tourism,teen sex tourism, teen sex trade or trafficking, money laundering, corruption as you can 1 billion tax evasion can not happen in a country where there is law and order. Ethiopia is now no man’s land. Anyone can go and piss there.

    The only solution we have no is one and only one, dissolve all the factions 100% and form one brand new all inclusive, peaceful civil movement. ECM, Ethiopian Civil Moment that is all inclusive, non-religious, non-tribal, non-ethnic, driven by ideology of humanity, Ethiopianness, equality, egalitarianism, justice, impartiality and based on mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual recognition as Ethiopian with equal right regardless ethnic, tribe or religion or region or origin. All Ethiopian need peace, prosperity, equality, justice, impartiality,fairness,… there is no other answer to our problem. We are wasting our time, our resources funding different factions. Let us dissolve all the rebels like OLF, ONLF, G7, gD, EPPF, … and form Ethiopian Civil movement and I can entirely dedicated myself to the cause. It is better to sacrifice yourself for a good cause. Trust me, we do not need to cry for decades cursing woyane, we can remove them in one single day without wasting money, life, resources. We can do it. But we need the above vision. Woyane can not do anything new.Whatever they can do they have done it already. Do not expect anything new. It is like expecting derg to do well when it was falling apart. Woyane is rotten from the bottom to the top. You can see it cadres roaming and insulting people on the world wide web. You go facebook and you come here, all they do is insulting people. There is no any reason or logic in them. They think the gun is a solution for everything. Let us abandon the armed rebels and all factions and form our new movement. If we follow diaspora politics, I am afraid woyane will stay another 20 years and then Ethiopia will be gone. The country is colonized now by many countries. At least it could be better if it was colonized by one country, but by many countries. Also TPLF is selling the bank, telecom,… it is the most cursed organisation in the history of Ethiopia. I am appreciating derg that did not sell or hand over Ethiopian land to anyone. Derg is brutal, better than woyane. Look, guys, Ethiopians work in Chinese sweatshop and get paid $30 dollar per month. This is slavery because $30 is not money, slavery. There is no such payment on the entire planet. Our situation is getting worse than better. At the same time Ethiopians are forced to learn Chinese and to sing Chinese song? Oh my God, woyane = evil. I can not believe these people any brain left. This is disgusting and they call these investment, fuck, this people can not even administer their family leave alone 96 million people. They are ruling by the gun and by being puppet of neoliberals. It is time to get rid off woyane from Ethiopia. All people crying from Tigrai to Ugaden. These people intoxicated with corruption and Musna. Even if we tell them, they will not understand at all. New paradigm we need now.

  19. idris says:

    First I would like to appreciate AWRAMBATIMES for exposing this grand violation of law of the country.The company can not do this without the knowledge of the concerned officials including PM HD, and the concerned minister of ICT(Dr Debretsion).
    What a hell is going? You are trying to collect coins from the poor while there is 1,000,000,000 birr unpaid from foreign giants. Shame, shame, shame, …on you.
    I lost my confidence on the government. They should tell the reality to the people of Ethiopia. And the responsible officials shall be held accountable. Otherwise, it is becoming like a joke.

  20. Sam says:

    The real dilemma of this article is why ZTE believes paying no taxes does not hinder the company from operating in Ethiopia? Yes, I only guess. I do not believe that ZTE had a few high placed politicians in its pocket, and the company gets away free for not paying taxes because of some corrupt politicians. It is a lot of money, and no politician, I honestly believe, dares to rob Ethiopians such amount of their money by collaborating with the company. What I believe to have emboldened ZTE in its refusal to pay taxes is the company’s understanding of the Ethiopian politicians mindset. The company rightly believes the politicians are stuck with China. They chose not to entertain Western companies as alternatives. Because first, western companies wish the Ethiopian government to to have a transparent business policy. Second, the Western companies seek a profit margin higher than ZTE seeks. That lucrative profit might not happen any time soon in Ethiopia. Third, western companies seek political stability in the country they invest. Is Ethiopia stuck with China, as an extension companies from China, out of having no choice? Not really. If the one party rule in Ethiopia is replaced with a multi-party society, and if the government control every sector of the economy somehow liberalized, a company like ZTE might not dare to get away free from not paying taxes.

    • Gezaee says:

      This is called let me rub your shoulder and I will rub yours. This has nothing to do with the company; this manifest woyanes rotten system. People the best investment is investment in your citizen, investing in foreign citizen is not a solution. All human are after their interest, it does not matter whether they are Chinese, or European, it is business for all. At least western companies are cultured with some responsibilities and ethnics, and there is high standard of professionalism because in the western world you can not qualify to take projects unless you have a clean,reliable, transparent record of high professionalism. In Ethiopia you just to bribe the corrupt TPLF leaders to get project contract. Aye, human being,…..?

  21. Gezaee says:

    Dear idris,

    Do you believe still there is government ? if you do, you are wrong my brother. It is not a government, it is an organized gang or mafia, not a government. Such thing can not happen in a country where there is a government. This can not even happen Mogadisho. This is just the tips of the iceberg. How do you think 11 billion dollar was stolen from the poor Ethiopians ? Woyane rotten, sticking like dead animal. Woyane is dead, if a society is corrupt, then it is rotten, no matter what you build, … it is rotten,… let us not waste time talking to deaf ear. These people have ears, but they can hear, they have eyes, but they can not see, they have fives senses, but they do not use them. They made Ethiopia a toilet of every foreign citizen in the name of their so called investors. Idiot, Hodachu bekeded, erkusoch, ahyoch, dedeboch, denkorowoch, for temporary frfari you destroy your country in the name of investment. Anyway, woyane is lead by deaf and denkoro people. Afer blu hodamoch, lksksoch, weradoch, ager asedabi, agersheyach,… Yetark atelawoch, scum bug of Ethiopians history. You have defiled Ethiopia Ethiopia. The signs have been there. When you started shipping teen girls to middle east, I knew you are rotten from top to the bottom. Woyane = rotten, yebesebse betam ygemal. Kezih yebelet megmat yelem. woyane besbswal, gemtewal. What we need to do now is pushing woyane into the rotten pit and rot there. Wurobela bicha, rkashosch, lemagnoch, asafriwoch, low life,… I can not imagine an Ethiopian doing this to Ethiopians? $30 dollar per month? I have to learn the language of the cololinzer. China a new colonizer. Ethiopians have to sign Chinese to work. Afer bulu, enanten blu meri or leaders. you better go back to Adwa and look after your goats there. Denkoro, you told us our country has to be landlocked because it is better to buy ports and you wasted 44 billion dollars of the poor people.You keep on doing the same ad infinitum? shame, shame, shame, garbage brain, … corrupt.

    • idris says:

      Dear Gezaee,
      Till date i have been a supporter of the GoE and EPRDF and still now. However, if this issue remains covered and hidden, i have to rethink my stand. The government shall clearly respond to this allegation. If it is false, fine they should convinve us by providing evidence. If it is true, those responsible should be held accountable and measure shall be taken immediately on the company. In any case, the issue shall be take as a serious agenda by the government and the people shall get the right information and the measures taken.

      • Gezaee says:


        You are doing deservice to Ethiopia by supporting the Mafia gang woyane leaders. You are trying to repair the broken clay pot. You can patch them, but they are broken, beyond repair. How do you think 11 billion dollars got lost? Ethiopia is the poorest country on planet earth, but it is the only country that lost 11 billion dollars? Ethiopia is the poorest country on our planet, but it is the country that has been landlocked by force by its residents to be landlocked and pay 44 billion dollars to buy ports? Ethiopia is the poorest country and it is the country where its citizens change their dress and become muslim or dress as if Muslim to work as slaves in the middle east? It is the country where its citizens claim to be Jew and go to Israael and live as shield of to the main Jewish people settled in war zone? Ethiopia is the poorest country on our planet where its people are administered by journalists, WB, IMF,USA, Chinese, India, Pakistani,… it is a country where its people are with no shepherd? It is a country with 96 million people with no leader but we mafia of the 21 century. It is hard to believe human being can decay to this level? I can not imagine honestly how Ethiopia is going down every decade. Revolution is a must now

  22. YEABSIRA says:

    I see some confusion on some shabiya commentators with regard to the defference beween neoliberaism and ETHIOPIAS developmental and democratic state of caurse i will not blame them as they were misinformed by mently poor leader like isayas on the ar tera tv, as to the monthly payment to ethiopians by foreign investors i agree it should be improved but still it is better than the free service which the eriterians given to italy during colonial era, when their grand fathers even gave their wives for colonizers for free.

  23. YEABSIRA says:

    I see some confusion on some shabiya commentators with regard to the defference beween neoliberaism and ETHIOPIAS developmental and democratic state of caurse i will not blame them as they were misinformed by mently poor leader like isayas on the ar tera tv, as to the monthly payment to ethiopians by foreign investors i agree it should be improved but still it is better than the free service which the eriterians given to italy during colonial era, when their grand fathers even gave their wives for colonizers for free. Thanks for our grnd fathers contribution to the victory of ADWA

  24. genzebu says:

    For those who know the insides of the Ethiopian telecom sector, this news is rightly financed by ZTE’s compitator – Huawei.This website has been doing this for so long. The bias in the news shows that Dawit Kebede is just a secretary of Huawei. Who would believe this crap that is full of non-sense in both economic and logical terms?

    • Getch says:

      You rather sound like the secretary of ZTE. You said nothing about the facts stated in the news and blame a company which is not mentioned in the news. Gives more reason to believe the news because you are making groundless accusation. I know the telecom sector very well including ZTE projects. What doesn’t make sense both in economic and logical terms is to pay ZTE 1.9billion dollars to install mostly secondhand equipment’s, introduce equipment without proven track record using Ethio telecom as a live lab, bribe and sometimes even stab people to get badly implemented projects. ZTE’s despicable work is expose not just by this website but all medias including newspapers. there is no newspaper which failed to report the company’s scandal. It is people like you who defend the indefensible. i can give you just a a few examples from what just know about the company’s unethical practices. failed schoolnet project which the company tried to force on MoE which is well reported in many media outlets where the company failed to bring lots of items in the RFP and those it brought failed to comply with MoE requirement, Higher education video conference project which was implemented and made useless soon after where ZTE failed to bring most of the equipment listed in RFP and bribed people to get it approved (all you need to do is check the imported equipment against the RFP), Higher education ETHERNT project which has no contract or even MOU which is suspended for more than a year due to complaints from here and there and now ZTE trying to resuscitate it to life through a recent son called education cloud project designed to continue a suspended ETHERNET project (funny thing is this project should come after ETHERNET is completed but now used to justify a suspended ETHERNET project), etc. Everyone knows the second expansion project signed by ZTE (forced to sign it when Ethio telecom said it will cancel the offer) for a unit price of under $40 per line thanks for Ethio Telecom hard and frustrating negotiation. whereas ZTE took the first expansion project in 2007 for a unit price of $105 per line a price shocking to anyone who knows the sector. No more colonization by ZTE. Thanks for the multi-vendor strategy our late prime minister implemented brining more competition to our projects. ZTE is unwilling to start the second expansion project because its not getting its way like before. YGenzebu your comments may make economic sense for you but they are empty of logic or fact.

  25. Mesfin says:

    How can be 1 billon “$” as shown on the topic, I think it is not serious and talking too much big.
    Obvously,it is fabricated by its couterpart Huawei.Somebody must be corrupted.

    • Sonia says:

      If somebody is corrupted it must be you Mesfin. Bandas like you cover up for a mafia like ZTE. If you know the truth tell us. paid or not paid thats the question!

  26. Mohammed says:

    As I know,ZTE pay tax 60 million Birr annually. President Mulatu visit the H.Q of the compay dozen days ago,he spoke highly of the company’s contribution to Ethiopia.
    It seems somebody delibrately to ruin ZTE’s image.

    • Alif says:

      I saw the president’s visit on TV and he said nothing about ZTE. may be he did as you may be part of ZTE delegate during the visit. May be he knows nothing about this issue. But be assured that Beker Shale didn’t or won’t speak highly of ZTE!

  27. Zegai says:

    O,fuck! obvisouly,it is a conspiracy to destroy ZTE’s image.
    AS we know ERCA is a mafia group.Maybe they are blackmailing the comapny with newspaper.

  28. Getachew says:

    The editor of Awrambatimes is spreading rumor.
    As we know,what ERCA sent is only a notice.there is no final decision made as yet.
    And the number is too big to be believed.
    It seems there is conspiracy behind the news.

    • Asne says:

      Hahaha. just only notice? no final decision made yet? hahaha
      you are proving the story is true. the number is not too big to believe for a company who was paid over billions of dollars from Ethiopia.

  29. Grace says:

    Faked,total rubbish!
    wasting time.

  30. Alexis says:

    the above six comments (Genzebu, Mesfin, Mohammed, Zegai, Getachew, Grace ) shows ZTE 6000birr/month PRs in full gear. where have you been so long?

  31. Hakim says:

    May be ERCA will be forced to cancel or reduce the tax amount because of pressure from officials. Recently ,millions of birr tax supposed to be paid by big businesses was cancelled. Tax amnesty is now trendy for the government. I will not be surprised if ZTE gets the same. Specially ZTE as they never rest taking their gift basket to the bureau of every high official of every ministry. I heard this tax is an arrears, accumulated over 4 years. How many offices ZTE visited to lobby regarding the arrears with their gift baskets. Ho Ho Ho. Whatever the final outcome BRAVO ERCA!

  32. Sami says:

    Thought this is too big to be true but read it yesterdayon local newspapers given front page. Shame on you ERCA giving ZTE a 50% discount openly admitted by zte PR. half a billion birr would have done many hospitsld or schools. there must be a public enquiry how ZTE managed to stay in active operation and allowed to collect payments and particiate in new projects without a tax clearance. If the case was known for years why didnt we stopped payments before. the procedure for tax review requires to pay 50% first before a review thst means ZTE should have paid 500,000,000 to appeal for a review. But ZTE got a discount of fifty person after refusing to pay the tax for many years and also paying half to appeal. Who gave instruction for this to hsppen? ZTE is very ungreatful both in delivery and its disregard to our tax system.

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