The Andargachew Saga: From Sanaa’s El Rahaba Airport to Eritrea’s Harena “Desert”


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41 Responses

  1. ALEMAYEHU says:


  2. Gezaee says:

    I am tired of propaganda;Listen Binyam Kebede and Tamagne Beyene, make a judgment. I think Ethiopians are backward people. What bothers me, everyone of them think they are right. I have question for Binyam, please Binyam, watch Tamagne’s interview and if woyane has moral to condemn anyone.

    • ET says:

      Tamagne think that TPLF haven’t done any good for the past 23 years, What about himself Tamagne what have he been doing for the past 23 years???? collect money from the hard working confused diaspora and spending it on himself and live lavish life. I think Tamagne is the only person who lived in US without working a single day for 23 years and now he want us to call him TAGAY just like that TAGAY TAMAGNE.

    • lemma says:

      I agree with mr gezae these extremist people should be excluded from any rational people and we must say enough is enough for such sycophant people. They are preaching day and night hat and division and we need a modern 21 century people who can able to give and take. Mind you people who have lived in america for decades to behave dormants and ignorance. Politics is about dynamics and it is not static and how a sensible people could not change their mind for more than 20 years.

    • Woyane Yiwdem says:


  3. Gezaee says:

    I know what G7 has been doing is the same what woyane has been doing; But it puzzles me woyane points fingers on others? why? This will not help Ethiopia. Until you grap power you are wrong and as soon as you grab power, you are right in whatever you do? Aye Habesha people.I do not know when Habesha mindset will change.

    • Kebt-hula says:

      Still caveman.Although you are living in Canada as you have been said by yourself, still mob mind, don’t educate himself with Canadian modern mentality and personality.You are incompetent to analysis what you hear and see, only swallowing what you want to ingest despite the fact and truthfulness of the matter. Everybody knows, you are one of the yo-yo individuals like your mirror images such as Tamagne and other stooges.
      So, you zombie, fuck your stinky butt. what a rubbish!

  4. YEABSIRA says:

    here statrted shabya to cry and fistuate, they tried to insult proud people of ETHIOPIA never colonzed and enslaved but we ETHOPIANS always respect people in the world incuding the slave ones where gezae came from. surprisingly there is amharic prvereb sew tira blut erasu meta and this gezae called refence like lemagn beyene,g7 bal bla who are slaves of slave shabiya. my advce to EPRDF is let us have brief operation to asmara to clean roots of terrorists like the USA did on osama binladen in pakistan

  5. Sima Belawhew says:

    Mr. Dawit, no matter how hard you try in the end you and Woyane are minority. unfortunately, majority rules in this modern and globalization era. It won’t be late before the people of Ethiopia assume true power. As the Ethiopian saying goes or Amhara saying as you would like to call it, “Birle kenka ayhonim eka”

    • idris says:

      Sima Belawhew,
      This is how you want to administer Ethiopia. Minorities will not have a chance to rule Ethiopia. You ill-vision (thinking) is a fallacy in view of the following points: 1) if you are thinking in terms of power, in the 21st century, it is not the number that matters 2) if you simply think in terms of voting, and if you assume amhara will vote for amhara only, you are still a minority; because in that case the Oromo are the majority 3)The so called minorities will add their votes to make majority (South, somalia, afar, gambella, etc) 4) if you intended to “rule” the minority by voting irrationally to your follow nationality, and deny the minority participation in their country’s affairs then the unity of the country will end (i.e. they succeed)
      So, the only way out is to respect each other and to govern and go for democratic governance. With regard to your saying “brlea keneqa, ayhonm eqa”. One thing, the current government is not as breakable as Brlea, second, there is no crack. The Ethiopian peoples have cracked down the DERG. So, DERG is already cracked, no more DERG, though there are still some ruminants like yourself.

  6. Hagos says:

    For those who don’t know Binyam Kebede,

    I met him few years ago in Canada when he was trying to launch for the first time his ethiopiafirst website and we discuss a lot.

    I first feel that is a great idea but I asked him why to have a website while he has no knowledge of the internet technology.

    Then he asked his old friend Tezera Mulualem who is an IT professional to help him.
    One day when Tezera celebrate the 1st birth day of his baby boy Kaleb, we met once again and have had a long discussion.
    It was this time that Binyam was frustrated by the life that he depends on social welfare.
    I told him to be someone, he should pay some sacrifies like going to school or working hard and save some money to start his own business.
    But later he met ato Gualu Yihdego a resident of same city.
    Ato Gualu is some one who was a pro EPRDF man though the opposition was very tough for him to face them, then this time Binyam want to take the risk and encouraged by Gualu.
    I advised Binyam to be neutral in this opposition or government fight.
    Binyam stay for sometimes thinking for that and he then travel to American where he got the chance to meet Cheif Muhammod Alamudin and the cheik was very happy to help people who are ready to contribute to ethiopia.
    By the way the cheilk beleive that Binyam was an educated one unfortunately which was not the case.
    So dear Binyam we all advise you not to be this kind of person and be the Binyam we know you.
    When you were dependent on the welfare you were respectful and I know the respect you have for people.

    Dawit, for a better information, just reach me:
    Tel.: +1(613) 563-7296 my landline number

    • BAHTA says:

      Hagos( some body hiding behind a fake name)
      Go and tell that “YEMOGN TERET TERET” to your AKIST. worada leba .I live in the great city of Toronto, and I am a member of the tigrean community in this city . We have a list of all tegarus with their address and phone # in case we need to contact them for some upcoming festival or conference or for anything for that matter. We have nobdy by the name of Hagos in the membership list. I also know very well Benyam Kebede since 2000 European calander durung the badme war when he went to Zalambesa Bure and Badme war front to encourage our gallant armed forces who vanquished the shaebian army. I also know him as a pharmacologist working for Johnson and Johnson, so don’t kid yourself anybody is gone believe you your TERET TERET. Try that with your AKST.maferia.

      • Hagos says:

        Ato Bahta, you are silly and idiot. tell all those untold stories to you Gehanem Esat lalew Melese Zena, Zenaw yiTifana.

        You have no idea who is Binyam
        By the way this so called Bahta is the so called Ben himself. This is how we justify.

        I know all what you said….none sense, usual idiot people.

        I am from Tigray but not like you Tebab, I am first Ethiopia then Tigrean.

        I have a great respect for my great grand fathers but you Mr Ben are trying to do cheap business.

        If you are living in Canada, call me and we can discuss, don’t hide yourself.
        I let there my phone number, I know you don’t try this because you are in Addis

        • Bahta says:

          Hagos AAwan
          I told you to tell your teret-teret yelam beret to your grand ma or to your aunt then you might have a chance in convincing them. If you are using your last name here then I know you you are B. Hagos, a traitor and a mortal enemy of the tigrai people you are currently member of the TPDM slaving for shaebia. I even know your doughters and x-wife and your brother-inlaw. People from around Adwa know you by the nickname SERAQ-TIEL, when I inquired about the meaning it means ye fiyel-leba . They told me when you were a herder in the country side you were stealing somebody-else’s goats and ate them in the jungle. You said call me but you forgot conveniently to write your #.Sooner or later your fate is definitely ANDYS’ fate.

          • Alula says:


            Bingo Bro! Hagos was simply blabbing out of frustration! Shabiya Dogs , call them internal or external, have invaded our web sight,& all over our social media!Nevertheless, the reality will send them back to their Dens as usual! It’s been 23 & 14 years for the internal & external Dogs respectively , since they started their evil course, but failed all along!

    • Ewnetun Bicha says:

      Wushetem melke alew

      Binyam has degree in Chemistry. Stop your lies.

    • Alem says:

      first of all you must be Eritrean lying like your crazy boss Isais. I know very well Ben. He never been lived with gov. support. he is smart since he was a child. I know him very well
      You are upset because you are hearing the very true topics from him that hitting your dead brain cells

      God bless ethiopia

  7. tplf king says:

    ገዛኢ፡ ሓበሻ ማዓኮር ጥልያን ስለዘሓጸቡ ድሑራት ኢኹም እንተበልኩም ክንደየናይ ጸማማትን ደንቆሮታትን ምዃንኩም ሓሊፉ ካሊእ ዝህቦ ምልክት የለን፡፡ ጽምብላሊዕ ማዓኮራ ከይከደነት መሬት ክደነት ድዮም ዝበሉ፡ መሬት ሓበሻ ናይ ጥንቲ መሰረት ስልጣነን፡ ክብርን ምኳና ዓለም ዝምስክሮ እዩ፡፡ ወለኹም ደኣ ታሪኽን ክብርን ዘይብልኩም ዕቡያትን ደንቆሮታትን ጎረቤትና እምበር፡፡ ባርነት ስለ ዝለመድኩም፡ ባርነት ታዓዲልኩም ኣለኹም፡ ንሕና ኢትዮጵያውያን ግን ተስፋና ክብርን ናጽነትን፡ብሩህ ተስፋና እዩ፡፡ god bless wedi afom, he is well handling the arrogant p brain and A headed eritreans, who can not see things from different angles.

  8. በለው ! says:

    ሽሮ ሜዳ የት ነው? ፍንፍኔ! የቢኒያም ከበደ የአያቱ ሀገር መሆኑ ነው?ቢኒያም አንተም የካናዳ ፓስፖርት አለህ!ፉክክሩ ከባድ ሰለሆነ የትምህርት ውጤትህ ትንሽ ስለነበረች በእየሴት ቤቱ ምግብ ከማነፍነፍ ዕድሜ ለወያኔ እንጀራ ከፈተልህ ይኸው ዙሪያውን እየቀባጠርክ በተገነፋበት እየዋቀጥክ ትበላላህ!! ለማናቸውም ግንቦት ፯ ባይሆን ኤርትራውያኑ ምላስህን ያልቆረጡና ጆሮህ ላይ ያላንጠለጠሉልህ እንደሆነ ታዘበኝ!!ኦረማይ(አለቀለት) ድንቄም!አሃ..የአንድአድርጋቸው ኢንተርቪ ቀድሞ ተቀነባብሮ የተቀዳው ደርሶህ ነበር”አሁን ውጣ ውረዱን ችሎ ትገሉን የሚቀጥል ለም ግንቦት ፯ ሁለት ወር አድሜ አይኖረውም የሚለውን ኦረማይ አልሽ!? ይቺ ሁሉ ቦታ ጥልቅ ብሎ የወያኔ ቦንብ አምካኝ ሆኖ ከፊት መገኘት ዋጋው የከፋ ነው።ዕድሜ ለእንግሊዝ አንድአርጋቸውን በኢንቨስትመንታችን አትግባ አትገደልም ግን ጠጥ በል ብለው ወደ ምሕረት ጎዳና አቀረቡት። አንድአድርጋቸው ከመስከረም ፪ በግንቦት ፳ ለሕዝብ ሲባል በተያዘው ሬዲዮአና ቴሌቪዥን እየቀረበ ግንቦት ፯ ምን ያህል ደረጃ ላይ አንዳለ ማስታወቂያ በነፃ ይሰራበታል!!..ይህ ተከታታይ አጋለጠ!ተነተነ! ዘራ! ወቃ! የሚሉ በጣም የዘቀጠ ትንታኔ!አስቂኝና አስፎጋሪ ቱሪናፋ ቢቀር መልካም ነው። አይልም ደስ ያለ ሙዚቃ መደነስ አሉ የአራዳ ልጆች “የሁለት ምርኮኞች ወግ” በሚለውን ዕይታህ የተንሸዋረረ ለመሆኑ የደረሰብህን የትግራይ ልጆች አስተያት አስብ፣ ተማር፣ ተረዳ፣ ..አድርባይ አሉ ወ/ሮ አዜብ ጎላ

  9. Sefefe says:

    Tamagn was a silly comedian supporting and joking about the mass killing, suffering and destruction Melaku Tefera did in Gonder.
    Tamagn was a dancer dancing around from happiness entertaining that Monkey Mengistu while he was butchering the youth and Intellectuals and making the nations life in misery. Tamagn was a silly but brainwashed hard core in the derge Era. Abede Gelaw and Abebe Belew and others including those in Norway and England also are part of that group.


    Tamagn and the herds around him are not part of the vast majority Ethiopians that are the rural population. Tamagn and his herds including Birhanu nega, the hunted and already caught core terrorist, Abede gelaw, Abebe belew and those in Europe breathing with Income support have no idea how the 85% Ethiopia rural people live.

    They grown up with backward feudal mentality in impoverished towns having life better than the vast rural that had/ still many have no light, running water, sanitation, modern home, school, roads and so on. These herds in USA, England, Norway and the likes have no idea how look like life without light. and other basic facilities.

    That is why the Joke Tamagn was dancing, denouncing, joking and laughing along side with the Islamic terrorists in the name of OLF and ONLF demonstrating against the construction of the Hedase dam in front of the Ethiopian Embassy in USA they were getting warmth in that cold weather from the fire came from the burning Ethiopian flag.

    Tamagn was there clapping and shouting from happiness when that dark and ugly animal was burning the Ethiopian flag. Tamagn was cris-crossing all over USA together with the Egyptian wahabi Islamic terrorists and Muslim brother representatives giving lectures to Ethiopians about how bad and weak is the Ethiopian government and how bad the hedase dam to Ethiopians is.
    Tamagn is a big joke no one takes his seriously but backward and silly animal have only mouth to shit his stinky and damp brain poison.


    you are one of them i.e. silly and have nothing to do but acting an internet hero with comments look like coming from someone who has lots of problems and setbacks till he feels hopeless and accepted his future as failure and ended up in vain.

    Anyone who is looking the joke Tamagn even as a human being must be stupid and ignorant as that joke tamagn is. He is creating and using the situation the best way to make a living or else he has to do cleaning jobs as many of his herd animals that are giving him free money are doing.

  10. me says:

    Gena Isayasim yigebal.
    Eliminate Isayas and eliminate terror safe heaven.

  11. Gezaee says:

    It is waste of time to talk with woyanes cadres. They are deaf. You know the derg cadres were deaf; did not have ears, eyes, deaf and blind, history is now repeating itself, TPLF people are deaf.

    The call everyone Shabia while they themselves are shabia, not even shabia. I advise to the cursed woyanes to listen to Tamagne, I do not agree Tamagne has repeat what woyane did,but what Tamagne is saying is perfect in my view. The only I do not agree is that two wrongs does not making anything right.Because the cursed TPLF has destroyed one generation of Ethiopians in the name of liberating tigrai, you do not have to repeat what they did because they are angry. The easy way to remove TPLF is not to go to Asmara, but to have vision that is attractive to all walk of life in Ethiopia regardless ethnic or tribe or religion. You can not tell me because woyane died to save Shabia you have to do the same.

    Anyway, as one of my foreigner friend suggested to me, this is not the way to help your country, there is better way to help your country. The people of tigrai Knew very well, TPLF was not good for Ethiopia and that is why the war in Tigrai took 17 years because there was no support from people. Woyane were called chigramoch, derkoch,… people used to say, metu degmo or they are coming again. TPLF only succeed to conquer Tigrai by force and by complete making miserable to live and people did no have choice but either to join TPLF or escape to Sudan or escape to south or join derg. Many people says TPLF is /was supported by Tigreans, no, TPLF forced itself on the people as it did force itself on the entire Ethiopia.

    In general, we need better alternative than TPLF, G7 because we do not want our country again to live in war for decades. We have had enough of it. If you want to fight with Shabia to liberate Ethiopia? go and fight, but I do not think Ethiopians will be attracted to war in this 21 century. As I said TPLF could not get support for 17 years. But the situation and world politics in its favour then. You can remove woyane in one day if you have a good ideology that appeals to all Ethiopian.

    This is not defend woyane, I know woyane is a curse as Grebremedin called them a curse. Woyane is really a curse. But we need to form a new united civil movement and dissolve all the factions which are wasting resources of Ethiopian people. Stopping chasing people because you do not like them. Chase the ideology that you do not like instead of the people. Woyane = Shabia, the same for me. They fought together and ate together, they pissed on Ethiopians in addis both. Neither woyane nor Shabia are friend of Ethiopian people. Allying with Shabia is not different allying with TPLF. The other thing, TPLF has people within Shabia because the top leaders in Eritrea are Tigrean origin and the top leaders in Ethiopia are Eritrean origin. It is even difficult for Eritrean or Tigrean to know who is who? Shabia’s main propaganda to mobilize Eritrean against Ethiopia was based on hatred on Amhara people. How is that now Shabia has fallen in love with Amhara? I remember people telling me that Amhara were not human but weird creatures with long and wide ears, big foot,… Shabia thought Eritreans that amhara were monster like creatures. Now you tell me Shabia wanted to help you ? We need civilization guys, and civilization is not what we see in this forum. The narrow Ethiopian mindset I am only right must come to an end. Those of us who lived a great deal of life cannot afford to live in this mode of operation of hatred and war, blaming either forever. Governments must be removed immediately when they can not serve people. We must not waste decades to remove leaders. It must be done in short time and peacefully. This can happen if we do things peacefully and based on truth. For instance, there is no reason for woyane to continue ruling Ehiopia while its track record is blunder, national treason all along. This must have addressed long ago. We are dividing and they are riding on us and that is what they want even. They did not divide Ethiopia into ethnic to benefit Ethiopians. They did it to manipulate people by ethnic because it is easier to rule people that way.

    • Almi says:

      “I think Ethiopians are backward people.”Gezaee

      “Shabia thought Eritreans that amhara were monster like creatures.” what is the difference b/n Gezaee and shaebia. Same.
      Arrogance out of nothing. Better cry for your depopulated,demoralized and dying country before saying anything about great nation Ethiopia. Idiot.

  12. Mi says:

    Viva bini I like you

  13. Almi says:

    Please avoid the confused and pessimist diaspora from your site,if you want your site to be a place for constructive discussion and positive engagement. We know these toxic diaspora are good for nothing, blaming and labeling any one who doesn’t accept their low standard view and blind opposition. It is easier for a camel pass through eye of the needle than this toxic diaspora accept any positive side of Ethiopia.Dingay wuha wust eyenore wana aychilm endemibalew. Hence, these hate mongers should not be given any role in the matters of our national interest and sovereignty. God Bless Ethiopia.

  14. Alula says:

    Ben is one of the best journalists Ethiopia ever had, he is doing every thing he can to expose internal & external enemies of Ethiopia! Just it is your jealousy!What are these terrorists,haters, nonsense bloggers…doing? Serving Ethiopia’s enemies, & fattening their pockets in the name of Ethiopia! If we see these haters, all of them was living with out working even a single day during Derg! Cry cry cry ….!

    Gezaee was Derg’s cadre until Derg was kicked out of Ethiopia massacring innocent Ethiopian, but he is crying here as if he is clean! Gezaee, you can only burn yourself , while you are eating American tax payers money! It’s been a while since you cry for nothing! You are trying to attract Ethiopia’s enemies money , but nobody is giving you any attention!
    Take it easy! Woyane has been there , it is there, & it will be there for decades to come!
    You voted as Eritrean in the referendum , & now you turned to be Ethiopian!

  15. Name (required) says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. The so called Binyam and Dawit are exemplifying incompetence in full. duros ke unity graduates min yitebekal? bado hula

  16. Gezaee says:

    The more I read from the woyane thugs, the more they made me hate them. Ugly, Shabia slaves, you even leba call yourself Ethiopian? leba banda, lksks, corrupt, rotten head. You even sell Ethiopian for cash and you have moral to tell me I am shabia, denez, denkoro, ahya,… backward. You even a slave of Shabia, calling yourself Ethiopians, leave alone clean, pure and proud Ethiopians with no blood in my hand, clean like morning water,… dedeb woyane.

    • Chanyalew says:

      Please see a psychiatrist as soon as you can. You have been out of control for a long time. May God be with you!

    • Alula says:


      The difference between I & you is: I work my ass off to make a living, whereas you live on tax payers money! I supported woyane starting from my teenage, whereas, you have been here & there , from EPRP to Derg, to woyane to shabiya & then back to barking like a dog!You are simply wasting your time! The reason you hate woyane is: they couldn’t give you some position! You know why they didn’t give you even a little position? Because they know you that you are ወላዋይ/ኣቃጣሪ!

      You hate woyane simply to irritate your self! Don’t think that I’m woyane! You yourself know if I were woyane, I wouldn’t waste even one second talking to your nonsense! Take it ease & don’t irritate yourself hating !

    • Chika-Ras says:

      Let me throw one question, who do you think you are? I have never encountered an idiot person like you,who even doesn’t understand the arithmetic of one plus one. what an idiot! Everyone feel nausea when read your animosity. If you are man,why don’t expose yourself to the public as your likes openly spewing their hatred at every platforms and street demonstrations. If you have a clear purpose to reflect, why don’t do it openly than spiting your heinous in every web site here and there like mad-dog. I urge you to go to your shit house cry and holler very well and hang yourself like most depressed individuals usually do, because your one of them. please get lost from this web, it doesn’t belong to you morally and even spiritually.

  17. Semeneh Hagos says:

    Mr. Benyam,
    you used to say something like “””we report you judge”””. Are you with the same mind or somehow completely washed? How on earth can one, who reads, have some sort of education (in your case third level), from whom can be expected to think critically and freely…, believe that all media outlets from government sources to be true? Why do you want to fool yourself by trying to fool others? Sorry for Canada for the “success” in educating people like you. I am proud to see young personalities – patriots, like Abraha Desta but not Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times.

    • Chika-Ras says:

      Fake Hagos
      muddy mind like yours doesn’t amount anything than blabbering. By the way, who are you to categorizing citizens as patriots and traitors, this shows how chauvinist you are. Individuals ill at ease like you are always rubbishes, don’t have any use. So go to hell and rub your stinky butt

    • Alula says:

      Hagos (Fake)

      What do you want Ben to report? Do you want him to report shabiya’s propaganda & hate politics like ESAT & ethio media? What do you want him to do?

  18. doro says:

    First my greeting to Dawit Kebede, I like the way you do your job.Stay Neutral all the way do not be like Ben.In my opinion MR. Ben need some advise from professionals before he say any thing….90% of his stories are one sided. Please let him know he has to hire someone who have the knowladge of journalizm….thx

  19. Kebt-hula says:

    Still caveman.Although you are living in Canada as you have been said by yourself, still mob mind, don’t educate himself with Canadian modern mentality and personality.You are incompetent to analysis what you hear and see, only swallowing what you want to ingest despite the fact and truthfulness of the matter. Everybody knows, you are one of the yo-yo individuals like your mirror images such as Tamagne and other stooges.
    So, you zombie, fuck your stinky butt. what a rubbish!

  20. Name (required) says:

    Those who feel Ethiopian citizen,dont waste your time by arguing with empty mind woyanai caderies’.
    They fill their stomack by..telling their old false movies and talks. they lose their identity.
    Their mind is set by village level similar to their ediot boss so they try to talk…about kebele …racism…why they get lesson from other countries who proud of being …part of the country rather than talking about this minorities…today is not zemen zagwai woyanai end sooon . Woyanai ccolonized our country and use our resources. I hate hate woyanai.i love Andargachewu who give his time and life for me and the country. Woyanai knows his…..paralized regim start to collaps cadries try to search other area enough!

  21. Alula says:

    Name (required)

    You are simply blabbing here for what you have no idea!
    Woyane was there for 40 years & all these crying all over are defeated entities in the last 40 years & naive individuals eluded by these defeated ones!
    The reason anti woyane entities lost all along is; because they really don’t know who woyane is! Woyane amounts to a massanger sent from the heavens!

    Name required, face the reality! Look at Isaias,kinijit,G7…since 2000? Once you mess around woyane, you will never see yourself better!
    Follow real things instead of fake propaganda!

  22. Dawit Mellese says:

    Dawit, why do you think Woyane supporters congest your site? It is because they feel home with you. I know Woyane pays gov’t Money for its die-hard supporters of Tigrai origin to do this dirty job, hiding behind screen. What surprise me is, their mind set is one and same. They don’t want to think freely. By the way, that’s the very reason Ereateians ended up becomeing like this.

  23. mahmoud says:

    የግም. 7 ሊቀመንበር ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ በለከት የለሽ ንግግሩና ዱርዬ ቃላቱ የታወቀ ቢሆንም እንደ ከገዛ ራሱ ራድዮ ጣብያ ESAT ጋር ሰሞኑን አንዳርጋቸው አስመልክቶ ያደረገው ቃለ መጠይቅ ወርዶብኝ አያቅም። በየስቴቱ እየዘሩ ስለጄነራላቸው ጀግነነት እንዳልደሰኮሩ፣ የወያኔ የውግያ ሰልት ያቃል ብለው እንዳላናፉና የሌለ ጦራቸው ዎያኔን በወራት ደምሰሶ ኢትዮጵያን እንደሚቆጣጠሩ በመንገር የስደተኛው ገንዘብ እንዳልዘረፉ።
    ዛሬ ዶክተሩ አንዳርጋቸውን አስመልከተው የሰጡት ቃለመጠይቅ ጠያቀውን ጭምር ያስገረመ ነበር። አንዲ ምንም አያቅም፣ ዶኩሜንት ብያዝበትም የፖሊሲ ዶኩሜንት ነው በማለት ነጭ ውሸት የዋሸ ሲሆን ይህነን የተምታታ ንግግሩ የሰማ ሰው፣ እውነት ይህ ሰው የግንባሩ መሪ ነው ዎይ ያሰኛል እንደ ብርሃኑ ከሆነ ለካስ አንድዬ ደብረ ቢዘን ለመሳለም ነበር ወደ ኤርትራ የሚሄደው። ይህ መጠይቅ በጣም ብዙ ድራማ ይወጣዋልና ባለሙያዎች እንዲመለከቱትእመክራለሁ።

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