Ethiopia Says U.K. Judicial Review of Aid Is Based on Fabricated Claims


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5 Responses

  1. Gudu Fella says:

    Here Woyane goes…it pretends as if no measure that either Eurpean Union or US takes affects it; but as we can witness from this, it got nervours when they start enquiring let alone taking action. At least we know the budget for its security aparatus comes from these sources. We also know the money it gave to Yemen security to have Andargachew kiddnaped comes from this same Aid too.

    • yohannes says:

      Gudu Fella, how fo you know it.
      Don’t underestimate your country.
      Ethiopia and ethiooians are eonderful and they know what they do.

  2. Gezaee says:

    I do not believe in AID anyway; let them shove their aid because no aid means no interference. It is good the keep their aid and the Ethiopian will be bothered by meddling. The regime has to stop buying ports while ports are sitting idle and beg aid from UK, USA. u must be ashamed. You really love begging too much. The best way is to be self-reliant than to rely on others.

    But I believe the case is political because no one knows the applicant. mr x? how is that mr.x lay a charge against a government hidden underground. I am accused, I have a right to know my accuser. There is no such type of justice. This is political , may be G7. But this does not mean EPRD does not violate rights of people or its citizens. No government violates the rights of citizens like EPRDF. This is the government that was shipping teens girls for sex trade to Saudi Arabia.

    • kfasil says:

      Hay JillO…No body believes in aid.
      In a reality , No interference means sudden economic downfall. Historically, that entails the hungry people grouch to eat the dictators within a small amount of time.
      Also means all the woyane thugs and traders will run away out of the country too. Especially, when they find out the government pot is drying little by little.

      I do not think as al little man you aware this part.

  3. shenkute says:

    ebola is coming what do we learn fron china how do they control sars this is seriouse isue.gebtsoche leshemtulen hedewal.

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