Ethiopia Announces Details of Salary Increment (+Video)


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23 Responses

  1. Gezaee says:

    I found it so hard to believe:

    Minimum ,maximum wage before and after increment
    420 birr = 21.23 dollars
    615 birr = 31.09 dollars
    4434 birr = 223.65 dollars
    5897.22 birr = 298.13 dollars

    It is hard to believe how lows the payment. I know many countries and this is the lowest payment I can imagine I have ever heard in my life. You can make this 298.12 dollars money in one day where I live, it is true the life is expensive also here. But the Ethiopians one is too low to imagine. The reason is the hell bent regime, despotic regime is paying 2 billion dollar to buy ports and abusing Ethiopians by paying 21.00 dollars per month. The country could have saved 2 billion dollars from buy port and make money using its ports. But never mind, the domma head woyane will keep on lying and keep on paying 21 dollars per month. I am imagine how people can live with 21 dollars per month. oh my God

    • ET says:

      @ GEZAEE
      You sold your nationality to serve whit that is why they paying you that much but at the end of the day they treat you like a Dog u can’t deny that we all know our life in the diaspora, u may get that much money but my friend your life is sheet, filed with negativity and hate.I have never seen you posting a positive comment here. When your whit boos treat you like a dog at work you come here and relief your anger on those who are serving their mother land. The civil servant in Ethiopia might get less money than you getting but they have more satisfaction for serving their fellow citizen plus at the end of the day they go home with their head high not like you shaved at the back of a train. You might have more money in your bank but believe it or not they are more rich than you. So my friend life is too short save your criticism for your self improve your life try be +Ve and smile while you have teeth.

      • Gezaee says:

        Aye woyane domma ras, you tell me you I betray my country? It is you who selling land and people for money, not me. It is who went to Eritrea to fight for Shabia and to landlock Ethiopia. It is not me Sir. If I have to tell you, I am clean clean, clean than anyone woyane. You are washed by corruption and betrayal all along. There is nothing positive from woyane, woyane a sworn antiethiopia and Shabia slaves. I hope shabia will wipe you out one day because you are idiots and shabia slaves who have been making Ethiopians to bleed and how can you shabia slave have a gut to call me traitor ? Leba, acheberbari, agershecha. It is me who landlocked 96 million by denying their right and they sea? Idiot, go and teach your story to somebody else, leba, yeterk atela. Is it me who is forcing Ethiopians to buy ports while their ports are sitting idle for 23 years? Agases, you have the moral to point finger on me. I never killed people or never did anything against anyone. it is you who sell Ethiopians teens for sex trader, apparently you are sex trafficker.Hailemriam Desaleng was shipping Ethiopians girls every month to Saudi Arabia in the name of maid? You have no moral to point finger on anyone. I prefer the white man than the barbaric Ethiopians like you who have no any sense. I wonder how you treat people there if you can say what you are saying here by accusing people falsely. Is it woyane that forced the entire country to be landlocked and is it not woyane that dismantled Ethiopian Navy just for the sake insanity and cynically. Woyane I hate you because you have no brain at all. You have a twisted brain that does not even serve you. You are against yourself, you love making enemies and you love making people suffer. I am where I am because your evil and bloody so called rebellion and bloody war that deprived me life in my country. If we are outside it is because of your evil agenda and if we are complaining it is because of your evil antiEthiopia agenda. You love money and you have no any human moral to point fingers on anyone. I get surprised when woyanes blame or critize or accuse other people. There is no traitor like TPLF in the history of Ethiopia. How can I be traitor out of the blue because you did not like what I ssaid? Yea, Ethiopians are rich because low salary plus oppression makes them so happy happy than me who live in heaven like country. I have been there and you made Ethiopia hell to live and it is a blessing to be out of Ethiopia. No one has right to push me around here. You will not find this even one’s in your life.

        • bb says:

          Dear Gezaee, your comments are offensive! Don’t you have some positive idea for your county other than calling names please get rid of the negative mentality and come up with the positive one. Wishing you the best.

      • Mot le TPLF Woyane says:

        GEZAE You are areal dingay ras. I agree with Gezaee woyane is the one who is selling Ethiopia. Woyane is anti-Ethiopia. If I have a chance to exterminate all woyane Banda’s and its sympathizers I would have wiped them right away.
        GEZAE you bastard idiot what the hell you know about mother land? Your colonial master made Ethiopia land locked and made her dependent on Djibouti. You bastard idiots are giving Ethiopian land to Sudan. You have no any right to call yourself Ethiopian let alone to judge others political views

    • axumawe says:

      @mr Gezaee !!
      To be honest with you, I never ever saw anyone so negative about every thing and any thing at all.
      you thought like some kind of genius YOU CLAIM THAT (I NEVER HERD in my life). you say many country you know ooo boy,
      you know sheet, you are bull sheeter.
      you say ,you can make $298.12 dollar per day, you may know a nurse makes that much, it is obvious you hang around some one who makes that much.
      but I know some one who makes $5000 cn per day. he is a specialist children doctor and he is proud Ethiopian, clay head.
      for your so low assessment and cristhm
      1)let me put it this way, where you live you have no say, right, you can’t decide for your self. they make dissection for you. you are a slave ,we are all slaves,(modern slaves or talking tools) we work to live, but the proud Ethiopians they work to bulled there country.
      that is the different between the people in Ethiopia and people like me and you.
      2)when you put it how low the wage is and how some one you know can make 298.12per day.
      luff of bread costs $2.50 dollar=49.37birr.
      a beer costs her $4.00dollar=79.00birr
      where you live in Toronto apartment the lowest is $800 dollars=$15.800birr.
      know when we know what life is in diaspora, is it faire to compere ETHIOPIA WITH THE WESTERN WORLD ?????
      IF YOU REALY HAVE A NORMAL BRAIN, I WELL LIVE THE JUGEMENT FOR YOU,BUT I DON’T THINK SO, you are just a barking dog Mr. gezaee !!!
      good Luck with your anger to wards woyane.
      good luck with your un happy life, you well go to your grave with out one day of happiness !
      long live Ethiopia!!!

    • kebraraw says:

      well you mean beforeyou comapre it with your country eritrea ya? isn’t it only 350 nakfa which is equivalent to 8.332 dollars for a solider? and as you know all your eritrean fellow are soliders.

      so don’t jump with out noticing where to land

      • mike says:

        @ kebrarawe/hagos,,,why you tplf cadres lebel any one who oppose TPLF REGIME,have to be shabya,,,is Eritrean population must be 86 million ,you guys are in-denial ,,,,,,enough is enough,go away,,shame yemaykonetetacho feteretoche,

  2. idris says:

    The basic salary is of course small enough. Civil servants are familiar with it. They know how to live with 30 dollars per month. 1 dollar a day. That is around 20 birr per-day. Ethiopia is not japan. There are also other benefits expected soon like transport allowance/service provision, providing conominium houses, health service etc. Despite this, the GoE and ETV have committed 7 top mistakes in the recent salary increment.
    1) announcing the salary at PM level with a bigger tone; This made the civil servants to expect more
    2) the ETV talked about the salary increment in a vague manner without specifying the amount. This opened the way for the private media to distribute false information and rumors: the fortune news paper and diretune , for example, told us that the salary increments are between 76-129% which is far from the reality.
    3) the government was to late to release the details and as a result the inflation quickly raised. The inflation was in all items and commodities
    4)the government is now struggling to control the inflation; it is difficult
    5) The government today told us that the salary increments vary between 33 and 46%. But the inflation might have gone far beyond the increment
    6) the net effect is now, no salary increment
    7) but the expectation of the civil servant remained unsatisfied. Thus, the expected motivation on workers is unlikely to came.
    IT SEEMS ZERO SUM for the civil servant but a lose for the government; This because of the 11 billion birr expenditure for the increment without satisfying the civil servant.

  3. Gezaeee says:

    They wrote English in Amharic the thing I hate most. The author of this articles said yeeconomy hbt, instead of metanie habt. I do not understand why people wanted to borrow English word by replacing local words.
    is economy better than mtanie habt? Aye Habesha,enantete sew yeseraw manquashish enji metakm atwkut. Is this civilization or what ? writing English words in Amharic? disgraceful.

  4. Abegaz says:

    It is not the amount of money what matters. Rather it is the purchasing power. There was problem when a man gets 15 birr per month in the good old days. People could eat and dress.

    Under EPRDF, Ethiopian birr purchasing power has deteriorated so much that the cost of a chicken in Ethiopian birr is equivalent to the dollar value in the west. The prime reason is the government keeps on printing money to support large scale projects. The common man suffers as a result of that. People eat once a day. Gone are the days of eating three times a day. All the buildings and roads built under EPRDF are at the expense of the poor going poorer. Not only getting poor but eating two or three bites (gurshases) a day. It is a pity that Ethiopians do not have a responsible government. They are now to devalue the birr which will take the dollar value of salaries below $20 for the low earning income.

    The physical and mental health of the nation is in deep problem. Never Ethiopians are in such situation of misery before.

    Who would have thought Mengstu Hailemariam would get a positive rating? Thanks to TPLF, even the days of Mengstu are longed. There was no people’s government under Mengistu and so is under EPRDF. The difference is: life was better under Mengistu.

    Maregn Mengstu!! Democracy kertobign enjerayen bebelahu!!

    • Gezaee says:

      The problem is there is no government in Ethiopia. The country is led by WB, IMF. You know woyanes accepted the Washington consensus structure adjustment long ago. The regime we have is a useless puppet made of beggars. They beg and take instruction from WB, IMF,… and the end result is handing the country to anyone. Now their boss told them to devalue the money even to make it worse than it is and there are dulosional Ethiopians who even debate devalueing the money is a good thing. As long as Ethiopians is not led by people who have brain, the people will continue to suffeer. How can a beggar who beg in the name of others free any beggars from beggary. The next victim will be the banking system, telecom,… others, woyane will close its files by selling the entire country and woyanes mission accomplished making Ethiopia a banana republic WB, IMF. I have never come across a country’s policy is being drafted in Washington and handed to addis ababa? There is no government in my understanding. World bank gives policy statements to Ethiopia twice a year and woyane ululates and accept it as a blessing as long there is some scrap money attached to it. Down to woyane, the antiEthiopia elements Ethiopia created. They did not fight to liberate anyone but to sell Ethiopia to anyone. Ethiopia is not only poor now, but it has become a toilet country. The back-bone of TPLF economy is now sex tourism and teen traffick. Sex tourism not only in Ethiopia but exporting it like coffee. Derg was much better, the people wore kaki, they were not this much corrupt. They promoted local business instead eliminating local and replacing them with Chinese sweatshops. This regime really must go away. I am hating this regime now. I have lost all my patience. We have begged for 24 years asking them to work with citizens to solve the problem of the country. But they refused and they decided to work with colonial agents like WB, IMF. There is no other alternative than to remove this corrupt, American puppet regime.

  5. Me civil servant says:

    fuck woyane

  6. በለው ! says:

    >>>ከሐምሌ ወር ፳፻፮ ጀምሮ ደም ጨመረ! በመላ ሃገሪቱ ለሚገኙ ፩ነጥብ ሶስት ሚሊየን የሲቪል ሰርቪስ ሰራተኞች ያካተተ ሲሆን መንግስት ለተደረገው የደም-ወዝ ጭማሪ ብቻ ፲ነጥብ ፫ ቢሊየን ብር ወጭ አድርጓል።
    **ምን አላት!? ከወጪያችን ፴፫ከመቶ ለወደብ የምከፍለው፣ በከፍተኛና ትላልቅ በተቧደኑ አካላት ቀረጥ ስለማይጠየቁ እና ሙስና የጀርባ አጥንት ሆኖ ተው ባይ ገላጋይ በሌለበት ቀጣይ የኢኮኖሚ ግስጋሴ(ካለ)እንዲሁ እየተደጓጎምን ኑሮን ለመሸወድ እንታገላላን!። “የተደረገው ጭማሪም በዋናነት የኢኮኖሚ እድገቱን ተከትሎ የተከሰተውን የዋጋ ንረት መንግስት ሰራተኛው እንዲቋቋመው አላማ ያደረገ እንደሆነ ነው ሚኒስትሩ አቶ ሶፊያን አህመድ የተናገሩት። ቁምነገሩ ግን በነፃ ገበያ!ሙሉዓለም(ግሎባላይዜሽን)ዓለም አንድ መንደር ሆነች! ግዛ በችርቻሮ! አለ በጅምላ! ቢባል ይችን ጭማሪን ድሃ ሳይበላት የጣሪያ ላይ ጠፈጠፍ ሆና…ትዘልቃለች።

    *** ግን” የገንዘብና ኢኮኖሚ ልማት ሚኒስትሩ አቶ ሶፊያን አህመድ እንደተናገሩት “ይህ ጭማሪ በየሶስት አመቱ ሲደረግ ቆይቶ ዛሬ ላይ ደረሷል።” ይህ ማለት?ከዛሬ ሶስት ዓመት በፊት ጡረተኛው ደሞዙ ፻ብር ነበር ወይም ምግብ ነፃ ነበር? ወይም ልጆቹ አልበሉም ት/ቤት አልሔዱም?አለዚያ ቱረተኞች በሙሉ ቤተሰብ አልባ ናቸው፡፤ እልል በል ኢኮኖሚ! አቶ ሰፊያን አህመድ “በጭማሬው ልዮ ትኩረት ያገኙ ተቋማትና ግለሰቦች፤ መጭውን ትውልድ በመቅረጽ፤ በሃገራችን የቴክኒዎሎጂ ሽግግር እንዲፈጠር በማድረጋቸውና መሰረታዊ አገልግሎት እየሰጡ በመሆናቸው እያበረከቱት ባለው የላቀ አስተዋፅኦ የተመረጡ ናቸው።” መልካም….ጡረተኞች ፸፩ከመቶ ፪፻፱ብር ጭማሪ …ዝቅተኛ ደሞዝተኛ ፵፮ከመቶ ፻፺፭ብር ጭማሪ…ከፍተኛው ደሞዝተኛ ፴፬ከመቶ ፩ሺህ፭፻፰ብር ጭማሪ ተደርጋጓል ማለት ነው። ከፍተኛው ከዝቅተኛው ፭ሺ፫፻፳፯ ብር ልዩነት ሲኖረው ከፍተኛው ከጡረተኛው የ፭ሺ፬፻፴፱ብር ልዩነት አለው። ዝቅተኛው ደሞዝ ተከፋይ ከጡረተኛው የ፻፲፪ብር ልዩነት አላቸው። ሳይጨመር የከፍተኛው ገቢ ደሞዝተኛ የ፲፭ ጡረተኖች ወይም የ፲ ዝቅተኛ ገቢ ደሞዝተኖች የወር ገቢ ነበረው!።

    ***አሁን የአንድ ከፍተኛ ደሞዝ ተከፋይ ጭማሪ ብቻ የ፫ ጡረተኛች አዲሱ ደሞዝ ወይንም የከፍተኛው ደሞዝተኛ የወር ገቢ የ፲፩ ጡረተኞች የወር ገቢ ወይንም የ፱ ዝቅተኛ ደሞዝ ተከፋዮች የወር ገቢ ነው። ይቺ ውብና ድንቅ ሀገር ከሕዝቧ ጋር የምትኖረው በተቀረፀው ፖለቲካ፣ በሚለፈፈው ዕድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን፣ በግለሰብ ራዕይ፣ በጭብጫቦና በመፈክር ሳይሆን በሕዝቡ ጥረህ ግረህ ብላ በሁሉም ሃይማኖት ፀሎት ጌታ በሰጠው በማይሻር በማይገሰስ ቃል ኪዳን ፀጋ ነው። ካሉን ታሪካዊ መስዕብ ባሻገር ኑሮአችን በራሱ ብዙ ሺህ ጎብኚ ይስባል ግሩም ድንቅ በለው!። በቸር ይግጠመን

  7. kebrom says:


    salary increment??? hahahahaha kikikikiki.

    you better do not post this?

  8. Gezaee says:

    Woyane cadres who woyanes disappear sooner or later, the reasons is woyane is rotten with corruption. Woyane can not be Ethiopians. They are Tigrignea speaking Arabs and that is the reasons woyane was shipping Ethiopianss teens under age for legalized sex trafficking to Saudi Arabia. No woyane cadre can talk or claim being Ethiopians. An Ethiopians can never landlock his country by force. An Ethiopians can never force his country to be landlocked and force 96 million people to be landlocked and pay 2 billion dollars per year. No Ethiopian can deliberately, cynically dismantle a national navy and take out his country from the sea. If there is an Ethiopian enemy it is woyane. It is Ethiopia the poorest country which has lost 11 billion dollar. It is Ethiopia that has been forced to sign EEBC and Alger’s agreement. We can not list all the evilness of woyane. Woyane is made of gangs who care about no one but chasing rfrafi from NGOS, WB,IMF, USA, UK,… There is no government in Ethiopia. The government in Ethiopia is European journalists, NGOS, WB, IMF, Chinese investors. Down to woyane and its blood sucking corrupt cadres. Whether you like it or not, woyane is rotten long ago. Woyanes rottenness started long ago when it was campaigning to landlock Ethiopia. Woyane moved up and down to landlock Ethiopia with Egypt. EU, OAU,… USA,… opposed the landlocking of Ethiopia. The cursed woyane refused, woyane said yazugn lekekugn Ethiopia must be landlocked and Ethiopians must buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, … woyane is a curse in our history. Woyane liberated now. Woyane made us leave our homes and made us suffer by waging bloody war for 2 decades, burning schools, destroying bridges, sacrificing 60 000 innocent poor Tigreans youths and made more 100 000 youths disabled. Woyane deprived Ethiopians development for 2 decades. Woyane liberated no one. You accuse me I am living out, you evils, it is you who made me leave my country. It is you created out migration or making Ethiopians to leave their country. You created too much suffering in the name of your so called liberation. I do not even understand who is being liberated after killing all that souls. You come here to insult people. But never mind, the day will come that you will not walk on people like you are doing. Citizen becoming second citizen, you corrupt raping Ethiopia with foreigners and selling the country and its people. Wait, it is a matter of time. You will see if you can continue raping the people their right. you have denied people their right by land-locking them by force, the Ethiopian have genuine causes to hate you. You are disgrace and I do not even know why you care to call Ethiopians since you are sworn enemies of Ethiopia. But never mind, woyanes never listen, domma ras. you have no moral.

    Axumite = you idiot, harlot, balegie, leba, shermuta. I said the minimum wage per day is more than the Ethiopian monthly highest salary.I did not talk how much people get per day. You shermuta, I am sure shermutal like you make more than that per day. Shermutas like you can make 2000 per hour. Shremuta, gilie, kftaf, denkoro,primitive, backward, you like insulting people, lksks atarit

  9. Gezaee says:

    Woyane fought for 17 years not to liberate anyone, but to abuse everyone. Ethiopians got nothing from woyane except protracted war, refugees, suffering, … for two decades and then betrayal upon betrayal and now human trafficking, corruption, ethnicism, apartheid, tribalism, marginalization and treatment as second citizen. Ethiopians have no right to have a say in their country from day one of woyane up-to today. The country is led by a bunch of people from dedebit and their dedebit laws. Is this fair guys? People from one ethnic dictating a country of 96 million people? NO, it is wrong. he country belongs to all people, not to people who trust guns. Shame on you, if you have brain at all, thinking of how much money you have wasted by denying the country its ports and its natural right. Shame on you, shameful. Do not even call yourself Ethiopians because there is nothing that makes Ethiopians but Ethiopian enemy. Down to woyane

  10. YEABSIRA says:

    Here the shabiya started to fistulate about their camel used port after knowing that they can not be singapore at our expense, but it is clear that ETHIOPIAN got well after removing the previous gangrenous part now the shabiya land, so for us better to expened any mount of dollar than have contact with shabiya or their port

  11. Sam says:

    How I sincerely wish such an increase to make even the slightest difference in the lives of the 1.3 million civil servants. But I do not believe that to be the case. To begin with, the civil servants salary comes from the government. Where does the government get the money? By collecting taxes. The government needs 10.3 billion extra Birr to pay for the 1.3 million civil servants. That really means the farmers, the merchants, and the self-employed have to pay more taxes now than they did before. Or the government is busying itself printing money. Both alternatives have a downside. In the former the farmers might be tempted to raise prices of their farm products. And Merchants might think they have to jack up prices on commodities. No good news for civil servants. The latter is as bad as the former. Printing money day and night might induce government’s created inflation. That means the increase the civil service people was promised to have will be swallowed by rampant inflation. The way I see it the problem with the government economic policy is two folds. First, the government economic policy has created unworthy millionaires overnight who are the very source of the unchecked government’s economic policy. The government chose to gauge the country’s economic success by these millionaires, not by those who are struggling to make a decent living. That is more than 90 percent of Ethiopians. Second, the government’s development plan has injected billions of Birr borrowed and gotten as aid to the market which might have reduced the buying power of the civil servants and farmers. EPDRF does not have a sound economic policy for more than two decades now. Without a sound economic policy even an increase which is promised– I admit it is not an insignificant increase– might not make a dent on the lives of the 1.3 million civil servants. In a country where supply meets demand such an increase might make a difference on the lives of the million plus who are mentioned. In a country where supply is always lagging to demand such an increase “might” help to garner political support, but it is not affecting people’s lives for the better.

  12. Gudu Kassa says:

    So, do all this government officials build these state of the art mansions with a salary just over 4000 Birr? I guess they are civil servants as well! Who cares about this pathetic salary increment while everybody is making hefty money from corruption.

  13. Ahme says:

    The Govt raises the salary of university lecturer by 58% but for assistant lecturer it is only 32.9%. previously we are earning 3820 birr now it is 5077 which is raised by 32.9% is there any one who can tell me the reason???

  14. solomon says:

    We Ethiopians are proud of our liberty. We don’t murmur on any one. We are growing up. And any movement in our country is in the right track.So , the salary increment is true for the time.And it will continue accordingly.

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