Commemorating Abebe Bikila’s 82nd Birthday


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12 Responses

  1. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    አበበ በቂላ፣
    በቅሎ ያደገ አድጎ ያፈራ
    የአገሩን ስም በአለም አግኖ ያስጠራ
    መጀመሪያ የጥቁር የአፍሪካ ተወላጅ
    ወርቅ ተሸላሚ ባለብዙ ወዳጅ
    መርቶ የሚገባ ሪኮርድ ሰባብሮ
    ጎበዝ ሰራተኛ የሰጠው ተፈጥሮ፡
    ታሪክ አይረሳውም እሱም እንደ ሌሎች
    ለሀገር የሆኑ ድንቅ፣ ጀግና ዜጋዎች፡፡

  2. shemsu says:

    Thanks awramba times for taking your time and energy to commemorate this brave man of Ethiopia

  3. Ararso says:

    Ethiopia is a nation of brave men and women

  4. Nega Belachew says:

    Dawit, stop your destructing technique! Millions of Ethipians are suffering right at this very moment while you’re talking about past glory. Yes, he is our hero and not TPLFs but freeing our country from Woyane should be priority now. Abebe did what he did and made us proud for Ethiopia and not for TPLF, OLF or the likes. If we don’t remove Woyane from power, there will be no country called Ehtiopia in the face of the Earth; thus you and I won’t have such a common hero to be proud of twenty, thirty years from now…

  5. Nega Belachew says:

    Oh, just to add, I know TPLF’s Cyber Squad (paid from tax collected from poor Ethiopians and begged money) will throw their nasty stuff on me…but what can you do since that’s who they’re. Like Ermias Legesse said on ESAT,they did not go through the normal human developmental stages…

  6. Alula says:

    The great man of Ethiopia , from the Oromia state , made Ethiopia proud all over the world to this day! Abebe Bikila is not only in the minds of Ethiopian alone, but also in the minds of Japanese!
    Where the children of this hero Oromo man might be now? Dawit, had you included a little clip of his child/children’s interview,it would have been very elating!

  7. Lema says:


    Did you escape from a mental institute you are living in? You are cheap as human being with no human values at all. It is easy to know you are suffering from multiple reasons that are taking your life away and making you the way you are which is worthless, jealous and hateful.
    You are a crazy and worthless Tigrigna Shabia from Eritrea old and jobless in Europe/USA.
    Since when Eritrea became a country? It is 1993. Since when is the so called Ethiopian region created? It is 1995. They are not separate nations or countries but administrating regions based on the economical, social and political benefit to all the Ethiopian citizens.
    You sick and crazy Tigrigna shabia is worthless and liars as usual as all of you are. The good news is that you are suffering ever since Italy came there and named the place you are living “Eritrea” in 1902. Eritrea is an Italian name given to you as the slave master do to their slaves.
    You know nothing about yourself let alone the great Abebe Bekila.

    • Alula says:


      You. Think I’m sick, but you are the one who is sick! What is wrong with you? First of all, I’m a proud Ethiopian , period! Secondly, what drive you thus far crazy & call me names! To me, it doesn’t matter whatever you said will never stick to me, nevertheless , I guess you need see your doctor sooner that later!

      What is your problem though?

  8. yap says:

    Hailesillase (the magician) killed him !!!

  9. በለው ! says:

    የውብ ዳር ወልደጊዮርጊስ አንቺ ባለ መላ
    ተዘራ ፍሬው አፈራ አበበ በቂላ
    ቢቂላ ደምሴ ሰብሉ ሰመረ ተደስቶ በላ
    በባዶ እግሩ እሮጠ ቀደመ
    በነጭ ምድር ዓለም ተደመመ
    ለሀገሬ ያለ እግሩ መች ታመመ
    እንዲህ ነበር ጀግና መልካምን ያሰበ
    እልህ ፍቅር ያለው ያ’በበ
    ዘር ብሔር መች ትዝ አለው
    የዜግነት ክብር መለያው ሰንደቅ ነው።
    ስለመልካም ዜጎቻችን ክብርና ማስታወሻ ለአቀረባችሁ ከምጋና ጋር!

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