Humorous Azmari Entertains Former Ethiopian president (Video)


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8 Responses

  1. axumawit says:

    Yes,life after office can be difficult or enjoyable.It is up to the individual.Pres.Girma seems to choose the latter. Good for you sir.After all you deserve it.

  2. ethio says:

    X-President Girma is still alive?

  3. mari says:

    wow! betam nw dess milew me <3 et!!!

  4. teshome says:

    Thanks Awramba times sharing us this funny video. I am so glad to see our X president kicking well. By the way it would have been my best wish if Andargachew Tsige were to come there enjoy this funny “bohes celebration”. Who knows in a year or two we might see Tamagne beyene or birhanu nega in Andargachew’s shoe. Has anyone ever thought in his right mind, Andargachew would be in the hands of Ethiopian government. Now The king is under arrest, the so called ‘ the imaginary GInbote 7 army’ has only two fates to starve in the mountains of Eritrea or to be slaughter in the ground of Ethiopia. By the way have you ever imagin how Tamagne would have reacted, if he had been extradited….he is already gripped with fear, a day after Andargachew arrest, he promised us to be GInbote 7 solider and in a week time he told us that was toung slip……he stated that he would be benificial, if he were to work in fundraising …… LOL

  5. Kebe says:

    Our nation is at peace when people who have once owned power at some time are at peace after leaving office like this Gentelman Girma. Well done Sir. Wish you long life!

    • Fool says:

      But meto aleqa Girma did not have any power – the constitution says that an Ethiopian president does not have any power.

  6. Astewaye says:

    Hilarious, and good to see former President Girma

  7. Abib says:

    Thanks Awramba time

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