Honoring the father of African sport, Yidnekachew Tessema (Audio)


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14 Responses

  1. Aleqa Birru says:

    Wow! Good job, awramba times

  2. Bahru says:

    Keber lemigebaw kiber mestet tegebi new.

  3. Alula says:

    The great sport’s man of Ethiopia!
    God bless his soul!

  4. w .yilma says:

    Ato yednekachew is the father of Ethiopian and African football. He was an Ambassador for African continents in sports arena. During his time Ethiopia hosted three African cup games in Addis, and Ethiopia win Egypt 4 to 2 and win the third African cup.
    Yednekachew played a leading role to increase African participation both in world cup and Olympic. Simply he was a man of integrity, and humor. He fluently speak many languages and this help him to be a leader in many international committee.He was a very precious man Ethiopia lost.
    yes God bless his soul!

  5. Negu Tadesse says:

    Ato Yidnekachew was one great Ethiopian whose history will live forever and ever.

  6. ezra ejigu says:

    hello , guys i am really happy for producing a short prog about ato yidnekachew tessema . when he died in 1979 eth calender i was in grade 2. but still he is in my mind . let lord bless him

    • Aschalew Mitiku says:

      Dear Ezra, are you the one who produced the program about H.E Yidnekachew? If so thumbs up for the excellent job. Please keep going in presenting such selfless heros and heroines of Ethiopia who had contributed many thing for our beloved Ethiopia.
      Stay blessed my brother!

      Aschalew Mitku
      Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. Helen says:

    Ezra,You really have an amazing skill and charismatic voice. Keep up the excellent job

  8. Sami says:

    Ethiopia is definitely a land of great people such as Yidnekachew. I am part of this generation and had no idea about Gash Yidnekachew. Thanks Ezra for letting me know this great legend. your efforts are appreciable. May the almighty God rest gash Yidnekachew’s soul in an everlasting peace

  9. ezra ejigu says:

    aschalew ,helen , and sami tnx for your comment . i had a big passion for eth heroes,,, so i will keep doing such kind of story … like wegayehu nigatu… paulos gnogno,,, birhanu zerihun … and other untold stories. just wai
    t and listen. if u want to write to me my email is ezra_ejigu@yahoo.com cell phone 0911416678.

  10. Aweke says:

    Hi ezra ,i really want to appreciate ur deeds abt ato yidnekachew.

  11. anderg says:

    Before calling something father who is it?

  12. anderg says:

    Please recognize that Africa is broad. One proverb from south”butterfly has small wings to cover itself but tries to cpver rock.” We want to stop “afetarik”and “alubalta” and to stand on the stone of reality.

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