Egyptian President Ready to Visit Ethiopia


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3 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    What is Egypt interest ,for Egypt to eat the rest Africa country to keep hungry and poor.
    Egypt go to hell
    Go Africa .
    Ethiopia have to build the dame and used the water for irrigation feed all Ethiopia .
    It time for Egypt to pay back and be hungry for the next 200 years.

    • Amdom says:

      I hate to say this, most awrambatime audionceses have lack of educations or carelessness the way they write comments. First of all, he does know where egypet is located? He said “Go Africsa”. Egypt is in Africa. Ethiopia has a right to use its own watet with out any foreighner policy pressure. Have said that pls think twice befote you spesk once. The only problem I have with the government is respect ETHIOPIAN CONSTITUSTION. once you showed me human right protection and freedom express;I promise to this audioncess I would raise one Million in two hours

  2. Melese says:

    They open defence office in campala and they negotiate with Ethiopia .

    Ethiopia men em yihone men em yekefa bimeta 1977 rehabe aymetam temelso that is for sure Egypt eyefokru ye Ethiopia currencies let them go to hell devalue ayhonem enemotatalen Ninji

    Mule yeteftro habte alien ke industri and wepen besteker kenesu minim anfelgem.

    Diasporaw Bucha beki new yekefa bimeta..

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