Egypt and Ethiopia agreed to resume discussions after an eight-month break (+Video)


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  1. w .yilma says:

    I am not sure whether or not the so called agreement could bring Egyptian to come to their mind and make a comprehensive economic and political agreement with Ethiopia. It seems they may not disagree about the construction of the dam, but not with its planned capacity. One of the participants of the Egyptian minster said the following:
    “We didn’t say that Egypt publicly agreed to the construction of the dam…the final word on that is with the international consultancy firm…we have not agreed to the storage capacity of the dam” El-Maghazi. This so called “water and irrigation minister seems confused about the issue what he is talking about. The dam construction was started long time ago and Ethiopia will no more go back retrospectively ask any “infamous” foreign entity about this issue. It is a dead issue not a “controversial” as some are claimed, only left to finish the construction.
    Ethiopia should be very caution with regard to the implementation of the new agreement, and need a contingency plan, which should include both political, diplomacy and militarily.
    According to the new agreement, the joint teams of the experts will access the socio-environmental impact of the GERD. This issue is very controversial and could be a source of conflict, especially for Egyptian to justify military and diplomatic confrontation with Ethiopia.
    Leave alone GERD which could have limited impacts both to social and environment, any human and animal daily activities have an impact to our world environment. Egypt illogical complaints ” No a drop of water from Nile river” or raising social and environmental issues are unjustifiable and a cause for conflict. We were told by the so called human right and International Rivers and their advocates to stop Gilgel Gibe hydropower dam, and other agricultural developments endeavors going on in different parts of our people. Their main “concern” is social and environment. The main reason why they are acting like “crying baby” is we have to remains poor and those industrial nations should continue to damage the environment. Stupid Neo-liberals ideology promoters!
    Ethiopia should also look very well the selection of experts from our side, and need scrutinized those foreign experts. Egypt have a capacity to play a big role in selection of “foreign experts “sympathizing with her cause. What if the third party “international experts” sided with Sudan, and Egypt, either because of bribing or because of the indirect influences by western powers who are sided with Egypt? Do we have an exit door?
    We have to know western countries “so called Christian” are not thinking beyond their noises when it comes to foreign countries. They will never to hesitate to blundering Ethiopia for the sake of their Muslim nation, Egypt! The same is true to our African friends (a case of Uganda gave a permission to establish a defense office in Kampala). It reminds me what President Musoveni said long time ago to Libyan Gaddafi… “There is no a permanent friends in politics”. At this time, Musoveni is mixed- up in South Sudan and we have to expect he will mixed- up with Ethiopia too. Who knows the secret between Egypt and Uganda regarding South Sudan? Both countries support the current “Dinka tribe” president. I have no problem with this, but my concern is this country could be a source of proxy war, which is not good for Ethiopia. Ethiopia should work with the international community’s with clear openness for both rival functions to solve South Sudan conflict without taking side. Side should be taken only when there is an eminent danger for our national security.

    Long live Ethiopia!

  2. Alula says:

    Nobody can trust Egypt in anyway, nevertheless, the best way is to keep talking to Egypt while building the Dam nonstop! As Ethiopian , we must stay united for any eventuality! Any Ethiopian who sided with Egypt at this moment must be recorded in a black ink!
    Ethiopia is blessed!

  3. YEABSIRA says:

    I think it is good to discuss with egypt and sudan as this make our enemies like shabia and other exterimists desperate, but at the same time it is good to be cauipous coz egyptians have better international power to conspire the new study in away that the dam affects them. LONG LIVE ETHIPIA AND DAWN enemies

  4. Zeru says:

    We have won nothing until we have more power and are richer economy wise and military wise than egypt. Keep on alert and work.

  5. Jacky says:

    Eritreans say that Ethiopia will get humiliated and defeated by Egypt just like Ethiopia suffered during the Ethio-Eritrean boarder war. Against the contrary belief the Eritrean restauirant talk in USA say this six month talk will give information Egypt which will cost Ethiopia dearly in the future.

  6. Muktar says:

    We have to watch out for any attack 24/7 like the super power keep an eye on to each other for any nuk attack .

    Trust WHO maddnes .this is a peace of cake the dam to. the ethiopian haters we trust in god thats enough.

    As always they Will fell.

  7. Moishela says:

    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    10 Tamuz 5774 (July 7, ’14)

    “When The Final Curtain Comes Down”

    There‘s no business like show business! Don’t you get the feeling that we’re living in a play? From one minute to the next we don’t know what’s going to happen. In the morning there’s big news. Mid-morning there’s more news. Nighttime could be a big bang of news, and it goes on and on like that. Sometimes we have a relatively quiet period, but that’s always followed by unbelievable, strange news that we never would have dreamed of.

    The times that we are seeing now, are very much like what’s written in the Nevuas, and I would imagine that most of us feel that it’s a sign that Moshiach is almost here, and it is. However, something is going on that we don’t understand, because things took a dramatic turn from the moment that the twin towers fell. From that moment strange and disastrous things have become everyday events. By the time one unbelievable happening happens, the next one is exploding. We all feel it. We all feel fear. We feel emptiness in our hearts. Life has lost much of its taste, especially the Gashmiusdik life. Air travel has become a frightening thing, and if not frightening then very degrading, especially when you have to go through x-rays that show a person without clothes on, where everybody that’s traveling could take a peek, and if you don’t agree to do that then you are open to a physical search which is very very degrading.

    We’ve become a world without happiness, without the Gashmiusdik frivolous Simcha and the true deep Simcha. We have become a world of confused people not quite finding our direction. We keep doing the things that we are used to doing, but it doesn’t seem to have meaning, and the road doesn’t seem to lead to anywhere in particular. We can’t plan things like we once did. We used to plan that in six months exactly we’re going to the dentist. We could plan ahead of time where our three year olds are going to go to college or what they would learn. Today people are empty and are afraid. Money is hard to come by except for those eighty-five people in the world that own more than half of the wealth of the world. For the rest of us it’s just an everyday struggle to borrow more money and more money. We are getting into a major rut full of fear and nervousness, full of being frightened for our children and worried for our future, and this is felts all over the world.

    Here in Eretz Yisroel we have been in the last few weeks dealing with tragedy after tragedy. First there were many traffic accidents, many children drowning in swimming pools in their own homes, and many other terrible things, but when those three boys were kidnapped and then found murdered in the worst way, and before they were murdered there was a young single woman murdered in a terribly cruel way, this has brought us to some kind of sober reality that tells us that we are in big trouble. How could Jewish young men, Jewish boys kill an Arab boy in such a cruel way. It’s a big shock for a Jew to feel that another Jew could kill like that, burning him alive. True it’s a war, but still how could it be in our generation that a Yid could kill in such a cruel way, even though the Arab is the enemy?

    Well the first thing I will tell you is that the Nevuas and what is happening today coincide exactly. It’s interesting how Hashem makes His world. We all know that eighty five people control most of the world’s wealth. They control the wealth and that means they control the world. Besides those people, there’s a whole group of people who have all kinds of strategic positions in order Chas Vesholom to bring this world under the control of the Reshaim. These Reshaim are Edomites, and they don’t like the Arabs, and they don’t like the Jews. The Jews they can tolerate if we agree to be like them. However we’re not like them, and never will be. They have with all of their wealth and control of the world, almost brought all the Arab countries to their knees, not by coming in with the armies of Europe and America etc., but by causing inner strife. They write the script and they provide the players and they are sure that they’re controlling the world. They are very informed about the Nevuas, and they are going exactly according to them, and this makes everyone feel, rightfully so, that all the Nevuas are coming out true. Therefore, everyone is having thoughts about Olam Haba, about Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and for the non-believers maybe the beginning of faith, but the plan ends there, ends where the prophecies continue, and at that point they go in different ways because the plan of the Edomites is to control Eretz Yisroel and to sit in Jerusalem and to rule the world from here and that brings us to what’s happening today.

    You feel like you’re in a play, like everything has been thought out. Even the murders have been thought out. Did Arabs do it? Did someone else do it? Is everything really true? Somehow all the stories we are told have holes in them, don’t seem exactly correct like many things that happened in the United States. If we go back over history, we can find these discrepancies in many places. We feel we’re in a play. We feel that a script has been written, actors chosen, and in many cases they’re not very good actors, but it’s a deadly, deadly show. The leading actors of the show are murderers. Blood is shed and they are going to try to take over Medinas Yisroel. Eretz Yisroel is the main point of the world for the three main religions. Of course Eretz Yisroel was promised by Hashem only to the Jews and not to the Goyim, only to the Jews and it will stay only for the Jews, so any Edomite that thinks they are going to come and rule here is going to have a very very big surprise. Until now Hashem has let them do what they wanted to do. He has let them plan and succeed, even though it was almost impossible for them to succeed, but Hashem has let them succeed.

    At one point they are not going to make it anymore. They are going to fall apart. Hashem is going to punish them. They’re going to realize what they’ve done wrong. They are going to realize that the Satan isn’t Hakol Yachol. He’s only a creation of Hakol Yachol, of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and because he is a creation of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, he can’t do what he wants. He is only a creation of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, like all of us, like the whole world, like everything in the whole universe, and only Hashem decides when, it will end. The Devil, or the Yetzer Horah, or the Malach Hamaves, or the Satan whatever you want to call him, (he has many names,) will be chopped up into pieces so-to-speak, and recycled in different points of creation, so his parts become positive, but the Yetzer Hara will disappear, and the Reshoim will disappear, but not before they are punished in the worst way.

    Now Am Yisroel I beg you. Now that I have given this historical background up to this point, I beg you open your eyes. Don’t you see what they are trying to do to us here in Eretz Yisroel? They’re trying to make us Goyim, and that will be the final solution Chas Vesholom. They are trying to do it with all kinds of plays, with all kinds of actions to make us not believe, Chas Vesholom, in Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They are trying to confuse us. They’re trying to bring Goyim here in the thousands, to make us like Goyim.

    They’re pushing their money into our Gemachim, into our Shuls, into our Yeshivas, into our Kollels so we will be dependent on them. They’re gathering information about us so that they can come after us whenever they feel like, and most of all they are trying to change our religion. They are trying to take from us the Bris Milah. They are trying to take from us the Kiddushin of marriage. They’re trying to force us to be Chilonim, to be either without a religion or accept their own created religion. They are trying to force you to go in their way by giving you what you want the most money, food, whatever you need.

    True they’ve also caused us a very difficult time financially throughout the whole world. It seems now, also in Eretz Yisroel, that we were saved almost for the last. We didn’t have financial troubles until lately and now we are at the top of the list for everything, because they are ready to take over. They are building apartments, luxury apartments for their people here in Israel. They’re building buildings and shopping centers and trains and train tracks and all kinds of things that they have money for. The light rail was built to make it easier to get around the city of Jerusalem that has always been the center of the world, the center of the heart of every human being, Hashem’s center, where they want to come and sit instead of Hakol Yachol, instead of the Shechina, Chas Vesholom, but it won’t happen, it won’t happen!

    So Am Yisroel be strengthened. Come closer to Hashem. The Gashmius is going to fall very much, but don’t be afraid because Hashem is with us, and those who are with Him, He will be with them. As I have said many times, no Jewish Neshoma will be lost. If you trust in the idols of this world, and if you trust in the Egel Hazahav, then of course, it will be much harder for you to do complete Teshuva, but if you trust Hashem nothing will harm you.

    He will take care of you completely, whether you need food or clothing or a place to live, warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Do not worry. He only is Hakol Yachol. He can defeat any army. He can stop any atomic bomb. He can do anything, and we are His children that He loves particularly, His favorite sons and daughters. Don’t be afraid. We will survive. We will survive and they will not. When the final curtain comes down on this grotesque play that the Reshoim have written, we will go into Olam Habah of Moshiach, into eternity and they will disappear totally from the stage of this world and of all the worlds.

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