Hosni Mubarak of Egypt Sentenced to Life


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2 Responses

  1. abreham says:

    pleas Awrambas give our king, M. Zenawi a break. He needs some time to heal from the damage caused by Abebe’s bombardment.

  2. fazziz says:

    Zinawi had met Mubarak and Gadaffi in past and shook hands with them.Yes,things can be done on first-come-first-serve depending on the circumstances.Again,yes,both Mubarak and Gadaffi came to power at different time and different places,but both started out their life normal but later on something went wrong up in their head and turned into monsters;this one,Zinawi is quite different from both the dictators.In sume,Zinawi started out his life as a wicked criminal and still continues carrying on his criminal activites on a largescale.There is purposes for why God will give Mubarak extension in his life;although Mubarak is bedridden and sentenced to life both in his bed and in prision,he will for sure witness the fate of Zinawi.What will be the fate of Zinawi? Well,the sky is the limit as to how Zinawi will be judged and treated before justice.

    When looking back the history of Zinawi,for nearly four decades,Zinawi was destined to prison,and indeed,this man is very cold and fragile,although wicked and deadly.Soon,Zinawi will find what his fate kept for him.

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