[very funny] Awramba times presents comedian Tefery Mengistu


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12 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    He is so funny. He is also truthful as he said limena (begging) is the most profitable business/work in the country. So sad Ethiopia is degraded to such level by the dedbit beggars. All woyane knows is limena.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


    • bb says:

      Dear Erni, I think you forget to tell us about some of looser diaspora who wait for welfare even though healthy enough to be able to work and your reliable source ESAT is one of them, people who work fot E SAT never work, they really can’t because they are weak always depends on assistance. Is this limna for you Ermi I guess not but for the majority of Ethiopian what you read above is not only limna it is also lebnat. Good luck!

      • limatawi artist says:

        Afihen be plaster masheg neber ante maferia hodam agases sirafet. Kuch bleh ye woyane sim beteneka kutir sirah ende wusha manefnef bicha new. Mechiw amet ye mekera ye sikay ena ye hazen yihunlh Ato bb.

        • bb says:

          Dear lematawi, I shouldn’t respond to you but I have too first I wish you the best for the coming new year and hope that you will realize how negative you are and instead you will come up with the positive one.

          • Tesfalehulum says:

            On the above comment you grossly categorize the diaspora as a “loser” ( I corrected your spelling “looser”) and here advising lematawi about moral and ethics….kkkkk……you’re a typical Woyane bitch….Happy New Year for all except woyane mercenaries and crooks !!

      • Ermi says:

        Dear bb,

        You said “people who work fot E SAT never work”. Do you mean that it is possible to work and to never work at the same time? Omg, I guess this is from the dedebit fifth grade philosophy class.

        Anyways, I am not sure why you talk about ESAT or the diaspora when the subject here is about the state of Ethiopia from Teferi’s perspective as he sees and lives it. you don’t have to reply now, wait till you get to sixth grade.

        Pease to all but Woyanes!


  2. Jhony says:

    He is so funny, his joke is for A rada lij, yimechih. All you said is true about our moms in Ethiopia. Limena must be abolished from Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government is doing great about getting rid of Lemagn in the city traffic lights.

    They have to triple the fine for the people, who are giving money for beggars on the street light. In Washington panhandling is a crime they will put, those people who are begging. Ethiopia needs working force not begging force. If there are send them for ESAT and Ermi the spokes person of ESAT.

  3. Slick says:

    Really? What is this funny about it? Tigrians can not be a comedian. Because their comedy is still trying to show their support for the government. This thug is rubbish

    • Girmachew says:

      Tamagne kezene is Tigre his Brother Tewolde is Tigre. There is no Amara by the name of Tewolde. We have Guage comedians like Siyium Baruda, Kembata Kassahun Germamo Teddy Afro’s father, Fantu Mandoye welaita, Serawit Fikre Menze, Seifu Fantahun Yifate, Tesfaye Kassa Tigre. So their tribe is not the criteria to be a comedian. I am sure you don’t dispute Tesfaye Kasa’s talent in comedy. This guy is not even Tigre but Tamagne and His brother Tewolde are.

  4. John says:

    Who is this shutam?I don’t see or hear anything funny by this man.He says he is telling us he is a confident and talented comedian,but he is no match for Kibebew.

  5. Mekdes says:

    Jhon, why you insult people? If you don’t like his joke it’s your choice. He has got his audience and Kebebew has his his audience. As to my opinion, both of them are talented comedian. This dude lean most in urban audiences than Kibebew. Yepiassa en a yelideta keld new yihe yemikelidew. May be next time he will practice to talk the way you want him to talk. Everybody should come from Gonder to be comedian like Activist, fighter and comedian Tamagne Kezene.Doma. you know why you didn’t get what he said? Because you are not from Addis. You don’t know the places he mentioned. Next time he will mention Armacheho, Jana mora and koladiba.

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