Elias Kifle of Ethiopian Review reveals secrets behind the extradition of Andargachew


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63 Responses

  1. cherkos ina bole says:

    Well no one knows more than Elias Kifle about Issayas as he was the old friend of him.
    I know now why Eri tv there moto saying “WE SERVE THE TRUTH ‘ KKK are now stop there Amharic program as now they Created ESAT that is working for them.
    Woyanne was created by Shabia and was in love with them but now get smart and become the boss of shabia in other hand the opposition was against shabia and now become slave of shabia.
    Who is the winner Shabia, Woyanne, or G7?

    • AA says:

      Woyane wasn’t created by shabiya, but situations in Tigrai created woyane! Woyane was created way before shabiya! But Haileselassie destroy the first woyane using British air forces stationed at Yemen during the II world war! Get your informations straight!

      At the end of the day Woyane is always a winner so far! It’s been 40 years !

    • ZERGAW says:

      cherkos and shiromeda do not run like a rat you are weyanes and tryed to creat to confused ppl. first bleam yemen and second the ppl called them self a democratic and keep thire national security(UK). Why sillent and do not try to ask about Andargachew holds Briteain Nationality? which country responcible for andargachew kidnaping and who was first to ask about him ? eritrea or britain ? all weyanes day are numbers. no one can belive Elias Kifle even . he is duble agent.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        On his report Elisa Kifle never included a single line an official response from G7 leadership about his claim. It looks he writes the report from the top of his head with out checks and balance. For me, the report is a garbage. It’s just a smear campaign and lending a hand for woyane propaganda machine. A message for EliAss is, next time when you write a report about a certain organization or party, at least contact them and include their response. Otherswise, it will be cheap propaganda…don’t gossip and smear around!!

        • cherkos ina bole says:

          Facts about Elias and Issayas

          1.Elias know and mate Issayas in asmera before andarge or birhanue so he knows how they work.
          2. Elias witnessed is a first hand witness how shabia destroyed those who trusted shabia to get them 4kilo.
          3.and if shabia is serious helping the opposition how can they didn’t manage to control one village with this all help the last 14 years.
          4. Elias been promissed to be the main media outlate to work for shabia and to get the money now ESAT getting from shabia .
          5. If shabia are capable of putting G7 in 4 kilo why are they begging to get the small town of badma that they won in world court for the last 14 years.
          6. all the shabia soliders are now left eritria and based
          37000 in esrail, 59000 in ethiopia 43000 in sudan 22000 in yemen and more than 50000 in europe and america
          7. now they got 13 soliders from dc g7 members
          8. it is now 12 as Andarge is left them to ethiopia.

          • Wasihun says:

            How could you imagine that Eritreans would hurt and antagonize Tigreans, their immediate kith and keens? It is a good signal that the opposision should take in to account.

          • A....A says:


            You are right the Tigrigna speaking Eritrean are naturally Tigrian , Afars , Sahos,Kinamas…sold by Minilik! Nobody can disput the brotherhood of the people!

    • yohannes says:

      My friend i think Wianye is the winner 100%

  2. aleme says:


  3. Shiromeda says:

    I think for the first time i read a reliable and close the truth information from Elias’ site. He analyzed it smartly using all kinds of factors from Eritrea during he had had a good time with Isyas .

    • Temama Foq says:

      This is Conspiracy Theory to cover up Weyane Junta’s and Yemen’s crime….Andargachew Hero is abducted by British intelligence who always cooperate with weyane…..No one give green light to Shabiya

      • Satanaw says:

        Andargache is not a hero he is a traitor who sold his mother country for few dollars like his grand father who sold his country(Eritra and Djibuti) for rifels to unseat Yohannes king of Ethiopia. Menelik worked with the Egyptians, French and Italians actively to surrender the provinces to Italy and France. Just turn the pages of history and you will see the facts naked.

        • TRUTH says:

          You see, all you said is right. But this is TOP SECRET of the grand children of the so called Minilik ( the TRAITOR)

      • yohannes says:

        Temama Foq
        are underestimating all your brothers, from Eritrea , From Yemen, from Ethiopia to punish stuppied like this man. The British have already helped him giving thiet passport as British citzen.
        He was working for the British government , and Eritreans, yemenit and ethiooians are ready to bring to justis all stuppied protesters with Btitish , Ametican passport to distarve ethiopia.
        sfter all they are all beggers,

  4. Tadasa Biruu says:

    Anything is possible, but i found the “yemeni’s would not do anything without permission from Eritrean” very funny…I just wonder where this delusion about Eritreans being anything other than irresponsible bunch of Tigrigna idiots comes from…what can a failed country that can not even provide water and electricity do to Yemen? please speak to Eritreans who have just recently been to Erirea, The country is gone back to stone age that even their colonial pride Asmara can no longer hide their shame..so pleas let’s not overate a stupid Eritrean mentality…it was and is a curse not only to the region but also to it’s own people..that is the truth…

  5. AA says:

    This is just a fake propaganda trying to show as if Isaias is still able to influence neighbors! I call this a propaganda from Eritrea’s agent! ኸኛ ወዲያ ፉጭት ኣፍ ማሞጥሞ! Elias kifle is saying here that the Ethiopian inteligency isn’t capable of doing things on its own!

    We know the capability of the Eritrean gov’t , therefore, the Ethiopian inteligency caught Andy! They might have information from G7 insider, but not from Eritrean! Go & tell your fabrications to some one who doesn’t know you!

  6. Hailu says:

    That is why we are saying Gimboat 7 is fake organization that exist only under its propaganda machine ESAT.Gimboat 7 does not have a single soldiers and/or clear strategy.They are good at stealing money from the innocent people and enjoying life.Look at Tamagne,Abebe Gelaw,Neamin zeleke and others ,they have never worked but having comfortable life because of fund raising in the name of ESAT.In addition to fund raising campaign, they collect money from Egypt and qatar .

    • Atalay says:

      You are right..The fact is they have a good milking cow called Diaspora.

      FYI, Neamen Zeleke gets 5000 dollar per month from ESAT, money collected by begging.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Atalay (achberbari)

        Would you please post for us the check that shows the $5000/month??….jil cadre….kkkkkkkkk

        • AA says:

          The thing here is , you hate woyane , but you don’t know who woyane is! There was extremely anti woyane org called EDU , it used to under estimate woyane, but at the end of the day , woyane sent EDU straight to Sudan! Another one….called Jebha used interfer in Tigrai in the early 1970s, woyane told them to stop interfering in their affairs, when they refused , they were sent all the way to Sudan not to comeback again! The same to EPRP …! And in 1998 it was shabiya’s turn to taste the sour stick of woyane! Woyane always warn its adversaries to stay away from its affairs, & when they refuse the sour stick waves over them! Shabiya refused to leave Ethiopia’s torritories peacefully & finally got what it deserves …… & look at him now! Anyone can hate woyane , but there is nothing that haters can do! Woyane is invincible! The rest is simply incapable haters!

          Look at the messenger of Egypt & shabiya , Andargachew Tsige? He bragged that he will over throw the EPRDF , but when he is caught then he said “he got a peace now” ‘! I mean its a struggle! Anyways, when anyone messes around woyane one will never live to be better! If you mess around woyane, you are a dead meat! Look at what shabiya did to the new hopefull country? A barren land with no sense of country at all!

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            You just mumbled…..Would I remind you that Egypt was the main financer and safe heaven for woyane and its god father shabia??…..fix your information !

          • TRUTH says:

            I don’t have a word to say to express my pleasure on your comment.
            Let me say GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

        • Mekdes says:

          Tesfalehulum. The you spit your anger shows me that you are Neamn Zelekes bodyguard. I don’t think even Neamn Zeleke gets mad the way you did. Take it easy man!!!!!!

        • Atalay says:

          Ato Neamin,
          If you have any document to disprove this public knowledge, why not present your evidence…..Semonun sera beztobehal…wushet mefebrek sera kehone…kkkkkkkkk

        • Ewnetu says:

          I think tesfa these tplf dogs became mad their propaganda is very cheap. Indeed ESAT Is funded by ethiopian diaspora what is wrong with that? ETHIOPIA Government should thank ethiopian diaspora for supporting esat instead of accuse,curse, give all names and blackmail. I believe ESAT IS optional news and current affair out let. WE ETHIOPIANS OWN ESAT.

          • TRUTH says:

            ‘I believe ESAT IS optional news and current affair out let.’
            What a funny say it is!
            You reminded me the say of Leon Trotsky, the former Soviet Union (USSR) propagandist he was saying TELL THE PEOPLE A LIE REPEATEDLY AND IT WILL BE ASSUMED LIKE A TRUTH.
            the so called EAST is doing the same thing and you are saying this is optional news and current affair out let.
            Oh poor!
            You are going to spend all your time like this.

  7. Akberet says:

    Someone who betrays his own country isn’t trustworthy even in the Shaebya Corporation. They utilize him like condom for some time and get rid of him. That is what happened with Andargachew and other Ethiopian opposition leaders so far and will continue in the future. Not alone with those power hunger individuals, the intimate & family relationship between Shaebya and Woyane had ended in such a way.

  8. ida says:

    Where is the proof. Blah, blah…woyane’s lies.

  9. Carlos Danger says:

    I like to see GINBOT 7’s response. We knew all along that Eritrean’s hand in it.As one activist said,”set yelakew…”kind of thing.

  10. Orion says:

    Tadasa Biruu,
    Well said my friend.
    Eritreans (those orthodox christians tigrians) are like dogs…for almost 30 years they gave us pain and suffering and left us – mind you, they were the mover and shaker of Ethiopia during King HaileSelasie and Dergue Mengistu…but look at them now crowling back to Ethiopia as refugees…they are sick to the core & our 30 years of tears and blood is haunting them and they are cursed for life….all what we need from them is to take back our Afar people. The Afars should be librated from these ungreatful cursed creatures.

    TPLF/EPRDF show us your guts and balls – Invade Eritrea, remove Issayas and Co and let the Afar people decide where they want to be…Afar as a Country, or part of Ethiopia or Part of Eritrea – Let the Afar people vote and decide their future under UN supervision!!

    • Shewandagn says:

      Tadassa You are Donkey and you should praise Eritreans for giving you light of Democracy by Weyane.. However You are still begging Kurash dabo and day dreaming about Key Bahir…..Stop dreaming Assab and develope Your fertile and rich mother Land…Ass Hole

    • yohannes says:

      The eritrean people are ethiopian brothers in generale and the Tigrians in particular. Unite they are very power full , divide not.
      Tigrai is Eritrean home and Tigrians will well come any eritrean.
      These is the principle of all true Tigrians.
      God Bless all

  11. Be ewnetu says:

    Good to know,first of all do they think can bring better dimocracy in Ethiopia who is co-oprate with democracy-free dictators?, why these extremest opposithions play with fire like betterfly? no assured friendly when you walking with hayna….. you have to always think these supporters are all enemies of Ethiopians, not only for TPLF/EPRDF….

  12. Dembidolo says:

    Interesting…politics is a dirty game stay away. Selemon Tekalign was a hard core weyane opposer once and now he is the biggest supporter. Who is to say Elias will not be a supporter soon. Shabia and weyane once wined and dined who is to say they are not working together to destabilize any opposition activities in the region so they can both stay in power. So many analysis and theories. who is to say G7 and Birhanu Nega don’t give a rats ass about the people in Ethiopia and they are just mad because they are not allowed back in the country not to mention lost their companies and money in Addis so now they have to use the poor diasporas hard working money to wine and dine and act like they are working for some sort of accomplishment while the poor Ethiopians are ding in Eritrea thinking that a better life is on its way. Anyways if you ask me the only one I would support at this very moment is EPRDF and perhaps from the opposition figures Birtukan Mideksa and Lidetu Ayalew seem educated and do care for the country

  13. Assefa says:

    Felasfaw Elisa will say what ever he wishes to say. Everybody knows that he is a psycho and pathetic lier. Yet he doesn’t stop writing.

    When will this moron stop fabricating staff up!? So, now it takes him months to make such a crap.

  14. w .yilma says:

    The so called “Ethiopian Review” is a media outlet practicing and promoting “yellow journalism” in the case of our country. The owner is claiming that he is an Ethiopian origin, but in reality he is promoting Eritrean Geo-political interest. What he said now regarding Andargachew may have some truth. Either it is from Shabia circle or from the “Shabia Ashker” Ginbot7 insider the information about Andarkachew movement could leak. No matter where the information came from, either way it indicated the advancement of the current government security intelligent gathering capability. What is important though from this source is that the Banda’s who are gathering in Asmara has a back-up from our historical enemy, Egypt. Egyptians will never refrain from their evil attempts to destabilize Ethiopia either directly or through proxy, with the help of Shabia. It is not as Elias is claiming. Egypt allocated more than $10,000,000 to destabilized Ethiopia.
    What should be clear for us Ethiopian is that as long as Shabia is in power our beloved country will never enjoy peace and stability. From the start up to now one of the cancers for Ethiopia is Shabia, and now the so-called Ethiopian oppositions stationed in Eritrea.
    Some may disagree with me about this issue, but fact is fact. The imminent danger poses from Shabia does not need a sophisticated mental work. It is simple and easy to understand. If we failed to understand this, we are part of the problems. Some are arguing that the current government is doing the same before they become to power. This argument does not hold water. Every situation is different than the current. We have to look things from the present situation before doing the same because someone has done it before. Every situation has its own circumstances which need to be scrutinizing thoroughly before jumping for action. It is clear Shabia and TPLF or EPRDF have a close relationship during their “struggle”. However, they have a big difference in terms of their organization, internal party rules and their political agendas. From the beginning Shabia is a military organization without political vision and rules of law. It governs by the rule of jungle, and centralized command; with no room for any kind of internal differences. Its relationship with TPLF is for its own advantage, which we have seen after the Fiasco independent. After “Eritrean independent” Shabia exploited Ethiopia for 7 solid years without any question from EPRDF. They can take anything from Ethiopia, including persons whom they considered their enemy. Shabia has two countries under his control during those 7 honeymoon years, and it showed us in practice to what extent this mafia group could be a reliable friend of Ethiopia and to Ethiopian. Only, when EPRDF become under pressure from the Ethiopian people, a delegation was send to Asmara to discuss as bilateral issues. Then the Bademe war becomes a pretext for Shabia to start a war. The story end here!
    By the way, Ethiomedia has posted Elias Kifle’s article this morning today. However, they took it out of the website around 11 am and posted the counter denial claim from G7 about the story. This is not the first time this website is practicing this kind of unethical behavior. Is this a free media or a propaganda machine promoting Machiavellian theory? If we have a sanity of mind, not intoxicated by hate it is easy to understand the motives of the so called “yellow journalism”. If we think critically, Ethiopia will survive, but if we swing together with those who are insane, Ethiopia will be in danger

    God save Ethiopia from the axis of evils.

  15. bb says:

    Dear Mr. Dawit, I thank you so much for your reliable
    website but please please don’t bring it here whatever Elias say as a news. He is a full of garbage individual and if you keep writing what this garbage individual said then sooner or later will affect your website because everyone knows what this garbage person stands for. Hope you will take my advice in this matter.

  16. tango says:

    To Hailu
    You are stuped weyane genbot7 and athers are working hard to destroye tplf the parasite which is sacing ethiopians blood for the past 23 years.

    • bb says:

      Dear Tango, you said genbot7 are working hard to destroy weyane, you must be kidding me! From wher are you talking about? I guess from burger king in Dc or from Starbucks, or from infront of Washington dc embassy.

    • yohannes says:

      How many litters of blood has been succed from you.
      run out from the country otherwise all your blood shoud succed.

  17. Ananonymous says:

    There are about 90 million people in Ethiopia but clearly there will not be more than 9000 opposition if we count to the infinity and if they have a better and viable agenda to govern. Sad the BIG deal always should be
    how many millions will get water, how many millions will get job, how many millions will eat today, how many millions will have electricity, and how many millions will afford to live and to buy goods and services to their families.
    Please ask the government in Addis to
    address the issues of POVERTY for the next generation then democracy and who rules is just a form and format.

  18. yigermal says:

    Iseyas is from Temben but he grow in Asmera so he dosen’t like another orgin gunbet 7.olf,ogaden,etc.his look like Asgedom because Asgedom from Temben.Iseyas killed Fisseha.

  19. Solomon says:

    Doesn’t matter how the ugly Andargachew was arrested. He is arrested! 4 NETB. And if the unholy merge between Isasssss, Eliasssssss, and GiMboat 7 assss had collapsed, the better!!!

  20. Zelalem Leyew says:

    The Eritrean regime want Ginbot 7 to serve as a mere propaganda outlet, as well as a source of hard currency from Egypt and Qatar.
    In September 2013, in an effort to make a breakthrough, Andargachew went overboard in heaping praise on Isaias Afwerki in an interview with ESAT. It didn’t work. When he returned to Asmara, he didn’t see any thing moving. Out of frustration, he started to bitterly argue with the Eritreans. Finally, in early 2014, he left Asmara in disgust, and flew to Cairo for direct talks with Egyptian authorities.
    The Egyptians, however, told Andargachew that they cannot give assistance directly to an Ethiopian opposition group, but they informed him that they have allocated an annual budget of $10 million for Ethiopian opposition groups to be dispersed by the Eritrean regime. Qatar gives additional millions of dollars to Eritrea and directly to ONLF to buy weapons from the Eritrean regime
    many of the other senior Ginbot 7 members shared Andargachew’s view on the matter, and to keep ESAT on the air. The only good outcome of Ginbot 7′s relations with Eritrea’s regime is ESAT, and ESAT is indeed becoming a valuable tool for the struggle to bring down the TPLF junta.
    Shortly after Andargachew left Cairo, the Eritreans were informed about his meeting with Egyptian officials. They felt disrespected and double-crossed
    This was the second time for Andargachew to offend the Eritrean intelligence agents who are assigned to work with Ethiopian opposition groups. The first time was in 2010 when he went directly to Isaias and asked that Ginbot 7 be allowed to bring all the opposition groups in Eritrea under its command. Isaias agreed, but a few weeks later, Andargachew was beaten up by his own troops in front of Eritrean intelligence agent Col. Fitsum Yissehak at a remote location. The message was clear: do not go over our heads and ask any thing directly from our president.
    For the past several years, Sana’a and Cairo have been a regular route to Asmara for members of the Ethiopian opposition, including senior leaders of OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7.
    In principle, Ethiopian opposition must be willing to work with Eritrea, Egypt or any one else, but the partnership must be based on mutual interest and respect, not the master-puppet type relationship that Ethiopian opposition groups currently have with Eritrea.

  21. Zema says:

    Desert Egypt and tiny Qatar are the main actors along side with others behind all the so called Ethiopian oppositions that are having only one agenda which is war, destruction and killing with aim to stop development and destroy the country. The Ethiopian government must not allow any Egyptian coming in the country in the name of anything including investment, tourism, work, or whatever reason they are coming up to convince knowing they are coming only to affect the country by being within and moving freely.

    Egypt has no money, abilities or reason to invest or help any country but she is totally dependent on foreign aid and donation. The money given to Eritrea and other Ethiopian enemies is not Egypt’s money but part of the 20 billion Egypt has got only in 2013 from Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and so on as reward for conducting a brutal military coup against the democratically elected government, massacring thousands including in mosques, for killing democracy in Egypt and other

    Al jazera had to be banned long times ago knowing it is owned by Gas breathing little Qatar while fully running by the English criminal journalists that are implementing the English establishment agenda which is in line with the barbaric Arabs against Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.

  22. kesheger says:

    my people do not worry who ever collaborated to the arest of one of our major anty social pschopath should give us a chance to have a glimpse of where our counry is and its infiluence in its deserved place in the world community, we are doing good in that terms, next, will be birr amtu himself he will serender or will be handed over by egypt when he apears to collect his next pay.

  23. Gedif says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Any news coming from Ethiopian Review is totally fabricated and lie. Recently he posted pictures of street children who got the opportunity of technical training in Afar as if they are Oromos.I wonder how a person like Elias who neither make a good speech in front of his audiences nor write a proper sentence become a journalist. Dawit please don’t refer this website anymore.

  24. ESAT Bekagn says:

    Elias Kifle- you make me sick. You and your Ginbot 7 pals work with Isayas Afeworki who kills and tortures his own citizens. You work with the Egyptians who have always wanted to destablize Ethiopia. How is Ginbot 7 not a terrorist? And you Elias…I can’t stand you. Big mouth.

  25. elias says:

    This is just a fishy story. I just do not trust Elias kifle ever since he said alamudi is dead. Elias kifle is usless person.

  26. Gomida says:

    Elias Kifle is my Bi@tch so pls stop insulting her wiil ya? Thank U.

  27. Abe says:

    If you really concerned about this subject, why do not you put up Namins report. So the public can decide?

  28. Alula says:

    The bottom line is: Elias kifle failed to discredit the powerful Ethiopia’s intelligence Agency! Elias kifle & all anti Ethiopia internal & external enemies know that Ethiopia’s intelligence agency checkmated every internal & external enemies in the last 23 years, hence, Ethiopia is a motherly super power of east Africa! Therefore , no one can succeed without Ethiopia’s consent,at least militarily & in secret agencies! When Elias put Essayas as if he is still influencing east Africa,that’s when I know he is propagating a cheap propaganda that any amateur reader can notice! The cells organized from Asmara to Muqadisho is broken & in disarray!

    Ethiopia’s intelligency agency won over Egypt,Qatar…! Bingo !

  29. Sosi says:

    The son of the Italian Band, Elias Kifle has changed his strategy! here we go again!


  30. wedinkafa says:

    The irrelevant boy a gambler with his money and now he is gambling with Ethiopian blood, once a gamble for ever gamble, That is what Elias Kifle is, in London from early morning until the doors shut he was gambling his welfare money so nothing new, he can say what ever he likes what he needs to understand is he is making Ethiopian peoples’ lives miserable!!
    so guys don’t pay attention to this gambler boy!!

  31. Sam says:

    No one with an iota of sense believes this fiction to be true. Elias for long is proficient in selling hearsay as truth. The sad part is he has an audience. No one, except Elias, living in North America and having a little common sense could brag about knowing what has been going on in the government of Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, and Eritrea. But to Elias truth does not matter. Propaganda does. He boasted he has an investigative apparatus. That really means Elias runs a secret security organization which could unearth what has been going on in many countries. Any person who believes that is to be true should his head examined by professionals. I know Elias has lived in delusion for long, but I really question the sanity of those who take him seriously. Any person whose political knowledge is way below average, and however believes himself to know-it-all, to cover up his deficiency resorts to political hearsay as a means to be relevant. That is what Elias is trying to do. I do not know what happened between him and his friend, the president of Eritrea. Now he found his, it seems, old friend to be an enemy of the Ethiopian opposition struggle. I remember a few years ago, Elias was trying to sell his old friend as a reliable friend for Ethiopians who want change. In fact, he even visited his old friend in his palace. What really happened here? My guess is, a reasonable guess, the president of Eritrea found Elias to be a windbag, nothing more. And that hurts.

  32. kidud says:

    Hey guys good job .but first go to the web site called ethiopianism created by professor musse tegegn:once he lectured at asmara univerity and read or listen the rest.

  33. Abuhay says:

    This is quite a speculation without any tangible evidence. Elias began with “Our investigation…” and concluded with “Unless …”. What it seemed to him is quite different from reality in the ground. Unfortunately, the educated Ethiopian, in most cases is rubbish, day dreamer and far from practice and reality.

  34. haile says:

    Finally confused you are good for nothing a long time ago I know you are empty sorry for those who read this basless or fabricated story you are just trying to collapse the strangle of good citizens but you will never ever get any single bonuse from woman one time you are sheila, ethiopian, now you are wishing worst to ethiopian than woyane.you are just selfish you want recognizing that you don’t get it looser.

  35. Biratu says:

    The real banda, anti_Ethiopia, that sold Eritrea, that made Ethiopia landlocked are the TPLF. The TPLF Tigres will be dealth with . They will face the thunder and volcano of the people. They are shitam, kizenam too. We have seen them run like a rooster, when we chased them in Tigray 26 years ago. The Ethipopian army almost wiped them out, thanks to Shabia they were saved and resurrected. They are the cancer for Ethiopia, nothing else

    Death to the TPLF.

  36. TRUTH says:

    Biratu, it is not difficult to identify you that you are Derg cadre who is punished (kicked off) and rushed way from our mother land Ethiopia with all your evil mind.
    You will never ever survive.
    No more derg to Ethiopia.
    Stay there and bark like old Dog over there.

  37. Agerie says:

    what is your problem with Arebegnoch Ginbot 7 (the ultimate choice for the Ethiopia people )

  38. Nerini Venito says:

    What a full lies and trash saying.

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