Benyam Kebede (Ben) of Ethiopiafirst speaks to Awramba Times


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33 Responses

  1. ASTER says:

    Hi Dawit,

    You know what i have always thought that Benyam and you were brothers. I guess you guys are not.

    • Benbin Abedu says:

      May be they are not attached by blood, but both are and came from the same shit. Dawit Kebede was TPLF spy for long time; he went to prison to spy the opposition, he executed cleverly his mission and got the CPJ award, then went to America with another mission like filtrating to Ethsat, this time didn’t work and got back to Ethiopia with lame excuse.

      Beniam Kebede was a TPLF cadre for a long time. He first worked secretly and finally when he was discovered people isolate him. That was the time this idiot come out of the box to vomit his nonsense everywhere and anytime he gets the opportunity to do it so. The pseudo Chemist now become a pseudo journalist. It is a matter of time we will see this fagot idiot in prison or the garbage bin, because I think garbage bin is a place he deserve to be held

      • Mahmoud says:

        You said both Ethiopians are the spy for woyane, please tell us about yourself.when you pointed at your fingers at someone else,you should remember four of your fingers are pointing at yourself.

      • Solomon says:

        Mr Benibin Abedu ,I dont think this is your name even if you are ethiopian but any way ,you said Dawite and Biny are Ethiopian spy for ethiopia.Ok let us agree with you ,But what i want to know is who do you spy for .Do you spy for Banda shabia just like your Banda boss hodam birr amtu agley Brhanu ayneglat.(nega).
        Death to Banda shabia talalak Esat !
        Long live all Ethiopian !
        Happy Ethiopian n/year!

  2. kach says:

    You are so opportunities TPLF blood sacking group propagandist you are criminals

    • Muchie says:

      Most people who insult others are in secure and scared people, they think that it will make them better if they put some one else down.

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    Who cares about TPLF bitches ??…..they will sell their soul for the highes bidder…..I am just perplexed by the fact that they are taking orders from a leadership that calls them “lehacham”….that is why I call them TPLF’s bitches …..

  4. Mekdes says:

    The thing here is , you hate woyane , but you don’t know who woyane is! There was extremely anti woyane org called EDU , it used to under estimate woyane, but at the end of the day , woyane sent EDU straight to Sudan! Another one….called Jebha used interfer in Tigrai in the early 1970s, woyane told them to stop interfering in their affairs, when they refused , they were sent all the way to Sudan not to comeback again! The same to EPRP …! And in 1998 it was shabiya’s turn to taste the sour stick of woyane! Woyane always warn its adversaries to stay away from its affairs, & when they refuse the sour stick waves over them! Shabiya refused to leave Ethiopia’s torritories peacefully & finally got what it deserves …… & look at him now! Anyone can hate woyane , but there is nothing that haters can do! Woyane is invincible! The rest is simply incapable haters!

    Look at the messenger of Egypt & shabiya , Andargachew Tsige? He bragged that he will over throw the EPRDF , but when he is caught then he said “he got a peace now” ‘! I mean its a struggle! Anyways, when anyone messes around woyane one will never live to be better! If you mess around woyane, you are a dead meat! Look at what shabiya did to the new hopefull country? A barren land with no sense of country at all

    • Gedif says:

      @ Mekdes,
      You described Woyane/EPRDF in a way that the fools understand it. One of the weaknesses of diaspora extremists is that they don’t really know the strength of Woyane. They just consider them as one of their trash opposition groups. These idiots dream that demonstration in front of embassies and ‘Derg type kererto’ in US and Europe brings Ethiopia back to the past. Ye hilm injera.Of course the existence of EPRDF is a source of income for most so called activists.

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      Well, you’re another bitch of woyane. Why all this chronology to over-inflate the racist ethnio-centeric mafiosis group woyane?….do you think woyane flew over the Amhara region to overthrow dergu??…actually it was the Amhara farmer who fought Dergu…..the same to Oromo…, you’re giving all the credit to leba woyane….you’re blind racist wanna be cadre….shamelessly, you were trying to give the Ethiopians blood spilled at Bademe as a woyane victory. Actually, your dead tyrant boss “Meles KeZenawi” bandaw reversed the ultimate victory. More than 70, 000 slaughtered in that war for no reason by a war provoked by woyane and its God father shabiya. Mafiosis woyane even never informed parents of the sacrificed soldiers officially and made any compensation.
      You know from the deep of your gut that you’re rejected by the majority. You will be alinated like a dog inside a church until the judgment day comes that you will take Andargechew, Eskinder and many more others place in prison. God bless Ethiopia !

      • jo says:

        You call Mekdes bitch of woyane. Is that the way you grew up? Is that what you learnt from your parents? Asatedadegihin ena asadagiwochihin new yasedebkew. Ethiopiawi sine migbar yinurh.

      • Ahadu says:

        @Tesfahun, shame on you for your wild behavior. Anten bilo Tesfahun…this is a forum of matured Ethiopians.

        • Tesfalehulum says:


          When TPLF crooks bash and trash the oppositions, you never commented. Now you’re preaching me about maturity…kkkk….don’t play double!!

      • bb says:

        Dear Tesfalehulum, if you think EPRDF is not a democratic party or not good for the country then you have to fight for your freedom but in your case I don’t think you will do that since you are addicted to Berger and may be assistance and sure enough you also addicted to sit and talk at Starbucks. Finally you should understand by now just talking in the street of Washington dc or doing demonstrations doesn’t change the government.

        • Tesfalehulum says:

          As you’re saying I could be a lazy guy spending my days at Starbucks/eating burger. Scroll up and re-read my comment and compare it with your spelling riddled comment. It will tell you where we stand.
          Regarding woyane and its crooks let me reiterate once again that you’re rejected by the majority ….what happened to Redwan, Meles, and Sebehat will haunt you. You’ll be treated like a dog inside a church until the day comes that you end up in Kaliti or ICC.

          • bb says:

            Dear Tesfalehulum, who are the majority? Are you talking about those garbage individuals like you who have negative mentality the last twenty years or those who think that the current government will fall by doing demonstrations in Washington dc. You have been doing since day one but still your master E PRDF
            Is in power and the country is going forward but people like you are going backward.

      • Solomon says:

        Banda Tesfalhulu,1. Now you saying badem victory on your boss shabia is not woyan or Meles victory .I agree with you it is all Ethiopian people victory.
        But You and people like you been telling us for the last 100 years Adwa victory on Italian was one men victory, which is your Banda so called king Minlek.
        2 .you so stupid to say Amara destroy derg .people like you are so dam you even think god is Amara . said shabia was god father of woyan congratulation shabia is now your god father.
        Tesfalhulu ,you are Banda just like your grand father Minlke how the only Ethiopian leader in the history of Ethiopia to sell Ethiopian land to a white men
        Minlke sold Tigray Ethiopia land now Ertirea to Italian and Djibouti to French .i very sure Tesfalhulu Banda Minlke is your hero
        I am sure you have Banda Minlke picture in your house so this shows me you don’t care abut Ethiopian, only you have hate politics
        One more thing any body who disagree with doesn’t mean they not Ethiopian ,Ethiopia to you are only tow people h/selassa and Minlke .

      • mahba says:

        Dear Tesfalehulum, you better be a rational person. just believe in reasons not in dogmatic attitude. Woyane leadership is a model not only to Africa but to the whole world. If you live in Ethiopia, who do you think brought the growth and development? It is the leadership of EPRDF/TPLF. Tesfalehulum, you know in the psat 100 years from Menilik II to dergue there was no development in the countries that can be changed the life of the majority people. So please be reasonable, seeing is believing.

  5. robel says:

    Ben , you rock brother!

  6. Alegnta says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Like your good self, Ben is articulate, logical and a passionate journalist. He is fearless in his commentaries and almost unique in articulating that we do not need to descend to the chaos of Libya or Afghanistan to achieve democracy. The system we have is clearly less than perfect but I dare any sane individual to argue that G7 and the diaspora losers are the answer for our problems! Ben – you have distinguished yourself with your extraordinary commitment and fearless stances. Long may you continue this worthy vocation! You are a credit to your noble profession! Alegnta

  7. Kumalo says:

    Ben, nice point. we need to tolerate each other, we need to accommodate our view like a civilized society. no offense just discussion. Let’s all work together on it on the coming new year.

  8. ethiio says:

    OH MY GOD!
    Ben is completely out of his mind.

    1. He said He cares and worried about his kids. He also said he needs to make sure that he has to return to his family…that is good but How about the journalist and opposition leaders kids who their father didn’t came back home because he/she have a different opinion?

    2. He is still borrowing words from Melese…let it go! he is gone

    3. He is comparing him self with New York times…what the F***! when was the last time New York times journalist went to jail because they have a different opinion? but in Ethiopian unless you support woyane that automatically put you to the “terrorist” group.

    4.This is funny …Buy bonds…are you serious?

    …time will come. supporting woyane is one thing but calling opposition leads and journalist a “Terrorist” is a dangerous thing.

    Don’t forget “ye derge Mengest” use to call woyane a “terrorist” now, they are in power! comes around goes around.

  9. Tekola says:

    Next ,interview will be with Mimi sebehatu and zerihun teshome ..
    Stay tuned ……the real face of dawit kebede $$$$$$$$$$ lol

  10. bb says:

    Thank you Dave for this, Ben is one of a few journalists who
    does a great work in Ethiopia and wish him the best for the coming new year.

  11. @Mekdes You are My Really Brther.
    Woyanne Ruless every time all the Time Period.

  12. agere123 says:

    You are living in denial from accepting the truth. If you want your children to be safe why do not you want it the same for others too like Eskindirs child. I think your problem arise from your selfishness. If you want to be accepted, in the first place, based on your opinion, you first have to accept the others opinion too. What is your explanation for those kids who died on the street of Addis Ababa by federal police ? Those kids are like your kids too! Wake up please! Both of you!

  13. axumawit says:

    Ben,don`t try to be all people`s journalist,but the most.Remember, the people who follow your program are those who are satisfied with its form and content.You are entitled to your opinion withier any party likes it or not.
    The interviewer seems not sure the different b/n activist and journalist.He lacks basic skills of interviewing.

  14. TOM says:


  15. Name (required) says:

    Do u have the ability to analyse the existing political situation of Ethiopia? U can not de-associate politics and economy . Before EPRDF came to power our country population was around half of the current. Now we are not begging western to look after our people for daily food to eat.The problem was solved by the existing ruling party. We should give credits for the effort. Since u and ur group are power mongrels, u never want to appreciate the progress achieved so far. U should always compare the living standard of all people before and after EPRDF came to power. Why do u condum Woyane? Rannaissance dam is the promising project to our people but u have’t said about it so ur hatrance on leading party is just after ur stupid interest. Sham on u!

  16. yonas says:

    binyam,r u fooling urself .first melese never been ethiopian, donot talk emotionally think twice ,any kids they can talk the way u talk ,too boaring .

  17. Nafqot says:

    Very funny, Ben, you said you praise woyane when they do good, right? so according to you if a man tortures you , sell your sister, sell your land for the highest bidder to make you a homeless, calls you an illegal in your own country, throw you to jail for voicing your mind, etc…BUT build high rise buildings , light rail…. you are happy.
    What a hypocrite you are. You fail to see beyond your nose.
    HodFirst is another woyane mouthpiece!

  18. nuru says:

    I could’ understand the way u think about politics. If have have good idea which brings benefit on all aspects all people of Ethiopia will be happy but without a single convincing word u start blaming the ruling party as if a criminal government . As most of u know the existing situation is bright and promising for further development which most the forgotten operssed people by ur group starting from Minilk to Hailesillase.The wealth distribution to all people is the first one in the world. This is proved by the project done in all regions without any any exagration.with the result almost all people are very happy and became united against any pseudo poletian which most of them try to make civil war among people by saying people are divided by ethnics as if no region is happy to live with others which is totally wrong. Ur group agitate by newspaper and magazine with one group but different names .Any genuine political party is to bring its people a better life, but u oppose any project that brings to a better like Abay dam project which produces about 20 percent of annual budget of country. The additional advantage is it will attract investors to come , since ur group are power mangers , they do not mind about the current achievement but behind their interest which is similar to Ertires and Egypt. The two countries have their own project but it is shame to have the same idea with enemies. U try people to accept Gunbot 7 office in Asmara is strategic which is really absured

  19. chkol says:

    No matter what I respect view of yours but raise your voice when people denied
    if you get Yaf e welemeta you are next to prison but you not free man very sad.

    Today no body is free only who lies weyane enemy not who speak what he feels but who pretend .a matter of time they will give you their back.

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