Homeless Street Performer in Addis Ababa Showing Off His Talent!


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24 Responses

  1. Alula says:

    Good job man!
    The way he sings, he must be from Axum or shire…,What do you think guys?

    • Sol says:

      It doesn’t matter where is from, he is a homeless Ethiopian . Do not be judgmental Alula.

    • ethiio says:

      you are a narrow minded idiot. …from Axume or Shire…what the f***?He is poor Talented Ethiopian who needs help just like every body else. you need to watch your mouth man! when woyane looses its power your dirty mouth labeling people by their Ethnicity will get you killed.People like you make us to hate Tigre in general but I’m bigger and smarter than you. We all are Ethiopians!!! unless woyane told YOU guys something else. Guy has talent and wish him good luck, but you, get a life!!!

    • Menkem-Abyssinia says:

      This is flapdoodle, I mean a foolish talk. Stop using our prominent freedom gallant warrior name as pretext to divided Tigreans by Cities or zones. You are very little person with no purpose other than throwing spite but this rejectamenta matter of yours does not amount anything rather it aids us to tight our interdigitated unity.

  2. Lae'lay says:

    Lovely guy, first time Ilike what ato Dawit reported.
    Please remove the video of ato Beniam Kebede.

  3. Asmamaw Tadege says:

    Let’s help this talented father of ours.

    • Jebllo says:

      I agree to your comment. It is good idea to help the talent father for few things such as for buying clothes and shoe. If awramaba times can arrange how we can to send little money for this homeless. Awaramba can contact to me by my email.as specified my email in the reply site. Please lets discuss to help this poor man.

  4. Solomon says:

    What a beutefule human bing .pure tigrayn Ethiopia god bless him .I wish I was in Ethiopia to be around him .what a a beutefule country but still with a lot of povirty .
    We need to work hard to Chang the regular every day people live.
    God bells this all of us country Ethiopian !
    Death to haters Esat !
    Esat shabia Telalake Banda !

  5. Desta says:

    All those who appreciate culture, music and art should help this guy in changing his life. Especially those “new wealthy” men and women who got rich under EPRDF administration, croni-capitalism, through connection and favor,and land . Unfortunately, Most of them spend their money to impress the other country men, they don’t spend money for cultural development, art , and education.

  6. ht says:

    A Tigre abandoned by woyane. A good Tigre is a dead Tigre. He needs to go join meles in hell. The Last TIME I Heard Meles Was Frying IN Hell For All The Bad Things He Did To Ethiopia. All Tigre Will All End Up In Hell Anyway. Tigre land is hell on earth. Nothing good ever came out of that cursed land.

    • Gezaee H. says:

      ht you did a big mistake. Woyane is not tigrie, woyane is yetigrie shifta and does not represent anyone. You know shifta is shifta. They were shifta for 17 years and the only difference is the control the big office by gun. They are still shiftas and you can see that from everything they do. Only shifta sells everything. Ethiopians now own nothing because the shifta is selling everything garage sale. Do not make a big mistake,because no one elected this brigand shiftas. They controlled everyone buy gun, not by vote. You can insult the corrupt and rotten woyane, but do not make big mistake by insulting 7 million people? that is the biggest mistake you are doing in your life. Down to woyane rotten and corrupt, leba, yebsebese yeshftoch sbsb.

    • Jebllo says:

      You talk a lot of discus sting comment. You also hate the proud Ethnicity. We know this kind comment can reflect from the supporter of Shania or G7. Down with them. Be reasonable man. Your sister donkey thinks better than you.

  7. Gezaee H. says:

    Dear Dawit: Is as sign of two digit development or Growth and Transformation Plan,GTP? Dawit Hawey, even during derg time there was no homeless. When I used to live in Ethiopia, there was no homeless people. There was no orphans because traditionally community would take of the abandoned children or family pick them. No one was on the street. This is the evil product of woyane leba and serektiti, Leyabu, Guhilatata.

  8. Gezaee H. says:

    The culture of woyane is theft, corruption, homelessness, sex tourism, adultery, zemedbezemed, machberber, selling land, selling national assets, land-locking,begging,… this man is better than those who dress suits with ties. This man you can see his quality with the beauty of the sound he produce. This is a mirror of his purity inside.The corrupt and rotten has build villas and own cares and send his kids to Europe, North America, China, and has satellite dish among the poors? This is a disgrace of a nation. Ethiopian migrating on daily basis and Ethiopia dying on daily basis in the middle east? no government in Ethiopia who can protect them? it does not matter for Ethiopians where inside Ethiopia or outside. The country is ruled by human vultures. The picture he is outside on the street breaks my heart. Leba woyane is buying ports yearly at the cost of 2 billion dollar while citizens are living stone age life. All these because so called visionary leader told them we do not need port and it is better to buy? Dawit thank you, because the message is clear for those who have conscience and hilna, but the woyanes have moral sense anymore. This man is happy now and the happiness in him is worth a million than the corrupt woyane who own villas and educate his children overseas at the expense of this man and others. Change is must.We need change in Ethiopia. It will come sooner or later. Leba, Kbrebsi achberbari bicha,…

  9. YEABSIRA says:

    Here come the usual shabiya to tell us the absense of homless during derg regiem which i will leave the judjement to Ethiopians. this shabiya guy caled gezae look burnt from heart specially about port we are buying as his boses initially intended to be singapore by having asab and at expense of Ethiopian but they turned out to be poor because of their miscalcuation

  10. Name (required) says:

    What a talented guy. Thank you for sharing this talent.

    to all opportunists of hate. you can’t wait to trash any moment you get the people of Tigray, Bullying is your last name. In DC there some Ethiopians homeless but no one calls them a good Ethiopia a dead Ethiopia.

  11. Be ewnetu says:

    HI Dawit. can I get his address? if u can. tnx in advance.

  12. Nafqot says:

    Well done. What a talent, he is probably from shire.

  13. muller says:

    I know this man, he rise me up with his music and his sport he was a magnificent guy his name was atakelty we you used to call him wedidebeb he is born and bred in tigray shere end a selassie. And he has got a different kind of talent the reporter who has found him he has to persuade him to know more about ATAKELTY WEDIDEBE.

  14. Hadanay says:

    where is the video? pls Bejakum Ariuna???

  15. Kiros says:

    The homeless artists of Ethiopia are much better than thereal artists like Teddy Afro. Teddy Afro is runing over homeless artists by jealousy of their gift in music.

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