Hailemariam Desalegn: Death of Ahmed Godane shows the beginning of the end for Al-Shabaab


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27 Responses

  1. ali says:

    Tirki mirki as usual! This is a puppet who can’t make a single decision on his own…. all instructions come either from Washington or the TPLF junta…

    For Somalia to live in peace the Kenyans and Ethiopians should stop interfering….


  2. teshome says:

    It may not be so long the Ethiopian Ahmed Godane, Birhanu Nega will have the same. Birhanu is stupid, if this is the right word here…to see him associated with Alshebab and Eritrean dictators to destabilize Ethiopia. Shortly after his friend deportation, he abandoned the struggle and follow the tail of DC bar….what as heme full guy he is

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      jil cadre ….the article is about something and you mumbled about different thing….it shows how Dr. Birihanu Nega becomes a pain in the butt for woyane…..way to go doc!!!

      • A....A says:


        Nobody can be a pain in the butt to woyane in the last 40 years! Everyone that messed around woyane has seen its demise! G7 simply nothing to woyane!
        Don’t think woyane cadre comes here to read your nonsense! For woyane to argue with you is a waste, therefore, there is no woyane here , but a volunteers! Think again & know who woyane might be!

        • Tesfalehulum says:


          At least I know TPLF means a Lotting Front…..actually the dooms day for your bosses and crooks like you is getting closer….look around and realize that how you’re rejected by the majority….that’s why you get a “dog in the church” reception everywhere……
          And really I don’t care either you’re cadre or wanna be “gilgel” cadre….

          • Beza says:

            Tesfalehulum, you old dog EPRP, u think Birhanu Negadew, is pain for EPRDF? YOU MUST BE NAIVE TO THINK THIS. LIKE A A SAID NO ONE WASTE HIS OR HER TIME FROM OFFICIALS WHAT EVER YOU SAID CADRE OR SOME TO READ YOUR ART I BURTI. YOU ARE KNOWN FOR CEMENTING NEGATIVE IDEAS ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT. BUT THRUST ME YOU WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE. ME NEITHER BECAUSE PHYSICALLY I AM NOT IN ETHIOPIA. NO ONE IS GONNA DIE FOR YOU UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE. THE ETHIOPIAN youths are focusing on making their own lives in the right track. So make u r money by confusing people in the diaspora. Birhanu Nega let him first liberate himself from shabiya. This power hungry BALCHUT Ras will be like his friend Andargachew. In his 60+ years of age, he has no ability to make change. Did you understand Gashe? You are commenting too much.

      • teshome says:

        When woyane is built a nation and country, you are still contributing money to support Esat and GInbote 7, this is a sadly sad stories and if you were to have a sense, you would understood how much you are incorporated with enemies of state. As a lawyer you must and you should have known as such it bears the full weight of the law. Unfortunately, that was not the case, I believe one thing is seriously wrong to find your self in a risky business which can ultimate costs you too much. A political stand is oki but to find yourself in serious violation of one’s country is another, it is simply hurts more than the cause you were imagining to stand for. Don’t think I am an idiot, to oppose Ginbote7 and ESAT, it is simply because I am a citizen abide by law. Anyways Good luck, till you face the consequence. By the way do you know the Americans who said ” When we fight we don’t dial 911″” That is what exactly happened to Anedargachew, we just waited, waited and waited

        • Tesfalehulum says:

          What a nation building are you talking about?….or do you mean breaking up the country by ethnic line ??…and what development are you bragging about?….in a simple mathematics, how much is a salary of elementary school teacher and how much is one “quintal” teff?…..or is it looting from the poor’s pocket for the abay dam while funneling billions out of the country by corruption is a delopment? Forget about the pseudo 12%, we all know the truth. Anyway, fart around until you and your bosses take the place of Andargachew in prison. Your days are numbered….and you know it!!!!!!

          • Jebllo says:

            Tesfa Yeleleh
            Can I tell you a little secret. Do you know how much you are hated with you puppet G7. If some one tells you, who you are, you call cadre. There is no TPLF cadre who spy to some one who has different Ideology. Cadre is the tools of Derg and his ruminant. Do you know your ankle Mengestu kills one generation during the RED TERRORE. The Ethiopian people can not forget this devil era. Most of young generation was a victim of the evils era and never forget the human butchers. You hate this bright day of Ethiopian era. At this time your families are own condominiums worth a millions at this time. But you still black mail EPRDF. Lastly I have a secret if you are Diaspora who contribute money for destructing development of our country. The destruction of G7 is fail at this time but the secret is, Dr.Berhanu is very smart or(Molacha) and he drills yours and your crew money for his personal use and for dancing in Washington DC. Please be aware. I hope you will think as a reasonable person for future. Please do not defamation people who comment the right thing. God bless Ethiopia.

  3. Sam says:

    Is the death of the leader of Al-Shabaab signals the imminent death of the organization as the Ethiopian prime minister believes? I disagree with the prime minster’s optimism. I admit certain individuals might impact political events significantly. The one gone terrorist leader might be one of those individuals. But more than personality given objective realties dictate politics. In Somalia the objective reality still has fertile ground for terrorism to strive. For almost half a century Somalia has not had a functioning government. Within this period Somali children have grown up learning nothing, but anarchy. They have not attended schools. They did not train in trades hoping to make a living out of it. No they just survived. And some of them became a life line for a terrorist organization like Al-shabaab to becoming a formidable force in destabilizing Somalia and the region. The leader might have gone to “heaven,” but the kids who have grown under anarchy are still here. They have learned nothing for a long time to make a life for themselves. Instead they became an easy captive for religious ideologues who kill in the name of religion. They would be around. And Al-Shabaab relies on their being around. Does that mean Al-shabaab will remain a formidable force bent to destabilize the region for long? No. Strategically none of the terrorist organizations that kill in the name of religion will influence world politics. But to hope they will disappear into thin air within a short time once the leaders are silenced only remains a hope. Not a promising hope.

  4. Yo yo says:

    We already have a big terror group TPLF !!!!!

    • Mekdes says:

      It’s a medicine for your Feri G7. They crash you and The Terrorist group “DISH CHINA YIZEGA”. LONG LIVE FOR GALLANT EPRDF. YO YO CHINKLAT.

  5. sam says:

    In my earlier feedback I wrote almost half a century. What I meant to say was a quarter of a century.

  6. YEABSIRA says:

    Thank you prime minister for you excellent interviews, indeed the begining of the end of terorist group shabiya and al shabiya. Now are left with isayas for this we need single drone attack which should be undertaken by our government or currently EPRDF. Gezae and other shabiy supports gud gud felabachihu

  7. Benbin Abedu says:

    What about the 4 kilos Ahmed Godanes? In 4 kilo betemengst we have a lot of Ahmed Godanes including Hailemariam.

  8. Lemlem says:

    Dawit? you have become AIGA and Tigraionline. You have deleted all my comment? that is why 11 billion dollar stolen from the poor people? People like you protect corruption? shame on yuu man

    • Benbin Abedu says:

      Few days ago I wrote about the brave and great Aklilu Habtewold (the former Ethiopian Prime Minster) comparing him with the mother seller banda Meles Zenawi and Dawit deliberately didn’t publish that peace. We need to inform to the new generation what Aklilu Habtewold did for Ethiopia vs. what Banda Meles Zenawi did. Again and again a man who landlocked Ethiopia, a man who gave Ethiopian territories to Sudan and Arab magnates cannot and should not be considered as hero rather than as a rat who went to the hell to burn.

      Conclusion: Meles Zenawi was anti Ethiopia banda who made Ethiopia deliberatly landlocked and gave away Ethiopian territories to Sudan. We should not forget as well his disrespect for our national flag. He was rude and if this was not enough he become a thief who stolen billions of dollars from the poorer to put into his families pocket. MELES WAS ANTI ETHIOPIA

      Aklilu Habte Wold: The true son of Ethiopia fought hard to bring back Eritrea to its mother land. He reassured the intactness of the Ethiopian territorial integrity.

  9. Lema says:

    This is more danger than Al Shebbab,

    YouTube: “Scottish independence: Yes protest at BBC bias”

    The very dangerous and painful cancer Ethiopia, the region and the whole of Africa facing for so long is the BBC and other English establishment weapons of mass destruction the racists and imperialists shit mouth Medias before Al Shebbab, Boko haram or anything else.

    The English establishment agenda in Ethiopia is the greatest danger the country is facing for so long and lately it becomes too critical because of they are having a base and free moment in the country. The English Medias and so called aid agencies and charities are the source of terrorism, rebels or any division and conflict in the country. They must be stopped before it is too late as the Scottish are doing against the BBC.
    BBC and the English establishment agencies were behind the ambo unrest from the stat to end including instigating and spreading the story in order to achieve the secret evil agenda they are having in Ethiopia in the shadow of aid and so called help.
    The English establishment helps no one including the Scots let alone any black country they have enslaved, colonized and affected badly in many ways for so long. Never trusting them and never have them around for anything is the only and best answer and solution.
    God and the world must stop these evils.

    Have we seen any protect against the evil English Medias including BBC, Guardian and Reuters despite they are treating our country like an ash basket and the citizens as dusts and ashes worth nothing?

    Before Al Shebbab or anything Else the English medians run by its criminal and racists journalists and the establishment mercenaries in eth name of aid or whatever they are calling themselves to cover up their true identity must be stopped. They are the source of the conflict including we know so called aid agencies did pay more than 10 million dollar to Al shebbab to allow them to feed the people the terrorist were controlling and also feeding the terrorists too.

    Be closer and Work together with USA while completely avoiding the English worth million times than they are saying aid and blah blah which are the tools they are using to destroy the society as they are known with including in Australia and new Zealand against the natives.

  10. Gedif says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Why the journalist didn’t ask PMD about Abebe Gelebaw’s false report regarding the APU honorary degree ceremony. Of course VOA has again confirmed that the report presented by Henok was true and based on evidence from APU. I wonder how many times this man lies and cheat the diaspora with his “Berie welede story”. Dawit please do a nice and fact based story around fake reports starting from Geush Abera’s false accusation.

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      It’s not a false report. It has substantial evidence. If it was false allegation, it would be long before woyane propaganda machines try to disprove it. It’s the truth and you’ve to swallow it!!!!!

      • Gedif says:


        After a through investigation by an independent committee, VOA proved that Henok’s report was correct. They even went far and gave him an award for his outstanding achievement as a journalist. So I don’t think petition and demonstration change the truth. Please tell your activist, journalist and politician friend not to lie and cheat again.

  11. Tesfalehulum says:

    HMD said: “There has been, you know, misbehaving practices in previous regimes, like the Mubarak regime, the Morsi regime. They were, you know, trying to destabilize Ethiopia using rebel groups that are supported and nurtured by Eritrea.” ….did he forget that Egypt was the main financier and safe heaven for woynae and its god father shabia???……kkkkkk……gulecha!

  12. Be ewnetu says:

    Am not focus on politics. just humanitarianly and ethics. who kills honest people like children, women and all unarmed and not in the battle field just in market. offices, businesses .. public areas… is evil x evil = devil
    so which is good to reduce one boss of devil. that means increase of PEACE moment and region.

  13. MOA Anbessa Zeimnegede Yihuda says:

    Did al-quada begin to die after Bin Laden died?
    Did TPLF die after Kinfe Gebremedhin and/or Legesse Zenawi died?
    Did MOA Anbessa Zeimnegede Yihuda died after Haileselassie died?
    Did Amhara people’s unity die after Professor Asrat Woldeyes died?
    Would endownment fund for rehabilitating Wolayita die if the PM died ?

    BIG NO ! So the PM should not put his guards down just because one guy died. Currently Isayas Afeworki is hoolding regular talks and vists with his Egyptian counterpart. We all know Isayas had been influencing Al-Shabab since it’s inception. Isayas’s path need to be paid more attention than what this PM is giving him now. The PM need to first investigate all Eritreans that work around him rigorously. The PM said I will not hate a person because he is from certain ancestory. Eventhough he don’t hate them he needs to keep one eye open all the time when he is around Eritreans. Meles Zenawi deported all Eritreans because he wanted to close both his eyes when he sleeps.

  14. Ahmed says:

    We have to prepare for issi I group to their best place to be kept not torabora Afghanistan they will be in Somalia their resetting place if the USA can’t finish all the terrorist this time africa will be the next Middle East battle ground. Igad must wake up for the worest to come.

    If we finish quick our problem with Eritrea we will be safe soon.

  15. axumawit says:

    As Ethiopian national security hawk,I disagree with the PM that the death of a leader of al-shabab will bring relative peace inside Somalia and the region.why?Because:
    A.Ethiopia’s enemies will never stop to destroy her.Through out her history,she faced them in all shape and forms.As she fought these enemies,she gets stronger.
    B.Al-shabab is an organization with army of gun totting children born on the street,grew on the street,don’t have any clue about their future. As long as, no long term rehabilitation method is not found,Somalia remains Ethiopia’s problem.
    C.An angry leader of terrorist group shabia won’t stop finding volunteer groups inside Somalia who can carry out his mission in Ethiopia.It is what Esayass knows.It is his forte.His motto is”Divided Ethiopia,strong shabia”.
    There fore,what Ethiopia needs to do is:
    A.Have strong national defense to protect national security interest.
    B.Ethiopia must have long term strategy that assures no party comes to power in Somalia which is not in favor of Ethiopian interest.
    C.Ethiopia should take vanguard role restoring Somalia.The two countries share over 1000 km.border line.Encourage economic development on both side of the border.
    D.The policy of Ethiopia should be “For peace to prevail in the horn,Shabia has to go.”
    D.Continue a leadership role in building strong relationship with the horn nations.That includes stabilize Somalia.
    E.Form crisis(any kind) task force which will be dispatched anytime and anywhere.This should not be limited in the horn,can go anywhere in Africa.

  16. Leki says:

    If Scotland get it’s independent does’t apply to any country in the world particularly africa if you see Nigeria when every ethic getting richer he says we want federation it keeps going until the family even divorce.

    Then you will come up the idea of put back eve into Adams body then that was it .no more breeding .

    If you look Oromo in just single shewa region there are so many Oromo ethnic groups by it self ,so multiply by ,welega, arsi,
    I do not know it will be 300 years home work to us we need to be careful.

    Pesonaly as Oromo even doesn’t like the argont of the welga Oromo
    Crap,in my area we have around five Oromo ethnic one want to be dominat over us rubbish.

    Unity make us strong.

    If you look brazile the indigenous today are minority in Ethiopia Oromo is majority land never been taken by any one today.

    India,China, Russia they have so many ethnics do not get wild before the world end.

    Zefen eyemereten zeme blo kebro betemta kuter kemzlele .

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