Geba Hydro-power project contract signing ceremony (Video)


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45 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    This website becomes “lematawi”……reporting nothing about the gross human right violiation in the country. At least, I urge you to analyze the book written by former Awramba Times journalist, Wubshet Taye, who is languishing in notorious woyane prison since 2011 and suffering from chronic kidney disease. Am just curious, what does the above news does mean for Wubshet’s small boy or wife???….the so called “limat” without quality and freedom is an empty barel and cheap propaganda especially projects like gilgel Gibe, which is marred by poor infrastructure, corrupted management, and environmental catastrophe for lower Omo valley indigenous people.
    Ke Limat Befit Ye Hizb Enba Yetabes…..Let Feeedom Rings….
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • eden says:

      I won’t be mistake, if I label you as having pervasive mentality, and this is not a schooling forum where we can fix your problem. You might have multitudes of reasons to hate the ruling party and woyane. But to point a finger on Dawit, who is created to offer wealth of wisdom to others, is a sum of all wrongs. I’ve Been following you for a while, my intuition tells me like wise. I knew this is not something you would disclose it in an official venue but I’m sure your thought extends much deeper to hate a particular nation. You are awfully arrogant for us. This not character assassination but For all forum participants, you gave a spot light who you are, Man, you deserve all the ‘F’ words in this universe, you meet and exceed the criteria.

      No game No gimmicks.. We knew that we all get an ear full information when things go wrong in Ethiopia, it is only when Dawit says something.
      Unlike other web sites, you bring for us the glass is half full stories…thank you very much.
      I can’t stay a single night without visiting your web site, I think this spoke for itself.

      • Tesfslehulum says:


        Firstly, You’re not expected to shed a crocodile tear for Awramba Times. If found important, the admin could respond for my comment.
        Secondly, asking the admin honest question about one of their former college, Wubshet Taye, was a mistake?…
        My conclusion is this about you. You’re not only arrogant but a dumb wanna be cadre. You always want to hear and propagate “lematawi” news and the fake 12%. Let me ask you again, what the above news does mean for Wubshet’s young boy, whose father is languishing in notorious woyane prison and denied medical attention?….you should feel the pain of the people….hulum endanchi altegebem…..though I know cadres do have belly but not a brain….

        God bless Ethiopia !!!!

      • A....A says:


        The kind of Tesfalehulum believes in “if you are with us no matter whether we are right or wrong , you are fine! If you are with the EPRDF , you are not”! Dawit gave us a breathing space in the Ethiopian cyber space , hence , he should have been prized!
        Nevertheless , the kind of Tesfalehulum , soaked & blinded in a hate politics, they don’t know what what say! They are just hallucinating all over like a made Dog!

      • Limatawi Artist says:

        We have so many water resources. Why there is no macro agricultural project, why there is no irrigation project to feed our people, why 100% of our effort has to go to hydropower? Dedeb maferia mengist

      • John says:

        I think you are halusinating.He mentioned Dawits old friend who is forgotten and langusing in the woyane gulag.What wrong do you see when he critisized Dawit for not writting about the gross human right violation that is taking place in the country?why do you always have to mention hate when someone airs his/her opinion?Development without freedom of assembly and an iron fist rule by a minority will only lead to disaster.

    • Jo says:

      Tesfalehulum, keep barking like a dog. The camel is advancing, the dogs………..

    • demamu says:

      በሚኒሊክ ግዚ የደነቆረ የሚባል ነገር ታውቃለህ…
      You are mixing two distinct issues. you wide up your comment with God bless Ethiopia, so do you think this inauguration happened somewhere in Mars?? what a hypocrite person you are!!!
      Let it be Wubeshet and the likes are behind bar for factious crime, so Ethiopia shouldn’t have to develop and have development strategy. What can one tell this other than a tear of personality fabric.
      When we Ethiopians here such news, we felt extra layers of comfort, and you guys feel agony…
      So the analogy of the above news and Webeshet Taye is wrong.. you just simply mix anger politics with this exciting news and of course you didn’t miss your purpose, unmistakably incorporate Dawit, who is serving you tirelessly. I’m seriously serious, if you are not happy of Dawit style of reporting, why you then abundantly available in this forum.

      you said ” Ethiopian Mega project marred by poor infrastructure, corrupted management, and environmental catastrophe for lower Omo valley indigenous people”…
      This is a political apnea, comprehended with disinformation and misinformation about your own country. If this statement were coming from one of Egyptians friends or from an Ethiopian who strip off his citizenship, I wouldn’t be a surprise. But When my fellow Ethiopian, keep his mouth wide open, made such bullshit statement, this is a great iron ever heard by human being and when the adjectives of God bless Ethiopia is added every time at the end of your conversation, it is annoying and painful…
      …This is not the mother of all hypocrites

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Leaving aside the lengthy nonsense you scribbled, are you saying corrupted management and poor infrastructure is not issue??…..kkkkkk….let me refresh you. A critical water-passage tunnel in the Gilgel Gibe 2 hydropower project Collapsed just weeks after inauguration…..was this a rumor from Egypt ??….kkkk….anyway, Egypt was the master of woyane and financial hub as Shabiya was the God father. Thus, you don’t have any moral right to accuse others as shabia or Egyptian proxy. Just for curiosity, why do you think Abay dam project awarded for Salini without official open auction??….it’s all about $$$$….corruption …..and who suffers to pay the loans??…the poor… you know woyane snatch money from 200 birr pension “tureta” for bind while funneling looted billions to foreign banks ??…..kkkkk… fuger bro….we know it!!!!

        God bless Ethiopia…..racists and looters are doomed!

      • Limatawi Artist says:

        Sint new yetekefeleh Mr. Hodam Dimamu. Wusha be belabet yichohal. Ante firfari lekami slehonk sle woyane eyezefenk nur. And ken gin yirefdbhal.
        Maferia neh

    • Ermi says:

      BRAVO. one more project to steal money from the poor Ethiopian people. We always hear the planting of trees, but we haven’t seen a single fruit yet.

      Access to electricity still remains less than 10%, yet woyane claims to increase hydro power generation by a 1000%. In fact power generation is inversely proportional to reliability in the woyane world. The more power they claim to generate, the more blackouts experienced by the 10% of those with access to electricity. The other 90% are in total darkness in this 21 century.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Alula says:


        Woyane will be there for generations to come! You can only burn yourself! Woyane is well protected,nevertheless, you can only run your dirty mouth! Haters are losers! There no & will never be a space for haters in Ethiopia!

        Peace to everybody , but to haters!
        Remember to stay in your kilil if you play politics!

        • Ermi says:

          Alula, since you keep writing, why don’t you add substance in your comments. You always personalize your remarks and resort to attaking the person rather than arguing a point. I can just say you are the usual hod-ader and ignore you. But your skill in the English language says you are above the fifth graders you work for, so I feel compelled to advise you to use your skill for a better output.

          BTW, please never use that same analogy (camel vs barking dog) Bereket Simon theachs day in day out to the dedebit cadres. He uses that analogy cause the cadres only know camel and dogs. But I think you are at higher level than those.

          One more thing, why did you change the name Mario for Alula after you claimed to be gone to Ethiopia for three months?

          Peace to all but Woyanes!


          • Alula says:


            What substance do have except hating Woyane? Get out of your hate so I can talk to you like an able human! You always repeat”peace to all but woyane” as if woyane’s peace depends on you, is this your substance?

            I can’t say woyane is 100% perfect, but I never heard you criticizing the so called opposition who have no unity, they are there only to scam money from Ethiopia’s enemies & the innocent Ethiopian diaspora! Is this your substance? I see you writing a good English , but biased & based on hate…!

            Eternal glory to our martyrs!
            God bless Ethiopia!

            Look at you! The Dogs like you are barking , nevertheless, the camel has kept on its own way! This is simply a saying to express your political stagnation for such a long time! Politics in Ethiopia is changed for good, please check yourself first …!
            I hope you not take me as an English man!
            Your 5th grader & shit simply shows that how low your IQ is!
            I went back home, stayed the for 40 day , I finish my business & came back! Do you think I’m hiding? Not even you with your hate politics!

            What matters for me is, Ethiopia defeated all internal & external enemies. Ethiopia defeated Egypt diplomatically & left it with no choice but the round table! Egypt is the only problem for Ethiopia , but it is on the table now! Shabiya & its dogs , like G7 turned into a rat in a water…! Why don’t you guys demonstrate when PM Desalegn & his staffs arrived in DC ?no more

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa lehulum, you old EPRP, your comments are always negative. It seems, you are an Egyptian wondering in Ethiopians turf like the Egyptians caught in the area of our HIDDASSE DAM. Your fate will be dying in agony by the pain, you suffer by development of Ethiopia. Would you tell me Wubshet’s connection with this Article? You and your likes are the same so I don’t expect good ideas. No one with sane mentality expect good out of rotten mind like u do have.

      You are blaming Dawit, for being great journalist and fair. He has seen you guys when he defected and became refugee. He has done it for good reason. But he decided no to associate with you, when he saw your ignorance backward mentality. Your rent collector mentality will not help the country. If you don’t like his website, then what are u doing here? Go and watch your hate and fiction preacher ESAT. All the people who are CEMENTING on ESAT by the name of FELEGE ASRAT, TESFA BEKELE and others are like you. Ethiopia is rising with its 90 million people, thanks for EPRDF.

      YOU tried to advise Dave to read Wubshet’s book. It is upto him to read or not. He doesn’t need your advise. By the way who is gonna benefit from the sale of the Book Semayawi party or other rent collectors like ESAT. I am just curious. You guys are telling us that there is no democracy and freedom in Ethiopia, yet you are telling us a person who is in prison can write a book from prison. You are contradicting yourself.
      Everybody knows your false accusations anyways. You must be from 30% Gonderes with negative attitude. There few who are making noise every where barking to make themselves happy. You are one of them. Ethiopia is building this dam for its people not for you. Dawit konjiye keep it up. Make those hate mongers cry like baby while the country is in the right track l.

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Egypt is the new “netela zefen”…..keep singing…..kkkkkk….and you categorized me under the 30% Gonderes…..kkkk….do you see how you dive into ethicnis politics??…..Gonderen ahun ezih mene ametaw??….kkkk….knuckle head racist…anyway, you’re fresh graduate of the stone factory, Civil Service College. Thumbs down for dumbs !!

        God bless Ethiopia…..realists are doomed !!

        • Beza says:

          Because, you smell like the Gonderes

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa yeleleh, I categorize you 30% Gonderes, because your poop allover this website smells like Gonderes. By the way, I am Amhara, of course not GondeerE. You have No moral authority to criticize Dawit, because people like you didn’t pay a price like Dawit. Your contribution for Ethiopia is destruction, by vomiting your venom on the Radios like ESAT, Addis Dimts and Netsanet leEthiopia by the name of Tesfa Bekele. There are so many like you barking on every Radios by the name of Ethiopia. Felege As rat and so on I can mention all the names. Dawit is giving you opportunity to comment what ever you want. But those Radios which I mentioned above would not give a chance to comment other than the ideas which they are promoting. Ethiopian review is one of them. But Dawit and Nazareth are not like them that’s why they are popular. So you better believe that Ethiopia is not the same you left her 40 years ago. Your kind of old people will never change from their negativity.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            Menew kerefede metesh endih tenchachash??….kkkkk….yemen atersuge new??.,..Amhara, Gondere…menew kebatersh??….stinky woyane …..are you saying that Dawit is immune of criticism??…lol….you’re unbelievably dumb…. Let me reteraite once again. Now, Dawit is an official “lematawi” journalist, turning a blind eye about the gross human right violation from Ogaden to Gambela and the corruption with a foregin lone never seen in our history. Awramba Times was also quite when more than 20 fellow journalist fled the country. Awramba Times also never updated us about what happened to journaist Gizaw Taye, Lomi Managing Director, after the first interview. I believe, for the fake “limat” news, ETV, Walta, Aiga, Tigary online and Reporter are more than enough. If Awarmba Times wants to join that rank, it’s up to them!!!

          • Beza says:

            Tesfa yeleleh old EPRP, like our visionary leader, PRIME MINISTER MELES ZENAWI, said “its better to be late rather than being absent” let’s come to the point where we started, the economy growth and development. This includes the Renaissance Dam, the major instrument, empowering Ethiopia in the region. I know you can’t see this fact because, you are sleeping and watching your day dream.

        • Lijalem says:

          Tesfa….Ethiopian ethnics were created by the almighty God. Do not blame God for having us. As long as ethnics exist so also politics exists. For good or bad, God has not forgotten to create Satan to test us. Tesfalehulum as you are Satan in the person of Tesfal…be sure we will expose you and fight you as a little distractor bought by Egypt, as Judah sold Jesus for 30 dinars…….Go ahead Satan go… we know one another and we will never let you do us destruction.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            mal eski??…..kkkkkk….kedada wanna be cadre…..we ETHIOPIANS used to live in harmony until the stinky Woyane comes and divide the country by ethnic line… the way, call and ask your former boss, Meles KeZenawi, in the hell to know what Satan looks like until you join him…

          • A....A says:

            You see! You just don’t know what you are talking about! Ethiopian never lived in harmony at all! Ethiopian tried to assimilate for the sake of life,but nobody gave them the opportunity to do so! It was all about yetm teweled adu genet edeg, if you grew up somewhere out of Adu genet then you are nothing! Qimalam tigre, gimatam gala, Tifram Gondere, shiritam Somali …..shewa shinfla, Tifram balager , Semay amd yelewm Islam Ager yelewm ….is this your harmony? Don’t tell me that you never heard such a labeling ! If you do, You are just here for the simple reason of hate! Ethiopian had sustained so much in the past because Ethiopia is the only country they have!

            Read what what you wrote against Eden & see yourself!
            The good thing is individuals like you will never have a chance to exploit the Ethiopian people once again! Why do you think the Oromos , Tigrians , Ogadens, The sidamas choose to fight for independence? In your term because of too much harmony! Everything you write shows that you don’t know Ethiopia well! Why do the kimant people said to have come from a tree while they are like everybody else? Because they live in harmony? Come on! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    • agazi says:

      You are talking about one person who crossed the red line and undermine thousands of heroes who gave thier life for this kind of development are you kidding me?

    • Gebre says:

      Dear Tesfalehulum
      what is wrong with being lematawinet? don’t you think that lematawinet is better than Tifatawinet?
      have a happy Meskel

    • Tokola says:

      Tes, You better call yourself Chelemalehulum. That is exactly what it portraits the best. I know the dollars from Egypt are bugging you but you will never stop us from our struggle to do away with poverty. We will add more and more hydro-dam…..until we reach our target of more than 60 thousand MGWTs. By then you are lost with you garbage and distractive dreams,views and evil wishes of destroying Ethiopia

    • Ash says:


      R u try to tell us one man interest is more important then our national interest…about his kids that is the responsibility of his father …if he was thinking about his kids he would have not committed crime…I know ‘ I know in ur book inciting revolution is not a ćrime”..did u every ask had this criminal succeeded how many kids lost their father due u to civil war to remove government by force…

      My advice to u is ask only ur body to get fair justice not to declare him free man without inverts getting. His crime otherwise if we mead served. Jailing people. By how many kids. They have. Then we. Are lost people.

    • ደቦል says:

      የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ቀዳማዊ ጥያቄ ድህነትን ማሸነፍ፣ እንዲሁም ለልጆቹ ምግብ ማቅረብ መቻል ነው።
      የምታነሳው የመብት ጥያቄ የትኛውንና ማሀረሰብ መብት ነው?

  2. Carlos Danger says:

    Who is there?
    Gelila Bekele
    Gelila Bekele who?
    Gelila Bekele who is having a baby from the richest African American man.I am gorgeous enough,good enough,and Tyler loves me.

  3. Gezaee H. says:

    When is Egypt Isis coming to bless the dam? we are now officially colonized by Egypt because we have to report Isis whatever we do? did you hand the design to your boss in Cairo? Do not forgot to do that because you love being slaves of Issays and Egypt. I am wondering I did not see Isis of Egypt? Isis terrorist = Isis President, is this coincidence ?

    • teshome says:

      You got rocks in you brain’ where did get the string of attachment Egipt to this project? We knew very well Your eyes are flooding whenever you see miracles in Ethiopia, remember this is not an Eritrean or Shabia forum where you fart old wives tale ..This is the most .stupidest Thing I ever heard….Stink old man. Get out of here

    • A...A says:

      Gezaee , take it easy! I think you are losing your mind! The GERD is being built nonstop while diplomacy is continuing!

      You were salivating for Egypt to destroy the credibility of the EPRDF , but the EPRDF won!
      Diplomacy is the instrument to solve differences in this 21st century ! If one can’t understand diplomacy like shabiya, ከም ሻቢያ ተኾርኪምካ ኣብ ገዛኻ ኮፍ ትብል! Egyptians are smart! They know they can’t do anything that they have been bragging , & they immediately cameback to diplomacy! The EPRDF must watch Egypt though! No one can trust Egypt! Their culture is deception!

  4. ethiio says:

    Another Dam??????

    Gilgel Gibe Dam is NOT done
    Nile Dam is far to be done….and now we have another new one? It is just full of dreams!nothing more. Finish the one you started and move on…project after project but nothing has been done…we still don’t have electricity …what the F******??????

    • Mekdes says:

      Ethio- Bekuraz ena Befanos new yadegekew beza tetekem. Wuha keboy eyetetah new yadegkew nigerugn bay. Ethiopia is doing what it can to satisfy the need of its people, through great leadership of EPRDF. You always complain while you are dish washing here. EPRDF inherited 380 mw when it overthrow Derg. Now it has reached 4000mw ten times more what else do you need? You and your likes good for nothing. So go and make demonstration with your 5 friends in front of British embassy to beg them to force Ethiopian government, to free Andargachew. You morons will go to jail for threatening Ethiopian offucial in America. The case is piling up you will see it soon. EPRDF should use its influence over this erratic Diaspora Gatewetoch.

      • ethiio says:


        exactly my point!when some one express their opinion, unless we support woyane we are automatically “Ahebari” you mentioned it above…”the case is pilling up..” why is that? because i have a different opinion?I don’t care how many watts we have now…we are still taking turns for unless that issue is taken care of…i will keep it what ever you call it…but i call it reality! something you never heard of. “Derg?” what the F*** why are you always going backwards? ….”will go to jail…” my GOD! come and get me!simply put…GET a LIFE!

        • Mekdes says:

          Ethio u little law life, keep complain. What my advise for you is you will burn with your thought. If you don’t know about electric power just shut your mouth. 4000 mw power is 10 × more when EPRDF took control of Ethiopia. You must be real AAshebari, who mentioned about Ashebari? The officials who are serving the country shouldn’t be harassed by your likes. They should deserve respect, even if you have an issue you can ask them in civilized way not like you ashebaris do. That shows your mental illness. That’s the reason why you guys are left alone for 20 years. Watch AIGA FORUM and see how it was successful the fund raising event in Stockholm. But ESAT Erttrean Radio was telling us that it was dispersed by some hooligans asylum seekers. Always, when something good about Ethiopia you gather and try to discredit the news. You are lifeless but get a life. U can do it if you try hard.

    • Gabissa says:

      Do not worry and should not worry you we will finish it? But, to your surprise there other mega projects on the table. What you gono do fandu?

  5. Endale says:

    Please diaspora, leave us alone! Our Nation is locked in development! Democracy comes from the society not imported from abroad. Thank you for your sympathy with oppressed Ethiopians!

  6. Zellalem Leyew says:

    Having good relation with all nations is the right thing to do.
    Having the wide range and deep rooted relationship with selective and important nations for long term vision is the must and smartest thing to do.
    Ethiopia having relationship with China is not only the choice but the best choice not only for this time but also many years to come.
    Russia is another best nation Ethiopia must give priorities to have the best relationship. India, Japan, Korea, Iran and the likes are among the nations in the 21-century.
    Ethiopia also must have good relation with USA and Israel knowing there are with the large number of Ethiopians living there and will influence the policy in those nations. Israel needs Ethiopia in the long run more than Ethiopia does to Israel because of her hostility relationship with the Arabs where Egypt is going to be the biggest problem in the region and Ethiopia has the Nile which is the source of Egypt’s life line, development activities and history.
    Even in the 1930, thousands of USA citizens (Black and white) did stand together for Ethiopia including conducting huge demonstration against the Fascist invasion and massacre against Ethiopians. Millions of White as well as Black (mixed) Americans have more knowledge and connection about and with Ethiopia than they do with the rest of Africa in combined.

    So, Ethiopia needs to work very closely with USA and Israel, too.

    Well studied and calculated crimes the English establishment institutions including the Oxford and Cambridge Establishment universities that is going on till these days against Ethiopia including intentionally damaging the country image and undermining the people is no longer working for them in the global media era. The war against Ethiopia officially and publicly started in 1984 by the English establishment politics, Securities and Institutions including oxford and Cambridge using the English criminal Journalists (colonial armies) and so called aid agencies and charities (mercenaries) is not working anymore for that evil little island agenda against Ethiopia. The world knows how Ethiopia is green and the people are beautiful, ancient and hard working.

    However, avoiding each and every involvement the English has In and around Ethiopia is the must thing to do knowing they are there and coming around to affect while pretending differently. Never trust them for anything. What they are doing is based on their own agenda. They will drop the nation just like that and forget everything and becomes the number one enemy (Allying with the enemies). Never trust the English for anything.
    The Satanic Arabs and dishonest and mischief English are the only Enemies in the past, present and will continue doing so. Keep this always in mind.

  7. Bethihu says:

    Awrambatimes, I’m one of those diasporas who would love to see the beautiful Ethiopian people moving forward with all kind of developmets, and I thank you for your sharing this good news. Because, as you may aware, most of the diaspora Ethiopian Medias are seem to have allergic to any positive news and the mojority of the diaspora comunities are getting sick and tired to their here welede news…
    Therefore, we looking up to you and your likes home based indipent news media, and please keep updating us with all positive or negative that are happening in our country…

    Once again, thank you!!

  8. Gezaee H. says:

    Woyane is not building dams for Ethiopians guys. It is building for business, for Almouldi industrial areas, not for Ethiopians. To update you, woyane has signed a binding agreement with Egypt completely denying Ethiopians their water, apparently woyane is not only killing the current generation of Ethiopians by abuse, poverty, sex tourism, human trafficking, child adoption, underpaid as Chinese sweatshop cheap labour at the cost of 21 dollars a month salary? Egypt says it owns Nile and had colonial treaty with UK, sudan. Woyane now prints its fingers signing agreement that is even much worse than the colonial agreement. Binding agreement with Egypt that contributes 0 water? May I bless woyane ? Woyane, go to hell, you are cursed and I curse you more as evil and wicked, selfish, wanton, yetark atela, worebela, corrupt, worthless, scumbag of Ethiopians history and banda from day one uptoday. May God vanish woyane like derg. A sinister organisation that is hell bent to humiliate Ethiopians and even kill unborn Ethiopians. Woyane is practically mass killing unborn Ethiopians babies. Signing binding agreement not to use water is like killing unborn Ethoipian for billion generation. Definite, woyane is a 100% curse. Woyane loots only, but woyane will never tell you any news on the looting front because that is what cursed front does. Woyane does not care about anyone and all woyane cares is money only. Did not woyane sell land for 1 dollar per hectare per year? In Zambia and Chad land is sold 1000 dollar per hectare per years? Imagine the difference now? Woyane means really dumb ass people who have no brain but only big belly and perverted mind. Did not woyane PM HD then FM ship Ethiopians teens to the middle east who are dying still everyday? what moral can a human trafficker have on prisoner or any human being? PM HD is a human trafficker who have been selling Ethiopians teen girls to Arabs. In short EPRDF is not a government but a pimp and even a drug deal who do business of chat or khat? all kind of corrupted way of life is welcomed to Ethiopia. That is civilization for woyane world. Honestly, equality, impartiality, fainess,… way of thinking can end you in prison as a criminal. you have to be pervert, corrupt, lier(wushetam), human trafficker, swinger,… to be accepted by woyane. If you have high integrity and dignity, you will be called all names and thrown into jail. Woyane even call other people Shabia as if woyane was not dancing in addis with Shabia and urinating on Ethiopians in broad-day light. Woyane and Shabia whom I call two thieves only quarreled when they were shasring their lootings from the Ethiopian proper. Woyane has no moral ground. About hatred, woyane is the engineer of hatred, division, black apartheid, corruption, nepotism, all kind of insanity. you better stop talking about the innocent Ethiopians. You are just shiftas with guns,most Ethiopians hate you because you are traitor and banda. The diasporas have a good reason to hate you because you are hateful and ignorant people who force yourself on the Ethiopian people. Down to woyane

  9. Bethihu says:

    We have got use to this kind of trash talk for long and I wouldn’t wast my time to read their garbbages anymore. All it takes a glance at their user name or the first line of their sentences to conclude that they are the well known idiots whom have been barking for years with no result…

  10. Gezaee says:

    I wish all EPRDF leaders to die by God’s miracle over the weekend. I wish the weekend to be a day of mourning and sadness. Why? you are the most evil people I have ever witnessed in my life. You will never stop your evilness at anytime. I was not able even to sleep after reading articles Ethiopia leaders signed binding agreements and their Europeans informing us Ethiopia give Egypt a gift? I would stop the dam if I have no the gut to do finish the dam. I would swallow bullet like Tedros and give my neck like Yohannes than to sign an agreement that deny Ethiopians their God given right. Anyway, I pray God vanish this evil bandas in our country. I even doubt this bandas have Ethiopian blind. May be they are Arabs in the pedigree ? I am wondering why such scum bag lead 96 milion people with gun? Why did we allow this band of shiftas to sell everything that is ours? Our ports, our land? now our water? I wish I was in addis near Arat kilo? dedeb, ahya, scum bag.

    • Alula says:


      Ohhhhh God forgive you! Why don’t you die? What do you have left? Ethiopia doesn’t need you all, Ethiopia needs the EPRDF …. The majority Ethiopian are doing much better than ever! Ethiopian farmers used to looted of their hard earned honey,butter,Goat…!now there is a commodity exchange …all they do is call & if they want to sell it they do,if they want to hold it they can!
      Ranting here isn’t gonna help you here! You have better to go to church or Mosque…. You are becoming a soulless!
      ዘይንፈልጠካ ከምኮና ብዙሕ ምገረመና ነይሩ! ባዕልኻ ዝገበርካዮ ጌጋታት ከም ከልቢ ኣፍቲን ኣብዚን ክትብል ኣብ ኣጋ እርጋንካ ርእስኻ ይቱኽቱኸካ ኣሎ! ምስኪናይ! ሓሶትን ፅልእን እንታይ ኮን ክገብረካ ይኸውን?
      ብንእስነትና ጀሚርና ምስወያነ ተቓሊስና ስዒርና ሕጂውን ምስወያነ!
      ንስኻ ምስ ኢህኣፓ፣ደርጊ፣ወያነ ሻቢያ ክትብል ባኺንካ! ሕጂ እቲ ዝገደደ EPRDF ምስሳዓረ ምርጋም ድማ ጀሚርካ! ኦባማ ዝበሎ ሰሚዕኻ ኣለኻ በቃ ድሕሪ ሕጂ EPRDF ማንም ከምዘይትንክፎ ተረዲኡካ ፍሬኖ ምሓዝ ኣብዩካ ኼድካ ኣለኻ! ሕጂ ኢትዮጵያ ግዝፍ ዝበለ ሓገዝ እንተትረክብ በቃ ጨርቅኻ ደርቢኻ ከምትኸይድ እኣምን!
      ፅልኢ ይትረፍካ! ወያነ እንተኾነ ኣሽኳይ’ዶ ብፅልኢ ብሓዊ ገጢሞም’ውን ኣይካኣሉዎን! እዚ ከምዝናትካ በለካ ለኽዓካ ንወያነና ፈሲ ማለት እዩ! ወያነ ከምዚንስኻ ትብሎ እንትሰምዑ ኣፍንጮኦም እዮም ዝዓብሱ! ከምዝኣነ ግን ወያነ ክንከውን ስለዘይንበቅዕ ወሰን ወሰን ሓፁር ኮይና ምስ ናትካ ሃለውለው ጊዜና ነጥፍእ ኣለና!
      ዘልኣለማዊ ኽብሪ ንስዉኣትና!
      ገዛኢ ርኢይቶይ ከመይ ትርኦ?
      Take it easy Gezaee!
      May God foregive!

  11. Welayta says:

    Tesfahulu you are selfish ye Washington dc tagay. Your grandfathers made ethiopia one of poorest and backward country in planet earth and sinde lemagh country. You are not happy with ethiopian government success. You will dead Washington dc.

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