Girma Biru: Storming of Ethiopian Embassy, a Desperate Act in Response to Ethio-US Growing Relationship


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59 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    Dear Girma Birru,

    It would not be wise to label every opposition you face as Eritrean action. It would be much better for you if you investigate the grievances of those involved in the incident that took place at your office. Otherwise, you risk looking irresponsible, immature, and even ignorant of your own environments.

    Beyond the fact that you are a yes man for the dedebit gorillas, your intellectual capacity may have been the reason you were assigned to the post. So user your brain once in a while rather than being dictated by 5th graders as you were for the last 23 years. More over the money you have amassed should give you some degree of freedom to exercise your own judgment by now.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


    • Bruke says:

      while one finger points on others, the rest of your fingers point at yourself. you have no clue what you are talking about. those Dedebit fighter gave their only life for the people of Ethiopia. they didn’t get to this power by sitting in Washington nor they were cyber warriors. and he didn’t talk about the legal opposition members. It is known G-7 members are Eritrean regime puppets. your brain is like boiled potato.

      • Ermi says:

        Yes, when dedebit terrorists and their followers are pointing some of their fingers at Eritrea, many of their other fingers are pointing at themselves.

        Peace to all but Woyanes!


        • Alula says:

          Happy Irreecha to Ermi & Tesfalehulum!

          Ethiopia is changing, nevertheless , haters are roaming with no aim! This useful for two weeks empty propaganda!
          Colored , Arab (Jesmine) ….revolutions all failed , USA accepted ethiopia as a good partner……! Haters has lost every hope to satisfy their power thirst , that’s why they are desperate!

          • Ermi says:

            Alula, I wish I could debate with you, but you refused to divert from the talking point given to you by dedebit 5th grader. You only preach the one word you know -“hate”.

            Peace to all but Woyanes!


          • dagu says:

            The great meeting which took place in New York has shattered the dreams of terrorists in the world. Ghinbot 7 and its hooligan members are gravely affected by the unanimous resolution passed at the UN in New York. Therefore, it is a matter of time that these desperate elements of terrorism will burn out for good.

          • A.....A says:


            I know you have nothing to discuss except hate against woyane! I think you have to get out of your hate politics in order to discuss anything sane! 5tth graderkkkkkkk ,this shows you are so low you are in calling names…anyways, lets didcuss one thing at a time so I can have a space in betweenmy work & my bed time! remember if your point is too much,I won’t answer, I work a lot! send it to Dawit to publish it! the word hate belongs to you & your group more than anybody else! we the TPLFites don’t hate anybody! if one is worthy we work hard to build a friendship! if you simply promote me me me me,then we advise you & if you are not listening, we kick your ass & you can never stand on your feet once again! read Woyanes track records! nothing to gain by hating at all!

            Note:Dedebitawyan are the ones who dare to fight to save Eththiopia while your individuals Like Berhanu Nega abandoned Ethiopia….!

        • Wolde says:

          Ermi, you are a simple adgii which lives for his stomach.

    • Yoni says:

      It wld be wise for you to get your brain out of your behind. What grievances? You are in the USA fattening your seat with burger since Mengistu and claim to have grievances about Ethiopia?
      Your grievances may be being toppled by a 5 grader….perhaps watching the 5th grader outperforming all your leaders and posies with PhDs is killing you.

      • Ermi says:

        True, USA is a great country. But for unselfish people, self is only a medium to help others, to speak for those who are deprived of their voices, to stand for justice and equality for all and to share what they have with the poor.

        Don’t be self-centered.

        Peace to all but Woyanes!


        • A.....A says:


          who are these you called deprived of their voice to stand for justice & equality? can you mention anybody?

    • jano says:

      Inda Bir ahun mouth peace esat been preaching 98% of generals are Tigrians.
      But now G7 reports it is 52% are Tigrians from 130 generals 67 of them
      Tomorrow they will put it 25%
      Creating story to collect money from hard working ethiopian and feed those who never work for 23 years like Lemagne beyane and his children is un fair

    • keyo says:

      For there are two types of extreme Diasporas

      One is the one who are praying every morning to hear bad news about ethiopia or those create one and using that who made meeting on hotel and collect money and do there leaving by that.

      The second ones are those with different reason hate the gov. and who give money for any one who promise them to change it or at-least who give them news what they want to hear every morning.

    • kill.terrorist says:

      Ermi, Washington DC is not Benghazi. Arch enemies of the Ethiopian people beside shabia and their mouth piece Gimm sebat, muslin brotherhood who paid per Birhanu’s admission ( account )is one piece of evidence. Opposition should be in accordance the law not by anarchist or terrorist you think these lynch mobs go away with it? wait and see.

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    addisu netela zefen ….labeling “Eritrea and shabia”…..kkkkkk…your late pseudo visionary boss said, “Spending one hour with Isaias is far more worthwhile, rewarding and enlightening than reading ten books”….and now you dare to label the opposition “Shabia proxy”….kkk…what a moral failure….
    By the way, the embassy is built by the people money for the people. And the staffs are paid from a tax money of the people. You forget all these facts and fart in the embassy as your own property. Unless you admit and address the core issue, your argument and nonsense is futile.

    • Yoni says:

      Exactly built by the Ethiopian people ‘s money…which Shabiya and it’s boot lickers in DC have no right to vandalize. There is no core issue here…Ethiopians will watch you die while you think you have an issue to address. Futile? Lol your whole journey is full of futile errors.

    • Beza says:


      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Baza Mamitu,

        Menew shimagele …arogit malet abezash???….becusese you’re clulless doma!…..actually in our culture elderly are respected eko…kkkkk… scribbled nonsense so you don’t deserve reply. Actually, I can’t understand half of your comment Ms. Civil Service College, the stone factory, graduate.

        • Yoni says:

          Why is the age thing bothered you the most? I thought you were a Shimagile with Core Issue…:)

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa Yeleleh, you need respect? First of all, I don’t even know where service college is, but I admire the place cause, so money brilliant leaders of Modern Ethiopia. You are using that like your friends, bunch of ignorant collection, to down without having given GED DIPLOMA. Your half century politics hasn’t produced anything except may ham for the country. Did you hear Obama saying “the country which it has difficulty to feed itself, is registering significant economic growth”. Even though, you don’t want to admit it that is the fact. You are in state of denial. I am amazed when they said the young people in DC. One of them my brother’s girl friend Dad. These bunch of lifeless, who can’t even lead their life will not be fighters for EEthiopan Poors, this includes you. You are very concerned about the age. I am telling you your name Aregawi/Shimagle . Gabina netela argeh betekiristian bitaskedis llewedefitu lesemayu yitekmihal. And Egrih Mekabir wust silehone. You are definitely, a person who is deafening us, on ESAT by the name of Tesfa Bekele. You are definitely him. I can tell you are Shimagle. Kita Ras Shimagle. Lante Degmo Kibr. Kelal.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            You’re examplary MORON …kkkk……I can insult and humiliate you worse than you can imagine. But, I don’t want to sink low with you…….when you open your filthy mouth big, I can see your rotten throat. So, I decided to cover my nose and walk away.

            You even don’t know your uncles stone factory, Civil Service College, but commenting here as if you know everything…kkkk….now it becomes very clear that you’re supporting the regime because of your ethnicity…..MORON racist.
            God bless Ethiopia!

          • mamush says:

            @ Tesfabislehulum
            You have never ever joined any college; you are a high school dropout; that is the reason why you are crossing your limit. you are Shabiya and Ginbot 7 joint venture recruited mercenary; that is your 40days ill-fate; nothing is left for you to feed yourself; enjoy it until the second coming of Jesus Christ; You are frustrated, retarded Derg cadre; old junk and the moron economic immigrant. You are leading your low life in the field of scavengers eating white man’s sewage and sucking ass; please cover your filthy big mouth with poison mask you are always gassing out Gimoch 7’s fart.

          • Alula says:


            You said to this lady”u r exemplary moron …..blah blah….but I don’t want to sink low with you…! Don’t you know you are already at the bed rock? From where you are , there is no lower! The lowest place from where you are is, the grave yard!

    • A....A says:


      Min yibalal meseleh;Yedero Zefenwa andit nat eswam Qaq QAQ QaQ QaQ….naew! Meles the former great leader of Ethiopia said “spending onr hour with…” before shabiya invaded sovereign territories of Ethiopia! you see ! you don’t eve have a good point!

      remeber: the embassy is for Ethiopian but not for individuals like you Tesfalehulum…..G7 who works indirectly for Egyprt!

    • A.....A says:


      they were friends,then shabiya thought it can go away with everything that it was doing against ethiopia & invade Ethiopian territories ,dug hundreds of kilometers of trenches all around Tigrai ….thereafter , the Ethiopian gallant forces smashed shabiya’s invading forces once & for all! once shabiya get the sour punishment ,it knelt down & accepted Ethiopia’s terms & conditions ….. which it refused in the prewar times…!

      did you forget political friendship changes everytime? you can write an English properly ,but you dont understand political affiliation characteristics ! this shows that you are simply chatting here blinded with a hate! the good thing is haters can’t accomplish anything!

      the Embassy belongs to the people, but not to the paid agents of Ethiopia’s enemies! remember : the old Dogs of Ethiopia who still have their old mentality will never have a say on Ethiopia until they get out of their mess! Ethiopia is heading forward! even Egypt gave up its anti Ethiopia sentiments!

      Mr Tesfalehulum, you still couldn’t score any sane & acceptable points! sorry for you!

  3. በለው ! says:

    >> ኤርትራ ወደ እናት ሀገሬ ኢትዮጵያ ..ማሪኝ ብዬሻለሁ እሞትብሻለሁ ብትል ስንት እናት አልባ ልጆች መንገድ ይቀሩ ይሆን?ፍየል ወዲያ ቅዝምዝም ወዲህ…ኤምባሲ የሁሉም ዜጋ ቤት ነው።ፍቃድ አልባ መሳሪያ መያዝ ወንጀል ነው። ዕድርዳታ መጠየቅ እንጂ መሳሪያ መተኮስ አሻበሪነት ነው። ግለሰቡን ከፍርድ አሽሽቶ ሌላውን ለፍርድ አቀርባለሁ ማለት ቀልድ ነው። አምባሳደሩና ካድሬው በመሳጠር ኢትዮጵያዊ፣ ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያዊ፣ ዲያስፐር፣ ጭፍን ደጋፊ ተደጋፊ፣ እያሉ ኤምባሲን የግል ዳንኪራ ቤት ከማድረግ ቁጭ ብሎ በረጋ መንፈስ ከሁሉም ጋር ሀገራዊ ምክር ማድረጉ የተሻለ ነው። ጥቂቶች እያሉ ሰድበው ለሰዳቢ የሚሰጡን ከሀገር ቤት ንበረትና ውራቸውን እያዘጉ ማሰደድ ትርፉ ይህ ነው።የድሮ ሥርዓት ናፋቂዎች፣ የግብፅና የኤርትራ ተላላኪዎች፣ ማለት በራሱ ኦነግን፣ኦብነግን፣ ህወአትን መስደብ ነው።የራሳችሁን ችግር ሌላው ላይ መለጠፍም ያላዋቂነት ብቻ ሳይሆን የአዋላቂነት ባሕርይ ነው። ከምሁር ከሀገር እንደራሴ አይጠበቅም። የኦባማ ሙገሳ አይሆንም ገሳና የድሃ ምሳ ኢኮኖሚው ዳምኗል በለው! **ደህና ሰው ሲበላሽ…አሉ። በባዶ ቃል ፉከራ ጭራሽ ማክረርና መካረር በጣም የወረደና የዘቀጠ ምክንያት መፍትሔ አልባ ቀጣይ ችግር ወለድ ወሬ ሆነ ሁሉም በአንድ ጥላ ሥር መውደቁ ያሳዝናል። ‘ከስሕትቱ ይማራል’ የተባለው ኢህአዴግ ‘በስሕተቱ ይማረራል’!?

  4. Menilik Alemu says:

    The Ethiopian diasporas are acting like animals everywhere. Middle East countries are disappointed on Ethiopians uncivilized actions of disrespecting the countries immigratyion lawes. Israel complained about the high number of Army deserters by the Ethiopia’s origin soldiers. Kuwait is not accepting domestic workers from Ethiopia anymore.

    Now even Germany is being tormented by immigrants from countries like Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  5. two side of the coin says:

    Ermi and Tesfalehulum, basically what you guys are saying is let those people do whatever…that is why we have rule of law. AND you act accordingly. please see the two side of the coin.

    • Ermi says:

      Yes, according to the rule of law, the dedbit terrorist has been ordered to leave the US within 48 hours. His families are given 30 days to leave as well.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Tesfalehulum says:

        two side of the coin,

        Because there’s a rule of law in the United States, your unlcle fled to evade prosecution. Otherwise, if it was in Ethiopia, he would shoot innnocnets and walk away untouched.

        God bless Ethiopia and the United States of America.

        • A....A says:

          A deplomat can’t be prosecuted & can’t be deported! They are only given some hours to leave the country! Read about the diplomatic immunity of diplomats! You just keep ranting for anything that doesn’t have any benefit for your hate politics! Rotten old guys done nothing for ethiopia through out your life! You can only listen to yourself! old with a rotten brain!

  6. ng says:

    both Ermi and tesfa (Chelema), Don’t u guys know it is only you (either G7’s or Shabiyas) who are still sleeping and day dreaming about overthrowing the gov’t of ethiopia in 6 months (which means 600 years may be). The others the people of ethiopia, Obama, Bill gates, Our ambasador etc.. know that ethiopia is in good hands and marching forward while u are still working in the nursing home or washing dishes…this is the reality you can’t take sorry fellas reality is harsh, it will wipe you out while you keep barking.

    • Ermi says:

      What is wrong working in nursing home or dish washing? You only respect the job of killing peaceful protesters, torturing and jailing innocent Bloggers and journalists, stealing land and properties from the poor Ethiopian people and taking orderes from your 5th grader dedebit gorilla.

      You need to develope your brain first.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Ash says:

        Working as dash washing nothing wrong with it if u r. Only 18years old but u come to America 40years ago and if u still washing dash then u failed in ur personal life so why do u think u are able person to talk much bigger thing such as running Ethiopia politics” u have any political education when u were livîng in USA if the answer no then why u think u r better then the five grade drop out that u be little

      • Yoni says:

        Nothing wrong with dish washing job…you are just wrong for competing over it for over 40 years as a career and helped yourself develop an aspiration to rule Ethiopia.

        • Ash says:

          U must be a joke, I also parking attendant for 40 years can be president of America they would laugh first then they will put u in hospital …u have to develop urself be it in education and other filed to prove urself u worth to be a president…yes u can think, u can wish but do u think any one will vote for u then u need help…..I want all those hooligan job discretion what did they do for last 40years…if they drive taxi, parking lot or dash washing then we know who is disturbing us…I gain u can start from zero taxi driver it u have to end up as doctor or eng…then I will respect u….now don’t misunderstand me u can work as dash washer for 40 years and feed ur family as long as u don’t say I want to rule the country u r fine by me

          • Ermi says:

            Ash, I couldn’t understand your French writing above. But can explain in a simple english what you meant by “dash washing”?

            Peace to all but Woyanes!


  7. Birru says:

    Yes of course, the embassy belong to Ethiopians who are one way or the other way contribute to have such a great and big compound as Ethiopians’ asset. But we should follow the rules and law the embassy to get right responses .ie using bad words or calling Amb Girma as child hood friend (YEKKOLLOW GUWADIGHNA), an atmempt to replacing the current Ethiopian National Flag by the previous National Flag, (the latter is with out the star of David or The Lion of Juda) doesn’t mean some one is mature or has got natinalist’s feeling , for me it is simply a morally bancrupt. we should show respect in our daily life be it in embassy or local beer house(Tella / Tejie bette).There is always price accordingly .

    Governmnt comes Governmnt (including EPRDF) will go sooner or later, but our Histroy will be with us for ever.

    May God gives His mercy for those trouble makers from both camps,

    Long live for Mama Ethiopia.

  8. ht says:

    Did this fool get a black eye? I only wish I was the one who did it to him. He is an oromo barking dog who barks for woyane. What a loser. When woyane gets sent back to its cave, the barking dog have no where to go but maikelawe prison.

  9. Dagna says:

    What may seem to be a moron cooked desperate act of for what ever reason it may be, it shows clearly that who ever the organizers of this idiocy are obviously drunk out of their mind.

    What does an Embassy and its building and compound mean to them?
    Do they have any idea what full fledge diplomatic relation any country has with the host nation means?
    What would have been the reaction of the USA embassy in Addis Ababa if similar situation happens?caused by disgruntled US citizens and how will the US marine will respond?

    The irony is this bizarre and shameless theatre has all over it, the signature of the mayor with out
    a town, the patriarch of chaos, the royal subject of Esaias of Eritrea and the one and only evil prince of the House of Ginbot 7 Bihanu Nega Bonga. He did it again by watching from the comfort of his hiding place, watching this time as his desperate plan end with disaster as he did it in the great demonstration in support of then KINIJIT at the time of he 2005 Ethiopian election, when he was a no show while brave Ethiopians took it to the street .

    They just justified the claim of EPRDF but nothing less.

  10. Alula says:

    These hooligans aren’t even a political opposition, but shabiya’s Dogs! What you get by trespassing the ethiopian embassy is one or two weeks empty propaganda, but nothing else!
    Shabiya’s messengers are losers, shabiya itself is a loser, therefore, losers won’t matter anyway!

  11. John says:

    If anyone is lackeys of any party it the so called Ambassador.Had he said anything different,his masters would have been displeased and he knows the outcome.

  12. Bihon Gashaw says:

    Reading the above two comments it is easy to conclude that the toxic opposition is never going to make any contribution to Ethiopian politics. They are too ignorant and child like.
    The ambassador was calm, collected and of course deplomatic in describing the incident to highjack the Ethiopian flag at the embassy. He was absolutely correct in describing these illiterate, semi-employed hudlums as Shabiya lackeys because they get their marching orders from the lazy and in effective BERHANU who gets his money and marching orders from Issayas.
    Ethiopians are outraged by this act and would like to know that these criminals be brought to justice.

    • Ermi says:

      Please have faith in the US justice system. Every criminal will be prosecuted and punished. For a start, the dedebit terrorist wedi weine, had been deported within the 48 hours after he performed his first terrorist act in the USA soil. His families are packing as well to join him in his jungle.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • Alula says:


        You simply brag about justice system,,,,but we already know that from your comments you don’t have any sort of justice in you at all! You know diplomats can’t be prosecuted , deported ….! They are simply given a time to leave the country! You know what you are saying wrong, but you use it anyway! An old men discussing the wrong way!

        If you play politics, you must start where you are known by the public & grow from! There is nobody that you can elude in the name of ethiopia! Remember: the 5 to 10 year old ethiopian children when EPRDF a arrived at addis are now 28 & 33 respectively! Do you understand the change of consciousness in all these years? I’ll bet you don’t!ኦሮምያ ወይም ትግራይ ሂደህ ፓለቲካ ብታወራ ሰው ይስቅብሃል! በበለፀገው ኣንደኛው ዓለም እንኳ የቨርጂንያ ፖለቲከኛ ፔንስልቫንያ ካላተወዳደርኩ ኣይልም! ደግሞ ሃቅ እንዳለው ሰው (you want to debate with me) ኣስተሳሰብህ ያው የታወቀ ነው! ያው ፀረ ወያነ ነህ ሆኖም ግን ወያነን ማንም እንደማይነካው ኣንተም ታቃለህ! ትልቁ ትግራይ ህዝብ ሃብት “ሰውን ኣይገፋም፣ማንም ይሁን ሰው ያከብራል!ከገፋኸው ግን ኣንተን ኣያድርገኝ!በዚህ ዘመን በኢትዮጵያ ስም የሚታለል ሰው የለም! ኢትዮጵያውያን ኣማራም ጨምሮ በኣማራ ኢሊቶች ደክሟል! ስለሆነም የምትወያየው ሁሉ ጊዜ ያለፈበት ነው!ያንተና የተስፋለሁሉም ኣስተያየት በዚህ ዘመን እንኳን ለሰው ለዝንጀሮም ኣይሆንም!

          • Alula,Mario, A....A says:


            You wondered about one guard’s at the embassy, but we have seen many Tigrian poisoned to death all over ethiopia during DERG & EPRDF because they are from Tigrai! Therefore this isn’t a big deal for a people who passed so much! There is a kilil now that protects the people! We are waiting petiently for now, but you guys led by shabiya won’t go too far! You will be a rat in a water very soon! Nevertheless, what had happened at the embassy isn’t a big deal for you coz you can’t accomplish anything good! The guy is already in ethiopia & his replacement is already at the embassy! But for shabiya Dogs , it is a mile stone! Take it easy Ermi! I know what kind of mindset you have you you said “Egypt was your enemy , but now you are friends”

  13. Alegnta says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Thank you for posting this for debate and discussion. Many, including Alula advocate ignoring the so called “Toxic Diaspora”. I disagree. This website is for discussion with anyone as long as there is reasonable CIVILITY when arguing one’s points of view.
    In my opinion the recent action of the handful of menacing and threatening individuals, sent by G7 and Esat is nothing short of criminal! They invaded the personal space of the guard who was forced to fire shots in self-defence. It was clear to see to all witnessed the video footage. Many are disgusted by this act of insult to our national flag. If they want to fight why don’t they challenge by either a legitimate means exercising their right as an opposition or going to the mountains if they so wish. Embassy space is sacred and has diplomatic immunity. Had the guard injured any of these hooligans he wouldn’t have been legally responsible. Please stop intimidating diplomats and embarrassing your selves and your country. If you want to protest peacefully you have to observe due procedures – getting prior permission and acceptable conduct. Otherwise, these hooligans will be prosecuted and next time they try to force their way to the embassy or intimidate and Ethiopian official the full WEIGHT OF THE LAW will impact on them. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO GET AWAY WITH IT NEXT TIME YOU ARE ONLY FOOLING YOURSELVES! THE STATE DEPARTMENT IS WATCHING YOUR ACTIONS!
    What was remarkable was the speed to blame the guard when the aggressors clearly were the hooligans that entered the compound illegally! This was clear to see by any decent person looking at the video footage, although the headlines sent to the various newscasters by Esat (except FOX NEWS were spun beyond belief! The guard was never ARRESTED! When is Esat going to stop lying!? You can never win the Ethiopian peoples by lies!
    Ethiopia is by no means perfect – we need to improve on so many fronts – but no one is denying this. However, no one can deny also that the country has advanced in all spheres over the past decade. Why can’t you accept this unfolding reality – Obama does – the whole World does! Our various nationalities have been empowered and there is no way back to the OLD WAYS!! Meles Zenawi and HM Desalegn have taken the country to greater heights although I believe the best is yet to come! The country and its people have palpable confidence – we are no longer the famine stricken country, and if the current trajectory continues our beloved nation will become a middle income country with significant advances in health outcomes (e.g. child and maternal mortality), education, power generation and developed infrastructure in the next decade! True, we have many challenges including corruption but I believe if we are united we could make Ethiopia once again GREAT! Ermi and Tesfalehulum – I repeat I have no personal animosity towards you – as long as you argue robustly instead of insults that only undermine your intelligence and integrity.
    Peace to all! Ethiopia shall claim its past greatness (AXUM (UNPARALLED CIVILIZATION OF ITS PERIOD), LALIBELLA (THE 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD), GONDAR, THE COUNTRY OF THE BRAVE (TEWODROS, YOHANNES, ALULA ..), the country of heroes such as ABEBE BEKILLA and Haile Gebre-Sellassie). G7 losers or ANY ONE ELSE will not stop the remarkable trajectory of the COLLECTIVE WILL OF ITS PEOPLES!

    • A....A says:


      There are no sane discussion from the extremist side, they are promoting hate politics,therefore, it simply wasting my time! Haters can’t accomplish anything worthy anyways, except irritating themselves! It’s been 40 years! All these collection of haters are led by defeated individuals from the last 34-40 years!
      Look at G7 ? G7 is led by a man who ran during the fight between TPLF & EPRP! EPRP was well armed, but TPLF was ill armed , but TPLF won the fire fight!
      Look at them! They try like a man but at the end of the day they lose & blame each other! There is nothing that they can gain through their extreme hate! There is no ethiopian political party that kept its unity for 4 or 5 years!

  14. Bethihu says:

    It is clear to the majority of Ethiopian diaspora that G-7 is an enemies hired agents’ camp. So, they don’t have any program of their own, but they recieve order from their clown master from Asmera and their recent foolish actions that they took against the Ethiopian embassie could be one list of their assignments…
    So, I’m just wondering for how long the Ethiopian government will tolerate the Shabian evil activities toward Ethiopia? Because I’m tired to hear about Shabia did this and that blah…blah… Once in a while by the Ethiopian officials.
    As far I’m concerned, Shabia will continue to hire some foolish individuls or the like of Ber ahun Nega with his ESAT crew and will try its best to distract Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian should take a strong measure and put them to rest…

  15. billfree says:

    Nothing is wrong if Ethiopians tried to change the flag of tplf with the flag of ETHIOPIA in Ethiopian embassy.
    By the way today tplf’s court have passed 3 year and 3 month imprisonment on independent magazine owners (fact,addis guday and lomi) in the name of justice. Now we have only tplf backed newspapers and magazines in the country. what a shameless government is there in ETHIOPIA?

  16. Birru says:

    ” Boycott Injera, Grand dam’s Bond, Ethiopian Airlines…! Protest…! Boycott ….!protest , boycott……!!!” become the order of the day. How on earth a country would move forward if we always stand the opposite side of devlopmnt …????

    please wake up Habesha people and try to learn atleast from the developed world where you live in , that achieve socially, economically , politically and morale as well. TPLF?EPRDF is not necesserily the most perfect party on the Planet Earth , but harassing, Insulting and bitting against every one is not the best solution for success , but it is a sign of backwardness and failure . Instead, round table discussion , tolerance and respecting is short cut for it and it should be parts and parcels of our culture. let us learn pls .

  17. Ash says:

    Green, Yellow, red flag never been Ethiopian flag…yes Mengistu introduce it but before that it always have Lion of Judah emblem. Mengistu removed the lion of Judah emblem. And few we years Ethiopia had plain green,yellow , red flag then mengistu introduced his own emblem…that means plain flag belong to mengistu regime hence what those who replaced Ethiopian present flag with mengistu. Flag not Ethiopian flag it never been officially before mengistu

  18. Sam says:

    Let me say at the outset the demonstration was deplorable. It is childish, ill-conceived, and meaningless. Having said that the ambassador allegation that the culprits are the foot soldiers of Eritrea and Ethiopian opposition parties is without merit. When an ambassador gives press statement in behalf of his country, he should be careful to stick with the truth. If there are no conclusive evidence to call the demonstration what it was, a wise ambassador should say we are investigating what happened. Nothing more. I do not know what motivated the demonstrators to act absurd, neither do the ambassador, at least at the time he gave the interview. The statement he gave if said by a cadre it might not be surprising, but from an ambassador it is.

  19. Asghedom says:

    How are you people from the Horn Of Africa.
    Youhave been slaves for 2000 years and you never liberatec youralvas.
    You are still slaves in all part of tge world, your sons and doughters are deing in desert and see, your people are substuting black american slaves not only in America but in all part of the world.
    You people have insulted the ethiopian people and the ethiopian people has been insulted of your inability and capacity .
    You have destroyed ethiopia and you run away from it , and you are trying your best to destroy it . Ethiopia is not in the hand of evel but in hand of God, Rember ” Ethiopia Tabez Edewiha Have Egiziabier”. You can write and say any think, God have selected
    you and send to America to panished and give light to ethiopians.
    Ethiopia need hard workers and wise people , God is helping this country by sending out all the garbeges to America , europe and arab countries to slaves , ethiopia is not any more yours, ethiopia is of all people. Actually the , Amhara, Oromo, Tigray elits are over and ethiopia belongs to the ethiopians who love it.
    God will punish all the enemy of ethiopia of inside and outside.
    those who are protesting in America are failed peoole, and have comitted sin against ethiopians and every ethiopian know this.
    they are advertaising thier death, infront the ethiopian Embassy , for permation thier dead boody should bured in ethiopia, but even these will not permited for these rubbish demostraters.
    Actually Ethiopia Belongs To Ethiopians.
    Our Eyes Are Looking The Differens between you and others who love ethiopia

  20. ethiio says:

    Mr. ambassador,
    If you believe what ever happened was necessary and it needs to be done, then why you have to fly him over to Ethiopia ASAP? fear of justice??

    • Mekdes says:

      It is international policy, that’s why he was sent home. That’s every country do it when it comes to diplomacy. The guy was intimidated by protecting the flag. As a matter of fact, I saw the same guy, when he was burning the flag he was putting on the pole. These people are sick in mind, go and watch him. These Old man must be sick, he needs medical attention.

  21. Habtamu S says:

    Guys, the ignorant Diasporas get more and more upset for they don’t know how politics needs to play in civilized manner. I am sorry to say, but I want to say something about them that they, even though few in number, are less useful than beast. They are known by blocking, insulting, gossiping their own people only for they hold political power that the former don’t even know what politics is needs but only knows to organize few people and insult people at duty, state duty. Shame on them.

  22. wedinakfa says:

    I wonder who gave a black eye to the ambassador? has he a boozy night or his wife beat him up or the thug security guard he employed beat him black and white?

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