ለሚዲያ ሰዎች ዝግ የሆነው የ‹‹ሚዲያ›› ካውንስል ስብሰባ በአዲስ አበባ እየተካሄደ ነው


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16 Responses

  1. jano says:

    When are we ethiopian get a press that is not controlled by party?

    Is it because we don’t deserve it????

    Even in diaspora you see one paid by EPRDF and the others funded by G7 sponsored by shabia.

    So we now stuck on hearing one side saying ehtiopia become haven and the other one saying ethiopia become hell. and they make news every day to justify there point.

    I feel sorry to ethiopia

  2. Jay says:

    Media is like a leisure for Ethiopians. According to the current government/regime, Ethiopians do not deserve to read or listen different views or opinions on various issues as Government doesn’t believe that Ethiopians are reached to the level where they can accommodate or absorb different views or opinions so chaos can be prevented from happening caused by media. Or the other hypothese would be that Government is not feeling secured for their own power as they think Media can manipulate people to rise against the regime. Whatever reason, Ethiopians are currently living in information blackout. Internet penetration is only for 2% population!!! This tells a lot. How could Ethiopians be competitive with other nations??? This days information is very key to excel & be competitive at global stage. Very sad!!!

  3. Mekdes says:

    They are the ones, who covered the expense, so why crying foul. I have followed, the previous one, but there were some elements, who want the forum for their own Agenda. This is not to protect others, it is to protect themselves. If other media outlets, they will be included. I DON’T think they are trying to defend any body, who is not their member. So Dawit, slow down and join them. It is better to get organized, but somebody should start something somewhere.

    • John says:

      I read your commentary and opinion very often and there is no doubt you a hard core woyane supporter and that is your right.However,seeing you engage in name calling and trying to nullify others opinion led me to beleive that you are indeed a low level cadre.we all know TPLF controls everything including this forum.Give people a space to breath hoo.

  4. Ashan Gulite says:

    Ethiopia never had an independent media that is based on its own interest and issues that affect all citizen except the propaganda machine of the regime. After this government came to power media out lets mushroomed, but none of them had the interest of the nation as their guiding objective or principle they were and still are trying to represent various groups point of view. Media should be free and objective to serve the country and all it’s citizen. point out the weakness and strength of the ruling party then people will support you respect you and defend you.

  5. Birru says:

    r of EPRDF….where there is no indepndent
    media assocation ,i dont understand the need to rush for forming media council…do they realy care or:concernd about their staffs let alone about others..they are simply trying to milking the westerns..Long live for free press…!!!

  6. Ash says:

    This rumour mill, inciting revolution. Warmongering …what all mean?

    In revolution, wife become widowed, in war people died in Arab spring people jailed and the city burn down to ash…what they think they were inciting? The fire they start it burn them why they look surprised

    This is like surprising that gambling going on in las vega ..what kind of fool think the forest fire they start only burn down other people property not theirs..

    Just ask urself if revolution started how many people would have died and how many wife become widow and mother childless …they where wish on other the tested heir own medicine

  7. Birru says:

    Dear Awramba
    please dont worry about those hand full publishers , who claim that they represent the 80 (+) million people and the non existed free press.They are simply working infvour of EPRDF other wise how dare they are trying to form the so called press council, where there is no free press, no independnt Judiucry, no media bars, I don’t understand the reason why they rush to form media council…do they really care or concerned about their staffs let alone claiming as watch dogs for others ?..They are simply trying to milking the West in the name of free and independet press council ..
    Long live for press freedom and free press…!!!

  8. me says:

    Press freedom is different from anarchy.Democracy is not lawlessness.Freedom of speech is not for black mailing and defemation.Freedom of association is not for creating mobs and secret society.
    Keep this in mind!!

  9. mamush says:

    “…በሪፖርተር፣ዛሚና ፎርቹን የካውንስሉ ወጪ እየተሸፈነ እንደሚገኝ ነበር የተገለጸው፡፡ ከዚህ በመነሳት ይመስላል አንዳንድ ጋዜጠኞች ካውንስሉ የሦስት አሳታሚዎችን መብት ብቻ ለማስከበር የተቋቋመ ሲሉ በድፍረት የሚናገሩት፡፡ ጉዳዩን በማስመልከት አውራምባ ታይምስ ድረገጽ ጥያቄ ያቀረበላቸው አቶ አማረ አረጋዊ ችግሩ ወደፊት እንደሚታረም ቢገልጹም በበርካታ ጋዜጠኞች ዘንድ ህጋዊነት (legitimacy) እንደሌለው የሚነገርለት ካውንስል ግን በሁሉም አቅጣጫ በሩን ዘግቶ ስብሰባውን ቀጥሏል፡፡”
    What the shame! Are they struggling for the freedom of media? I am going to call them 3p (the three publishers) media council. How this Media Council is authenticated either internationally or nationally that is going to be established by three handful publishers only in the country where more than 40 private newspapers and magazines published weekly.
    The International Media Council was established with the Next Century Foundation in 2007 by journalists and opinion-formers to address concerns in the international media. The Council works to facilitate rights of access for journalists’ deals with problems faced by journalists ranging from imprisonment on one extreme to censorship on the other. The Council also deals with issues in relation to xenophobia and disinformation, and publishes a Media Ethics Code. The Council also grants annual international media awards for best practice.
    The International Media Council of the Next Century Foundation is convinced that the honesty or dishonesty of media affects the mental health of the world. Freedom of expression is vital as a means of permitting all views to flourish peacefully. It is a cliché that the price of this freedom must be continual vigilance – in particular vigilance to identify and expose the encouragement of malice, war and the incident of hate speech and image.
    The Media Council of other countries is an independent national institution as the leading institution in the regulation of media and in the conduct and discipline of journalists. It is mandated amongst other to register and accredit journalists, register media establishments, handle complaints from the public and create and publish yearly media audit on the Media Freedom in the country. During accreditation the journalists agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Practice of Journalism in the country, which was created by media practitioners and stakeholders with the view of making Journalism in the country a more professional and respectable field.
    I would like to urge the organizers to call for all journalists, publishers, prominent scholars, concerned professionals;…etc I shame on ሪፖርተር፣ዛሚና ፎርቹን!

  10. Alula says:

    ነፃ ፕሬስ፣ነፃ ሃሳብ፣ነፃ መንፈስ የሚል ፅሁፍ ኣነበብኩ በፎርቹን….. ሆኖም ግን ነፃ ፕሬስ ፣ነፃ ሃሳብ፣ነፃ ስፕሪት በኣፍ ሊባል ይችላል፣በውስጥ ግን ባዶ ነው!ለማስመሰል ቃላትን ከመደርደር መጀመርያ ራስን ነፃ ማውጣት! ኸኛ ወድያ ፉጭት ኣፍ ለማሞጥመጥ ኣሉ ያገራችን ሰዎች!ራሳቸውን ነፃ ሳያወጡ ስለነፃነት ያወራሉ ይፅፋሉ፣የራሳቸው ታሪ ከመስራት እግራቸውን ግራና ቀኝ ኣስፋፍተው ድሮ ስለተሰራ ታሪክ ያወራሉ፣ኣያሳዝንም?

  11. Zellalem Leyew says:

    The reason why a nation has military forces is to defend her from foreign enemies that are affecting the nation directly or indirectly including dividing the citizens as worst as they become against each other which is the worst thing to affect the nation and all the citizens. When any foreign individual or power allows having any saying or becomes between the citizens including in the government officials, that has to be the end of that nation and citizens.

    The reason why nations have farmers, doctors, teachers, engineers and others is because of they are the ones serving the citizens and only responsible for the nation internal as well as external matters. It is the same with the medias, too which is serving the nation including being defense forces against the foreign medias wars towards the nation and citizens.

    When we come to Ethiopia, the so called Medias and journalists particularly those trash and backward acting as if they are good enough and capable to have private media ownerships, we find them on the other side no one nowhere is behaving this way. They just don’t know and they don’t get it the roles to play as journalists in the 21-century. They are like brainless slaves always imitating or doing what the master is doing or saying them to do. The little cold England which is 1/9 of Ethiopia with her 130.000 KM2 territory is running their brain engaging the racist, criminal and evil journalists and so called aid agencies. They are behaving the way they have been told or taught them in order to use them.

    We all know especially those lived, visited or have any contact with western Europe, particularly the English establishment media war against Ethiopia motivated by race and greedy is intentionally tarnishing the Ethiopian image and undermining the citizens for years based on the lines the Evil English establishment has in Africa particularly any nation that is proud, confident, have own way of administration, values, culture, tradition and history as Ethiopia is the one in Africa,
    We all also know the evil English establishment is attacking Ethiopia for years and these days the English criminal journalists in Ethiopia as well as from Kenya, the racist medias including BBC, Reuters and Guardians and the so called aid agencies and charities are working hand in hand for their own agenda which is the agenda of the known slave master and colonizer English establishment. The racists and greedy imperialists including the pharmaceutics companies are using those criminals including the so called aid agencies and charities using our citizens as the testing and experiment animals particularly the highland women and girls. Ethiopian so called doctors and officials there will answer about when the time comes.

    What are doing the so called Ethiopian journalists to expose that which is protecting the citizens from the evil foreign enemies that are coming in the name of journalism, Medias, aid, tourism, investment and so on? They are doing nothing but acting as cheap and worthless human beings that are less than the journalists from England or elsewhere. They are blaming the government because of… instead of showing their competency, commitment, hard and good work as journalists.

    We also know even the Ethiopian medias which is now called EBC is infiltrated by the English using aid as a tool in order to use it for their own agendas that are plenty and all of them are against the nation and innocent citizens.

    ” ከውጭ ድርጅቶች እንዳንቀበል ደግሞ የውጭ ኃይሎቹ ድብቅ አላማ ማስፈጸሚያ እንሆናለን”

    This is all about. We know corruption, indecency, lies, and being against own nation while working for foreign agenda against the nation is happening because of foreigners are using the money called aid not to help but to affect
    the nation.
    These days they are doing everything in order some officials and scholars to spread misinformation based on lies as if the devaluation of Birr is good for Ethiopia while the truth is devaluation the birr will be very very bad for the country knowing Ethiopia is not an exporting nation but still import exceeds export.
    But as they are doing in other dump nations in Africa including Kenya, they are using selective and weak officials and other stakeholders including scholars in the country and abroad to spread lie propagandas in order to devaluate birr which is the best way to create inflation, that would lead badly affecting the nation economy and that would create uprising during the election period which is their main goal to see in the country and people they don’t belong and have nothing to do or have no what so ever feeling when bad things are happening there but dancing from happiness including in Wimbledon as they did in 1984.
    We must take 100% responsibilities and everything about our country including the economy where money is the soul and it needs very very serious and 100% assurance including during devaluation. Money is human made paper comes after production. Services are coming after production except those are serving the production process. Therefore, Ethiopians must concentrate with production activities i.e. physical and practical work to get real products that are creating money including foreign money. Devaluation birr because of IMF and WB pressure is accepting the defeat and serenading the enemy that would destroy the nation.
    The Ethiopian journalists must talk, write and do anything right about it in professional ways rather that acting as herds or animals or slaves looking to achieve their master goals being against own nation and people which is against themselves.

  12. Ash says:

    Yes, there is no free press in Ethiopia..free mean if u don’t pay for the newspaper then it is free press, but if u pay for it then it is not free …it is business as business they stand to make money not to make free speech….in fact any one who call himself free press must offer their newspaper for free if not they should be sued for false claim …

    The pure detention of free press means u report from both side …if u report from one side alone then u r not free…

  13. Esatu says:


    You don’t full Ethiopians any more. Are you trying to be just undergraound memeber of the group you try to tarnish (just to confuse us)? Do you want us to beleive they and you are not the mouth piece of TPLF? Please be the open supporter of your master TPLF just like Amare and Arogitua.

  14. Name (required) says:

    recently We, Ethiopia, have neither the journalist nor the media itself. ze journalists are either in prison or forced to leave the country. so what mini and her fellow are smoking there????

  15. Sam says:

    I wish I do understand the very reason of having the meeting. But I do not. I reread the three paragraphs above, but I still have more questions than answers. The premise of the meeting seems to say if we journalists act professionally, the Ethiopian government will leave us alone, and we serve the public interest to know undeterred. This very premise is which I am against. A few journalists who are not considered “terrorists” by the government to draft a resolution with which all journalists are obligated to abide by is not a wise idea to begin with. In fact, to come up with sound resolution journalists who choose to not share bed with the government should have been encouraged to have their say. This meeting sounds like the North Korean journalists having a meeting to discuss how to serve the public interest to know. It never did happen. In Ethiopia it “seems” to happen. But this is a scenario which being happening or not has no a slight difference. Indeed it is a zero difference. Whatever resolution comes out of this meeting, it is dead on arrival. Not a single true journalist who wants to serve the public interest to know rather suffocate the public with propaganda will sign on.

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