Adika Launches Metered Taxi Service in Addis Ababa (Video)


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21 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Awh, thank you Adika company. You warm our heart and make us to smile. I’m one of the Ethiopians who is fade up of the taxi fee irregularities. It is a good start and our government should give this company a full support and encourage other companies to engage in the business. This is the first time I believe Addis Ababa transportation move one step ahead and by the time the light train system be in effect, Addis will take a new picture that invites the eyes of the world. It won’t be too long to Addis to be the New York of Africa

    • Ermi says:

      Kkkkkk. Dinkem New York

      Peace to all but Woyanes!


      • teshome says:

        I usually have difficulties to comprehended your thoughts, this is just a wish. As an Ethiopian I just have my best wish for our beloved city, period. Based on the above news, I just take a vision how Addis would look like many years from now, This has nothing to do with woyane, Shebia or GInbote 7 or what have you.
        Well if you don’t wish to see Addis as New York of Africa, my intuition tells me that you might be wishing the opposite version: To see Addis, to have the fate Syrian capital Damascus. Knowingly or unknowingly you are too much consumed by anger politics, I were to have my own way of life, I wish to live where you guys don’t exist… I’m so sorry, apparently that is not possible

        • med says:

          Thank you man it is great to see people like u who actually care about the country and our city. people who think about Ethiopia beyond politics. Every time something good happens in Ethiopia all i hear is negativity from the diaspora about the government. If only there were more people like u. We need to stop being consumed by politics all the time. When it is something good for the people and the city we need to recognize and admire who ever is doing it instead of talking about Woyane and Ginbot 7. Thank you

        • Alula says:


          This guy called Ermi is a rotten individual who have nothing to offer in any way, the best way is simply ignoring him! He is alway negative! he is one of these old folks who have done nothing even for himself!
          Eternal glory to our!

        • Alula says:

          Teshome, I think Ermi is PFDJ’s Dog! I don’t think an ethiopian can act the way he is no matter what! He seems that he is jealous about the transformation of out capital! Anyways, we have better to ignore him!

      • DAI POTHON says:

        I was in Ethiopia 8 or 9 years ago. Then I had had many misfortunes in my stay as a result of the lack of infrastructure in the country in general. However, I have always felt that this country has the potential to develop only if one condition is fully met, “Thinking about the country’s development free from Politics”. Let us think optimist and all our days will be bright.

        As for Adika, its is a good start in the country’s modernization effort and it is my firm belief that the company will soon be able to come up with a solution for city mass transportation system.

        Thumbs up Adika

  2. ethiio says:

    The idea is good, but this is ONLY for people with good income. we need something new for everybody. i vote for the Train NOT for this! It is NOT for me or for the other 99% of the population!Why is every body avoiding poor Ethiopians? who is gonna come up with a new idea to serve poor?I’m not trying to be a hater but everything that we hear or see is ONLY for people with good income…The Train, it is old news now.I will VOTE for you if you have a BUS to serve poor Ethiopians.

  3. Ermi says:

    Dedebit 5th graders don’t count the poor. That is the reason they claim the economy has grown to the point of enabling everyone become millionaires.

    If we recall the times before dedebit’s takeover of Addis, leftovers from restaurants used to be sold for 25 cents per big bucket for dogs. now it is sold to the public service employees per “gursha” for birr 1.50 – 2.

    Now they are claiming Addis will be New York with the introduction of 50 metered taxis. This tells you how these 5th graders think. They really believe what they are saying.

    Peace to all but Woyanes!


  4. Ak says:

    I don’t think u r even 3rd grade u don’t know what to comment just u talking nonsense u better wake n go to school to learn how to avoide jealousy n haterade u looser sleepless person

  5. meyesaw says:

    its very sad the Taxi works in Ethiopia doesn’t have any language except in English if you hate the Geez(Amharic) Language at least you should try your kube or what ever you call it .it is good to have to start the meter Taxi but remember the company works in Ethiopia, if you think your customers are forigners fine with me any way its your idea your money but some one will come with a better idea which attract the locals and will do better.

  6. Adikaa says:

    In a city like Addis Ababa where traffic flow is like 5 miles an hour, I wouldn’t waste my money on company who came up with irrelevant service to rip off the public. !

    • Name (required) says:

      Let us, for God’s sake, be positive ones in our lives. Let’s make valuable comments rather than making non sense for every trial we see in the country

  7. TAD says:

    thank you adika meter taxi,good job!!

  8. TAD says:

    thank you adika meter taxi,good job!!since ethiopia is the 3rdd city

  9. axumawit says:

    Very satisfactory briefing from this mgr.Wish you success.

  10. Jarso says:

    Such institutionalized approach is the only way to solve the transportation problem in the country. Way forward Adika!

  11. Ash says:

    I have few suggestion.

    A. U have to have the best dispatching system where the taxi arrived to customer address with in ten minute or less.

    B. The taxi should have roof light so that at night customer see them if they have customer or not…for street pick up
    C. The most expensive thing is gas…to make the business affordable make all taxi run with biogas if possible electricity and hybrid
    D. Make the business fair we already have taxi owner in Ethiopia..the old fiat taxi the taxi owner might be old and poor but keep their licence and allowed them to rent their licence to new driver

    E. Limit the number of licence otherwise the market will flood with all kind of taxi company …ur business idea should be protected by limiting taxi licence.
    F. Also put gps if possible

    G. Digital paying system , paying by phone
    H. All taxi must be numbered śo that if the costumer want to report the taxi driver easy identified

  12. weyane hater says:

    I know this guy he is a tigrian muslim.shame on weyane

  13. mohamed says:

    its good start becouse those taxi in addis they have to come up with new idea when they get compitition thats where the public get out of it if you see people queeing up in mexico looking for taxi to go to sarbet they just drive off with out a custemer you stop him he says 40 birr is a jok even his no going up the hill.

    thats one thing adiis lada taxi they have to feed their family no question about it we still need several taxi to cover all the area.

    one of the guy said have to protect you
    limmited taxi gobez this not un inevention taxi only change its name from blue to yellow you do not need copy right protection people lough at you for god sake you living in the west wow.

    you can have milions of licence even change name from adika to adekka they have no right to stop.

    one thing adika should do is the amount of luggage they might pay extra that should custemer know.

    the other if he picked up five people they have to pay the fixed price which is on the meter not individual price.

    if the company cheked every day the kilometer on the car becouse insted of serving the public they will use their privet job but when start and when stop if they write the kilometer that is perfect becouse they cant rotate the milage bach imposible.the meter and the mileage will proof how much money he made apart from telephone call.

    the other thing is if adika start public regestration for the survice who ever want the survice let them be member first
    address,telephone,or business adresse
    otherwise a city like addis you will face dogdy custemer even no where to find them just for a jok the old taxi will start abuse the new taxi service by dogy calls.

    that will give time for the old taxi to change the way they are doing busines.

    before adika start wide network if start from registration that will be good.

    if they have website even diaspora will use such bright service even we will book at arival so the airport taxi also will wakeup. compitition healthy we should look it positive but at the same there are negative people who just only look self interest best service will even attract torisum.

    its just astart when other taxi firm start they will get some copitition with adika which will improve the taxi service becouse hundered of ethiopian work as taxi in usa or europe so the service is just starting.

    well done!

    people lets debate without hate.
    weyane is doing fine but am not satsfy
    that will be understandable.

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