What Would Bereket Simon Say on This? (Gizaw Legesse, Addis Ababa)


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44 Responses

  1. Asmamaw Tadege says:

    Good analysis

    • Ermi says:

      Bereket Simon is a shabya mole in star kilo. He and the top Dedebits are building substandard dams and roads to steal money from the poor. They have only one goal b to bankrupt Ethiopia and develop Eritrea. Asrat Gebru clearly describe how they work day and night to destroy Ethiopia and protect Eritrea.

      The renaissance dam is a political ploy to stay in power and an economic scam to enrich the handful dedebit eritreans that are sitting in Addis. The fate of Snag that will be the same as the Tekeze dam because it is ill-thought project with shabia inputs.

      I dare the dedebit 5th graders to build the dam with their stashed money in China, Europe, and the USA.

      I also dare the dedebit mouthpieces to ask your dedebit bosses to bring back the stolen money and stop building substandard dam.

      Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


      • Alula says:

        This is when they said: the dogs are barking , nevertheless , the camel has kept on its own way!

        An old individuals like Ermi who never accomplish anything in their life can only run their filthy mouth, but nothing else! Ethiopia is under all ethiopian now! The Dedebitawyan was winning over everybody & they will be there , you can’t help it!

        • Ermi says:

          Can you at least refute the claim by Asrat Gebru that the Dedebits are working for Eritrea day and night? You are all about calling names and having no substances. You are a parot repeating Bereket’s lecture – camel vs dog. You can’t even come up with other analogy. You are so empty.

          Why are all the Dedebits are Eritreans?

          Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


          • Alula says:


            Eritreans are our blood brothers! The difference, we stayed with. Our freedom , but the Eritrean was sold to the fascist Italy by Emperor Minilik! Do you understand? Gebru Asrat is brave Hero of our time, I have so much respect for him,nevertheless , talking too much about Eritrea is ” Jib kehede wusha chohe new” the only way is if Eritrean wants to join the union! Gebru Asrat fought with out hesitation , while you guys run with your legs touching your ears, didn’t you?

            Mr Ermi, I haven’t read any substantiated idea on your side! The only thing you have is “peace all but woyane” is this your substance? What is your substance though? As old as you could have done better! Your time is gone, so take it easy!

      • andualem says:

        ermi. you are truy blind and border line idiot. under epdrf who is marching forward like never before and which country is dying every day like a sick old man. if epdrf is described by your moronic manner it should have been vise versa. any way you are blinded by hate you cant see a thing.waste

  2. Ahadu says:

    Gash Bereket’s office should provide more prizes and rewards.

  3. Birabiro says:

    Why you guys bother about rewards and prizes? The main goal of the fundraising is for the constraction of GERD.

  4. Tesfalehulum says:

    I have an alternate suggestion. Rather than looting from poor’s mouth in the name of “bond” and playing lottery, just bring back the stolen more than 8 billions dollars that’s stashed in foreign banks.
    The regime is corrupt and incompetent.
    Abay dam is a political play card of Woyane with no major fesablity study and resource allocation awarded for Salini behind doors. That’s why now they are entangled in diplomatic crisis with Egypt and run out of funds.
    Yeserekachehuten melesu….ke dehaw afe atekemu!
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Beza says:

      Tesfa yelelew, you are such looser, one of “Fool and Idiots” as Ambassador Rice, Obama’s security advisor said referring Ethiopian opposition. You were demonstrating at world bank to stop funding the Ethiopian poor people not the government. The Ethiopian government is working day and night to protect the interest of Ethiopians. The idiot by the name Tesfa Bekele is trying to hinder by spreading false roomers. Looser EPRP.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza the 5th grader stinky woyane,

        You never tried to tackle any of the issues I raised in my comment because you don’t have answers…just insult and labeling…kkkkk…..you’re a blind racist supporter of the minority junta regime….
        By the way, do you know Rice lost the possible Seretary of State position? Do you know why ??
        That’s why I call you a MORON…kkkkk…..Neftam!

        • mamush says:

          Where did you acquire your education? Please tell us and post it. I have already mentioned my educational background on this forum from the outset of my comment. For your information I have acquired BSc in civil engineering from Addis Abeba University; MSc. in Geotechnical Engineering from Addis Abeba University. Rather than calling other person moron let me know your educational background and discuss our national issues of our country or have peace and keep silent forever.You moron Gunbot 7.

          • Beza says:

            Mamush, Needless, to mention about education for this morons, because as Alula said, it is wasting time. Have you ever seen them debating on logic? All they bring is Alubalta and Were. All they know is, in every meeting talking the subject out of the Agenda. So let them bark like mad dog collect the money. ESAT LAY YILEFLIFU. TESFALEHULUM Yemilut shimagle eko new hule TESFA BEKELE negn Ke Virginia eyale ESAT LAY yemikedew. YOU HEAR HIM ON VOA, on ESAT, and local radios.

        • Beza says:

          You idiot shimagle EPRP, who doesn’t know an appropriate word to women. First of all, I didn’t insult you, I told you your name you extra idiot. I know why you want to mention about her loosing the state department secretary position, but I know for sure, it is not because, she called you idiots and fools. The position she held now is not the position less than the ministerial position. She is a cabinet member. A promotion from Ambassador position. She is top figure in American politics. You and your likes, we’re campaigning against Obama, because he didn’t make any changes for u in Ethiopia. Dr. SOLOMON, FROM SOUTH CAROLINA WAS BEATING
          Drum not to elect President Obama. I am sure, If Obama lost the Election you would have said you will say you are the one who did it. Abebe Gelebaw when he said “we love you” to Obama on the fundraising, he attended by begging and breaking the party. For now I will say sell a vi, by choosing one Me ha mud music. “Akmin awko menor tiru new talak chilota new” kita Ras shimagle. What issue did you write in the first place, asking me to talk about the issue. Your wish is always negative. But you will not stop the progress

          • Alula says:

            Beza, Mamush…. I think we are wasting our time with these old dergists & eprpist losers here! They have never accomplished anything in their life! They don’t work… The only thing they do is, sit their ass in front of a computer pass their time!

            There are 9 kilils in ethiopia with everyone governing itself & therefore they need to go to their kilil & proof themselves, I’ll bet you they have nothing to proof at all! They live in a stressful life so the best way is to leave them!

    • maak says:

      @ Tesfalehulu. I don’t think you are Ethiopian and/or have any Ethiopian background. B/c you are always against every positive progress our country is going through. GERD has no any ajenda other than dev’t. It seems that you are trying to deceive and annoy Eth’ns by using Eth’n name.

    • Solomon says:

      Banda Shabia and Egypt Arabs telalaki tesfayelelw ,this show how you don’t care about Ethiopia .
      You are so blinded with hate politics cannot even support what is good for Ethiopia in long tram.
      Tesfalhulu if you are really Ethiopian you should have Carg to support this dame for all Ethiopia .
      Because this dame will be there even after those you love to hate so called wayane.
      But your stupid comment shows you ether Banda shabia or you are one of those people with hate politics .

      • tesfalehulum says:


        Let’s keep the records straight Mr. 5th grader.

        Shabia is the god father of woyane as your dead pseudo-visionary leader once said, “Spending one hour with Isaias is far more worthwhile, rewarding and enlightening than reading ten books”. Moreover, 80% of your top bosses at 4 kilo are Eritireans. Besides, Egypt was the main financial/political hub of woyane and shabia in the conspiracy to dismantle Ethiopia. If what I write above is wrong, come with substantial evidence and disprove it…..kotetam…the truth hurts, ugh??

        God bless Ethiopia!

        • Solomon says:

          Banda Tefayellew 1,what makes you think I agree with males polices on Ertirea .
          For the record I didn’t agree what Meles say about esayass and meles ‘s Ertirean polices .To me Essayass is the damest person in the world worst than mengustu ,H/slasss even the worst of worst Banda Minlke .
          I say Banda Minlke because you know there wouldn’t been Ertirea if it weren’t for Minlke selling Tigray Ethiopia land now Ertirea to his boss Italian .
          Tesfalhulu if you didn’t like what meles said about essayass. How do you like what that Banda your boss Edargachw were saying about Essayas
          If you didn’t like wayan working(cooperating )with shabia way do you support now organization working with shabia.
          This is way I call you Banda Telalake shabia .
          Tesfaylelew ,you have no principle.
          Me as Ethiopian I never like shabia .i will never like shabia .
          Mr T please sit down and think were ever comes from shabia it isn’t going to be good for Ethiopia .
          But this dame is good for Ethiopia it can Chang poor Ethiopia live if you care! One more thing Tesflhulem every body who disagree with you is uneducated ,even the uneducated Ethiopian have the right to have a say .
          You still a Banda
          God bless all Ethiopia

      • Nafqot says:

        Did you just call an anti woyane Ethiopian a Banda, yeshabia enna yeArab telalaki? Is that a joke? Gud sayesema meskerem ayTebam!
        Tplf worked with all Ethiopia’s enemies in the past. It’s working and will work in the future. when our country was on active war with Somalia in the 70’s woyane (yours truly talaqu seytan meri) was sleeping with our then enemy siad Barre. It’s not a secret that you have been beggin Eritrea (over 70 times) to start the lost friend ship again. In ethiopian dictionary if you look for the meaning of Banda; yeshabia ashker or ye Arab ashker it is tplf.

    • Alula says:


      The Dogs are barking, nevertheless , the camel has kept on its own way! It’s been 40 years since the camel started it’s journey defeating every obstacle on the way! The camel started its journey in 1935 , during the II world war, but Haileselassie smashed it using British air force stationed at Yemen! Nevertheless , the II woyane started in 1975 & is still going developing ethiopia …..! Anyways, the dogs are barking & will continue to bark for no avail!

      God bless my country ethiopia!
      Ethiopia is blessed!

      • Ermi says:

        Do you know why a camel doesn’t have horn? Because even its ears are to heavy for its head.

        Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


        • Alula says:

          Is that right? Wow! I feel sad about you! Camel the only Animal that can sustain itself carrying human belongings for two weeks with out food & drink! Still “the dogs are barking, but the camel has kept on its own way”! You know that too! Remember: it’s been 40 years!
          Relax Mr!

          • Ermi says:

            Do you know why camels are called ship of the desert? Because they are filled with Arab semen. Kkkkkk

            You found the right name for yourself and the dedebit 5th graders, camels.

            Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


        • Alula says:

          First of all, a camel doesn’t have a big ear! Secondly, The reason a camel doesn’t have a horn is, because it is part of the hoofed animal Kingdom! I know you can only understand yourself by writing a nonsense,, but I can’t help you unless & otherwise you pray to God so he can restore your natural senses that he has given you!

          ኣንተ ኣይጥ ኣለፈች ድመት ተደናቀፈች እያልክ ጊዜህን ኣባክን ወያነ ግን ስራውን እየሰራ ነው! እድሜሆን ሁሉ እንኳን ለኢትዮጵያ ለራስህም ምኖም ነገር ኣሳክተህ ኣታቅም! ኣብዛኞቹ የኢትዮጵያ ምሁራን ይህን ሰርተው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ችግር ኣቃልለዋል የምትለው ኣንድም ምሁር ኣትጠቅስም!
          እኔም ካንተ ጋ ጊዝየዬ የማጠፋው በጣም ሰነፍ የወያነ ደጋፊ ስለሆንኩኝ ነው ኣንጂ ወያነ ጊዜ ካለፈበት ካንተ ጋ ኣያወራም! ስለሆነም እስካሁን ከኣይጥ ኣለፈች ድመት ተደናቀች በስተቀር ከተማረ ሰው የሚጠበቅ ምንም ነገር ኣላየሁልህም! ስለዚህ ራስክን ኣታታልል!

  5. Ermi says:

    Dear editor,

    You are now blocking my comment,kkkkkkk. I can understand why only Dedebits comments should be allowed here cause comments with substance and facts will enlighten Ethiopian people. Anyways, your website is another mouth piece of the dedebit Eritrean anti Ethiopia group. So nothing else has been expected.

    Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouth pieces!


    • Alula says:


      For you hating the people of Tigrai is enlightening , but for a sane people its not! You never posted any substance! The only thing you have is, Dedebit, 5th graders…! የናቁት ያስረግዛል ሲባል ኣልሰማህምን? ወያነ ያስረገዘህ እኮ ነው እንዲህ እየቆላህ ያለው! የማይወለድ እርግዝና!

      • Ermi says:

        You are injecting racism here to avoid facing the issue. The isssue here is that shabias are in Ethiopian cloths destroying the country. You are blindly support dedebit Eritrean 5th graders cause you are tigrean(it makes you dedeb racist). I am incapable of hating any race let alone Tigrea. So your race card is a foolish moronic cheap shot. In fact your stated hate for Amharas is eating you alive.

        But coming back to the issues, why is Tekeze dam not producing power even for Mekele? Why are dedebit 5th graders building substandard dam over and over again? Tekeze now Renaissance dam. Why 160 mgw was reliably enough for addis ababa and its surrounding prior to Dedebit take over 23 years ago and now the falsely claimed 4000 mgw is not. Akaki had close to 40 big factories 23 years ago. Dedebit didnt add any big factory around addis that would be used as excuse so forget claiming demand-is-bigger-now bs.

        BTW, unreliable power coverage is still under 10%. And reliable power coverage is zero percent (0%). So don’t even think about using false claim.

        I don’t expect you to address the above points cause they are above your level. But at least they can make you see how stupid you have been all your life.

        Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


        • Alula says:


          Before I answer all your nonsense questions, let’s discuss one by one, coz I’m a 5th grader!

          Who talk about race? Racist against who?
          I never mention any race, but your inside is boiling so you jumped into a race thing!
          You know , ethiopia is changed! If you play politics , you must do your politics in the a place that you served , so you will elected!
          You foul words shows that you are a loser! I’m sending your foul words back into your filthy mouth!
          We discussed about why you hate Woyane & we found out that The reason you hate Woyane is , because they are from Tigrai!

        • Alula says:

          Also, your wrote “Amhara” from when do the Amaras call themselves as “Amharas”? One point! Did I mention anything that resembles Amhara?
          As a 5th grader , I know who you are from the beginning! Anyways , Answer your thing about your racism, & will go to your power shortage,the 5the grader… & shit…!

          Breaking news

          Ethiopia & Egypt are doing very good to strengthen their friendship

          • Ermi says:

            I guess you’r curious about my ethnicity. I am from the golden ethnic, ETHIOPIAN.

            Peace to all but Woyanes and their mouthpieces!


          • Alula says:


            I know you are shabiya, but coming here & blabbing isn’t going to help you anything! Shabiya’s ass was bitten once & for all! Now shabiya can only hold innocent Eritrean in their neck! Sorry for the Eritrean people!

  6. Mussie says:

    a good point, a good analysis and this is what a constructive criticism looks like

  7. Dawit Agamido says:

    Dawit Bandaw why you dont publish the arrest of journalist Temesgen ? Who cares about this dedeb kiros who is plain agases and jerk.

    • Mickey says:

      you are @ wrong article Bro.

      • Beza says:

        Micky, those idiots are druggists, now next time you will see, he will post about Mahbere Kidusan. They are in wrong side of the history. Ahun yihe arst sle KIROS New beegziabher? That’s why Rice called the fools and idiots. Yetedenaberu dinbirbroch.

  8. ethiio says:

    The writer is telling us Bereket Simon doesn’t know how to collect money for “GERD” Good point! yes they have NO idea. Gizaw Legesse have a better IDEA!why don’t you take over? you have my vote! Tell them what they need to do. Go Gizaw, GO…Go to “kality” may be?

  9. Asteway says:

    The Tigray People’s Liberation Front supporters within diaspora got the access to financial security more than any other diasporas. Yet their partcipation in Ethiopias’s development is next to none. In fact they cheat on their taxes while they got incomes both in Ethiopia and in diaspoara at the same time. These Tigray People liberatiopn Front’s business people got by far the highest percentage of people living both in the diaspora and in Ethiopia simultaneously. It is assumed that 85% of TPLF elites-diasporas cheat on their taxes both in Ethiopia and in diaspora by using their dual citizenship as a cover. Yet the TPLF supporters like Bereket Simon dual citizens got the nerve to accuse others for cheating on their taxes and in turn selling their livelihood by grabbing their lands to supplemet the GERD project. We need to report all the elite-diasporas that cheat on their taxes to the TAX authorities in diaspora so they stop LAND (LIFE) GRAB . Let’s end stealing our foods so we can feed our babies .The people should not resort to abortion or exile just to have enough to feed their babies while the officials sell their land to foreigners justr to build one damn dam. If we stop the dual citizens from cheating the taxes Ethiopia can build many dams without selling the lands.

    • Alula says:


      Whenever you don’t have money to invest, you create a nonsense excuse coverup your weakness! If you are ready to invest you can no matter who you are! If you have a project, they loan you 70% of the cost of you your project & you cover the 30%, if your project produces an employment opportunities ! But I know you don’t have a penny!

  10. Alula says:

    This is the most constructive I have ever read from our journalists! I say good job Mr Gizaw Legesse! If the nay writers journalists follow your trail to teach the public & the gov’t constructively , Ethiopia’s development could have been in a better condition!
    Cheers Gizaw!

  11. Fiorina Worku says:

    Also i have seen many people having difficulties of using the 8100A scheme. It has to be simple and very easy to use to any one at any level of understanding. for example,last week an old man and women in their 80s and 70s respectively, asked to show them how to do this and it wasn’t easy for me either(call me dame! I know!) together with the different features of different mobile apparatus. am sure there are many more similar cases out there. So they need to think of improving this and communicate the “how” better. In such campaign every one participation count more than the money collected. By the way i like the TV AD for the first time. it is creative! good job Tagel. Cheers!

  12. Zellalem Leyew says:

    “China blocks BBC Channels including website”

    The English medias, so called journalists, investors, or anyone using other names to hid behind including NGO or Charities is not allowed in Russia and other nations even in Zimbabwe.
    Because they know, how dangerous they are against the nations and citizens.

    Can Ethiopia learn from this and stop completely all the English so called Medias, journalists and other dangers coming in the country in the name of NGO, Charities, investment and other reasons?

    Stopping completely each and every English interference in Ethiopia and keeping them away is millions times useful and long term benefit than having them around in the name of anything including when they are pretending they are there not to implement their secret and damaging agenda against the citizens.
    Tourists and other very important and useful individuals from China, Russia, Japan, Korea and the likes are becoming reluctant coming to Ethiopia because of witnessing the English unacceptable presence there and they know what is happening and the worst will follow when the English are interfering in other nation’s internal as well as external affairs.

    China, Russia, Japan, India and Korea are the leading nations with the number of tourists. In 2013, Chinese tourists did expend 102 billion dollar while Russia 86 billion. So, the Ethiopian government must concentrate and adjust its tourism industry based on these nations tradition, culture, friendship and so on rather than still suffering from ignorance and stupidity maneuvering and brainwashed by the English lead Western Europe mentality against the dumb blacks that is working only for them.

    The Ethiopia govt and particularly the citizens must very much aware their presence and stop the English so called journalists, medias, NGO, Charities and so on knowing they are the greatest dangers and are engaging damaging the county images and spreading lies about Ethiopia.
    These people must be stopped long times ago knowing how bad and evil they have been against Ethiopia for so long.

    The Ethiopian embassies in London and Kenya must be closed until the embassies get qualified embassy personnel. These criminals from England are getting visas from London and Kenya to come in for bad and negative purposes against the country they do not belong and the people they don’t relate or care with the bad history they are carrying on including against Ethiopia ever since they killed Atse Theodros in the 1860s, destroyed makdela and looted the treasures as old as thousands years.
    Avoiding the English involvement starting from their Medias and criminal journalists guarantees peace, unity, hard work, prosperity and the best future. Be sure they are there to stop those things.

    To know more about the English history and presence damaging consequences, just look at the Ethiopian map. They are the one intentionally blocked the oldest country from the sea using peace of worthless land look like a tiny fence. Don’t blame Italy in Eritrea or France in Djibouti(because based on the written agreement it had to return back to Ethiopia after 99 years under the French rule as Honkong was returned to china after 150 years based on the agreement they had) as they are the English Establishment messengers but the evil snake that produces the poison messages.

    Learn what kind role England played at UN in 1993 in order to block Ethiopia from her millennia old sea and port rights and ownership. They did it because of to make the Arabs happy, They misled US and France to vote in order to get the majority as China was fiercely against while the yelsin Russia that was in the bad situation at the time was abstained. If it was today, only England will vote yes in order to keep the deals she is having from the Arabs including running al jazera, other Medias and all gulf air lines that are in the mission to affect the African air lines in Africa and the world.

    “China blocks BBC Channels including website”
    Whould Ethiopia do the same against all the english Establishment medias and Journalists in order to protect the nation?

  13. Meqdellawi says:

    Bereket Simon is an Ethiopian of Eritrean origin. So was Meles Zenawi. Some Ethiopian of Eritrean origin are working for the interest of Ethiopia. I mean we should have evidences that Bereket Simon and others from Eritrea are working against the national interest of Ethiopia. Blinding calling Bereket and other Ethiopians origin should NOT be supported.

    We have to continue contributing money to the dam construction. Diaspora Ethiopians should play a leading role. We could give a dollar a day for the dam, which means around 25 million dollars a year. We can also give one month’s salary to the dam as are Ethiopians living in Ethiopia doing. e should see the Dam as a non-political project. EPRDF initiated the idea and it is us the people who should support the project. We should walk the talk.

    We should be less political. EPRDF is holing power and cannot be less political. We need democracy, but this should not happen now. We need to trust each other by talking to each other. We should NOT polarising.

    May the yhelp us to reconcile with ourselves as a country

  14. Tk says:

    I Wonder there are still blind elite groups who can.t see what is going on in Ethiopia , please guys try to help them to get out of their ignorance. They were thought as if they are from the golden ethnic by the back warded mini link ii and haileslasie for about 100 years.

    They don’t know theses rulers were totally un qualified or incompetent enough to rule Ethiopia even for days. They nagged Ethiopia behind for about 100yrs whether the rest of the world flourished forward.
    Now, the existing government is working hard to bring the country forward’.but those previous ruler piece moth s are barking seeking that dark time which never can happen again . That is why they have reached w at the maximum level of their frastration.

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