David Cameron writes to Ethiopian PM due to “very touching messages” from Andargachew’s children


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61 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    No way, I feel bad for the Children. but how about for others? like Eskinder Nega? or multi thousand prisoners? this might be the second mistake after the Swedish journalists released. and this is the tactic of GIM6+1 members who sell their dignity for Arab money. if EPRDF release Andargachew the politics of Ethiopia might get worst. and it’s cult for western aid or indirectly colonized by funding.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Be Weshetu,

      Let’s keep the track record straight….who was financed by the Arabs money from the start to the end?…and who was using the Arabs passport to travel around ??….the mafiosis woyane and its god-father Shabiya.
      Don’t blunder to justify the unjustifiable!

      God Bless Ethiopia!

      • mamush says:

        @Tesfabislehulum ደነዙ ባንዳ የቀለም አብዮተኛ
        “ቀድሞ ነበር እንጂ ሕግ አክብሮ መንቀሳቀስ፣
        አሁን ምን ያደርጋል ቃሊት ደርሶ ማልቀስ፡፡”
        Why fifth column scared when they heard that to arrest “any person suspected of committing a crime or about to commit” a crime, do you guys want to commit crime without being arrested. The law is law regardless of your position, being opposition party members or free journalists, the rule of law will not exempt to be implemented upon them. Whom do you expect to be arrested, even those who support this law will be arrested when they commit crime and they accepted it. No country without law or you guys wants this country to be lawless country. No more chance for fifth column. Do you want to free him through your color revolution?
        You are beyond delusional. Your old mantra will not work anymore, you the serpent under the grass. You are just as fanatical, irreverent, and monomaniacal. You just like to make things up in order to stroke your pathetic ego.
        I know your next comment is full of your old mantra (…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…, what the jargon cliché, nonsense, moron fifth grader, spelling riddled mumbo jumbo, the stone factory, Civil Service College …. etc.), stupid zero grade exemplary dish and ass cleaner; I know poverty makes you cruel.
        Ignorance and backwardness is nothing but insulting oneself. I can’t expect good words from evil mind. It is very difficult to erase hatred and evil from your mind. I am here in falsifying the unjust and absurd perception of your hate monger agendas. It takes time to heal your psychological disease caused by hatred.
        Long live Ethiopia!

        • Tesfalehulum says:

          Mamitu yene aheya,

          Enki sar beye eski…..kkkkkkk

          God Bless Ethiopia!

          • mamush says:

            @Tesfabislehulum ዉሻዉ
            እኔ ሣር ከበላሁ አንተ ምን ልትበላ ነዉ? እንደ ለመደብህ የፈረንጅ ምናምን…ልትበላ ነዉ?
            Stop the act of swimming in a hallucination; don’t write any comment whenever you are injected Heroine and gulped alcohol. I can clearly see from your comment that you are Heroine and alcohol addicted person; as the drunk disposition is provisional, it will be alright once the hangover gets waft away and write after that.

          • Beza says:

            Mamush, good respond for this Shimagle Eprp.

        • welde says:

          Cameron is not asking for the release of Ato Andargachew, no no he doesn’t want a convicted terrorist to walk rome around London freely, he is just asking to change the death penalty to life imprisonment. that.s all folks!!!

          • Beza says:

            Woldie, this people DDon’t understand, he didn’t say anything about his release. May be he will ask to spare his life ask access to see him. Thank you for explaining for this 4th graders of GIM BOAT 7 supporters. If death penalty is changed to life in prison, that’s 20 years, he is now 65 years old if he survive he will be out of prison on his 85th birthday. His kids if they want to see him they can go to Kilinto and visit him.

        • KIFLOM says:

          YOU the great true ETHIOPIAN. Long live

      • Be ewnetu says:

        Yes I agree with you. the same shit all of them. but, you have to know Arabs directly support to Shaebya, to destroy Ethiopian unity as usual, then the half-cast TPLF members from Eritrea came to power in 1983 and hijacked the aim of the First TPLF target. still working for Shaebya underground. so it’s not direct involving the pure Tigreasn with Arabs.
        and also EPRDF is working much and much better for Ethiopian economy progress and democracy better than foolish politics of Gim6+1. trust me am not full supporter of EPRDF. but am opposing any Arab,s and Shaebya’s dogs.

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    Ethiopia is among the top ten recipient of official humanitarian aid totaling more than 3 billion dollars yearly. Despite the fake claim of the regime 12% economic growth, note that world bank and other institutions use the data provided by the government, the country is heavly dependent on foreign aid. The regime always relies on foreign aid to meet its fiscal budget deficit. Thus, foreign aid is the life line of the minority junta. Britain and the United States are the top donor countries directly and through World Bank. Any economic sanction by these countries will cut the the life line of the regime. It looks Britain is moving in the right direction, though late, pressuring the absolute dictatorshiop of Woyane mafiosis ring. Britain also confirmed the cancelation of the education program to build the regime security apparatus capacity. It is a huge blow for the minority junta.
    The kidnapping of Andargachew Tsige provokes a chain reaction not only exposing the mafia regime, but also unite Ethiopians.

    God Bless Ethiopia!

    • Yoni says:

      Take a cold shower bro…forget a pathetic letter that is getting off. It did it’s purpose which is to get you off the parliament wall and wait for Andy another decade. Like your master in Assmera, you lack an understanding of leverage. AnalYze yourself and see if you have leverage over Britain to get them on your master side.?

    • Menkem-Tigraway says:

      @ Kefet Tesfalehulum.

      Doneky Amhara why are you crying this much right now, aren’t you hero? may be on computer screen. People like you and your likes were and are boasting like heroes in front of amass of donkeys to topple gallant fighters. Donkey amhara knows how to blabbering but never been heroes in anyway. For this reason Donkey amhara like you are known and identified by their coward nature and chauvinism. I don’t waste my time replying with Donkey who don’r see, hear and think what is going on round him, but only bother about his belly to fill it with remnant feeds.

      • yared says:

        “Menkem-Tigraway October 24, 2014

        @ Kefet Tesfalehulum.

        Doneky Amhara why are you crying this much right now, aren’t you hero? may be on computer screen. People like you and your likes were and are boasting like heroes in front of amass of donkeys to topple gallant fighters. Donkey amhara knows how to blabbering but never been heroes in anyway. For this reason Donkey amhara like you are known and identified by their coward nature and chauvinism. I don’t waste my time replying with Donkey who don’r see, hear and think what is going on round him, but only bother about his belly to fill it with remnant feeds.”
        To All Eritrean Bandas
        Stop acting real slave and know that we know you..you tried to suck the Ethiopian Economy by being stupid and real slave..BASTARDS: The sad thing is why is Awraamba acting like a sleepy DOG and allowing the Bandas to post their cheap prpoganda?

        • Beza says:

          Yared, good point but don’t forget not only Eritreans but G7 loosers also they use this kind of tactics. Like they do on ESAT.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Menkem wedel aheyaw,

        mal eski??……ahun bante ena Adisaba techenehebat yemetahebat aheya mehal leyunetu mendenew??….the olny difference is you don’t have a tail….hahahaha

        Before you used to call us shabiya….now suddenly you start mumbling your nightmare “Amhara”….kkkkkk…..Amhara is more than 35 million people living all over the country….and if the hell breaks loose you know the consequence for miniory apartheid regime mercnieris like you….lezih new aserun metekebaterut……

        Thumbs down for 5th grader woyane (TPLF- Tigray People Looting Front) mercenaries!

        God bless Ethiopia!

        • Menkem-Tigraway says:

          Yo-yo mind Tesfale-Donkey.
          Let me give you my straight words, I don’t have any interest to iterate words with mob mind person like you but I would love to meet you in person and crush your Donkey nose and dismantle your mandible, Please give me your address and I am very excited to see if can stand before and wish to see my fist strike on your Donkey nose. Little rabbit!

        • Yoni says:

          Nice try…but the person you replied to is from the same camp as you are…infact he is your superior officer, a Shabiya buchila pretending to be Ethiopian.

          • Menkem-Tigraway says:

            I am really worrying that donkeys breeding and are packed Ethiopia.How can Ethiopia grow if donkeys are here and there chewing their beloved feed,Chat and during pint of their stinky “Tela” feel as if they developed when they are the worst and poorest cohorts among all people of the Ethiopian I know so far and no work, only blabbering in empty flat to hear their own echo that might please their soul. I have seen Donkeys enjoying with their feast meal, Chat and subsequently,after they filled their balloon size belly start to chant their chauvinist mantra in the name of Ethiopians. History showed as Chauvinist Donkey Amhara are the prime source of all evils occurred and that are happening right now in the country and The sole agent for all falls and drench of problems the country faced so far and is facing right now. In short, they are stumbling blocks for the country illuminate future. Above all, they were and are aetiologic agents for the country deep routed problems with our Eritrea brothers. So, all Ethiopians should stand hand to hand and straighten and sharpen their sword words toward the Chauvinist amhara-donkeys. We should to tell them their donkey nature again and again. For me it’s plausible to remind them their name because they love it like their wives butt.

      • mamush says:

        You said “Doneky Amhara”
        Are you an Ethiopian? Why you insult our people? Is this person an Amhara representative? You can insult him individually. What a derogatory view. Do not generalize to categorize a people in such a nasty manner – that is how racism and prejudice emerge ultimately to lead to genocide (Nazi Germany and Rwanda). So, think before you vomit words on this forum & watch what you write before submitting that may expose your level of thinking to public. Your gross stupidity and incitement to hatred has a heavy price you are going. Keep your arrogant and ignorant thoughts to yourself. Ordinary people have done nothing to you. But simple minded people like you rather prefer to insult people —pushing the discussion out of its context. You the son of Shabiyan bitch.

        • Menkem-Tigraway says:

          Mamush-sure little mind!
          Stone head chauvinist Amhara-donkey.
          I am not your bullshit Eritrea man, in fact am crystal clear Tigraway, Ok. Let me tell my stand,both of you I mean chauvinists of amhara-Donkey and Eritrea-Tigrigna speakers, who lost their identity, are suffering from identity crisis syndrome which yet no cure only supportive consulting from suicidal attempt. I merely hate both chauvinists and I believe both of you are the virulent/poisons for both peace loving people of these countries. Because of you and your likes the countries were suffered and are suffering multitude menaces. The people of both countries lost their golden time for their development because of your grand fathers and their likes. And because of these chauvinists innocent people were and are victims for no guilty of theirs and propelled to live in penury and destitution. The chauvinist Amhara donkeys thrown our people into deep poverty due to their witless ideology owing to these apparently millions of people had died from famine and hunger 20th century where the world people were feeding themselves with varieties;however, in the flip side our people had nothing to eat. Many people fled fear of prosecution from chauvinists. All the miseries parts of Ethiopia history emanate from chauvinist Amhara-donkey ideology/ mindset. The same thing what Ethiopian chauvinists did and are doing, is happing in Eritrea by Tigrigna Speaking chauvinists. All in all, chauvinists have nothing to contribute for but they always to embellish themselves with patriotism when they are the source of all evils in reality. Anyway, I don’t have any bad intent to any Amhara ethnic individual but in principle I am always against any chauvinist monger;however, I usually encounter Amhara and Tigrigna speaking Eritrean chauvinists. For this reason, I chose Amhara donkey to indicate the Amhara chauvinists and the people of Amhara as ethnic since I have no reason the hate them. All in all, if you don’t feel satisfied with my opinions I can still help you specially if you able to visit my clinic. There I have some nootropic medication for you in order to enhance your cognitive and be free from your galoot sense. Finally, I am not Eritrean but I am the finest 28 karat gold Tigraway in anyway. What a witless!

          • Beza says:

            Mankem/tigrawy/ I have never heard of tigress when they say Amara donkey. Do you know that Astse Theodros wife Was Tigrai. So I am sure you are Erutrean. If you are from Tigray you will confess like Kibrom Abraha that you are tigrayan. Tesfa Bekele the old EPRP is actually is Amara and Oromo according to his accent detected from the speech he makes on THE Eritrean Radio ESAT. I AM 100% SURE U WILL STOP THIS NONSENSE IF YOU ARE FROM TIGRAY. BUT IF YOU ARE Eritrean I Don’t expect good respond for my call.

      • mamush says:

        You said “Doneky Amhara”
        Are you an Ethiopian? Why you insult our people? Is this person an Amhara representative? You can insult him individually. What a derogatory view. Do not generalize to categorize a people in such a nasty manner – that is how racism and prejudice emerge ultimately to lead to genocide (Nazi Germany and Rwanda). So, think before you vomit words on this forum & watch what you write before submitting that may expose your level of thinking to public. Your gross stupidity and incitement to hatred has a heavy price you are going to pay. Keep your arrogant and ignorant thoughts to yourself. Ordinary people have done nothing to you. But simple minded people like you rather prefer to insult people —pushing the discussion out of its context. You the son of Shabiyan bitch.

        • Menkem-Tigraway says:

          Mamush-little Donkey
          Why are you stammering here, Little donkey? Please come to my clinic to prescribe you a nootropic medication to enhance your little cognitive so that you can level yourself like as human despite Donkey nature.What galoot guys!are you reflecting your pratfall of life,here? go to hell or hang yourself. Whether You accept it or not everybody Knows Amhara is a token of Donkeys who don’t see, hear and think.I have learnt this when I was in kindergarten.

          • mamush says:

            Whenever you insult the Ethiopian people, you will face the deadliest affront and humiliation more than you can envisage until you curse the day you were born; and you will get lost upon your request. We don’t need you anymore! We don’t need your seaport! No more parasite and host relationship. የባህር በርን ሞተን ሳይሆን ፈልጎን እንዲመጣ የሰዉና የጥሪት አቅም አጥተንበታል፡፡በግልባጩም ጩኸታችንም ለቅሶአችንም የወደቡ ባለቤት ነን ለምትሉት “ወደባት ኣዴይ” ዝፈንበት በሚሉት ዘንድ የማይገባና የገዘፈ ማበጥን እንዲገነባ ያገዘናችሁ ሆነ፡፡የኤርትራና ወደቦች በተለይም አሰብን መጠቀማችንን ካቋረጥን ወዲህ ምን ሆነ? እዉነታዉን በዉብ ንፅፅር የሚገልፀዉ “ግመል ያጠጡበት” አባባል “አጣጭዉም ባለግመልም” እኩል ጠፍተዉ በታየ ባዶነት ተረጋግጧል፡፡ እኛስ አለቀልን ወይ? አላለቀልንም፡፡ አንገታችንም አልተቆረጠም፡፡ ይልቁንም የመፈለግና የተፅዕኖ ማሳደሪያ አቅማችን ልናደርገዉ የምንችል ግብአታችን ሆኗል፡፡አንተም ከነግመልህ ሙትበት!

          • mamush says:

            @Menkem- Eritreaway

            በኢድሪስ ሞሐመድ አዋቴ የትጥቅ ትግል አባሳሪ በምትባል ጥይት አበረታችነት ከተጠነሰሰ መሰባሰብ የኤርትራ ሓርነት ግንባር (ጀብሓ ወይም ኢ.ኤል.ኤፍ) በኤርትራ በረሃ ብቅ አለ፡፡

            የአፄ ኃይለሥላሴ ስርዓትን የወቅቱን የኤርትራ ፖሊሲና ተግባር በመቃወም ከትምህርት ቤት ወደ ትግል ሜዳ ገብተዉ የኢ.ኤል.ኤፍ (E.L.F) ሪቮሉሽነሪ ኮማንድ ከፍተኛ አመራር የነበሩትና በ1990ዎቹ መጨረሻ አካባቢ ህይወታቸዉ ያለፈዉ ስዩም ኦቅባ ሚካኤል አዋቴ ዌብ ሳይት ዲሴምበር 2005 ላይ የሰጡትን አስተያየት “ …ኢትዮጵያዊያን ጎረቤቶቻችን እንዲሆኑ አልመረጥነም፣ መምረጥም አንችልም፡፡ የዚህ ዕድል የለንምና፡፡ እንዲሁም እነሱም እኛ ጎረቤቶቻቸዉ እንዲንሆን አልመረጡም፣ ይህም ዕድል አልነበራቸዉም፡፡ይህ የተወሰነዉ በተፈጥሮ ነዉ፡፡ ጎሮቤታማቾች ነን፣ ለወደፊትም ሆነን እንቀጥላለን፡፡ ሊኖረን የሚችለዉ አንድ ምርጫ ብቻ ነዉ፤ እንደ ጎረቤታማቾች በሰላም እንኖራለን ወይስ ሁሌም ዉጥረት ነግሶ በመጥፎ ግንኙነት እንኖራለን? በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ምርጫ ማድረግ እንችላለን፡፡ ምርጫም አለን፡፡”

            ዓለም አቀፍ ታዛቢዎች በሚገኙበት ይካሄዳል የተባለዉ ሬፈረንደም ተግባራዊ ሆኖ የኤርትራ ፖለቲካዊ ማንነት በኦፊሴል እስኪወሰን ኤርትራ የኢትዮጵያን ገንዘብ (ብር) ትጠቀማለች፤ ለዚህም አስፈላጊ የሆነዉን የብር መጠን የኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ባንክ ወደ ኤርትራ ባንክ በማዛወር ተቀማጭ ያደርጋል፤ እንዲሁም ለቀድሞ የኢትዮጵያ መንግሥታት በመስራት ጡረታ መብታቸዉ ተከብሮላቸዉ ለነበሩ ኤርትራዊያን የጡረታ አበላቸዉን ይከፍላል፤ ወዘተ. የሚሉት ይገኙበታል፡፡ በኢትዮጵያ የሚኖሩ ኤርትራዊ ዜጎችን በተመለከተም ሬፈረንደሙ ተካሂዶ በኦፊሴል ዜግነታቸዉን በአዲሱ ኤርትራዊ ዜግነት እስኪተኩ ከኢትዮጵያዊ ዜጋ እኩል የሆነ መብት እንዲኖራቸዉ የሽግግር መንግስቱ አፀደቀ፡፡

            የኤርትራ ጊዜያዊ መንግስትም አሰብ ለኢትዮጵያ ነፃ ወዳብ ሆኖ እንዲያገለግል፣ ኢትዮጵያ የምትገዛዉን ድፍድፍ ነዳጅ በዚሁ ቦታ እንድታጣራ ሆኖም ከተጠራዉ ነዳጅ 30(ሰላሳ) በመቶዉን በአገልግሎት ክፍያ መልክ ለአዲሲቷ ኤርትራ እንደምትሰጥ ተስማማ፡፡ከእነዚህ የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ኦፍሴላዊ ስምምነቶች በመነሳት ብዙዎቹ ለነፃይቱ ኤርትራ ያጋደሉና የሚጠቅሙ ዉሳኔዎች መወሰዳቸዉን ይስማሙበታል፡፡ ይህ ሁሉ ተደርጎለት ለረጅም ዓመታት ኤርትራ ዉስጥ በቀድሞ ሰራዊት አባልነት፣ በመንግስት ተቀጣሪነት ወዘተ. በማገልገል ኑሮ የመሰረቱ ብዛታቸዉ መቶ ሃያ ሺህ አካባቢ የሚደርሱ ኢትዮጵያዉያንንና የኤርትራ ተወላጅ የሆኑ ቤተሰቦቻቸዉን ከሃዲዎች በማለት ገሚሱን ጥርስ ነቅሎ ንብረት ወርሶ ራቁታቸዉን አባረረቸዉ፡፡
            በ1985 ዓ.ም የኤርትራ ሬፈረንደም የሻዕቢያን ወታደራዊ የበለይነት ባጎላና የኢትዮጵያን ተሸናፍነት በተያያዥ በሚያንፀባርቅ መልኩ ብቸኛ የሆነዉን ነፃነትን እፈልጋለሁ ወይም አልፈልግም የሚል ምርጫ የለሽ አማራጭ ያካተተ ሆኖ ተካሄደ፡፡
            በትግሉ ወቅትም ሆነ ከጦርነቱ በኋላ የሁለቱን ሀገሮች ፍፁም ልዩነት እንጂ ተመጋጋብ ተደጋጋፊነት በመናገር እምብዛም የማይታወቁት ፕሬዚዳንቱ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ፣ እንዲሁም አምባሳደር ግርማ አስመሮም የተናገሩት “ሁለቱ ሀገሮች ድንበር ትርጉም የለሽ የሚሆንበትን አይነት ግንኙነት ፈጥረዋል” (ኢሳያስ አፈወርቅ፣ ሐምሌ 1988 አስመራ)፡፡ ይኸንኑ የሚያጠናክር አምባሳደር ግርማ አስመሮም፤ ሪፖርተር ጋዜጣ፤ ቅፅ 1፤ ቁጥር 2፣ መስከረም 1988 ላይ “ነፃ ሀገር ወይም መንግሥት መመስረቱ ያካሄድነዉ ረጅም ትግል ዋነኛ ግብ ፈፅሞ አልነበረም ብሏል፡፡”
            ይህ ሁሉ ተደርጎላችሁ ራሳችሁን መቻል አቅቷችሁ ዕድሜ ልክ ጎሮቤት ልመና ላይ ተሰማርታችሁ የማትደክሙ ፍጡራን ናችሁ! ከዚህን በላይ ምንም ልናደርግላችሁ አንችልም!

            Long Live Ethiopia!

          • mamush says:

            @Menkem- Eritreaway Banda
            Have you ever read the history of your Banda family? Even though it is painful for you read it and get the medical treatment at your clinic.
            …Menelik concentration on arms in previous years now served him well. ..The Italians estimated that they were faced with over 50,000 well-armed men plus a number of traditionally armed warriors. Baratieri had about 9,000 Italians, including officers, and 11,000 Eritreans…
            (Source: Paul B. Henze, Layers of Time, A History of Ethiopia, first published in United Kingdom by Hurst and Company, London, 2000, page 169).
            Long Live Ethiopia!

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        M. Tigraway,

        Your comment reflects the the true mentality of the minority junta merceneries….thank you for mumbling in public…..kkkkk…I encourage you add more…..

        God Bless Ethiopia!
        Racists are doomed!

    • Solomon says:

      Banda Tesfayelelw 1.you should say god bless Essayass Banda Ertirea .
      2. 90% of the foreign aid goes to Gonder and gojjam.
      Banda Tesfayelelw if you going to balm every problem in ethiopian on Tigrayan wayane.At list be a man enough to give all the success in last 23 years in Ethiopia to the proud Tgrayan wayane.same of the success in Ethiopia are.
      1.The last ethiopia-banda ertiria war ,wayane defeated your banda god father shabia ( Banda ertirea) .
      2 .teaching Eritrea, that they can’t survive with out Ethiopia, with out Ethiopia their future will be like now refugee campes in Ethiopia and Sudan .
      3.Building Ethiopian economy as never seen befor in Ethiopian history.only Ethiopian economy were like this good during Axumawit kingdom.
      4.wayane thought you not through your pops and urine through the window instead to use a bathroom .and build a lot of bathroom .

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Solomon qodaw,

        You said at badme war woyane defeted shabyia?…kkkkk…was it Ethiopians from all over the country fought in that war or it was only woyane??.,,….
        I thought your rotten boss Meles KeZenawi and his mafiosis ring sabotaged the Bademe victory as confirmed by your old bosses Gebru Asrat and Seye Abraha
        So, who is the banda??…..
        Racists are doomed!!

        Wedel aheya!

        • Solomon says:

          Banda’s Banda Tesfayelelw ,I said if you going to blame wayane for every prabelem in Ethiopia you should give credit for every success in Ethiopia to wayane .And people like you give every credit of Adwa victory to one person to Banda Minlke not to the people of Ethiopia .even though minlik soled Ethiopian to Italian . i know every success and prabelems goes to all Ethiopian but you don’t look like to understand this logice.
          But you are so blind with hate you aren’t cabeble to see the difference .Tesefayellew did you hang the picture of you banda boss esayass next to Banda so called Minlke in you section 8 house wall.

    • gamme says:

      Even if what you written about aid is true, are you talking here as american, british or italian? based on your diatribe, i guess, you are one of those parasites who fled from Ethiopia to rich countries of Europe and America, to exploit the social system of your host country. Consequently you are most probably a person who have become dependent from handouts and mercy of the whites, this by itself is shameful for a nation like Ethiopia with glorious history, that one or some of her sons and daughters have become such useless creatures. More worrying is however, when some deformed persons like you, want this humiliating condition that you are in, to transport it to our beloved country, by begging your masters, to use aid money as a tool to blackmail Ethiopia. This will not work and Ethiopia will not be intimidated. We usually call people like you Ato tesfalehulum BANDA and their opinion for us is irrelevant.

  3. Bezbez says:

    NO. Mercy For Terroristes Andargachew Tsege is one of the top terrorist leader so why England beg our gover’t to leave him? would the Britesh governement let terrorist out of thier perison? Nop so pls STOP. do not ask our governement to leave wanted terroristes.
    Andargachew Antes Fessam Did you remember saying Ye Meles Ressa Ke Slassie Betechristan Awteto Mewerwer Neber Yalkew Ha? now am Glad what happen to yo 60Years old Black Axsss.
    @Tesfalehulum U sonof the low life Shermuta get out of Awramba Times and try to fight with Your Enemy Woyanne Ante Coward Donkey. Wessfatam Gandia keep on crying like a bi@tch 24/7 here and there till you die.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      @Beza said…”@tesfalehulum u son of the low life Shermua”…..Now, who is low life, you or me?….are you a woman to begin with?….kkkk….you are desperate pshyco and typical example of woyane mafiosis supporters and merceneries…..I am not going anywhere….I will teach you more whipping your fat az* and knocking your stone head…..hahahahaha….Moron!!

      • Beza says:

        Hi guys you make this SHIMAGLE EPRP nervous until he couldn’t identify names. I am well reserved so I don’t use that kind of words. You SHIMAGLE get lost Before u got heart attack. You can’t handle the truth.

      • Yoni says:

        Shimagile trying to sound street…lol. You would have sound a lil cooler if you say “whooping your azz”…but you are an old zebule whose azz îs being whipped by Isayass of Assmara.

  4. John says:

    Western countries can and must do more to secure the release of political prisoners.The plan to colonize Africa through agents like TPLF is coming to an end.Ethiopia stood on the in the first and direct colonization and became the symbol of black people.This time around it is mercenaries that are needed,woyane is in the for front doing that.However,when their masters say stop now they will stop.Andy will be free,mark my word.

  5. Shalom says:

    What a coward move!
    I feel bad for his children. They know nothing about what is going on.
    But it is shameful and very cowardly on the part of the wife, his relatives and all the opposition who started begging the government they despised.
    He was like a Tarzan before his capture and his followers were like children who couldn’t contain their admiration for his ‘Knightly’ actions.
    Suddenly now they are a crying mess, begging on their knees. I feel disgusted. What a disgraceful people.
    Does being a British national give you a pass to do all wrongs including trying overthrow a government with force and bomb innocent civilians?
    I think Ethiopians appreciate what the government and people of Britain do to help the nation.
    But that shouldn’t be at all a leverage you can use against the sovereignty of the country.
    I hope the government will be firm in its position on this. I don’t mind if they give him a pardon. But if he gets pardon, others, who are Ethiopians but who have no government to fight for them, as well should also get pardon at the same time.

    Eww…what a shameful Gim-boat 7. Very nasty smell.

  6. Shalom says:

    What a coward move!

    I feel bad for his children. They know nothing about what is going on.

    But it is shameful and very cowardly on the part of the wife, his relatives and all the opposition who started begging the government they despised.

    He was like a Tarzan before his capture and his followers were like children who couldn’t contain their admiration for his ‘Knightly’ actions.
    Suddenly now they are a crying mess, begging on their knees. I feel disgusted. What a disgraceful people.

    Does being a British national give you a pass to do all wrongs including trying overthrow a government with force and bomb innocent civilians?

    I think Ethiopians appreciate what the government and people of Britain do to help the nation.
    But that shouldn’t be at all a leverage you can use against the sovereignty of the country.

    I hope the government will be firm in its position on this. I don’t mind if they give him a pardon. But if he gets pardon, others, who are Ethiopians but who have no government to fight for them, as well should also get pardon at the same time.

    Eww…what a shameful Gim-boat 7. Very nasty smell.

  7. Aka says:

    I don’t understand how mr. Cameroon thinks about the poor kids in ethiopia who got killed by andargatchws group or by his supporter country like eritrea . this guy is a terrorist. let him get what he diserves Mr. Cameroon not to ask for his release should ask a fare trial which he would get it .

  8. D says:

    I want to play a devils advocate here, what if the situation reversed, would the British government release him?

  9. Beza says:

    I think if David Cameron is interfering in this case by the name touching letter, they are involved in the disturbance of G7, one way or another. This guy was involved in the politics of other country, by waging a war, to destabilize the country by claiming the British citizenship. What I don’t understand is, Andargachew, has never lived for his children, he was a simple cab driver, and went to get order from Shaabiya and Egypt to fulfill his money greed.

    But I want to give little thumbs up for his kids rather than the hopeless, tax draining individuals who are staging the demonstration in front of Downing St lords house. This is a lesson for them, if it works or not another thing but the civilized way to put the grievances. David Cameron, what he didn’t understand is this is the country which gas been suffering by the likes of Andargachew being helper of its enemies to get money. I don’t think arm twisting work for this government. I think David Cameron also remember what American and British did to Ethiopia during Ethio-Eritrea war. Economic embargo was in effect but the then prime minister of Ethiopia, said, “WE DON’T NEED FULL BELLY TO PROTECT OUR INTEGRITY” I imagine this time if they prefer one person over 90 million Ethiopians go ahead and try it. This is the survival of EPRDF for the people or just for the handout of rich. We will see the outcome, the kids should tell to their dad before not now. He was not there for them as a father, in the first place. He was with prostitutes in Asmara having good time. If the relationship between Ethiopia and Britain gets sour because of this one individual let it be.

    Why the G7 people demonstrate day and night for Andargachew why they didn’t for Bekele Gerba, Abubeker, Ahmedin Jebel.

  10. eden says:

    I think, You guys rocks in your mind. One time you are telling us, David Cameron is ostracized from the Ethiopian community abroad, another time you are telling us David Cameron wrote a pardon letter for his fellow citizen, Andargachew Tsige.
    It is not long time ago to remember, the Swedish government was unable to influence the Ethiopian government for the release the two journalists, they served two years time in jail. All of us knew very well what type of pardon letter ther wrote. This is not because, Ethiopia is a poor country or depends on Foriegn developmental aid or what have you but it all about rule of Law.
    You need to enlighten yourself at least with ABC of diplomatic relations and how would it operates. It is not something done or ordered with an ordinary letter. It is simply takes an art and more over it is delicate and sophisticated
    You think, PM David Cameron is writing a letter, Andargachew was detained while he was on a tourist trip…..I bet he did
    Deri, You can pull out your Gold teeth and donate to Andargachew family. That is upto you, at the end of the day it won’t matter. Andy case is pretty much done but the for time being D. Cameron’s letter be a mood elevator for you and your likes

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      Thank you for the insult…kkkk….but I’ll reply you in a civil manner….

      You said, “The EPRDF government has never hesitated to pardon “….it should be a satire.
      Not far, what do you say about Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda, kidnapped from Kenya, and slaughered at the notorious woyane prison?….I cited this single case but there are thousands similar cases.
      The positive outcome of the Andargachew kidnaping is, it unites the oppostion, wakes up many and exposes for the international community how the woyane mafia ring operates.
      Woyane sympathizes, operatives and mercineries are increasingly isolated by the majority. Leave aside the diaspora, walk in the streets of Addis Ababa and read the people sentiment. WAKE UP AND STAND WITH THE MAJORITY! Otherwise, you will be washed away when the judgment day comes along the racist mafias!

      God Bless Ethiopia !

  11. Yoni says:

    David Cameron is aware that Andy was to make Ethiopian kids ORPHAN.

    Cameron should reply in kind and Andy’s kids should know and maybe tell their classmates that their dad was planning to mass murder Ethiopians with weapons from Assmera.

  12. Muchie says:

    Why not those kids wrote the letter to their Dad, when he left them for the bush than to PM Cameron today? In this regard, Mr. Cameron will receive more requests from British children whose father’s joined the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

  13. axumawit says:

    Where was Mr.Cameron when Andargachew,a British citizen,violated British law by warning Bereket simon that he is on his way to Addis to overthrow his government on open media?
    Where was Mr.Cameron when Andargachew was shuttling some capitals collecting money,recruiting fighters,and have some interviews about his daily activities in Asmara,which demonstrates violating British law.
    Did Mr.Cameron tell Andargachew what he was doing caused many young Ethiopian women and men languish in Eritrean prison?That in itself was a violation of international law?
    What does he mean by taking Andaragachew’s case seriously?If he has a change of heart to wards Andargachew,does it mean he is going to do the same with over 500 British nationals who joined ISIS?
    Does Mr.Cameron need Ethiopians remind him what his previous PM Mr.John Major did to Ethiopians and Eritreans?Doesn’t he believe Mr Major’s decision contribute for misery of Eritreans today?What makes him think Ethiopia will allow him to have a say in Ethiopian affairs?
    Ethiopia needs UK,UK needs Ethiopia.Both countries enjoy their long relationship.They need each other to solve problems arise.One thing Mr Cameron should understand is that Ethiopia came long way.Ethiopia and her people paid big price to be where she is now.She becomes a country which sets her own destiny. It is a country lives by example.She earned world respect with hard work.Today,when Ethiopia talks,Africa listens.As a politician,he should know that at the end of the day,what matters is political not moral.How do I know?I know because there are 500 British families whose heart is broken,dream shattered, and many family destroyed.He is not going to take their case seriously because he is a guardian of his country,UK.

  14. Gezaee says:

    In my view,no one should be released by British or American letter.I am saying no one. This is not because I hate Mr. Andargachew,no, I hate no one.But no one should be above the law or no should be set free because he has fans or supporters or sympathizers.

    I am 100% against armed struggle. Woyane 17 years bloody so called struggle has almost destroyed my own life and has destroyed and refugees many Ethiopians. Ethiopia was held hostage for 30 years from development. Now people who wanted to recylcle that bloody war again in the name of freedom are ill and insane people. They do not even qualify to be called Freedom fighters because they do not know the meaning of freedom.

    I am do believe 100% EPRDF has to be removed from power, but not by gun or war or violence. There is freedom by violence because who are you going to liberate by killing others? it does not make sense at all. We can not recycle what Shabia and Woyane did to our country. Allying with Shabia is prostituting in the name of Ethiopian people. I am Ethiopian and I am against war and bloody violence. If there is law, no one should arrested or released based on letter. Who is British Prime Minister? who gave him the authority to advocate violence? If this letter is real, then Saudi must have written letter to Obama not to kill Bin Laden? This is fallacy and double standard. OLF can declaring killing 75 Ethiopians and 9 Chinese from London? now it seems British citizenship is a license to kill people in the name of freedom? Why would a British Minister advocate for violence?

    Anyway,if there is law, no one should be released because of foreign intervention.

    I know woyane did much damage than Andargachew, but we do not want Andargachew to recycle what woyane did 20 years. Repeating the same mistake is not right.

    In my opinion, all political prisoners should be released based on the law and national consensus, but no single person must be treated preferentially because he has British or American or anywhere citizen. Who cares about his British citizenship? Andargachew was fighting war, and he is captured in the war field. He was arrested while travelling to Eritrea to build an army that will kill Ethiopians who Andargachew perceive as enemy? no single Ethiopian must be killed in the name of freedom. Let him Andy stay there. He is not better than Eskinder, Eskinder also has son and wives, and families. Others have families too. Andy’s children are not better Ethiopians. I know there is no law in thiopia because woyane breaches the law itself by this type of corruption letter from Down street.

    All Ethiopians prisoners must be released, but no Ethiopians must released based on anyone’s letter. I am not saying this because I am in love with woyane. No I do not like woyane at all, but I never believe in bloody war. I hope Dr. Birhanu will be also arrested so that we will not have war again because it is possible to remove leaders by ideology than by gun.

  15. hermi says:

    Mr Cameron as a father and an opponent in the death penalty is entitled to ask Ethiopia to not go through implementing the death penalty. It Is up to Ethiopia to do the right thing in this case or any other cases. I don’t think we need to give Cameron’s letter more weight than it deserves.

    EXPERIENCE tells us that:
    1. Ethiopia under this government seldom maybe 2 case in the last 2 decades that it applied the death penalty.
    2. The EPRDF government has never hesitated to pardon its enemies irrespective of their political views, citizenship or profession. Some of its pardons were fruitful and some were abused. One can only hope the pardoned will be men/women enough to live with the plea agreement.

    I think and hope “Andy” will also have a similar fate like the ex-DERG pardoned and leaving the remaining of his life lamenting what he did. The only requirement is whether or not he proves or shows his regrets and the then president of the nation believe him to lower his death penalty and subsequently out of prison. I truly believe people can change and killing someone shouldn’t be applied in haste. First let him stay in jail and reflect long time. Talking about pardons at this time is inept. As Mr Cameron has sent a diplomatic letter knowing very well that he can’t legally force a sovereign nation to release a terrorist (Trojan horse), Mr Hailemariam also need a to respond diplomatically (in fact he did on several interviews) that the case is not in his authority and that Dr Mulatu (the president) will review it when the appropriate TIME comes.

  16. Beza says:

    Hi guys you make this SHIMAGLE EPRP nervous until he couldn’t identify names. I am well reserved so I don’t use that kind of words.

  17. Birru says:

    It is a petty to read such hearth breaking letters from any body that one of his/her family members is behind bar.Regarding to Andargachew’s case , I think his family or his supporters should understand that he claims himself as a freedom fighter ,who went to Areana/Asmera to train or to brain wash Ethiopian youths to pick up their arms against EPRDF/TPLF led government.

    G-7 and its members have already declared either to kill or to be killed .Therefor how on earth they are making such noises for the release of Andy, their right hand man here and there ? by the ways, who gave them green lights to kill but not to be killed or or being jailed?I think these people don’t understand the concept of being freedom fighter….
    About David Cameron, though he is the PM of United Kingdom ,he has no single power to enforce the EPRDF and to get Andargachew free from his jail cell. If Cameroon has the passion and commitmnet he should have involved in the release of Benyam, An Ethiopian born UK ctizen who was arrested in pakistan then transfered to Morocco where he was torchured by Morocco securites in the presence of one UK intellegent agent (Jhon)., before he was taken to Guntanmo /Cuba.Praise those lawyers who fought for the release of Benyam who got compensation from the UK gvt for its ill-treatment and now lives in Uk freely .

    Here, PM Cameron is playing a lip service ,nothing else….IF DAVE MEETS PM HAILEMARIAM DESALIGHN of Ethiopia Dave will give him big hugs * There for,those fellow DIsporas who always relay on foreign gvts’ intervention, please wake up ,think twice, try to set your own home grown tactics and make history rather than wasting your valuble times by reading non sense stories.

  18. Zellalem Leyew says:

    The numbers of EU nations are 28. 27 of them are most of the time agree about the issues within EU. They feel responsible for their decisions and dads in the EU and the world at large.
    But not that Little England. England is always alone and lonely against anything EU is deciding and doing. As they did to the rest of the world for hundreds of years, they are bulling EU. They are accusing EU for anything bad happening in that Little England. They are saying we are leaving EU but they are not leaving and will not.
    However, EU doesn’t care or even notice what that Little England is saying and crying about. EU is already put that little England in the rank of the only sick, obstacle and problem in the EU. That is why EU is doing the things against that little England to make them leave. EU doesn’t want them. Yet, the English are spreading propaganda lies as if they are playing big roles within EU and EU wants them stay.
    England is walking in hell while living a fantasy world doesn’t exist. They declared to the world using their own media calling it the world media while talking only about how they are good and others are bad. They were lying with not limit while telling the world how their economy was growing better than any developed nation. Everyone knows they were/are laying because of there was/is nothing on the ground to ratify that except they are printing 100s of billions of pounds and creating jobs that are not producing anything including tax revenue but to make the unemployment rate down in order to lie the world how they are good with their economy. Their trade deficit in the month of December was 20 billion dollar. Where is the economy growing? Who is benefiting from while 90% UK citizens income is getting less than that of in 2007?

    On the other hand, their debt is growing rapidly reaching 1.5 trillion dollar. Can you imagine a very small country like England with its size 130.000k2(1/9) of Ethiopia is having 1.5 trillion foreign debt? Ethiopian foreign debt is about 12 billion. Yet, they are talking about our economy weaknesses and out of control foreign debit but not about them as they are always doing for other things too. Blaming, accusing, undermine and putting down others.

    They delivered to EU a GDP that was higher than it was in reality in order to convince EU and the world their economy is growing and they are still in the G-7 taking the 7th place in the world with GDP despite most of these nations foreign debt is 90-100% or more of GDP as England Debt is in the 80+% of GDP while the foreign owned capital in England is more than 423% of GDP.

    Few days ago EU made an adjustment as they do every year with EU member states financial contribution that is happening based on GDP. As a result England ordered to pay more than 2.1 Billion Euro. But this makes them mad, bad and are now crying on EU including Cameron. They are now started saying there is a black Economy in the GDP meaning prostitution, drugs, contrabands of cigarettes and so on amounted 10s of billions of dollar.
    Others are saying EU is already has enough with that little England and it is looking any reason to make them leave by themselves before it forced to leave. Countries like Germany and France are the biggest financial contributors within EU. But when EU money is allocated in foreign aid, the English are taking the lead coming to other countries including in Ethiopia using that money as if it is coming only from them and doing for their own advantage. The reason why some EU assistances are not working is because of the English are using those funds to come in and make those assistances not working for the intended purposes but the English personal agenda that is keeping the situation as worse as possible as long as it takes.

    Andargachew is part of the English agenda in Ethiopia. What kind job was/is he doing in England? If he is their citizen, who gave him the right to do anything including positive let alone terrorist activities against Ethiopia the country he is not a citizen? England has more than 100.000 prisoners today run by private companies. More than 200 terrorists are captured only in 2014. Most of the terrorists didn’t engage in any terrorist activity but they had tendencies.
    Yet, this slave terrorist who is responsible for the death of many Ethiopians and the leader of a terrorist group is regarded by them as if he is innocent. This is not surprising. He is their secret agent working for them as others are including in Ethiopia in the name of NGO, Charities and backward scholars in AA and other university, too using aid money coming from EU but they are using as if it is their own.
    They are calling him Andy to make him an English man while denying him who he is always undermining blacks but changing their names, too as they did to all blacks slaves and the colonized. Who is Andy? There is no one with this name in Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian government must have a new and working plan and strategy when it comes with the EU. As long as the English are around, there will be no benefit with anything in the name of EU but division, conflicts, setbacks, crisis, poverty and so on. The English are not capable to have and run any company or business activities that are valuable, useful, ethical and long term benefit. They are always looking sectors like banks, telecoms, Insurances, energy and other similar sectors they are good at using them to loot, exploit and rope the citizens and customers through speculations before destroying those sectors and run to other countries for the next victims. They are creating money from money through lies, speculations and propagandas jobs taking others money without creating any practical use values but sitting at office and behind the computers and corrupting the system and officials. .

    Avoiding the English while working with Germany, France, Italy and other EU nations on the agriculture, manufacturing and industrial sectors are the only ways the Ethiopian government has to do. Keep Ethiopia and its wealth and values 100% under the Ethiopians ownership and responsibilities as others are doing those things in their own countries. Knowledge Transferring is more than anything else in order Ethiopians will take care the country and own the benefits. Ethiopia must not be under the Economic colonization where the benefits goes to foreigners but the citizens will be workers like slaves did and blind and ignorant mass consumers for the health risky western products.
    Viava China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, USA without England around and other nations.

  19. w .yilma says:

    The greatest of all crime is joining Shabia in the name of bringing freedom and democracy to Ethiopia!
    I personally have reservation to call Andargachew Terrorist However, I strongly disagree the political doctrine he and his followers are pursuing. Andargachew spent most of his time during his stay in Asmera (a Mecca for terrorist conspirators) with one of the most hideous, and notorious Ethiopian people’s enemy; a Satanic Demon, Tesfaye G/ab, an Eritrean agent working inside the EPRDF. To me as an Ethiopian any relationship with Eritrean elites is not only suicidal, but also betrayal of the mother land. To me Ethiopia has never have an enemy like Eritrean ruling classes, who are suffering with hate and jealousy towards Ethiopian. They hate us as a people and as a country! This must be clear, period!
    I wonder how the so called “Ethiopian oppositions” are working with Shabia’s elite knowing their motives, intentions and consciously designed long term plane towards Ethiopia and its people. What kind of moral do they have? It should be clear that Shabia is not created to liberate Eritrean as some are claiming. The main purpose of Shabia is to create a buffer zone between Ethiopia and Arab countries, especially Egypt to fully control the Red Sea. The purpose is to weaken Ethiopia and to control the Nile. If Shabia is truly stands for Eritrean people why all these suffering and the price they forced to pay? I wonder why the people of Eritrea question this and stand for their true freedom.
    In fact one of the grave mistakes what the then TPLF now EPRDF committed was the policy they pursued before and after Eritrean Fiasco independent. They may said it is short term tactics, or “ the enemy of my enemies is my friend “ Taking the nature and behavior of Shabia, this kind of foolish political tactic is a suicidal for any Ethiopian organization.
    After their fiasco “independent” Ethiopia was under Shabia rule for 7 solid years, and exploited more than what Italy has done during the war of aggression. But thanks the vulgar behavior of Shabia the war of 1989 broke out and the course of history has changed forever. While they are loser, we Ethiopian benefited from their fiasco independent. There is no comparison at this time between Ethiopia and Eritrea in all socio-economic activates.
    Joining Shabia at this time is a crime to me. You call it strategic or whatever I have no word to express my anger and disagreement with those idiots “Ethiopian oppositions” sticking with this Machiavellian doctrine, by saying “Eritrea is a crucial for us to strengthen our military capability to overthrow EPRDF”. I do not think people who have a sanity of mind and truly seeking change in Ethiopia think like this. In short, Shabia is a source of destruction and misery both the Ethiopian and Eritrean people! However, as long as they are paid for their action by Shabia and Egypt they will tell us more lies in the future. Unless we think like them with their mind set, I do not think they will have as such a human capital to execute what they are claiming.
    Coming to Toney Blair letter, is there any difference arresting naturalized UK citizens at Heathrow airport those who have affiliation with ISIS? And what is the difference Andargachew’s arrest? While UK does not have a tangible evidence to arrest those suspected, on the contrary the Ethiopian government have a tangible evidence to arrest Andargachew. Or is it OK still for former African colonizer to give an order for Africans, while they are the causes of all the problems including the birth of ISIS our world is facing today? Do they know western countries are now become a breeding ground for terrorist in the name of democracy? Who is backing and encouraging Diaspora’s to instigate conflict in their country of origins? It is open the western governments are sponsoring, financing them, in the name of religion freedom, human right , land grape, the right of indigenous people , environment, whatever to damage African countries image? What kind of democracy is it to give a tax exemptions status as a “non-governmental organization” to those who are openly preaching hate politics and joining the axis of evil, like Eritrean regime?. The American government and the EU know the motives, and political ambitious of Ginbot 7, but they have a luxury to conspire against their country of origin. They have two passports, one to instigate conflict one to get protection for their crime. It does not working! If they change their citizenship, they have to worry about their secondary country interest, not about their first country who gave up their citizenship. If they continue interfering in the domestic affairs of their country of origin it is a crime and need to be treated as a mercenary.
    The spoiled Childs of third world countries residing in the western countries have a source of finance, and have a loyal advocate in western parliaments. Their motive is clear. The same way as they destroyed some Arab states in the name of democracy and government change, they want do the same to destroy some African countries, especially Ethiopia! Ginbot 7 and his cohorts are gambling the same ways the drug curtails in Southern America are gambling. Should I call it “Political Curtail?” But what G7 and their conscripter do not understand is that he is not only against EPRDF, but against patriotic Ethiopian who have never hesitating to protect their country dignity and pride , especially unwavering stand against any group coming from Asmara. No matter what we Ethiopians have political dissatisfaction with the current government we will never compromise as a result of this for folks like G7 conscripters. They are deadly wrong and will they will never revive from this political crisis. That is why the big Doctor is sticking with his moron idea! For how long he is going to lie?
    Last, but not least, I do think Andargachew has made a mistake, not because of his opposition to the government, but because of his bad choice.. Joining the axis of evil!. For that he should face trial. But if he accept and admit his mistakes and openly asking for apology his sentence should not be to punish him, but to teach a lesson for him as well as for those are still pursuing the same political mistakes. The government should treat him humanly and should allow his families, friends and other relative to visit him. Beside this, his trial should be open and transparent. The previous verdict against him with absentee should be revised, and retrial. I personally share his families touching feeling. It is not easy for children to accept this kind of situation. But to me country interest and security is first that families. That is why many thousand Ethiopian scarified their life for their country leaving behind their beloved families.
    Finally, we Ethiopian should work towards peace and should not be compromised our country’s Geo-political interest for our own sake. Both the government in power and the oppositions should work toward it. Avoid bitter hate each other. This is what our historical enemies are exploiting. We are proud people and it is shame to consider Shabia a killer of our brothers and sisters as a source of determinant power to bring democracy in Ethiopian. Never expect to get chick from Cobra hatching egg! Even the younger Cobra is more poisons than the adult one!

    Long Live Ethiopia

  20. Yoni says:

    Forget Andy’s case…water under the bridge.

    Focus on getting IRA on G7 tail…as G7 is registered as non profit humanitarian organization and the Dedeb Birhanu keeps admitting G7 gets military and finance support from Eritrea in public.
    I know G7’s finance records on paper and cash to each individual is within a finger reach to expose to IRA.

  21. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    I am in congruence with some of you regarding the abuse of one of the most valuable belongings, the British Passport. It is not secret that the group that this father of 3 children belongs has declared war on the regime back home. It has told the world that struggle by peaceful means has already run its course to no avail. It has vowed to bring about a regime change by violence means. To achieve this very tall order it has made it base of operations in Asmara, for unknown reason I may add, with a proven thug over there. I have said this so many times. I despise violence and I have nothing but contempt to all those political groupings who are romanticizing with another even more deadly despot. That said, I still believe that the regime (TPLF-EPRDF) had marched into the capital in 1991 after soundly defeating the blood thirsty Mengistu regime and as a dominant victor. In this case they should not get into a ‘victor’s revenge’ behavior and do harm to this prisoner. They should show mercy and refrain from condemned method of interrogations. They should think about his three innocent children. As a father myself, my heart aches thinking about his children. I hope and pray that they will be able to see their father alive some day in the not distant future.

    Once again, I want to reiterate what I said many times before. I am telling all those groups who are engaged in scavenging at the dump site in Asmara to get out of there and chart peaceful ways of struggle. Not long ago our people have lost millions of their loved ones in raging civil wars just to see one despot replacing another. Enough, enough and enough is enough. No more violence!!!

    • haile says:

      Andargachew never get out in fact Brhanu and Tamagn will join him soon you will see no mater what any body come against Ethiopia will end up in jell so let him stay in kalaty the rest of his life and we will work hard to bering his fruend to join him

  22. Aiga says:

    Andargachew is old very old Terrorist and he will not see his childern again Nor his wife any more. infact his wife is F@cked up by his won Friend Birhanu Nega last month. Birhanu Nega is a Coward Person and he is a B@tch who FK his won frieds Wife and She is also Ugly old Woman like Birhanu Nega The Coward. i really hate thier Fat @ss Yeeeak.

  23. HTS says:

    David cameron is naive. Ethiopia is not a lawless country.

  24. Abebe Tolera says:

    Could you please stop attaching each other? It does not give sense to bash each other. If there is a disagreement and a difference in opinion, it can be done with civility. There is no point of pointing figure at each other. Let us tell our ideas, opinions, stories etc politely. If we respect otherrs, we get a respect in return and we could use the forum to learn for one another.

    Please the moderator of this forum please filter out messages with inappropriate language.

    Best regards girl everybody.

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