Redwan Taunts Right Groups: Ethiopia is not governed by fear


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46 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    I asked this question last time….Redwan dengeto saygeza yehadewen jeans mane lakelet??…..he was acting like a scared little boy when the brave protesters confronted him at the shopping center….kkkkkk

    This TPLF puppet is denying the undeniable and justifying and unjustifiable…..Nothing is expected from puppet TPLF boot lickers and the lie machine, ETV leba….

    God bless Ethiopia!

    • jano says:


      People like you who have been barking from abroad for long and insulting the young ethiopians who live in addis as ferry for not dying fighting with police and soldiers.

      When it come to your self getting the opportunity and find the minster you didn’t even have the gut to touch him fearing going to prison.

      The only thing you did is your speciality barking he was laughing putting his hand his pocket.

      What type of moral do you have to call those people brave they didn’t even touch him once but ask every day back home some one to die for them.

      If you are not ready to go to prison in USA for one day how can you ask others to die.

      I know you and people like you b/c you talk in paltalk and do some candle night out you call your self brave TAGAY…KKKK

      Go back now and search another bad news in ESAT about ethiopia and that would make your day.

      You need that more than air to survive.

    • Beza says:

      Mr. Tesfa yeleleh old EPRP. DID YOU SAY DENGITO Saygeza yehedewn jeans? Have you been there when he was shopping? I think Redwan didn’t come 6000 miles to buy jeans. He was buying for your mom who was asking him to bring her SHASH, because u are in nursing home you couldn’t provide her, that’s what he did. Let’s come to the cowards, who you send them to bark. Redwan was looking at them like little creature down, without taking his hand from his pocket. One of the guy who was with his 4a English, when he heard the police was called, by that girl. He just run away. So is this what you were boasting about. Denkooro Shimagle. Redwan could have eat them alive, if they touch him. Why they didn’t try when he came back to meet with Obama.

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        SHASH megzatun alawekum neber….kkkkkkkkkk…lelas??

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        SHASH megzatun alawekum neber….kkkkkkkkkk…lelas??….please you know the details of your boss….

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa yelelew Tesfa Bekele negn KeVirginia eyalk ESAT Lay kemitdenefa resah kemehedu befit hidna temelketina na. You lifeless De nmkoro EPRP. If you know that he was buying jeans why did you forget that he bought SHASH for your MOM. HE WAS JUST GENEROUS MAN, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP YOUR MOTHER NOT HIM. THAT’S ALL I KNOW THAT HE BOUGHT SHASH IF SHE TOLD YOU ANOTHER LET’S KNOW. KITA RAS.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            Yes, I don’t have money and your boss bank account is stashed in millions of dollars by the money looted from the poor’s mouth…so, let him buy the shash…kkkk….why jeans only for him?

            Ahun banchina be khat tera feyel mehal yale leyunet mendene??…not only the tail…kkkk


    • Alula says:

      Tesfayelesh(yebesebese znab ayferam)

      You know Amnesty isn’t there to protect democratic rights of citizens, but to control countries! Ethiopian is a country that always follow its destiny except during the 17 years of the communist regime!
      Ahya min alech? Ene kelelehu serdom atibqel! If you play politics, you must grow from the bottom up serving the people!

      የሰው ልጅ በዚህ ዓለም ኣንዲት ጊዜ ብቻ ይኖራል፣ከዛ ከኣፈር ነውና የመጣው ወደዛው ይመለሳል ።እንዳንተ ያሉ ግለሰቦች ህይወታቸው በሙሉ በኢትዮጵያ ስም ሲነግዱ የነበሩት እንደ እንደተራ ሰው ያልፋሉ! ኢህኣድጎች ግን ወደድክም ጠላህም ስማቸውን የሚያስጠራ ሰርቷል እየሰሩም ነው!ስለሆነም በጥላቻ ሰክረህ ምንም ብትል ውሻው ይጮሃል ግመሉ ግን ምንገዱዱን ቀጥሏል!licking & shit…! How is MR Redwan Hussien less than you? I think Redwan is a a young & brilliant politician who have long to go serving ethiopia! You are still with your backward mentality of underestimating the nations , nationalies & peoples of ethiopia! Can’t you see things are changed in ethiopia? I know you are a blocked head! Nobody is less than anybody now! Take it easy & enjoy your retirement!

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        You said, “Redwan is a a young & brilliant politician”….that’s is “true”…all the Stone Factory, Civil Service College, graduates in including you are “brilliant”…,..kkkkkkkkk…..MORONS!!!!

        God bless Ethiopia!

        • Alula says:


          Morons, morons….. Is the only one you have to say all over the Ethiopian cyber space! Yes he is brilliant! He is building the new ethiopia! History will tell that the new Ethiopia was built by Meles, Redwan,…..but not by tesfayeleshes! All you do is bark like a Dog all over the west! What else do you have? Shamefully trespassing the Ethiopia? I guess you guys have lost your human senses! What did you do better than Redwan? Nothing! You went to school with the tax money of the farmers of Ethiopia , but you gave back zero! All you are is , a shame! If I were you, I’ll hide myself or shut my mouth! You have no shame at all!

    • Alula says:

      በጣም ታሳዝናለህ! በዚህ ዕድሜህ ድሮ ህፃናት እያለን ስንበሻሸቅበት የነበውን ዓይነት ተያይዘኸዋል! ደንግጦ ጅንስ ሳይገዛ….ድሮውንስ የበሰበሰ ዝናብ ኣይፈራም ይባል የለ!
      You are simply a failed individual who have nothing to offer at all!
      I know you have no moral ground even to talk about TPLF, but you keep barking like a dog anyway! You know TPLF was there standing on their ground, you know the TPLFites stood their ground during the fire fight with every anti Tigrian & they won , nevertheless, you are blabbing because you have a mouth! You have no dignity at all! Woyane has been there , you see it is there & will continue to be there, at the same time you & your kind will continue to bark for no avail!
      Tplf didn’t just drop from the sky! You know started its politics in Addis during the Ethiopian revolution, then started armed struggle in 1967(Ethiopian calendar) & at the end of the day these who have no love for their country vanished into the diaspora, nevertheless, TPLF stood its ground & won the war!
      ኣቶ ተስፋ የለሽ ሳይማሩ ላስተማሩህ ብለህ ትንሽ ልብ ይኑርህ! ለራስህ ብለህ እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ እኳ ፋይዳም ኣልነበረህም ኣኖርህምም!

  2. Minyewab says:

    You forgot to include the link. What an idiot.

    • Alula says:

      First of all,What is the meaning of idiot? Secondly, why idiot? I guess You just wrote for the sake of writing! If you were a man enough , you you could have proved me wrong!

  3. jano says:

    Every one agree the gov. in ethiopia is not collection of angels and no gov. in the world is as well.

    Also when you lead a country located in east africa the worst dangeres place in the world next to middle east. you have to be strict if you want to have sustainable peace.

    And Amnesty believe the interview of all Asylem seekers there wouldn’t be any one alive in ethiopia.

    even those the supporter of the gov. say they lost there family torched in prison and scape from prison bla bla bla….to get the paper of permission to leave in that country.

    every single ethiopian in europe and america said the same thing.

    So even though there is a problem back home Amnesty to put this as evidence is funny

  4. zola says:

    full of lies there is a time for everything dont expect the truth from those blood sucker

  5. Zellalem Leyew says:

    Talking to BBC or other English Establishment Medias is worse than asking the thieves to investigate the crimes and punish the criminals involved in the theft.

    Ato Reduan must aware about the evil nature of the English Medias that are doing their satanic jobs and making money by doing like these jobs about others. Rejecting the English Medias and journalists must be the first move before dealing with any foreign matters including this so called Amnesty international which is a self appointed private interest group working for the enemies including nations, securities and greedy business interests.

    It is not about any individual or group interest they do care about in Ethiopia but looking any reason that would create conflicts in the country with aim this way they could stop development and good relation with Good nations including China, Russia, EU without England and so on. If really they are not racist, do care about the truth and are willing to bring the right solution, first and for most they would start to confront the US and UK government that is imprisoning millions own citizens. US is number one in the world with prisoners’ numbers. It is about 3 million and the vast majorities are Blacks. England is Number one in Europe with prisoners’ numbers despite is a tiny nation with less population comparing with other European nations or the world. Who is inside?

    So, the few racists and greedy that are controlling the system, wealth and power in these two nations have no what so ever reason to talk about the Situation in Ethiopia especially when it comes to human right and the right of the groups. Look at in their countries. Ethnic Germans are the majority in USA followed by the Irish. There are more than 75 million Spanish speakers. There are more than 40 million African American and tens of millions Black Americans. There are tens of millions Chinese and other Asian Americans. There are many millions from the rest of the world.
    Yet, who is controlling USA politics, power and other important institutions? The Ethic English that are the very minorities on the top acting as if today is like it was during before the 20 century USA, England or the world a Tiny England was badly affecting the world like the aid and Ebola viruses are. So, instead of becoming between the same people in Ethiopia, why don’t they do it first in their own countries? In USA are citizens all human religions, traditions, cultures, ethnics, races and anything has to do with human on earth. It is the same in England too. But in both nations, they are using one language for all which is the right thing to do. but when it come to other countries they are demanding even those looks the same naturally having the same race such as blacks must not use one common black people language as long as they are not using English with is not a black or African language.

    This has nothing to do with human right but looking any reason and finding any cause to create division among the society that is busy on development activities to make them fight in order to stop development and hurt of all of them which is their nature against all blacks for centuries.
    Therefore, instead of spending the vey valuable time with the racist and criminal English medias, the Minister has to concentrate at home and telling the people about the foreign conspiracy most of the time if not always coming from England and sometimes US as these two are working together and look like with the people that are Ethnic English. Ethnicity is with very limited number in Ethiopia but England has 1000s Ethnic groups and all human races which is the same in USA, too. They need to deal first at home before coming to black countries to inflame the citizens with ethnicity despite they are the same race and look like the same people too.
    It is a joke when racists and enemy of Africa and black like them are still allowed becoming between blacks using Ethnicity as differences. Do really they do care about the things they are talking more than Ethiopians do with themselves? This is their last desperate move looking any reason to create division, hostilities and conflicts with hope that would stop development and continue the human suffering they feel happy to see it there as they do always and they have been the reasons for centuries.

    Amnesty international, human right and so on do have bases in London and New York filled with Ethnic English in both places and financed by the Greedy imperialists and racists that are opposing any development in Ethiopia/Africa if the benefit is not only for them and guarantee their greedy ideology world economy the benefit Always has to be the few and those few are them.

    Ethiopia will continue having close relation with US knowing 99% US citizens and the current government have nothing to do with this and other conspiracies against Ethiopia. The vast majority UK citizens are also victims to the English establishment where the English Medias, journalists, so called NGO, aid, Charities, university institutions and the likes are its weapons and servants. The diplomats, securities, greedy imperialists and some politicians are behind the crimes happening in the name of these two nations; not the ordinary citizens that are victims to these groups, too.

    Ato Reduan needs to stop having anything with the English establishment Medias. Instead he and the Ethiopian government must criminalize and stop the crimes they are trying to wage against Ethiopia despite these days no one is interested in these Medias. Concentrate at home including on teaching and telling the people about the evil nature of these foreign criminals most of them are from England and the rest are from US from the same group of people in both nations. So called main stream Medias such as BBC, Guardian, Reuters and so on are dead. In the digital era, the new and 21-centuries Medias are the ones deserve to be used. Ethiopia must have own medias that are working for Ethiopia including teaching and telling the truth to the citizens among the others about this one that is intended to hurt all Ethiopians while pretending as if they do care about some of them which is the centuries old method and tactic they are using to become between them in order to affect
    all blacks.
    Ethiopia has no problem these days but solutions and good results except still allowing herself having the English around in order to lose the gains and to be treated the way they are doing in the country they are not well come with the behavior they are having and people they have nothing in common. what they are doing is playing with the blacks head thinking blacks are still dumb, weak, ignorant and easily manipulated as they did against them for centuries as worst as enslaving and colonizing them for hundreds of years.
    Concentrate at home, teach and tell your people about the foreign conspiracy that is on the making soon they will come with another one and then the next will follow for the same reason which is creating disunity, division, hostilities and conflicts hoping that would stop development in Ethiopia which is their only aim. But this time will never happen as it never did.
    As soon as the PM Meles death was announced, they started to dance, laugh, talk and creating any scenario about the Ethiopian fate. Two BBC journalists including that ugly one travelled the same night to Ethiopia to cover the chaos, killing and destruction they had hopped in Ethiopia. They even told the Kenyan cabinet and parliament to have an emergency meeting telling them with fear about the millions of human locust from Ethiopia is going to swamp Kenya as refuges. Ask including that ugly and shame of Africa odinga and that Kuli Pakistani actions during that time.
    The English medias, Journalists, greedy imperialists and money worshipers from over there did hate Meles deeply knowing he was smart, cleaver, wise, hard working, intelligent, Patriotic and determine to do his country job with his people for his people benefit in his ways rejecting any foreign agenda and system that was not the interest of the people but foreigners. Meles was the one they are not wishing and always hoping not to see any black person in any African country. That is way they were celebrating his death thinking the country is going to be the way they have in mind which is always bad for the citizens and paradise for them in other countries.

    The main reason they were using to inflame the conflict as soon as the meles death was announced was Ethnicity. The English journalists, Medias including BBC, so called scholars, aid agencies and NGO were talking for days how Ethiopia will be worse than the genocide in Rwanda and going to be a failed nation for ever. For that reason they had to be in Ethiopia pretending to help while inflaming the situation as they are sending military forces to in west Africa instead of health officials as other nations are doing except UK and USA pretending fighting the Ebola viruses but to have a military presence and the way forward to decolonize those nation looting the resources and invading the markets are the main topics.
    These people still seems have no clue about the true nature of the ancient, smart and wise Ethiopian people. They still are thinking Ethiopians are like other blacks those they enslaved and colonized them while destroying their blackness and Africanism. They even still don’t get it why Ethiopians never been colonized for thousands years and they are always one and the same when it comes serious issues including the foreign conspiracy that is most of the time coming from England including using aid, NGO and media to come in.

    Ethiopians destroyed the plan they had against Ethiopia after the meles death. Ethiopians showed times after times that foreigners have no reason to become between them. However, because of they have no other choices but continue doing so until they forced to stop, they will continue time after time coming with other reasons using them like mass destruction weapons against Ethiopia including blasting propaganda lie bombs among them to be against all of them. They didn’t abolish slavery by choice but forced after 300 years. They didn’t stop colonization but after defeat in battle fields. They also will not stop affecting Ethiopia behaving the way we already know them but confronting them by force and affecting their interest in the country, region and Africa as a whole.
    Stop the English involvement in Ethiopia. They are against unity, peace, hard and good work, development and good future. So called aid they are talking is the best weapon currently they are using to affect. A tiny island like England from far away with the behavior the world knows against Africa and black people is not benefiting but affecting in many ways and it has to be stopped long times ago.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Zellalem..aka Hagos…

      You comment is a little less than a small fiction book …..make it consistent and short… don’t need to waste all this space and time to justify the unjustifiable!

    • Name (required) says:

      Zelalem Ethiopia needs a person like you who has a reasonable mind

  6. Yoni says:

    Redwan is just getting ready for all you loosers barking out there
    Be prepared for more azz whooping

  7. Abate Chernet says:

    You some evil minded people, please try to change your self. The world is moving fast but you are still dewelling in the padt. Look I want to tell you that Ethiopia will never go back. No force can stop her struggle against poverty. You will be defeated.

  8. Abate Chernet says:

    You,some evil minded people, please try to change your self. The world is moving fast but you are still dewelling in the past. Look, I want to tell you that Ethiopia will never go back. No force can stop her struggle against poverty. You will be defeated.

  9. Beza says:

    Well said REDWAN who are working in Amnesty and Human rights watch like Wendmagegn and Daniel Bekele, who were convicted in Ethiopia by inciting violence collaboration of Kinigit. So their accusations should be nullified by their attachments with G7. SO REDWAN has answered the question in the right way. This organization is working to make Africa not to be self reliant. It need always Africa to be recipient of AID from west and governed by the west. That’s the NEOLIBERAL ideology.

  10. alex says:

    Well, things are getting ugly now.

  11. Birru says:

    Mr Redwan is absolutely right no government in this world lives under fear ,including EPRDF led government.My biggest concern is for those individuals who always rely on foreign govts & Agencies,as if they are the only messengers for us.Ethiopia might be under developed but shouldn’t surrender for outsiders as before.AI is doing their jobs according to the orders given by their masters. Why they sticking only against countries like Ethiopia? What happened to Israel when 1000s Palestine s lost their life? Why they kept. Quite. When a black American who carried Toy gun gunned dowened by white police. Officer in Ferguson,Muzuuri? Mr Readwan please tell your colleagues to make hurmany with all people because govt means like father and mother.

  12. It is a matter of time those.who killed.tortured and jaled enosent people will pay a prise including aweramba times

  13. ash says:

    dear reporter i will answer question

    why those 100 people say oromo people are tortured..


    if i am asking refugee in West i also say Ethiopian government is a killer to get my refugee application accepted…

    i will not deny to u 90 million Ethiopia will ask for refugee because of economy refugee not political refugee there no politics refugee in Ethiopia

    saying this i dont want to mess up their application

  14. ethiio says:

    Ethiopia is not governed by fear. what a looser! They always say the whole world is lying about woyane. Give us just one chance to vote with out fear and you will see who is lying. His big mouth is always wide open in Ethiopian but sealed when he leaves Ethiopia. He call this living? Hell is for a people like him!

    • Ash says:

      We tried, we give Eritrean free and fair election and 98.9% voted for independent???now the same people if they given another fair election ( referendum ) they would vote to unite with Ethiopia.

      We see how the Palestinian voted when they given fair election they voted for Hamas..

      When Egyptian given fair vote they voted for Muslim brotherhood …

      People vote based on two thing emotional and honeymoon..

      Eritrean voted for independent based in emotional because they want to see independent nation now the honeymoon over they will vote based on fact the quest is would EPLF will give them free and fair referendum …? No way…

      So my friend if Ethiopia give Oromo referendum today and if Oromo is separated would the Oromo people have the right to vote one more time if they change their mind …highly doubtful ”

      Therefore I ask all those olf and ONLF would u give up ur aspiration for independent if fair and free election given to u..
      My point is when u ask free and fair election in turn u have to give something in exchange give and take

  15. Beza says:

    Mr. Tesfa yelled aka Tesfa Bekele negn keVirginia/Denkooro Shimagle. Redwan could have beaten those midgets crawling in the store like rats. They would have been deported like Andargachew Tsige. Fesamoch.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Chimpanzees LF
      Monkeys LF

      You’re are ruining out of idea and substance ……so what do you have….INSULT and INFERIORITY COMPLEX….kkkkkkkkkkkk


  16. next call says:

    Mr Redwan highlighted the fact that Amnesty can’t verify claims made by asylum seekers living abroad and waiting for their shot at resettlement elsewhere. There is no question that there is some sort of problem in a Nation of 90 million, but for Amnesty International to base its wholesale condemnation of the Ethiopia govt on refugees makes me wonder if they are out to vilify the govt as do many other so called ‘ Human concerned’ self appointed polices of human rights. We know well the attack on Ethiopia of the likes of Human Right Watch, Survival International, Oakland Institute and the worst of them all, International Rivers. These so called ngos are nothing more than a racket who live off ‘ fund raising schemes’. Some are bankrolled by Egyptians or their friends to the tune of hundreds of thousand of dollars. I know ppl who are members of these sort of organisation, whose sole purpose is to survive in the rat race. One has a multi million dollar contract with the govt to look after heroine addicts. The poverty industry has allies in the education establishments. Numerous universities have curricula tailored to these sort of leaches.

    This said, there is no question that there is dissent and grievance among the Oromos and other s in a Nation of 80 nationalities and tribes. In light of the mayhem and chaos in Yemen, Somalia, Libya and South Sudan, the Ethiopia govt is doing not so bad in keeping the peace. Absent peace and in view of the relentless propaganda by ESAT,the ruling party will have to work overtime and be as fair as possible. There will always be losers and gainers in any society. The pain felt by the former should be given due diligence by the powers to be.

    • sintayehu says:

      they condemn Ethiopia because of our ideology and a fear of it will expand towards Africa.the development of Ethiopia
      is becoming a bare fact even recognized by neoliberal media like the economist and the wall street journal. the camels travel,the dogs bark. the camels travel,the dogs bark.

  17. Asefa says:

    Amnesty International has lost all credibility with me because it has worked relentlessly to try and paint a portrait of a government in Ethiopia that is repressive. The reality is Ethiopia is a very diverse society ethnically and the current government celebrates that diversity and the current government is a reflection of that diversity. Amnesty International never mentions the humanitarian assistance Ethiopia has given to the South Sudanese men, women, and children fleeing the civil war in their country. Or how when Ethiopian migrants living in Saudi Arabia were being brutally mistreated the Ethiopian government flew the Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia. Mr. Redwan Hussein was mentioning that democracy is a right in Ethiopia but people also have a social responsibility not to abuse this right by trying to instigate instability among the diverse Ethiopian ethnic groups. GOD BLESS REDWAN HUSSEIN AND ALL OF ETHIOPIA!

  18. some of you says:

    Some of you are rediculous.
    No shame at all and this shows you are what we call living for his belly.

    In Ethiopia, there are 2 + and 2 so called media that remains open and untoucable

    1. Reporter: This is woyane mouth peices so no one can touch it
    2. Fortune and this also belongs to a Tigrean guy so no one to touche him
    3. Awrambatimes , I heard this guy is also Tigre so he is free to publish
    4. Ethiopiafirst- ato hodo who has nothing except his big belly

    The time is coming and watch out!!!!

    • agere says:

      You watch out yourself, ant hualla qer zeregna dinai-ras, pouring water(reality) over dingai, it takes years to penetrate.
      You say your time is coming, you are right- your time has passed. Ahiyo, try to live in the present and heal your sorry behind.

  19. Alula says:

    I think Redean Hussien is a brilliant politician who have a long way to serve the people! But some empty individuals are bragging against him while they have done nothing for Ethiopia! Everything they say is out of emptiness! They don’t bring a valuable argument at all! How can some one who have nothing to proof look down others? The good thing is the new generation is taking over now & Ethiopia’s future is bright!
    Whatever empty individuals say won’t matter in anyway!

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      He is barilliant by what measure?…I hope you’re not comparing the stone factory, Civil Service College, graduates.
      Are you asking for a valuable argument?….then why 95 % of the generals in the military are from one ethinic group?, why the economy is monopolized by one ethnic group?, why people are depplaced and killed at Guraferda, Gambela and Ogaden?….I can go on….ask your “brilliant” boss for the answer….I expect your reply with tangible statics.

      Lenegeru antem endesu wedel aheya neh!

      God Bless Ethiopia!

      • Alula says:


        We have never said about all the generals during Derg & previous regimes… What do you expect? To bring generals from DC, VA, or London… May be you could be one old general? Generals are appointed from a fresh war! I see your tangible arguement is based on hate & biased!This shows that you hate anything Tigrian! You used to call them “shiritam” but now you are concerned about Ogadien? You are concerned about guraferda, Gambella….. This is your tangible arguement, right? Betam tasaznaleh! You don’t even know these people! You know the Afar & Issa, the Dinka & Nuer … Was in conflict since we know politics, but you don’t want to see it! Look at yourself how biased you are! Human beings have been in conflict will continue their conflict ! Now there is a lesser conflict between nomads for water holes, because the EPRDF has water wherever the nomads are!

        Mr Tesfa Bekele, you should have used your common sense to answer your own tangible arguement! If one is blinded with a hate, he loses his commen sense automatically! What else do you have that you think tangible! I just wanna see!

  20. YEABSIRA says:

    Good job mr Redwan, it is excelent response to neoliberals and their ass lickers g 7 and shbiya, we will soon listen to their soon as we used to do.

  21. Tariku says:

    I oppose the government in most of its policies. But I think the report is too exaggerated.True there are many Oromos in prison and they could be more than any other ethnicity. But to claim they were imprisoned just because they are Oromo is simply naive.

    In the first place Oromos live in the most urbanized area of the country near Addis Ababa and hence are more likely than other ethnic groups to cause the government trouble and therefore end up in jail. Secondly, why would OPDO jail Oromos just because they are Oromos? Think about it. I understand if refugees said so because they want to prove risk of going back to the their country.

    • IB says:

      Nazi History
      Tariku, take time and read the Hitler Nazi history and you will be surprised to find out that the present Tigrian nationalist party TPLF has many similar profiles to the fascist genociders.

      TPLF folows the path of the old german national socialist nazi party.

      Very dangerous !

  22. Guest says:

    Russia’s security chief accused Britain and America of using civic groups as a front for spies. his agency had uncovered spies working for the British and US governments, as well as for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, operating under cover of non-governmental organisations.
    Among those he named was the British medical charity Merlin
    “Foreign secret services are ever more actively using non-traditional methods for their work and with the help of different NGOs’ health, educational, developmental and social programmes are propagandising their interests” Mr Patrushev said.

    The Five Eyes surveillance alliance is a group of five countries – UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – who share the intelligence among each other and jointly cooperate in signals intelligence, be it communications between people, electronic signals, etc.
    The mere existence of the alliance, not to mention their rules and internal arrangements remained top secret until the revelations by Edward Snowden shed some light on it.
    “The rules that govern massive coordinated communications surveillance, operations, hacking and the exploitation of networks and devices in the name of national security and public interests”.

  23. Nathi says:

    I see you insult people for their opinion here but I want you to look at yourself first before you call others as Morons.
    1. Ethiopia doesn’t allow dual citizenship, since you gave up your allegiance you have no business in Ethiopian affairs.In case you don’t know it is called treason. Same goes to your friend Andargachew Tsege
    2. Investors invest in a country not in governements and you shouldn’t bleed when investment is booming in the country
    3. Know that you are less than a person and non existant to the ethiopian people because the one they are defeating is poverty not a barking Dog in the comfort of a walfare state
    4.Ethiopians are marching towrds prosperity while you advocate and bark to deny these generous people to have 3 meals a day.
    5. To let you go, why don’t you answer to Jano’s comment ” what is your contribution while you ask others to die for you”?
    Please look into the mirror in case you have a short memory and know who you are. You are nothing but a lost soul for the brave Ethiopians who are building the country and seeing the frution of it.
    Thank you and please know I have nothing to do with the government but I am so proud to read that ethiopia becoming an exaple to the world of transformation because not long a go the name was only synonymous to famine and starvation. Keep bleeding but the past is past and it will never come again

  24. derg says:

    bunch of weyanes 5th graders ,I won’t expect much from. dedebit RETARDS

    • Boss says:

      oh mr Professor what are U doing in the refugee camp at the western countries Ha? washing white men pants? hahahah Ye Honk QorQoro Donkey get lost Bastard Coward Leflafi!

  25. Blue says:

    Ha ha you can say whatever you want but world knows that you and your “Jelewoch” are liyer and remember you are at the end of the day.
    Do you remember what you say – “Ethiopia is not governed by fear… dissent is fact of life”. who can say this? Iit is clear again your followers. Let me tell you the truth. If the lions in 6 killo listen your interview they may mad, angry and they may take “Yemigib alemeblat Adma”. How many years you cheat peoples they know more and more that you stupid Kefo ras. We all know that you all are graguate from “Biloket Fabrica” at Civil Service Collage (actualy it it not a collage…….)

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