Ethiopia-Kenya highway link road to be completed next year


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32 Responses

  1. teshome says:

    Good job Ethiopian and Kenyan government, this is a best example of regional collaboration and cooperation. As one of the Kenyan expert said this is a game changer in the business relation of the two countries.
    This is an other round for the ‘Toxic Ethiopian Diasporas’ to flood their eyes for jealousy. We will advise them to be ready for a possible hear attack, when nearly 25 billion project accomplished in this physical year and phase two of Growth and development plan.
    I am very happy to be a witness, Ethiopia is on the right journey to repeat Chinese miracle of economic success. We have no words but to offer a gratitude for the late visionary Meles Zenawi who turn the impossible to possible economic magic.
    The prophet Meles Zenawi is now smiling from heaven, for this vision accomplished by the young leaders of Ethiopia. Thank you very much PM Hailemariam Desalegn for carrying the political torch to a higher level.
    Let me say this, In a rich and higher skill of leadership of EPRDF, Not in too distant future, Ethiopia will be the Singapore of Africa….. I wish all of us be healthy and alive to witness, Ethiopians turning fantasies and dream of Economy into realities

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      The pseudo visionary leader, Meles KeZenawi, left the country deeply divided by ethnic/language lines, absolute poverty and a few corrupt amassed millions just in a couple of years while the majority sink to the bottom of poverty.

      Would you please cite any single mega project which is fully operational and benefiting the country ?
      We don’t need to talk about the unfinished and politically motivated project, the Abay dam, which is awarded for Salini behind doors and from heavy machinery to cement exclusively supplied by woyane looting machine, EFFORT. Basically, the the bond money snatched from the poor’s mouth goes to Salini and EFFORT pockets.

      Let me ask you fairly simple questions….
      Do you know the poverty rate, GDP, and per capita income of Ethiopia?
      Do you know Ethiopia is among the poorest 15 countries in the world?
      Do you know Ethiopia is among the top list in the world for its youths leaving the country in a very fast pace?
      Do you know you have to climb a tree to get a phone network in Ethiopia ( if you are lucky) ?
      Do you know even in the capital city there will be 2-3 times power outage per a day?
      Do you know even in the capital city there is chronic drinking and cleaning water shortage?
      How many Ethiopians eat 3X aday presently?
      How many people do have good medical access ?

      We don’t need to study micro and macro economics to understand what is going on. In today’s Ethiopia, majority buy “gursha” for their dinner while a few pays thousands per a night for partying. The majority live in slum, while the regime merceneries and foot soldiers live in a villa with a swimming pool. It’s a street secret that most high rise buildings in Addis Ababa are owned by Woyane operatives and merceneries.

      Do not think that the people does not know the trut?…not really…They can tell you which building or factroy belongs to whom. Will the looting sustain??….NEVER…..always the majority are the winners.

      Woyane = LEBA + zerega
      Don’t justiy the unjestifiab!!

      God bless Ethiopia.

      • teshome says:

        I’m sorry to say this, your political attitude is a kind of screwed up. I realize there are no words of mine that can explain the situation you are into. Let me remind you something here, politics is the art of the possible. On this regard you were fast enrolled in Diaspora politics and fast enough to offset. I knew this arguments takes much weight, Just don’t be hardliner and more over don’t lose your moral imperative when you argue.
        I will offer you words of comfort here, For instance, me as an EPRDF supporter, I believe that EPRDF is not alpha and omega of Ethiopian politics. I knew EPRDF is important for us but, don’t be mistaken it is not indispensable. By the way I met many EPRDF politicians and government representatives at Ministerial portfolio, they think like wise. This political concept is very new for contemporary Ethiopia, this political reform was just the legacy of Meles zenawi who always believe in political dialogue and debate and that is why the sky didn’t fall as toxic diasporas predicted post Meles, rather simply EPRDF plan was working as intended. We can debate the merits and demerits of Meles Zenawi political ideology, but never forget he is always the rain bow of Ethiopian politics.

        I knew Ethiopian economic growth brings courage to its supporters, despair for opponents. It is up to you to chose your category. However, you raised a very good point, about the Economical failures of EPRDF, but my problem here is, you just cut short the choices of argument by deliberately mixing facts with myth. By doing that you are not wrong but mistaken.
        I’m not a kind of peaky person, I am willing to openly discuss any topic with you, I tell you Rumors politics is bad and defensiveness is a poor strategy, I think you combine both.
        Certainly we must condemn EPRDF for the human rights violation in every instances. Freedom of speech and assembly are important to the working of a democratic society in Ethiopia. On this regard there tremendous pit falls, at the same time there were and are individuals who were over playing the Ethiopian constitution which gave them all the freedom and rights. That is simply disgusting, which ever way you like to take it. Some are incidentally blamed for violence, and they are paying the price. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but simply thanks the government for the great job for keeping laws and order.
        But if objectives are to the failure of EPRDF, you can sight one million one problems, we don’t cast any delusion EPRDF,its members and supporters are always saying, they are stronger and wiser than the obstacles they face, they will definitely know they overcome the obstacle.

      • Ermi says:


        I wish Teshome was able to answer your simple question so I didn’t have to interject here. But the dedebit supporters are only instructed to engage in personal attack and not argue any substance.

        So for you question about any major project that is completed and benefiting the ppl, there is not even a single one. Woyane is only in the business of selling HOPE. They said Tekeze would solve the power shortage, it is now worse. They said road building will help develop the economy, it puts the country in deep debts. All roads are built to substandard only to enrich the corrupt dedebit 5th graders.

        They don’t have a single example to provide you for your question. But they have plenty of hope to sell to you that will solve the country’s problem. They even tell you that addis ababa is as developed as new York because of the 50 metered taxis .

        Peace to all but Woyanes!


        • Tesfalehulum says:


          You put it right…..”selling hope”….lam alege besemaye….

        • Alula says:


          The Dedebitawyan are the ones who dag you from your trenches & kick your ass out until you ran with your legs touching your ears! Sworn in the sun, trying to be what you are not, the black Israelites, goblet….but finally nobody can match the Dedebitawyan! A hand can write anything, nevertheless your brain knows there is no match to Dedebitawyan! የራሷን ኣሮባት የሰው ታማስላለች ነው ያንተ ነገር! You don’t know but Ethiopia is in good hands!

        • Beza says:

          Teshome, I commend you for your articulate analysis of the facts, on the ground, in best English. But, people like TESFA YELELEW don’t understand this kind of truth. What they are pleased about is when they hear the sky is falling on Ethiopia, the poor people are dying, the Eritrean army has invaded and cause casualties in the boarder town and etc. So it is wasting time to explain to such arrogant and low person.

          I have read your comments previously, and the responds u were getting from those ignorant individuals with full hate, in their mind. You were absent for a while. It is good news you came back. Keep on telling them the truth, whether it sinks in their minds or not. He a doesn’t even know what per capita Ethiopia has now. I think these old die hard fanatics are still living in their day dream.

    • Alula says:


      You are talking to a barrel that sounds like a human being! He knows the Abay Dam is planned for 2017, the only project that will be finished before 2017 is the Gilgel Gibe that’s why I said you are talking to a barrel! The only thing they understand is:themselves! They don’t understand Ethiopia is a special country! When Dergue finish the the revolution generation who could have solved Ethiopia’s problems, Ethiopia could have turned into Syria like civil war! Even during the colored revolution & Jesmine (Arab spring revolution)! These guys are addicted to the social media , therefore, they are here simply to satisfy their addiction! Don’t waste your time bro!

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    Road construction under woyane is marred by corruption and poor quality. Go to east, west or north, many of the newly constructed roads are in poor conditions. Leave aside the country side, the strees of Addis Ababa are in bad shape. During the last summer, Ethiopian “kiremet”, most roads were badly flooded in a relatively light rain including the newly built multi million dollar project, Bole road. For many surprise, the multi million dollar Bole road has very poor drainage system that it will not sulstain 2 hours of continuous medium to heavy rain. That was what happened during last summer. This is a single example that reflects the overall poor quality and corruption problems. Most of the roads bulit in Addis Ababa are badly prone for flooding as it proved practically again and again. Millions of dollars spent all over the country but the outcome is poor. The strong corruption mafiosis ring among the government officials, consultants and the contractor is bleeding the country economy. Besides, many newly built roads are excavated citing plan issues. Saris road is a typical example. They razored the multi millions dollars road citing plan change without any accountability.

    It should be noted that, most roads are financed either by loans or international donation. Almost noting comes from the regime pocket. Thus, the debt will roll for the generations to come.

    Look at this short clip uploaded on YouTube by anonymous.

    Woyane = leba + INCOMPITENT mafiosis ring

    May God bless Ethiopia!

    • Solomon says:

      Banda shabia Telalake Tesfalhulu at least this regime try to build the country.even though it has a lot of short coming .
      Banda Tesflhulem ,you admitting the regime has building a lot of projects in the country which is good start, so you need to learn to give credit when the government deserve credit and criticize when they deserve criticism.
      So Banda Tesfalhulu will become valuable citizen Ethiopian .
      Death for Banda Shabia!
      Death for Bandas Banda shabia Telalake Brhanu (birr amtu)
      Long live Ethiopian with all her poeple!

    • Ash says:

      I see the video, in fact I like it because the flood creat job for the poor..

      Now the same unemployed should be hired to dig for flood drainage in both side …this is very simple I don’t the contractor where responsible for digging the flood drainage it might not be in the contract over siting but that is how we. Learn how to do business next time that is what we ask first …if Ethiopia spend 500million dollar per road then it is smart idea that we spend another one million to dig for water drainage alone the road.

      My next point is why spend 500million to build asphalt road that is not suited for our hot weather …instead of building only one road we could use this 500million dollar to build cement factory and use the cement to build road.

      My next point is the say they going to set up gas station that is another ćost ‘ why not convert our cár to run with biogas and electric

    • NG says:

      I think you better callyourself CHILEMALEHULUM instead of tesfalehulum.You Anhara extremist and Derg Rizraz had your chances in the past all you achieved was starvation and war to Ethiopian people. Thanks to Woyane even if the roads are not European or American standard, we have roads. The likes of Presedinet Obama, David cameron, Bill Gates and more others are, appreciating the achievements loudly. The name Ethiopia which was associated with war, poverty, and famine in the time of Your Atse’s (the kings) and Derg, is being called with, the fastest growungeconomy, the best tourist destination, etc… That is the reality on the ground and unfortunately for u, u and your likes (derg and Atse’s) will never come have place in the new Ethiopia.

      • Tesfalehulum says:



        Wedel ye Woyane haheya!…..I raised many points but you never dare to tackle a single one because you’re dumb 5th grader. So, what you have?….,trash and garbage…..mutecha……that’s why I call you woyane mafiosis gangs….

        Thumb down for dumb woyane merceneries!

        God bless Ethiopia!

        • NG says:

          lemesadeb afehin atamotmut, you low life scum bag. i am sure you are a low life manim yemayikerbew gizew yalefebet , yareje yafeje shimagle neh. you sit at home and no one talk to you and you come here and you spray your poison and that makes you feel you are a human being. Unlike u i am educated and have succesfull life and i think positive about Ethiopia. and for your information i am not from Tigrai, I am half Oromo half Amhara. Whether you like it or not there has never been a better gov’t for Ethiopia than Woyane. But I am not going to argue with you, you can only bend a tree when it is young, when it is too old like you, it will be broken if you try to bend it. Your days are numbered CHELEMALEHULUM, I pray for you and your likes to rest in peace!

    • Beza says:

      Teafa yeleleh shimagle EPRP endelemedkew Tesfa Bekele Negn eyalk ESAT Lay awra. You didn’t set your feet on Ethiopia soil in 30 years. You don’t have any moral to talk about the roads In Ethiopia. Mutichaahimagle, no one will buy your stupid propaganda.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza hulet gera eger…..

        if you’ve the gut and knowlegge, why don’t you debate me on the issues I’ve commented above?… there any false statment I made?…….you can’t counter my comments because you are ill informed idiot and support woyane because of your ethnicity….period!!

        What you know is labeling, name calling and trying to intimidate…yeswe like alawekshim…kkkkkkk
        neftam bege….

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa yeleleh Shimagle EPRP. What truth did you put for a debate? You are putting rumors and falsified information in your writing. I don’t think, even you know ADDIS leave BOLE. The Bole road you are talking about is like other western countries standard. By any measurement Addis Bole road is qualified to surpass other roads in the West. By the way I am not Tigre as you think. You are the one who is labeling Chemelaka Shimagle. Your problem start from here, because you think everyon, who support this regime is from Tigrai. That’s big WRONG. I am Amaranth who think POSITIVE for Ethiopia, definitely not Gondere with negative attitude though. And I was born and raised in Addis so I know Addis before EPRDF a and after. Addis I know now and before is different. Of course there is problem in the country like every poor country and when I come to the point what per capita was u talking about. Ethiopia’s per capita ha grown from less than 100 dollar has reached 500 dollar according to the statistics tells us. You can find that if you Google it. Dedeb Shimagle.

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa yeleleh Shimagle EPRP. What truth did you put for a debate? You are putting rumors and falsified information in your writing. I don’t think, even you know ADDIS leave BOLE. The Bole road you are talking about is like other western countries standard. By any measurement, Addis Bole road is qualified to surpass other roads in the West. By the way, I am not Tigre as you think. You are the one who is labeling Chemlaka Shimagle. Your problem start from here, because you think everyone, who support this regime is from Tigrai. That’s big WRONG. I am Amara who think POSITIVE for Ethiopia, definitely not Gondere with negative attitude though.

          And I was born and raised in Addis so I know Addis before EPRDF and after. Addis I know now and before is different. Of course, there is problem in the country like every poor country but Ethiopia has shown the growth. When I come to the point what per capita was u talking about?. Ethiopia’s per capita ha grown from less than 100 dollar has reached 500 dollar according to the statistics tells us. You can find that if you Google Ethiopia. Dedeb Shimagle.

  3. Alula says:

    Good job Ethiopia! As the supper power of Easy Africa, Ethiopia is doing well & good! Proud to be an Ethiopian!
    For some backward individuals , ውሾቹ ምንም ቢሉ ኣህያ የለለው በቅሎ ይንቃል ነው!ስለሆነም ውሻ ላመሉ ኣይጥም ኮሽ ብትል መጮሁ ኣይቀርም!
    ኢትዮጵያ እየገሰገሰች ነው ኋላ የቀረ ታሪክ ሆኖ ይቀራል!
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      That’s what idiot blind cadres know…..good job….good job woyane….whatever happens….


      • Alula says:

        Thank you ! I’m not interested talking to an empty barrel, hater, jealous ….! Have a nice day all over the social media….! You can only throw your dirty words, you have nothing else, it’s been 23 years! የሴት ልጅ ሁሌም የሚናገረው ኣያውቅም!

  4. Tagash says:

    Dear brother, I wasted 2 minutes and 34 seconds of my life watching that video hoping to see a glaring example of TPLF (Woyane) corruption at least at the very end. I was disappointed. To read your post it took me 25 seconds, to write this reply 35 seconds. That is, a total of 2 minutes and 34 seconds + 25 seconds + 35 seconds= 3 minutes and 34 seconds of my life, down the drain!

    • solomon says:

      I love you Tagash ,i like the way you right specauialy to this banda shabia telalak tesfayelwew,(tesfalhulu)
      The only thing he knows is hate poltices
      He is sick .

      • Tesfalehulum says:


        Do you love Tagash??….kkkkk…he’s not gay eko….kkkkk

        Ye woyane ashkeroch erse be erse setemogagesu setamru…kkkkkk

        • solomon says:

          We not ashkroch tesflhulu
          That way you bandas banda keep going to ertiera to learn from your banda boss shabia tesflhulue .
          We pure ethiopian donot do that . We kill bandas like you .
          Banda is Minlke who sold his country to italian for power .
          Tesfalhulum it is in your blood to sell every thing for power just like your grandfather Banda Minlke.
          We ethiopian die for our country like our realy king of kings Yohans.
          Dont forget we are the realy ethiopia who die for his country .
          The children of yohans .
          The only king who died fighting for his country .
          Ont like minlke who sold his country to italian and french.
          H/sellass who run to england
          Mengistu who run zembabey.
          You are runing to bandas banda ertira.

  5. kibrom says:

    Endante aineyu dedeb ayche semich alawkim.Lekas gay mehon endih moralebiss yadergal. Dero btalm tirewan endilu antem yemitayih ye Ethiopia edgetwa sayhon kith seteh ye ferengi kula new. Beka Yehe new yante nuro. Asafari yeshabia wekill.

  6. Dt says:

    Dear all

    I usually comment about the topic and rarely about other comments. But there are some exceptions and this is one of them. GDP per capita has improved from 122$ in 2000 to 466 in 2012
    The percentage of people living in absolute Poverty has reduced from 38.9 % to 29.6% 
    When someone say that we are still among the poorest 15 countries i see that as real progress because not so long ago we used to be the poorest so it means that we climbed some ten levels. 

    The roads and housing are obviously better now than they have ever been. The only thing that the derg did was to confiscate houses to give them to others not build new one. This one at least has built new ones in almost all regions. I really do not miss the ‘Ayer be ayer’ economy that we used to have. At least a lot of things are put on the ground and will be left there when EPRDF leaves power. I also take the fact that a lot construction happen in our cities as positive. Any property ( private) that is built with illegally acquired funds through corruption can easily be confiscated rather than those building in south east asia or hide money. In foreign banks which will be more difficult to get.

    I am not saying that everything is perfect  with regards to any of the statistics i have tried to give all of it is just to repond to an outstanding question raised by one of the commenters. For me the next government will take over the baton and build on whatever this one will leave. If they have not finished the Abay dam by then we will continue building it and finish it. Are things perfect now? Absolutely not. Are there things that we need to complain about? Sure and we will complain about these. But what we cannot do is suspend everything until such a time when an adminstration that we all agree with comes to power.  This will not work for two reasons.
    One is that we will be starting from zero at that time which is not ideal and we will have all the teething problems that we are having now.  Roads that are not perfect, education institutions that need improvement etc. In a few years we would have better capacity in all these areas as we will learn as a nation.

    The other is that there will never be an adminstration that we all agree with. This is impossible even in the most advanced democracies. In the US even somebody as likeable as Obama was elected by 51% of the population only. So we will wait for decades for this to happen without creating any wealth in the country. 


  7. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This road project is not and should not about what the late PM did or did not. And infrastructure project in the works should be applauded and supported where and when possible. In the long or short run infrastructure belongs and works towards the good of the people at large. What does that mean? First of all, goods and critical services will be delivered and made available to people at localities that were inaccessible in the past. Secondly, it will be bring peoples of different societies together or at least closer economically. Thirdly, the perks of such projects will reach the people gradually if not overnight. Again, it has nothing to do with a political behavior of a dead PM and he is not alive to defend himself anyway. I had ranted and raved about his governance behavior when he was alive. Whether we like it or not history has passed its judgment on him already and let’s leave that to the legitimate and unbiased historians. The ones responsible for what is going on not politically are the ones who are now at the helm of governance over there. I say kudos for such infrastructures!!!!

  8. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Please read that as: ‘The ones responsible for what is going on now politically’

  9. Mohammed says:

    Today ethiopian goverment they are doing good because every one preparing to destroy the country even if people are ready to elect what ever they want there are no visionary opposition all are toothless .

    Look this guy called jewahir some thing I heard him saying even if we want oromo can do well if it get separated some one having this kind of mentality how can he represent any Oromo .

    Mind if you do not work right now with the goverment as you said I won’t be here to see my people get freedom but in this way your people will go to for a job to other part of Ethiopia after even 50 years.

    The world doesn’t care about any Oromo cos people like you living what ever if living in tax payers money in USA you are underestimate their capability of making a difference in your straggle while you burning your ass sitting in their country allowing you to even open your mouth.

    Goodness me last time every one shouting for expansion of addis cos weyane this weyane that if your country man Tigre won’t live in his god giving country god will destroy us all and will let monkey to live on it that’s what quran say.

    Man kind I will replace you by other creature .

    In my life time I want to see Tigray prosperous region of Ethiopia first for most.
    Cos we all saw what went wrong in 1977.

    Am not supporter am not against but we all shouting this and that get up and work together to lift the country together.

    As I said if you do not work you will be slave be leave me not you actually your ethnic group this is reality.

    First developing region of Ethiopia. Addis ,bah radar,Tigray ,adama, awasa.
    So if you think back you know which region could ,should have been faster,than the other.

    This is what am talking about the second city was asmera before today might be
    Tigray so can we be part of it not only investing in your region of birth but weaker resource region of Ethiopia .

    Put first humanity.
    I can guaranty you today Ethiopia is stronger than ever
    In every family there. Are troublesome brothers do you really wish him or her some thing like a bad luck or something to happen to them never.
    So they are the goverment.

    Who ever are in the goverment they are more bloody worry to the country. Than
    any one of us

    Every one worry the money is robbed they are not investors who took the money and run they are our brothers .

    If you look the west when new comers came as asylem seeker you know
    Who is enemy or joulesy it’s not the country men it’s an asylem who came from other country or even from your country.

    So when the robbing the country money no worries the first one not happy at all.
    Weyane is rich watch out the opportunist so called freedom lovers.

    Good buy

  10. mohamed says:

    Derge he used to say hulum neger wed for genbar for yegbabet lemlemua hagere eyale aye shewedun .

    Ahun terachin if we are vissionery we should say hulum never wede semene gembar lelemat .

    Southun lemalemat kelale new gen there are so many blind politician’s
    Who creat hate even making it difficult to invest.

    But if we do little in the south we can do more in north part
    Yechane mekina kemgotet moterun tegno ediguaz madreg.

    Simple example north according to the survey its not enough
    Resource that can enable them to create more industry

    They have to use every thing in their power to do so with out any permission .

    Tigrai as a regional part of Ethiopia has to contribout to the state which is Ethiopia they do not have to live in hand out for ever this has to work for every region.

    Eyandandu kefle Hager lehageritu maberket alebet ya degmo sinorew new tadia resource yalew region lelaw endiadg enji temstwach madreg yehe lek ye west astesaseb new ediadgu mefkede gedetachin new.

    Instead of saying oromia can go it alone .

    Mr jewahir if you clock back the time your grand grand grand father has never contributed to even your Owen family but so many family of us of oromo I can not tale you we defend Ethiopia from invaders.

    You came from no where go to university creat hate.
    People like you are today they are in Amsterdam huage criminal court

    Cos if u get the chance u gone creat worese than ruwanda.

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