“Be Tizita Menged”: Commemorating Col.Sahle Degagu (Video)


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4 Responses

  1. Timkehet Teffera says:

    What a wonderful program about the giant musician Sahle Degago. I wish an art center would be founded in Ferensay Legasion, the small district in Addis Ababa which brought up so many brilliant and talented artists for several decades.
    I would be one of the contributors if this would have happened.
    Wish all the best to Sahle Degago’s family and may his sould rest in heavenly peace.

  2. Degif says:

    Dear Dawit,

    Thank you for posting the ceremony commemorating the great veteran musicians Sahle Degago. However, like most of your previous Video posts, the program lacks so many qualities of professional video shots, good organizations and editing. Please take time on photography and editing before posting.

  3. Yidnekachew Zeryehun says:

    First off all I would like to say thank you guys who are organazing a memorial for the famus and out standing artist His Excellency Col. Sehale Degago. But it,’s a small beggning. I like it, just keep it up.

  4. Birru says:

    It is a good steep to pay tribute for such wonderful peoples like Col Sahale Degago, who played historical role for the development of Ethiopian traditional and modern musics , well done every body who made this event real…. !000s Miles starts from one yard.

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