UN questions Norway on Ethiopian human rights


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2 Responses

  1. Tenager Ewnetu says:

    Are the Norwegians kiding us or themselves?

    Since when do dictators abide by LAW and Respect Agreements?

    If that was true, you would’t see an Ethiopian Refugee any where in the world.

    You do contradict yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tutualeme says:

    How is it possible that the Norwegian Government gives Ethiopians (or any other nationality for that matter)refugee status and then suddenly draws the rug from under their feet and returns them back to the country they fled from! This is also a dangerous precedent for other refugees settled all over the world. Is this “kosher” in the eyes of the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations? The UN should not let Norway get away with gambling with innocent people’s lives! Norway should be reprimanded and condemned by UN member countries for its callous and flagrant actions in breaking the standard behavior of nations accepting refugees and forcing them to return to the country they fled from! UN member countries should impose some kind of sanctions on Norway for such incredibly inhuman action!! There is no excuse for such behavior. The Norwegian authorities are not truthful in that they claim the returning of refugees was voluntary! We had heard for several weeks that there was the intention of returning Ethiopian refugees by Norway for some time now, but we did not believe that they would go through with such despicable action. Ethiopians should view the Norwegian government to be as dictatorial and autocratic as the Meles government. If Norway is breaking international law, then there’s no reason to expect any better from the Norwegian government than that expected from the murderous actions of Meles Zenawi.

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