Ethiopian Editor Sent to Jail for publishing a controversial opinion piece; Unable to Settle Bail Requirement


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15 Responses

  1. ክበር ተመስገን says:

    This is not about this so called editor. I don’t know him and the situation related to him.
    What I know and I wish to see happen in Ethiopia is that if/when individuals like him do change their mindset towards the right direction which is giving the first, middle and last priorities for the basic and fundamental national situations/issues each and every citizen has to obey and respect and function the best ways based on these principles, he and others would benefit the country greatly and themselves too. But now….?

    It is bad for him and big loss for the country. A young man like him must be at work doing the right things 24/7 not in prison. For this no one is to blame but himself. The game/ ball he is playing in the name of Ethiopia is in his hands/power/responsibilities but not the field which is Ethiopia.

    Hoping him to see the truth soon rather than later that could make him regret about and apologize sincerely in a way he could become the best citizen with good and hard work for himself and his country.

    በህይዎት ዘመኔ ጊዜያትን አስቆጠርሁ
    በጣም ብዙ፣ ብዙ ክስተቶችን አለፍሁ
    ከሀገር ተነስቸ አለምን አዳረስሁ
    ተነግሮ የማያልቅ አወቅሁ አየለየሁ
    አንዳንዱ ዘግናኝ ነው እጅግ የሚያስፈራ
    ለውጭ ሰው ጠላት ክፉ ባላጋራ
    የፈለገው ይሁን ይምሰል የሚስማማ
    እንደ ሀገር የሚሆን የለም አልጋ፣ ማማ

    ይህንን እውነታ የውጮች ያውቃሉ
    በሀገር አንድ ናቸው በሌላ ሲጣሉ
    እንኳን የሚጎዳ የሚጠቅምም ቢሆን
    ሲያምኑበት ብቻ ነው የሚሉት ከኛ ሁን፡
    ክኛ ጋ አንዳንዱ ግን ታጥቦ ጭንቅላቱ
    እውነተኛው መንገድ ጠፍቶታል እውነቱ
    አንድም የውጭ ሰው መሳይ ጋዜጠኛ
    በራሱ ሀገር ላይ አይመስልም ደመኛ፡
    የውጭ ተላላኪ መሆን እንዳዘዙት
    ከባድ ወንጀል እንጅ አይደለም ነፃነት

    መክረኸው ካልሰማ ይምከረው መከራ
    የምን መጨነቅ ነው ለህዝብ ባላጋራ
    የሚሰራ ብቻ ስህተት የሚሰራ
    ከስተት ይማራል እውነቱ ሲጣራ
    ጋዜጠኛም ይሁን በሌላ ይጠራ
    ይሁን ለሚጠቅም ድብስብሱ ይጥራ
    የማንም አይደለች ሀገር ነች የጋራ
    ተባብረን በአንድነት የኛን ሥራ እንስራ

    የውጮችን ማየት መምሰል እንደ እነሱ
    የነሱን መስራት ነው የራስን ሲያፈርሱ
    ምኑ ከምን ሆኖ የነሱ ይሆናል
    ሰውና ተፈጥሮ ቦታ ይወስናል
    የበረዶው ሀገር ሲሆን ከሞቃቱ
    ከውሀ የወጣ አሳ ነው እንደ አሟሟቱ
    የነሱ ለነሱ የኛ ለራሳችን
    ይህ ነው እውነተኛው ዋናው መንገዳችን

    እስኪ ረጋ ብለን እናስብ በጥልቀት
    ውስጣችን ይሞላ በሚስማማ ሰሜት
    የኛ ሀገር ከሌላው በአናሳ መታየት
    የህዝቦች አኗኗር በእጦት መሰቃየት
    ኋላቀርነቱ፣ አመለካከት ማነስ
    ቅዱስ የሆነን ህዝብ የሚያስመስለው እርኩስ፣
    አይደለም እጣችን የተፈጥሮ ቅጣት
    እኛ ነን በኛ ላይ ስቃይ የሆንበት

    መፍትሄው ግልፅ ነው የሌለው አማራጭ
    እኛ መሆን ለኛ እድል ሳንሰጥ ለውጭ
    አየተቃወመ የህዳሴን ግድብ
    አዋቂ ነኝ ማለት ተቆርቋሪ ለህዝብ
    አንድም ጥቅም የለው ሁሉም ጉዳት ብቻ
    ሰላም ለማይሆነው ሀይል ነው ቁልፍ መፍቻ
    እና እኛ ሰዎች እባካቸሁ እንዎቅ
    ለሚፈታ ሳይሆን ለሚያስር አንውደቅ፡፡

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      To the above commenter,

      You already sentenced the journslist to prison before the court….kkkk… blame him for a lot of wrong doings before even the kangaroo court verifies it……actually the court asked him to post a bail…..would you please post some of the evidences you may have to support your claim??…..or are you a deaf and blind cadre product of the stone factory, Civil Service College???

      HODAM cadre… scrabble on the web 24/7 serving the zombi regime and receiving a wage, that’s blood money snatched from the poor’s mouth.

      God bless Ethiopia.

      • ክበር ተመስገን says:

        Tesfalehulum=Tesfayelesh Trash

        How is possible the idea of wishing “God Bless Ethiopia” is coming from a cheap and worthless creature like you? You are a curse to Ethiopia acting as an incompetent and immature criminal wishing to cause the biggest and worst crime against the country. But you can’t do that because you are not even capable to destroy anything that requires efforts let alone to build something those delivering benefits. What you can is only gossip that is making you who you are as a person which is worthless.
        Look at yourself and your relation with the surrounding. Are you happy about it? Is that making you proud and giving you the feeling of high achievements in life?
        What do you do? How is looking like your life and the achievements you have had so far? Do you understand what is right or wrong, true or false, can you see the things that are to be seen and hear the situations to be heard?

        No. You don’t. Because you are not up to this level at least having your own life under your control and responsibility but being a worthless immigrant in….. living with handouts in order to keep you alive while making you unable to make a living and have a meaningful life. It seems you are happy with that kind situation of yours while having a nerve to criticize, undermine or paint your dirty head against others.

        The problem is not you but the situation and the blog that is not keeping clean its own home/blog/ from dirt like you. No one sees any contribution coming from worthless like you to this Ethiopian born and has to do its best to grow concentrating primarily on domestic consumers/participants while doing the things that are relevant, interested, useful and wanted by the real Ethiopians meaning those at home and abroad that are doing their best for the country improvement with the right approach and solution finding activities.

        So, individuals like this worthless Tesfayelesh must not allow painting their dirt on the Ethiopian homemade and grown blogs. The copy and paste immigrants’ blogs that are serving the enemies such as nazret, com and the likes are there to serve this trash look likes but not the true Ethiopian blogs particularly this homemade blog that could have a very bright future if it is keeping doing only the things required for this achievement.

        It was not needed to replay for anything coming from the trash, dirt, worthless and hopeless immigrant like this one is. They must be ignored as if they are not exist which is true except breathing while waiting to die in vain in abroad. However, the dirt must be called dirt and cleaned or else it will remain stinking and causing sicknesses while feeling at home and controlling the situation with its stinky power testing it as an aroma for itself with enjoyment.

        This is the first and last time I did have a boring time, silly mind and tiring energy to spend for nothing on you thinking you are worthless needs nothing but let him continue suffering mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and materially. This is who you are for real and you already know that if you have some brain left inside your garbage chicken head full of trash.

        Each and every comment you are painting is trash and the same against individuals. Why don’t you think and come up with your own idea with arguments for any disagreement you are having? O. sorry, this kind behavior must be from someone who is a normal human being with knowledge, experience, vision and plan to achieve useful goals. But you are not that kind human being but worthless creature vomiting his anger against others while his overall situation is getting from bad to worse and none existence with any normal human standard.

        This is the first and last time I even consider you as a human being because of you are still breathing. Continue painting your dirt against others which is the only thing you can and your life achievements is. But I will never consider you anymore as a living human being but thing to ignore as if he doesn’t exist which is true.

        Good bye and stay away in your hell look like…. Or go to school to learn how to think, write and Change your entire situation upside down and inside out from bad to good, …., and worst to best. You need a total transformation human make up as it is clear you are totally damaged and destroyed.

        • axumawe says:

          @ Keber Tmesgen , I can agree 100% with you in every word you used to describe, not only the one Shabia lover, but every Ethiopian enemy & every hate monger un Ethiopian person !!
          it sends the clear massage to every good for nothing, worthless un Ethiopian individuals.
          I believe any one who he/she thinks Ethiopian, have a moral obligation to do what ever possible to bring the country we love CALLED (ETHIOPIA),out of poverty,& in to prospers country,
          enough is enough lecturing others about 100, 1000,3000,5000 years and so on history of Ethiopia.
          That history belongs to our ancestors !!!
          this is ours. ASK THIS Q INDIVIDUALY WHAT HAVE I DONE ????
          As Ethiopiawe ,as a person what have I done ????
          that’s all…. the answer is with each of as , solon,,,, adios amigos !!
          good job Keber Tmesgen !!
          long live Ethiopia !!

        • Tesfalehulum says:


          Earlier I just asked a sample question….you said the journaist is criminal…..and I asked you to back up your claim with evidence…..that’s all….you don’t need to scribble all these nonsense to justify the unjustifiable…actually, I know very well you don’t have answer….
          I really don’t care either you reply to my comment or not….it doesnt matter since I know that you’re a lie machine like your step-dad woyane.

          Wedel ye Woyane aheya!…..afe alege bleh demo afehen mekfeteh…..stinky LEBOCH…keep looting the blood money snatched from the poor’s mouth…that’s all you know…

          God Bless Ethiopia….
          The zombi regime slaves are doomed!!

  2. Alegnta says:

    Dear Elias,
    The posting by Awrambatimes Admin. is inadequate. Your readers want more detailed information, of course delivered in an unbiased way.

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    The kangaroo courts intensifies prosecuting and jailing journalists to silence all free press to deprive the public vital information about the country. Ethiopia is now the leading country in the world for the first time in our recent history for prosecuting and jailing journaists. Many more journalists fled the country to escape persecution. The recent sad ending of journalist Million Shurube expose the plight of journalists in Ethiopia and how the mafiosis regime operates who tried to play political drama in this sad event through its loyal merceneries.
    We all should have moral obligation, with the exception of woyane slaves, to become the voice of the voiceless who are languishing in the notoriues woyane prison from Eskinder Nega, Reyoot, Andualem, Lelisa, Wubeshet, Elias, … many more……
    The draconian and pseudo visionary Zenawi system consumed the lives of tens of thousands across the country, left thousands languishing in prison , thousands displaced and hundreds of thousands citizens fled the country by air, sea or land facing uncertain futur. This is what the achievement of this zombi regime, jailing, killing, displacing, and looting.
    Thumb down for dumb woyane’s 5th grader MORONS and foot soldiers, HODAMS
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Menkem-Tigraway says:

      Oh my Donkey friend how are you doing, I hope your belly is growing and as I promised you last time,I brought you some seeds to fill you tommy. I am worrying about your health because recently, I have heard that you have diagnosed with colon cancer on top of your schizophrenia and paranoid. You know why, because you have started consuming hamburger leaving you usual Donkey food, seeds. I am afraid that you are going to expired soon if you don’t get proper treatment as quietly as possible.However, there are plenty of traditional herbalists and practitioners here in Ethiopia they can help you to their best if you can. Don’t worry nobody going to threaten you because of your political view, hatred, and animosity if you are innocent and you hadn’t involved in terrorized Ethiopians when you were in office during the reign of Derg. Recently, even the top dogs of the former regime who have been in custody for 20 plus years have got pardon and freed. So that don’t be bothered and you too will get a pardon who knows. Anyway, I wish you all the best.

  4. Berbere says:

    Regardless of the subject matter, it’s very sad that he is put to jail just because that he is not able to pay that bail. Is it really true that he is unable to pay that sum or is there no one around him who can help him out? Where are the so called NGO’s “freedom” fighters when it comes to helping him?

  5. Beza says:

    The problem in those Journalists mind is they think ESAT will help them when they get in trouble. They were trying to collect money while the dead body of Million Shurube decaying in the Morgue. His coffin was taken back home in the middle of their plan. If they have collected for Milion as they said” they have collected 9000 dollars let them send to this guy to get him out from prison. The journalists on ESAT are living by the handout of ESAAYAS. The journalists in Ethiopia shouldn’t count on them. I feel bad about this guy but hey !!÷÷.you got watch your steps and limit. When you don’t know that is what you gonna get. These guy used to go and giving interview for ESAT left and right . What is the consequence?

  6. Menkem-Tigraway says:

    He must get a tantamount comeuppance for his deeds. We shouldn’t mixed his person circumstance to politics. Poor Ethiopian opposition ,who are inept to deliver something substantive matter to general populous of Ethiopian, are very keen to politicized such instance to make senseless political profit. These cohorts who claimed themselves political dissents never feel shame to politicized such matters without providing evidence and justification just to allure some attention.

  7. billfree says:

    I never trust this thing . because Elias Gebru is working with Dawit Kebede (awrambatimes) who is serving EPRDF currently. So this issue is deliberately designed to divert the attention of the people.

  8. Carlos Danger says:

    Who is there?
    Fictitious news reporter
    Fictitious news reporter who?
    Fictitious news reporter who reports the following breaking news:
    Mr.Al Amoudin accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.
    A popular Addis Ababa talk show host was abducted by aliens
    Andargachew Tsge escaped from jail.Two military helicopters with 12 to 16 people believed to be involved.
    By popular demand Teddy Afro will perform in front of 100,000 Oromos in Awasa.
    Issayas Afworke expressing his wishes”I like to see Eritrea and Ethiopia become one before I die”.
    Wzo Azeb Mesfin slapped a journalist for asking inappropriate questions during an interview.
    A law will pass soon which allow land ownership.

  9. Alula says:

    I don’t call these as journalists, but hate promoters, violence instigators , anti development, paid agents of Ethiopia’s enemies…..! We know what they were writing during the colored & Arab spring revolutions while they know Ethiopia has nothing to do with Arabs & western instigated colored revolution! You & your like imported a communist system from Russia & other countries during Dergue & it took the most important generations of Ethiopia! Nevertheless, ethiopia stood its ground & defeated internal & external enemies who tried to stop the Ethiopian Renaissance! Therefore these so called journalists aren’t journalists , but a nonsense pro empty paid agents of Ethiopia’s enemies!

    If they were journalists, they could have taught the people the concept of democracy!

    In my belief , first developments , development creates an employment opportunities, then opportunities creates prosperity , finally prosperity creates free & democratic society! Nevertheless, our so called journalists are biased & with no journalistic ethics! We know they are paid by Egypt indirectly, therefore, hiding behind journalism just to promote an evil political agenda is very destructive! You can run , but you can’t hide!

  10. Tesfalehulum says:

    Carlos, aka Hagos…..nice try……kkkkkkkkkk

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