Press briefing on the upcoming celebration of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples day of Ethiopia (Video)


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  1. Zellalem Leyew says:

    It is a good start for the very important and long journey successful and happy together using all resources, opportunities and possibilities including using Ethiopian Medias making them working for their own people interest, advantage and benefit. The officials seem now know how important is having well developed, nicely working and reachable own medias in the 21-century run by competent and wise Ethiopian journalists that have to be in the position to win any media and journalism war against the country coming from any foreign media and journalism (If not all the time but most of the time is from the English lead west) when it comes to their own country.

    Ethiopian medias and journalists have to serve the country the best ways being wise, smart, competent, hard working and always for the country interest. The Ethiopian journalists have to be like Ethiopian solders keeping the country safe and well confronting, exposing and destroying the foreign(English lead western) journalists that are waging a long standing and deep rotted image damaging and undermining war against Ethiopia for so long. Ethiopian Medias must serve like the best weapons the Ethiopian journalists using them to fight the criminal, racist, greedy and evil western journalists that are working for their racist and imperialist government policy financed and aided by criminal western banks, imperialists, scholars and other criminals. Western Journalists are working for the western financial institutions including the criminal banks and greedy imperialists from headquarters in London and New York.

    This is a good start Ethiopians are now know why and how to use the media. Ethiopian officials, scholars, journalists and so on have to concentrate at home teaching and informing the nation about the issues matters all of them like this one. The western evil financial institutions including criminal banks, racist politicians, imperialists and other criminals will succeed to achieve their evil plan only when we allow them to become between us. Only when we continue trusting and allowing them the way some of us do coming from ignorance and stupidity knowing nothing about the real nature of these evils. They would get us only when we remain stupid and ignorant including giving interviews to bad and evil western journalists by incompetent Ethiopian officials that are still plenty and have no idea about the evil nature of the western Medias, Organizations and institutions including those coming in the country by themselves.

    An ugly Ashkenazi look like Jews female French journalist added Ethiopia with her own agenda filming report about the garment industry in Bangladesh. The approach, toon, filming locations and the approach towards the officials in Bangladesh and Ethiopia was looking like coming from different journalists for different reasons, one was from earth which is Bangladesh and the other was like from other hell look like planet. She started her visit in Ethiopia describing the country with the race and political motivated BBC/English famine picture 30 years ago during the time even she was not born. PC, Internet, mobile phone, flat TV and many many things were not there. She just dashed Ethiopia describing her like she is the place of hell. It was clearly to see this was her main agenda to be there pretending for different reason. Then she started to dash the present government telling in her filming as if it is the worse government exists today on earth. Then she went to an Ethiopian official bureau to ask him why H.M from Sweden is moved from Bangladesh to Ethiopia.

    He is so stupid, ignorant and have no his own understanding and idea. He seems got a kind of education in the west brainwashed by them without having any knowledge what kind society they were/are. It was a shame to see an official to behave that way looking ugly and saying rubbish. It was better saying nothing as the Bangladesh did referring her ask the company and told them don’t bring the camera close to him. But this worthless Ethiopian one was behaving like a porn film actor happy to let show including his food remains between his teeth. He has no idea how evil and damaging are the western Medias and journalists.

    She asked him why H.M is moved to Ethiopia.
    He answered saying labor is cheap in Ethiopia.
    She asked him how much is the company paying?
    He answered we don’t know. The private companies decide by themselves.
    She asked him some other questions. His answer was all nonsense no one expects from any official let alone the place he is.

    First of all he had to be sure what kind media and journalist are and for what reason. He had to be sure; his country is not in danger by that western Media. He also had to be sure all so called western Medias in Africa and particularly in Ethiopia are functioning directly as well as indirectly with the evil and damaging English policy and agenda to damage the country image, undermining the people and creating reasons to cause troubles in the country in order to stop development and improvement. He even had to say I have no time to talk to any foreign media even to the good ones but working day and night to bring practical changes in my country by ourselves which is the only best and certain solution with practical benefits.

    Or he would say Bangladesh is a very small country in terms or territory with lots of environmental disasters and difficulties. On the other hand Ethiopia has lots of fertile land suitable for cotton production and nice climate. Ethiopia also has cheap land available for investors. The country has the lowest Energy cost in the world with less than 4 cents KW and a very huge energy supply on the pipe line with in the near future knowing about 10.000 MW are on the making. He also would say Ethiopia has abandoned fresh water supply and good climate. He also would say Ethiopia has the best location in the middle of the earth. He also would say many other true reasons why investors are coming to Ethiopia.
    But he didn’t. Instead he approached her the way ratifies her very badly and negatively description against the government and the country. If he was in other country, first of all like this one incompetent and stupid would never reach to that chair. Or else he would be sacked right away. But he is still there.

    Ethiopians need to be smart. They need to learn how to use the media especially the foreign ones. They must stop being polite and acting as if they are ignorant trying to cover it up with a stupid smile or laugh which is a weakness bring nothing. Including the Ethiopians journalists, officials and scholars teh society must change their mind and approach when it comes western/foreign individuals, companies, journalists and whatever. They need to know about the countless evil and mischief nature of these evils that are conducted slavery, colonization, looting, rapping, killing and so many crimes for more than 500 years in order to have the live they are having. They are doing anything as we see them to continue that kind approach as long as it can take for their benefit.

    Ethiopian journalists must be like the Ethiopian solders defending the country from the English lead western journalists media wars and attacks. Ethiopian Medias must be well developed and getting to maturity serving the Ethiopian journalists as the best weapons to counter the western media war weapons that are plenty and sophisticated as their evil thinking and works are.
    Concentrate at home. Teaching your people about the issues matter to them including about the evil nature of the western Medias and others including those targeting the children and women for their own benefit, reasons and agenda. As long as Ethiopians know the truth about the foreign/western conspiracy against them by becoming between them in the name of democracy, ethnicity, election and whatever to divided and make them destroy each other and they fight it back till it disappears from the country completely and for good, there will be a bright future in Ethiopia.
    Therefore, as this film is telling, the Ethiopian Medias and officials need to concentrate at home making Ethiopians informed, wise and good enough to be for their own country at all levels. This is the best way to defeat any foreign enemy mainly coming from the English lead west getting full service from the evil western journalists that are freely and openly moving in Ethiopia where some dump officials are treating them like queen and kings which is a shame and disaster.

  2. Desta says:

    Though it is good to celebrate our diversity once in a year, the merely get together and dance is not enough. It has to have meaning full participation ,equal rights ,access of opportunities and making decisions on on the country.

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    A quick question….what’s the budget for this political dancing drama?….with the current economic burden on the public, does the country afford to spend millions and millions for this circus???

    In a country where 99% of vital government institutions are controlled by woyane gangs, the Nations/Nationalities day is only a cheap propaganda. Hundreds of millions birr will be spent for this political and dancing theater while the reality on the ground is opposite. Land grab dispalced tens of thousands, people are murdered in a cold blood and displaced because they are from different ethnic group…….
    After massacring and displacing people in Gambela and grabbing their land, don’t you feel ashamed to call them for this dancing political drama?
    How about thousands of Amharas displaced and murdered?
    How about thousands of Oromos displaced and murdered?
    How about thousands of Ogadens displaced and murdered?…..the list can go on…..
    Keep performing the circus and looting millions until Justice served…you can’t fool anyone……the people knows each detail…..

    God Bless Ethiopia!!!


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