The Twilight of Non-Violent Change in Ethiopia and the Slippery Ground of TPLF’s Power Strategy (Messay Kebede, PhD)


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7 Responses

  1. Menkem-Tigraway says:

    Is this man a professor? I have never seen before such contradicting ideas congested in sentence after sentence written by a person how deems himself professor. The fallacies can be overtly seen when you read one paragraph and continue to another one. For example, he tried to harshly denounced the education system by saying the “deteriorated quality” however; in the subsequent sentence, he attempted to spit his malign opinions by exodus of educated personnels to abroad. Here is my question, from where these educated personnels come from if they are already deteriorated by the education policy? May be these are the once educated by the former regime policy who were in remained dormant or unaware but they are migrating now. Similarly, he was mentioning about the mega projects as projects not providing any tangible benefit to the general population, however; he failed to know more than 5000 patriot workers are actively engaged in the project, particularly, only in the renaissance dam. In fact, he even didn’t want to raise the micro and small enterprise policy that is creating millions of jobs for citizens and thus lifting millions from deep rooted penury which was accumulated for centres owing to incompetent regimes who stayed in power as parasites feeding the people blood. This old professor is trying to share as his vivid dreams which he is always enjoy it when he awakes from his bed. The moment you have finished reading you can openly see that this old professor unsubstantiated clumpy of allegations, wishes and fantasies. The mere purpose of this incompetent writings is that to confuse and feed those who are suffering from malformation. And eventually, he is trying to vent this frustrations and vomiting his bunches of futilities that clutter his old mind. For sure, his old teeth-less professor is suffering from bovarism despite dwelling in civilized world. Any one who read this writing can diagnose the old man naiveness and backwardness. Finally, I haven’t seen any thing new but a clump of allegations intended to mislead vulnerable incompetence individuals who likes to enjoy such reformulated fables. Lastly, let me remind you the saying that when drinking water, think of its source. To me, fabricating worthless fables doesn’t help you anything but expose your inept in what you have written.

  2. tulu says:

    Totally and completely bankrupt article

  3. stupideprdf says:


  4. YEABSIRA says:

    HE is lost and desperate professor

  5. Alula says:

    I just want to ask this educated for nothing guy two questions: is there anything that an educated person did still serving Ethiopia?
    If there are quality educated Ethiopian during the preEPRDF eras, what made them to be quality educated or what did they do to be called quality educated? We know they can in a ready made country like the USA & EU…!

    In my opinion, the reason some educated individuals leaving the country is; because they are greedy! If the farmers & the poor can give Ethiopia their lives when it need it, why some educated individuals can’t serve their country for less? Because they are greedy!
    This isn’t an article , but simply what we called in our language ድንፋታ! Nothing else! If he is asked ” what did you do for Ethiopia?” I’ll bet , he will have nothing to say! የተማረ ሬሳ!

  6. Lamaze says:

    Tiered digressed proffesor want to be.wonder if this counts for a publication to keep his job. If so feel sorry for stupid students he produces

  7. Netsanet Betigel says:

    In every web site which deals about Ethiopia, the topic can be anything between simple social Life to politics and human rights, the presens of one Group is vivid – people who are beneficiaries of the existing murderous and ethnic handicapped Woyane government. These people are either Tigrean cadres or corrupted people who can be bought and sold on the market for a few birr.

    I have a message for the people like you. Whether you like it or not this tyranny government shall cease to exist like all tyranny governments did in history. Peace, democracy and prosperity for my beloved Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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