Spotlighting Ethiopia’s Great Run 2014 (Video)


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15 Responses

  1. idris says:

    Breaking news,
    many people have been arrested in ADIGRAT, TIGRAY, ETHIOPIA for fighting corruption carried out by the head of the church of the town. It is really surprising, what a paradox? we are now and then told (through the media) to fight corruption but in reality the opposite is happening. People are jailed for fighting corruption. Mind you it has Nothing to go with politics. What a curse?

    • idris says:

      Correction: it has nothing to do with politics.
      And it is the first biggest offence against civilian people in the city after the death of the GREAT LEADER leader, MELES ZENAWI.

    • Beza says:

      Idris the subject about TALAKU RUCHA. If you investigate first hijira organization of yours there will be a lot of corruption. Anyways, tell this information to ESAT. They need it bad. Aye idris. Dimes achin you egalitarian end et new?

    • Beza says:

      Idris the subject about TALAKU RUCHA. If you investigate first hijira organization of yours there will be a lot of corruption. Anyways, tell this information to ESAT. They need it bad. Aye idris. Dimtsachin Yizega endet new? Ahun degmo yemesgidu alsaka sil wedechurch metachihu. Bedua gedelnew eyalachihu yemtmetsadekubetn Talaku balerayun meri MELES ZENAWIN great leader malet jemerachihu.

    • ash says:

      dear idirs,

      mob-justice, is not allowed in civilized society

      • idris says:

        Dear ASH,
        Is there any mob of people? Is it because of that the arrest has been carried out? can you share us some details regarding this? Because i am thousands of kilometers away from Tigray , i may not get the correct information. But i am 100% sure about the arrest.

        • Tesfalehulum says:


          Forget the above idiot commenters who are woyane merceneries cadres like beza, ash, monkey, chimpanzee…….
          Don’t expect any substance or positive idea from 5th grader morons. Do you know the “Apartheid village” at Mekele where TPLF merceneries live?….if so, you should understand these low life scums do not have ears for the public cry. It is all about keeping the status quo alive to fill their big belly and loot more.
          The regime is founded on corruption and looting. If the regime try to fight corruption, the whole system will collapse. From top to bottom all are thieves. The pseduo visionary leader, Meles KeZenawi, may his soul burn in hell, children are attending the most expensive university in Britain and vacation in carribbeans while the ordinary Ethiopian sleep without dinner on a mud floor.
          As history proves again and again, always the people do have the ultimate power and the winner at last. The minority junta can not suppress the majorit by gun point forever.

          God Bless Ethiopia!

          • ash says:

            dear Tesfalehulum,

            did u ask where Judge Birtukan, got her money to attend american collage …. dint tell me gift …. gift more then 50 dollar or in kind is corruption and is not allowed …

            for Meles Ethiopian government expense account cover Meles expense … the same way Obama spend billion dollar in his election where did he got the money the party money…. while or after power Obama get 24/7 guard where he get that kind of money again government money expense account

          • Beza says:

            Tesfa yeleleh Tesfa bekele negn keESAT eyalk yemitafashk weregna, u didn’t stop vomiting your ugly talk on ESAT. SSemahuh, birds with the same feather will fly together so it doesn’t matter that you are helping the person with substance, Idris. I know EPRDF is your and Esayas foot soldiers G7 eneemy. But you will be crushed by the people you are downing nations nationalities. Your followers will be met with the Gallant forces of EPRDF. You must know by now that how they got your leader Andy Tsige. Birhanu will meet him in Kilinto soon. Shimagle EPRP. You gonna die in agony on your nursing home bed EPRDF in power. Meles has written history not only in Ethiopia but in the hearts of Ethiopians. Toothless and worthless dogs if you call him names or not it doesn’t make any difference. When he was alive he used to call dogs like you IDIOTS and FOOLS. So that is your name, in short IF. I will hear you on ESAT. INSTEAD OF BARKING ON ESAT calling the Ethiopians youth to fight for you why don’t you go to HAREMA Eritrea. At least you will die by respect instead of dying in nursing home. KITA Ras

        • ash says:

          for any amount of reason u dont take the justice in ur own hand… u go to court

  2. Kelem says:

    I love this comedian girl! She is my favourite! Thank you AT.

  3. Alula says:

    Congratulations to Ethiopia for the 14th great Ethiopian run!
    God bless Ethiopia!

  4. zeru says:

    BETTY WANOSE is the best!

  5. Awetash says:

    Amhara democratic force movement leaders detained by Eritrean government –on
    November 23rd, 2014

    Amhara democratic force movement leaders detained by Eritrean government due to the Eritrean agent PMHD’s wife Roman Tesfaye’s diplomatic effort by using African Union as a cover.

    • Amanu says:

      Do you think anyone cares about the worthless?

      You know why because they are the undisputed worthless? Anyone who is having anything to do with Shabia in the name of Ethiopia is worthless having a zero IQ level. Anyone that is relaying on Shabia (a long time terrorist group and only enemy Ethiopia ever is facing for so long) must be stupid, ignorant and a cheap terrorist deserves no sympathy what so ever but…..

      So, don’t vomit your stupid brain and shit crying. You all are nothing and worthless. The only thing you can do is crying and blaming others for your failures and stupidity while you are bunch of worthless group trash acting as an enemy within which is a very bad thing to happen.

      Why are they in Eritrea? Do they think Shabia would do even the slightest thing for a second about the things they are talking for so long about? No. Shabia is the main problem from the start. But they are worthless to see and understand that.

      They must be stupid beyond proportion when they think Shabia would….. For them. Lets Shabia do whatever it likes in a way these worthless could disappear from the worthless situation they are in the name of….

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