Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom meets Israeli PM Benjamin Natanyahu


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8 Responses

  1. eden says:

    em, here goes high level of diplomacy. Israelis have a every reason to work and cooperate with Ethiopia. It won’t be so long to see Ethiopia being the body, life and soul of Isaeli. The Jew-Americans have a strong financial and political muscle of all diversify nation USA, so we can anticipate the replica of 135,000 Beth-Isaeli to have the same influence what the Jews have in America. The We want Israeli to bring their long arm in Nile politics before it is too late, Isaeli interference on Nile politics is not only indispensable but also a question of existence….
    Thank you Foriegn minster Tewodrs Adihanom disscusing such big mission with the big man in the Middle East

    • motholomy says:

      Why you forget your origin from Yemen try to become Israeli. Donor deny ur relative the problem of them may be solved through time. Forget about politics of hailesillasie and synthetic oral tradition. There is no more bete Israeli in Ethiopia.

    • jacob says:

      I normally respect the people of Israel but I discriminate them and categorize them as minor and ugly creature if they have any blood relation with any of Semitic Ethiopians though I don’t expect.

      • endo says:

        It is racist mouthpieces like yours that makes our society loose it’s morality …..FYI Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity,and christianity among other many wonders ,including the host of the ark of the covenant…….

  2. Yoni says:

    This will eritate the Egyptians for sure. To top it all Netanyahu is all teeth. Nice diplomatic moves.

  3. YEABSIRA says:

    Satisfactory diplomacy! keep it up ETHIOPIA as it is big blow to our enemies and their slaves like egypt, shabia,whabist saudi, gimbot 7 and the likes

  4. gergud says:

    another blowown for diaspora living in USA and EU I think EPRDF has more rob for them to Hong them self .or to shoot their own foot by shabyas donated bullet

    Oh I thought that was afeworkis dream that Israel will bow to Eritrea
    so sorry that didn’t happened.

    sorry a**

  5. Awol says:

    Egypt is lobbying American congress big time.Eventhough we have good friends in America who really care about long term American interest which is Ethiopia, there are few who are ready to be on the wrong side due to missinformation or just to stop Egypt buy weapons from Russia.It is wise for America to keep out of the Ethio-Egypt issue. There is nothing they can get.If they want to help Egypt they should teach them how to desalinate the aboundant water at their feet.

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