Teen’s gang rape in Addis Ababa sounds alarm


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7 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    RIP Hanna.

    This is one reason the dedebit 5th graders should be brought down. They left the country incapable of dealing with simple medical conditions to avoid unnecessary loss of life. The criminals are left alone while the police is kept busy torturing opponent of TPLF and defensless Bloggers and innocent journalist and activists.

    Peace to all but woyaness!


    • Beza says:

      What’s your point? These criminals might be supporters of Semayawi party. EPRDF will not support, by any means this kind of heinous crime. So the 5th graders are serious about crime you 4th grader. Kita Ras. Here in US the rapist will be killed. The government should do that. Your leader Birhanu and Yilikal will say that he might have something in mind against the Government like they did to that criminal copilot who hijacked Ethiopian Airlines. What loosers.

  2. Ash says:

    This warring to all women in Ethiopia to ditch ESAT, cud, and GunBoat7/11 all who advocate for revolution to change government, just imagine if some evil managed to do while we have government, just wait when we don’t have government because of revolution total break down of law and order…this is warring to all women don’t say I didn’t told u…if u join any of the good Amhara party who advocate revoultion then ur asking for it…and I wash my hand form the sin

    • Ermi says:

      how about TPDM? do you only advice the women not to join Amhara party or TPDM as well? you are moron numero uno. You deserve to die with your racist narrow-minded personality.

      Peace to all but Woyanes!

  3. Alegnta says:

    Rape is fundamental crime against our very humanity! It occurs in any society/tribe/nationality, under any creed, political party or indeeed any belief system. It doesn’t have any national boundries and hurts and damages our sisters/daughters and idneed our very essence. Please therefore let’s for for once leave politics out of this. THIS TERRIBLE ACT HAS TO BE CONDEMNED BY EVERYBODY AND THE PERPERTRATORS OF THIS CRIME HAVE TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! PERIOD! LET’S BE UNITED AGAINST RAPE AND INSTILL INTO OUR CHILDREN / STUDENTS AND INDEED EVERYBODY THE LASTING DAMAGE RAPE CAN INFLICT AND CHANGE THE ATTITUDE OF SOCIETY TO THIS EVIL CRIME. PLEASE STOP MAKING POLITICS OUT OF THIS CRIME! I would urge readers to read the moving book “A time to kill” by John Grisham.

    As for the medical system of Ethiopia, there has to be a fundamental change. Many issues need to be addressed including: 1) the low pay of doctors in the public sector that makes them leave the country or move to the private sector; 2) the sheer inhumanity and callous disregard for human life of some greedy doctors who have forgotten the Hippocratic oath; 3) the lack of investment in health in NON RURAL COMMUNITIES (TOWNS AND CITIES) although addmitedly the health system has had excellent achievements in the rural sector with reductions in infant and maternal mortalities. These issues need to debated and solutions sought for! All the stakeholders – doctors, other health care professionals, the public, politicians etc. need to come up with acceptable solutions for everybody!


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