[Must-Watch] EBC Special Police Report on Hana Lalango’s Rape Case


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3 Responses

  1. abdul says:

    One lady has siad it already – “When we as a soceity do not want it to happen, it will not happen”. There is a radical cultural and perception change needed towards abuse of women,girls and children. The only way to go is open discussion, education and protection of children, women and girls by the society and the goverment awarness.

  2. Alegnta says:

    Rape is fundamental crime against our very humanity! It occurs in any society/tribe/nationality, under any creed, political party or indeeed any belief system. It doesn’t have any national boundary and hurts and damages our sisters/daughters and indeed our very essence. THIS TERRIBLE ACT HAS TO BE CONDEMNED BY EVERYBODY AND THE PERPETRATORS OF THIS CRIME HAVE TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! PERIOD! LET’S BE UNITED AGAINST RAPE AND INSTILL INTO OUR CHILDREN / STUDENTS AND INDEED EVERYBODY THE LASTING DAMAGE RAPE CAN INFLICT AND CHANGE THE ATTITUDE OF SOCIETY TO THIS EVIL CRIME. This has to be discussed in the class rooms, Universities, churches and community halls but above all in every HOUSEHOLD! I would urge readers to read the moving book “A time to kill” by John Grisham.



  3. Biniam says:

    These brutal perpetrators have to be apprehended and must be punished severely in a court of law so that others should also learn that the moment they attempt to rape or harass our sisters or daughters, the legal consequences would be rotting in the prison. Secondly, we all have to stage massive demonstrations, all over the country, condemning such barbaric and inhuman act on female compatriots or any body for that matter besides expressing our public anger and disappointment and that such ill behaved hooligans will not be tolerated. Hanna is a martyr and she will remain in our hearts.

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