Hailemariam Desalegn meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel


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  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    To her Excellency Angela Merkel the Federal Chancellor of Germany
    December 2, 2014

    This is the voice of millions of Ethiopian all over the world, including the forgotten Ethiopian who starves democracy, freedom and Justice.This is the voice of prisoned journalists, bloggers and political prisoners who seeks fair and true justice. We believe your Excellency Angela Merkel stand for democracy and true non-discriminatory justice!

    You’re Excellency

    This is a briefing letter on Ethiopian issue; and the ever worsening human rights and infringement of constitutional rights that are pertaining as a result of gruesome human right violation in Ethiopia!

    1. Ethiopia deserves an independent press to advance democracy and the rule of law. We urge the EU and Germany to demand immediate release of journalists, bloggers, other media workers and political dissenters. There can’t be free and fair elections without an independent and free press and without the opening up of political space for all stakeholders.

    2.Forcible evictions, rapes, killings, dispossessions and persecutions of indigenous people and others from their lands—-Gambella, the Omo Valley, the Ogaden and Beni-Shangul Gumuz—and ethnic cleansing of Amharas throughout Ethiopia have reached a tipping point and entail existential risks for the country. These atrocities must be stopped by the global community before Ethiopia becomes the next Rwanda.

    We genuinely believe and trust that Germany as a democratic country the EU, and the UN system can and should take the lead in helping to stop the onslaught. We urge you to also reflect and give thoughts on the merit of a National Reconciliation and Peace process involving all stakeholders. We admit that Ethiopia is not at war on the scale of Rwanda or South Africa etc. But there is a silent war; and people are paying with their lives.

    We hope and pray you will agree with us that the German with the UN System and especially the German human right have a moral if not a fiduciary responsibility as a global human rights watchdog to consider this appeal.

    OHCHR is willing and ready to send special Rapporteurs to Ethiopia to investigate gross human rights violations including the uprooting and ethnic cleansing of Amharas. This won’t happen unless, under your leadership, the German participates in real terms and not in rhetoric.

    “We call upon the Government of Ethiopia to free all persons detained arbitrarily under the pretext of countering terrorism…Let journalists, human rights defenders, political opponents and religious leaders carryout their legitimate work without fear of intimidation and incarceration.” We should like to add. Let Ethiopians live wherever

    Her Excellency

    We know that today you will met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr Hailemariam Desalegn , it is known that you as a German Chancellor and as a good governor expected to urge the release of political Prisoners , journalists and bloggers and to discuss over the release of all political prisoners.

    With Best regards
    Ethiopians In Germany

    • jano says:

      Why is Lemagne beyene demonstrate on American gov. for not never ever charging a white officer for killing a black or minority person.
      becouse the gov allowed him to live a lxury life with out working one day only by begging

    • Ash says:

      Dear TesfA,

      R u implying that the Germany r dumb, to know what is going on in Ethiopia..the Germany knows that u can’t archived democracy in one day…

      I translated some of the word u use, for ur benefit , so that u can understand them better..

      Journalist = rumour mill
      Democracy = I have my right to my mischievous dead
      Human right = the right to be poor, development coming baby u like it or not…

      All in all = if we r not ruling u it is not democracy …

    • Beza says:

      TESFA Yeleleh if this Is the letter you submit to the CHANCELLOR Angela Merkel. At least, you guys should use grammatically correct sentences. What do you mean when you say ” We know you will met with Ethiopian Prime Minister”. How on earth do you compete with current Ethiopian officials with your 6 a English. I am 101% sure High school student will know the difference of “met” and “meet”. Tesfa Bekele negn Kevirginia eyalk ESATNA VOA lay awra. KITA RRS Shimagle.

    • Solomon says:

      Banda ye Banda lij Tesflhulem please whenever you speak ,speak for yourself .please you don’t represent Ethiopian because there is millions Ethiopian who support this economic development in Ethiopia .
      You Banda shabia Telalake brain can’t comprehend how arrogant you are .
      We most Ethiopian knows when people like you say Ethiopian you mine some very few neftaga .
      To you Ethiopian means only Addis Abeba and Banda Minlke .

    • Solomon says:

      Banda ye Banda lij Tesflhulem please whenever you speak ,speak for yourself .please you don’t represent Ethiopian because there is millions Ethiopian who support this economic development in Ethiopia .
      Your Banda shabia Telalake brain can’t comprehend how arrogant you are .
      We most Ethiopian knows when people like you say Ethiopian you mine some very few neftaga .
      To you Ethiopian means only Addis Abeba and Banda Minlke .

      • Beza says:

        Solomon, he doesn’t know Addis he is from Chelenko. He left Ethiopia 40 years ago. Tesfa Bekele negn EYALE ESAT lay a fun yemikeftew Shimagle eko new. Kikikikikikakakaka.

    • Limatawi Artist says:

      The intent of the message was really good and clear, but posting this in awrambatimes is meaningless because it is like addressing your concern to aiga forum, etv, or ye Tigray Dims. Knowing Dawit Kebede is a woyane mafia why do you waste your time on this. Dawit now has become a spokes person (kal akebay)

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        The above letter was delivered to the Chancellor’s office by fellow Ethiopians in Germany before the arrival of the woyane’s puppet HMD. I posted it here to spread the message.

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    By Javier Blas | FINANCIAL TIMES

    LONDON – Every country tapping the global sovereign bond market details the dangers investors face in its prospectus, often in a boilerplate section enumerating possible problems – such as fiscal deficits or taxation issues – that is largely ignored.

    But the document sent by Ethiopia to international investors ahead of its foray into the global sovereign bond market is somewhat different. Far from a boilerplate, it includes a list of unfamiliar hazards, such as famine, political tension and war.

    The document, seen by the Financial Times, is a sobering reminder of the risk of investing in one of Africa’s less developed nations. With gross domestic product per capita at less than $550 per year, Ethiopia is the poorest country yet to issue global bonds.

    In the 108-page prospectus, issued ahead of its expected $1bn bond, Ethiopia tells investors they need to consider the potential resumption of the Eritrea-Ethiopia war, which ended in 2000, although it “does not anticipate future conflict”.

    There is also the risk of famine, the “high level of poverty” and strained public finances, as well as the possible, if unlikely, blocking of the country’s only access to the sea through neighbouring Djibouti should relations between the two countries sour.

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, also warns that it is ranked close to the bottom of the UN Human Development Index – 173rd out of 187 nations – and cautions about the possibility of political turmoil. “The next general election is due to take place in May 2015 and while the government expects these elections to be peaceful, there is a risk that political tension and unrest . . . may occur.” […] CONTINUE READING >>> http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/c8691100 … abdc0.html

    • Hailu says:

      Tesfalehulum, I appreciate your comments but as an Ethiopian, I would disagree with you, but that’s okay. However, please try not represent me or speak on my behalf. You are not the speaker for millions of people as you say, definitely not for me. So the letter you write should read “my voice” not the “voice of millions of Ethiopians”.

      • Limatawi Artist says:

        He represent me. He represent to all of us who are not sold. He represent all who are suffering the effect of ethnic apartheid, he represent those who are victims of the misguided policy of TPLF mafia. He represent to those who know TPLF doesn’t care about national unity and territorial integrity, he represent those who oppose the regime for selling our port with the clear intention of damaging Ethiopian fundamental interest.
        He does not represent those who tells us if Asmara and Ethiopia begin war we will jump in to Eritrean side and fight Ethiopians, He does not represent those who are telling to Eritrean’s to not to worry about the issue of Assab, because the generation who knows about Ethiopia is disappearing,
        He does not represent hodam and agases like you, Beniam Kebede of Ethiopia first, Dawit Kebede of Awrama the mouth piece of TPLF, etc. HE REPRESENT ME. YES HE REPRESENT ME

        • Beza says:

          Limatawi Artist, according to your writing if Tesfa yelelew shimagle, if he represent u it is no surprise. Because” Birds with the same feather fly together”. You might be Shimagle like him. But the surprise on the other hand is Ethiopia is exhaling with its vibrant Economy. Whether you like it or not the fact is that.

          • Tesfalehulum says:


            because of as you mentioned the “vibrant” economy …..just before a week more than 70 Ethiopian migrants drowned off the coast of Yemen seeking for a better life ??….that’s is why I always call you a MORON…..kkkkk….blind racist…

    • agew says:


      You represent no one, just yourself!

  3. NG says:

    CHELEMALEHULUM I haven’t read what you wrote this time around. Why don’t you kill your self my friend, I think this all makes you and your likes (tejam tesfa yelelachihu shimaglewoch) jealous to death. Better kill yourself quickly, before your jealousy and anger added with your Tej that you drink every day before you write your garbage kills you first

  4. Zellalem Leyew says:

    This is late but never too late. Building a country is not a one or few generations one time job to finish it in sprint types of sport activities. It is a slow but continuous process with certainty and guarantee that tomorrow will be better than today.

    It has been a big question for so long why Ethiopia is not giving the front page top head priority her relationship with Germany when it comes to Western Europe followed by France, Italy and others. Instead Ethiopians were acting something serious is wrong with them while choosing something else that is mentally brainwashed, physiologically damaged and physically affected them for so long in many ways which is Little England that is a European island. That is right some physically weak and mentally sick individuals becomes addicted in a way they choose the abusers and enemies above those benefits them in many ways.

    Germany is a country talks little while doing everything right, practical and useful. Germany is a country had some colonization background until 1918 but never engaged with slavery and occupation the new nations. Germans are proud and hard working people with very limited mischief or evilness in them against others. Germans are the people with high standard of human values coming from hard and good work relaying on themselves; not like others that are making life by destroying and using others in many ways as we all know.

    They built Germany free from looting, slavery, exploitation, colonization, weapon trade and so on. They are not having time, institutions, Medias and resources to use them intentionally to damage other nation’s image and undermining its people. We all know who is doing that as the best foreign policy and in Africa Ethiopia is the worst victim of all for years.

    PM. Haile Mariam is on the right track. That could be he is now getting some useful foreign advisors rather than those infiltrated by —- to influence him because of they cannot get him directly. Having Good relation with Germany, France, Italy and with those small European nations is the best move has to be done long times ago. Ethiopia doesn’t need any foreign relation that runs and ruins by the English were the English establishment merciless mass destruction medias and criminal journalists, some NGOs, aid agencies, Charities and others are working together for the same agenda they are having which is known and we have to stop it completely.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need any foreign media and journalist to talk trash lies about her but the German experience, knowledge, technology, mentality and scholars. The French farming sector and Italian food processing knowledge are what Ethiopia needs; not the evil and racist English establishment agenda to affect us in many ways engaging with media wars to damage the country image internationally and create divisions and hostilities within among the same citizens and people in order to stop development. They are working for their own agenda on us in our country. It is bizarre even to think off but it is happening for so long.

    A 59 years old lonely and … English man is currently collecting money for himself while talking lots of shit about Ethiopia telling the people he is going to help Ethiopian homeless children. You know how he is going to help them, teaching them English. And some teachers from a school in Norwich are participating with the money collecting activities telling the people that the man is going to Ethiopia to teach English the homeless children. This is the way the so called English help/aid in Ethiopia is working. Do the homeless children need learning English before having home, cloth, food, and education in their own country ways learning own values, norms and right?
    They come to Ethiopia to impose their values while disrespecting the values of the country and making the children confused and damaged from the young age with the evil English language and so on. If he was saying he is anti and against pedophile, that would give a big assurance when reaches there. Because we know these old single men how dirty and children abusers they are in their own countries and reaching other countries including in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya( a US citizen was sentenced to 50 years imprisonment last week for abusing the children) and so on, too. As usual the Ethiopian embassy is giving visas like toilet papers with unlimited access and duration to the individual like him without asking why he is going there, where and knowing who is he.

    Hoping PM Hailemariam will continue having good relation with useful nations while avoiding and completely ignoring those few that are known with intentionally affecting us in many ways doing it as the best foreign policies. Having good relation with Russia is a must for now and particularly for long term cooperation. The good relation with Asia is something that has nothing to be substituted with. It is the way and reality to human development in the 21 century Ethiopia must embraces, follow and use it based on her own benefit.

    However, Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopians and they are 100% responsible and the right citizens taking the nations matters on their own hands and with full responsibilities. The relationship with other nations must be on equal basses with respect, understanding and win win approach. The English lead western so called aid base relationship that is run by very bad embassies, western (English) Medias, aid agencies, NGO, Charities and so on must be totally stopped. This kind relationship is designed by bad governments to affect us in the name of helping thinking blacks are less than human unable to see, understand and stop the suffering they are facing for generations caused by the same people.

    If Ethiopia stops the English establishment Embassy interference in the country matters, mass destruction medias, so called journalists, bad aid agencies, government owned so called NGO and charities, for sure 90% the problem she is getting from foreign bodies will be solved. These criminals must be stopped.

    Good move. Germans knowledge, technology, Scholars, mentality including with work and other useful human behaviors and achievements worth million times lots of Diamond values than having anything to do with England that is affecting the country in many ways for so long and still they are there acting as if they are innocent and doing something to benefit. Hahahahaha……..

  5. Ageralem says:


    Who make you speaker of the millions? Are you elected? No one knows you even in Germany outside your door let alone represent millions Ethiopians. If you do not know it, this is called dictatorship and arrogance of the worst type.You represent just yourself. If you want to speak for millions or just a village ask them first if they want to be represented by you. Wake up do not dream and make the world laugh at you!

    • Tesfalehulum says:


      You’re a few and part of the illegitimate woyane gang. We are the millions. You asked me “are you elected?”…good question ….but, let me ask you, who elected woyane??

  6. Hailu says:

    Tesfalehulum, I appreciate your comments but as an Ethiopian, I would disagree with you, but that’s okay. However, please try not represent me or speak on my behalf. You are not the speaker for millions of people as you say, definitely not for me. So the letter you write should read “my voice” not the “voice of millions of Ethiopians”.

  7. Beza says:

    Tesfa yeleleh beshitegna, EPRP shimagle who wrote this for you? I am sure it might be Obang Mito is the one. Anyways you guys are good for asylum case not more than that. The reality on the ground speaks by itself so your irrelevant paper might worth for collecting fundraiser from the Diaspora for your consumption of of KURT and TEJ. You guys worthless. Denying the fact of the country’s development will not take you anywhere.

    The Germans are working for their own benefit not for the Diaspora defunct DERGUE and remnants of 60’s Rifrafs of EPRP like you. Ethiopia is exhaling in its vibrant ECONOMY. So if you write or demonstrate to halt it’s move, really don’t matter. Kit a Ras Shimagle Tesfa Bekele negn eyalk ESAT Lay denfa. Even you guys should be proud of Ethiopia for putting the sovereign bond on the Global Economy. What the western countries surprised about is the country which was known for its misery 30 years ago, to put herself in the top level of the world Economy. DDo you ignorant leaders know about sovereign bond? America and other countries are running the with trillions of dollars bond they are running the country. Any country can not put itself in the global market. There are few countries in Africa, to mention some of them GHANA, SENEGAL, KENYA and SOUTH AFRICA. These are the only countries in Africa so every Ethiopian should be proud of the move taken by Ethiopia. These moves will put Ethiopia in sustainable growth of the ECONOMY.

  8. Zellalem Leyew says:

    “Ethiopia becomes the poorest country to issue bond”

    Can anyone be able to guess who is behind this kind of attack against Ethiopia, why and from where?
    This is one of the countless ways and methods how the English sick brain is working against Ethiopia for so long. They are created, prospered and affected the world through lies, Gossip and misinformation degrading and humiliation others while valuing and appreciating themselves. Their Economy is functioning purely through propaganda lies and misinformation with no facts on the ground to support their claims of economic growth and health but otherwise.

    How do they define being poor or rich? Do they think they are rich? They are empty with good soul and human values living for money and material gain they are getting illegally and with crimes against others. Loot at their banks, financial markets and trade practices. They are worse than animals with no human values but behave the way we see them. Yet, they do get nerves always trying to put down others in order they feel better about themselves.

    Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than Little England. The fresh water Ethiopia has only in Lake Tana is more than the entire English fresh water wealth. Ethiopia is in the tropic with the best weather throughout the year thanks to the highland while England is an isolated little and depressed island with the weather looks like the worse punishments from nature. Ethiopia is on the centre of the earth with equal proximity to all directions while that evil little England is an isolated European island on the north western corner of the continent.

    Yet, these evils still don’t know who they are, what they have and where is their place in the 21-century world. If they see any nation that is doing well especially in Africa, they are becoming the enemy number one representing the devil. Yes, they think and feel the rest of Africa mainly green Africa is under their control except Ethiopia. The rest of Africa is still suffering from the crimes the colonizers and slave masters crimes against humanity including destroying its culture, tradition, language and so on. They are still in full control and in Charge in Kenya and S.A.

    The point is that why they don’t stop always looking, fictionally creating and finding anything bad and negative with aim to dark paint against Ethiopia? Are they not tired from all these? Despite they are doing this as the main jobs for years, it is not working certainly in the digital era? The English Establishment-Ashkenazi Jewish joint media propaganda and dark painting war era must be over.

  9. Beza says:

    They put one Billion on the market they got 2.6 Billion. The Diaspora ignorant they didn’t use the opportunity they were called for so the people who saw the country’s bright future they use it . Still it is not too late to ripe the country’s resource so use the opportunity whenever available. I am one of them get invested and benefit out of it. By doing this you will open working environment for the people of Ethiopia. Go Ethiopia.

  10. Tesfalehulum says:

    At least 70 Ethiopians drowned on the Red Sea Saturday when a migrant boat, bound for Yemen, capsized in rough weather…..

    RIP (enate yehane guduwan alsemach)
    God bless Ethiopia!

    • Beza says:

      We heard that. And we expressed our condolences to the government of Ethiopia.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Beza and Jo ( ye weyane aheyoch)

        Why the TPLF media never reported about the incident ??….why ETV leba is quite ?????….can you see how soulless you guys are….just a bunch of mercienteries, racists, duket teshekami bandas, morons and thieves…..

        • Beza says:

          Tesfa yeleleh Beshitegna ESAT laym 70 sew mote eyalk Tesfa Bekele negn KeVirginia eyalk Tanbuarikaleh. ETV is giving awareness to Ethiopian young people not to go to Arab countries, instead of trying to go to Arab countries to be house maid and cow milker to stay in the country, to benefit from the development. That was PM Haile Mariam Desalegn was talking at Werabe in Silte. Tell to your ESAT not to encourage people to make this uneasy trip to Arab countries. I am 101% sure the Ethiopian government will not encourage this dangerous trip. KITA Ras.

        • Beza says:

          Tesfabis shimagle why ESAT didn’t talk about Hana Lalongo. It’s because those criminals are your Telalakis, who the members of Dimatzachin Yizega and SEMAUAWI part. You don’t have moral authority to criticize the Goveenment.

    • jo says:

      Tesfayelew,Mignotih tesaka. Endezih aynet werie yasdestahal. Enie kemotkugn serdom aybqel kalechiw ahya bemn tleyaleh?

  11. Belayneh Medhanit says:

    The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE), IS committed to stop illegal migration out of Ethiopia within the next decade. By the year 2020 according the founding father of the academy will lead Ethiopia into light.
    The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE), which opened in September 2013 on the campus of Hope University in Addis Ababa, began as a vision of Ethiopian American social entrepreneur living in the Seattle, Washington area,. Haddis Desta Tadesse, to lead the country to what the people need the most”FREEDOM”. According to experts he has the back up of the USA since he is the Country Representative for the Gates Foundation in Ethiopia who promised . to eradicate malaria out of Ethiopia by 2019 . He says
    “We may be unique in today’s Ethiopian environment but the concept is not new to Ethiopia. General Wingate Secondary School played a similar role and produced many leaders in various disciplines
    The International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia (ILAE), is expected Five years from now to have graduated our first class. Most likely be on our own campus with dormitories, and have a student population from around the country. Every year after that, we hope to graduate students who will become CEOs of major industrially revolutionary businesses, political leaders and social leaders, tycoons , entertainers , military personell and many others.

  12. ayele dubale says:

    we 82 million peoples are with u,all afircans ana truth lover europians ,americans,asinans ,japans are with u.beside all GOD is with u and the people of ethiopia

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