Ethiopia says Ericsson to take part of telecom deal after ZTE row


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5 Responses

  1. Hirut says:

    Deal or no deal the orphans here in USA cannot call back to ethiopia.

    American Journalist Don Rather has produced a documentary – “Unwanted in America” – which highlights how nine out of 30 children adopted from Ethiopia ended up homeless in the streets of Seattle. The documentary is heartbreaking for all fellow human beings, let alone Ethiopians. The documentary should serve those of us living in Seattle as a wakeup call to stop the crime against innoncent children. After all, the death of Hana, the young girl who was starved to death in frigid weather by her adopted parents in 2011, is still fresh in our memories. Seattle, yes, home to many kind-hearted, well-meaning and resourceful Ethiopian Americans should do something to stop an ongoing crime against humanity.

  2. Limatawi artist says:

    Eyetekebabelu hageritwan yigatuat. Bitntnuan awtitew sichersu hulum wede metubet yimelesalu. Ye tigray manifesto lay be tikikil endet argew ethiopian endemiyaferarsuat tekemtoal. Midre hodam firfare lekami hulu hager ateh ende gypsi kemohn befit yihen ekuy ye woyane mengst lemasweged ke wegenh gar abreh kum

  3. Asamnew says:

    African experience tells us no to trust western companies . They trick instead of deliver. Ethio telecom must be smart and tough if they want anything get done by the west companies for the huge money. offcourse real knowledge transfer will not be part of a western deal. You will get a blackbox which makes you dependent forever + an NGO to distribute toys + other NGO to blame those africans which are paid corruption money by the companies to get nothing done and take all the money + drain every other usable resource for the years to come. This business plan is implemented long a go and is still working perfectly.

  4. agere123 says:

    When we by the time refused not to remove the ericsson’s GSM system , Debretheyan,

  5. agere123 says:

    was talking about politics, and forced us to remove all the expensive and working effectively devices through the country. Sadly now they want it. what a shame and child play is it!

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