Ethiopia: Volunteer Health Professionals Head to West Africa to Help Boost Ebola Response (Video)


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4 Responses

  1. Hulum Wegen says:

    Very impressive! Tears in my eyes! This is humanity and Ethiopianism at its best. God bless you all volunteers!

  2. Mekdes says:

    Wow, I am proud to be from Ethiopia, when I see this courageous girl. I hope they will come back with VICTORY ON EBOLA. I pray for those brave people to be back safe and sound. If anything happen to them ESAT will be happy to propagate and collect money. Those individuals ESAT were busy talking about Hailemariam PM of Democraic Federal Government of Ethiopia. Their concern was about his speech in Werabe Silte. Instead of talking about his one clause they have to talk about the whole speech.

    Sadik Jeberti/Eritrean Muslim/ was concerned about Siltes. It is amazing when Eritrean is worried about the Ethiopians. Thanks Hailemariam to let us know about the Germans refugees living condition. I like the way you describe it. About America, those people who are sending a picture leaning on Mercedes Benz are Parking Attendants. You just nailed it on the head. They are mad about Silte, they are going to organize demonstration at state department. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmkmmmmmmm!

  3. Limatawi Artist says:

    How many doctors we have for 90 million Ethiopians? This is STUPIDITY OF WOYANE. The so called doctors which I believe many of them are good only to dress white and presume. In my view this is a way to exit from the country and not really a genuine concern to help the people affected by the endemic. If they comeback they will be back with Ebola and will spread the disease. Easy way to exterminate our people as it is primary agenda of TPLF.

  4. Tsehayu says:

    Thanks to Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation cooperation with the Ethiopian government Malaria is expected to be eradicated from Ethiopia within the next 5 years if only Woyane somehow changed it’s way.

    The government officials of woyane use malaria as fund raising begging strategy for their personal wealth accumulation just like they did with using hiv patients their aid stealing tools for the last 20+ years,.

    Same as they stole food aid during the great Ethiopian aid of 1984 and they continue to cause famine with their flowed land policies.

    just like they had been stealing millions of diaspora and foreign aid intended for poor needy Ethiopians.

    Many specially the aids generation are skeptical the government will try to eradicate their begging cASH cow malaria , aids or even ebola .All they are trying to do is make Ebiola transmit all over Africa so they can have another relief aid money stealing strategy.

    malaria might actually be eradicated and all fertile lands can be cultivated risk free enabling Ethiopia to be self-sufficient with food for the first time in a very long time if only the blood suckers allow Ethiopians to be free in all aspects including being free of diseases..

    For example In the 90’s and early 2000’s at Tikur Anbessa high school 70% of all students died of AIDS in Addis Ababa in the years following woyane controlling the country because the government wanted AIDS to be transmitted among the young people for their personal money stealing strategy.

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