Delegation of Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Discusses with Egyptian Prime minister in Cairo


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9 Responses

  1. Limatawi Artist says:

    Dehna sew sitata yimelemelal gobata. It is funny to see a baboon like Hilemariam Kefagn – the pseudo pente as prime minster and the chat addicted Aba Dula as a diplomat

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    The 5th grader AbaDula is the leader of the delegation…lol…..ohh, sorry I forgot that he already purchased PhD…CORRECTION>>>>Dr. AbaDula is the leader the delligation.

    • Beza says:

      Shimaglew, Tesfa BEKEL negn kevirginia eyalk ESAT lay denfa. You are 5th greader. He is very .charismatic politician. KITA Ras.

  3. Beza says:

    This kind of diplomacy is needed. But still the government should be vigilant of the Egyptian moves parallel to the diplomacy. I am happy to see the delegation head Abadula Gemeda. I have seen only one woman though. The government should work on women’s participation. Go EPRDF.

  4. ASH says:

    Great news, next round we should send Ethiopian opposition leader to speak in behave of Ethiopia, I hope they will send Arabic speaking Ethiopian from opposition side to fight for Ethiopia best national interest …. I hope no body will have any problem with this news … and I hope Tasfa (hope) love this news

  5. Zellalem Leyew says:

    The Time is not far away when fresh water/ rainwater becomes the most wanted and expensive commodity in international markets. There are river water selling and buying agreements between many nations including between Canada and USA, South Africa and Lesotho and other nations. This trend will increase and selling river water will be business as usual even for longer periods and expensive prices than oil and gas; both of them are natural as water is.

    There is no any natural law saying water which is the most fundamental for development and to life has to be for free while oil and gas that are polluting the earth Environment and affecting those benefiting nothing from must be sold with the unacceptable prices making the desert people illegally rich and evil because of they don’t know the value of money they are getting with billions without doing any job and as a result they don’t know how to use it except for evil activities making the earth the example of hell.

    Egypt is lucky getting huge financial, material and psychological benefits with long term guarantee because of Ethiopia is building a huge dam near to the boarder and she is going to use it only producing energy without reducing a drop of water that reaches to Egypt. The dam will stop Ethiopians particularly in the highland where it comes from using the small rivers that are plenty in numbers because of the country needs the dam to be filled all the time for the sake of energy. Weather the dam is benefiting Ethiopia than using all the tributaries separately in the places they are originated from is the question waiting to be answered in reality after the dam completion. But Sudan and if Egypt deals with Sudan will benefit hugely from.

    Egypt needs to thank Ethiopia for building the dam that will send her more water throughout the year and guarantee the flow of the water. Egypt knows who is going to affect her by using the Nile water. That is Sudan, not Ethiopia. Ethiopia is giving both nations huge free water without demanding them paying even for transportation.

    Therefore; Egypt has to thank Ethiopia for building the dam and in return she has to be the best friend, trustworthy ally and respectful towards Ethiopia and its citizens. Ethiopians have no what so ever any intention to harm anyone throughout their history but being honest, righteous, genuine and the right people always looking to see and get the same treatment from others the way they are doing to others.

    Egypt and others must not take any note about Ethiopia and Ethiopians from what the English establishment racists, colonizers, slave masters, occupiers, greedy imperialists and criminals are writing, talking or doing anything bad and negative against Ethiopia and its citizens for so long with aim intentionally to damage the country image and undermine the people.

    Egyptians must not listen and believe what the Anglo-American countless organizations, institutions, companies and whatever name they are having when they tell them about anything including the dam. Their aim is creating hostilities, conflicts and war among the peaceful citizens in other nations while they are the ones badly affecting against some part of their own citizens. Just look their justice system, police, security, division of wealth and jails. Who is in jail in these two countries? Yet, they are acting as if they do care about other nations including in Africa.
    The Ethiopian dam is the best solution and benefit particularly to Egypt and Sudan while less to Ethiopia. Egypt needs to deal about it with Sudan knowing Ethiopia will not affect her in any way or form but benefiting her in many ways if Egypt behaves the same way towards Ethiopia totally and completely abandoning her old and damaging behavior against Ethiopia supported by the enemies of both nations acting as if they are wise, rich, strong and peacemakers while they are the source of all evilness in the continent at least for the last 500 years.

  6. Yesewneger says:

    Ethiopia is firm for peace in the past, now and in the feature. This makes Ethiopia strong in the case anybody want to misuse this trust. Egypt is a country trained in British style deceit politics for decades. Egypt has long ways to go to prove itself to be an honest and equal partner to any country in the world and Ethiopia in particular.They should do this not for the sake of Ethiopia, but for the sake of their people and themselves. I hope the new Egyptian politician and the civil society has the courage to go this new path of mutual co-existence of people.

  7. Alemgena says:

    Good to see you again.
    apart from your opinion, first learn to spell. We know by now who the better 5th grader is.
    I would prefer to be ruled by a 5th grader than a rude street junky, which at the same time can’t spell.

  8. Tesfalulu,,, you always in pal talk. Don’t you have work to do. I know that you hate tplf due to your father being a former derg. I have bad news for you, child of derg, tplf won’t go anywhere. Kkkkkkkk.

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