Ethiopia: House of Federation Blamed for Mistreating Journalists in Benishangul


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7 Responses

  1. abe says:

    What a selfish and shortsighted article. Reading this none sense wasted my precocious time.
    First and foremost,the majority, i mean 90% of this article has nothing to do with the title(endemic Ethiopian problem) you have to go down to the bottom few lines to find the so called complaints, the rest is philosophy, art, bla , bla ,nonsense diatribe..
    If i understood your complaint properly,you are angry because,the food was not good, rooms were not clean, the artist ate better food…
    Absolutely none sense,rubbish and childish article.

  2. Mekdes says:

    It is amazing, all these complain is coming from the journalists. I have one question for you why would you think the Federation parliament to provide you in lounge? I don’t think it’s appropriate to complain about this pity issue.

  3. Zemen says:

    Nicely and in responsible way written critic to the organizers. I hope the you will get an apology from the Office of the Federation.Like every invitee the journalists should have get the necessary attention!

  4. Aman says:

    IIn order to get respect, trust, sympathy, appreciation and benefits Journalists or anyone else must do its job the best ways as others are doing theirs in other nations. Solders have to do the solders job which is protecting the nation from foreign enemy soldiers. The securities also have to do the nation security jobs including against the foreign spying agents and securities that are coming in the country in the name of different camouflage descriptions. Farmers also have to do the farmers’ jobs which are feeding the nations and export. Others also have to do their jobs the best ways for the sake of the nation and citizens.

    Are the Ethiopian so called journalists good enough to be called as journalists in the 21-century? They think their job has to be only what is going on inside the country by ourselves against each other while doing a copy and paste jobs the bad, fictional and damaging stories written about us by foreign enemies calling themselves journalists and scholars in order to hide their true identities.
    Is there any Ethiopian journalists thinks and doing his/her job as journalists related to so called foreign journalists mainly the English establishments criminals different types of attacks and crimes against the nation coming in the country in the name of aid, NGO, Charities and so on? At least ESAT once exposed those criminals that are in the mission to destroy the society targeting the highlands women, girls and children for so long lead by an English woman.

    The journalism work has to be supporting and good while exposing any wrong doing and before anything else without delay and hesitation stopping the foreign criminals/crimes against humanity conspiracy run by the English so called aid agencies, Charities, NGO and so on. Have you done any investigation job reaching the places and talking the victims? Only this kind job will bring satisfaction and respect knowing how other journalists are doing their jobs in other country.

    Look at It is there for so long doing a copy and paste trash job with aid spreading each and every bad things about Ethiopia written by foreign enemies almost all of them are the English establishment criminal associations against our country. It must be their own blog created for this reason while pretending Ethiopian’s

  5. Zellalem Leyew says:

    There are well educated, wise, competent and experienced dissent and hard working Ethiopian journalists doing the journalism work as much as they can despite the situation is not there to assist individuals like them.

    There were/are some so called Ethiopian journalists using their journalism fake or non-equivalent title to run away from the country thinking it will help them getting refugee status. However, in reality, they are committing the professional and life time suicide by leaving their own country while relaying and believing foreign nations and individuals.
    Immigration is no longer a solution but the way it is doing against individuals which is destroying particularly many young and well educated mind and life particularly if it is in Europe or other than the immigrant nations that are N. America, Australia and New Zealand.

    There are also other groups of so called journalists in Ethiopia particularly at EBC feeling they are all that acting powerful and everything is under their control while sitting on the national responsible and leadership positions despite they know nothing about the jobs and carying no responsiblities at all.

    Look at the following wrong doing coming from ECB (the same place every day) for the same reason but with different/wrong description.

    1፡ “አማሪኛ” የቀን 7 ሰዓት ዜና …ታህሳስ 10/2007 ዓ.ም=wrong; even an illiterate can see how wrong it is.
    2፡ “አማርኛ” ምሽት 2 ሰዓት ዜና …ታህሳስ 10 2007 ዓ.ም=correct

    This is the job coming this way for months from ECB which is a national broadcasting service. This shows how immature, careless, less than the amateurs and incompetent they are, not only as journalists but also as humans. How is possible a national broadcasting service continuing making this kind error even a grade one students doesn’t allow to do so even onec. If he/she does she/he will fail the test/examine.

    It is easy who is behind this kind silly error but damaging for professionalism and organization. One of the main criteria for the journalism work is writing with no a single word or name error and pronouncing exactly. However, the EBC is continuing making the same mistake for months and they don’t care about it while calling themselves journalists. The truth is that they must be group of herds of animals doing what others are telling them to do and they don’t care after that weather it is wrong or right, bad or good. this is how look like a human animal or machine in action.
    EBC must clean itself from incompetent and semi illiterate so called journalists they are there because of they are….. It is easy to know who is behind this kind silly mistake. They must know things have to/must change for the sake of everyone rather than they always have to get their ways because of they are….. Not because of they can do the jobs.

    These kinds semi illitrates and ignorants are the main reasons why hard working and true Ethiopian journalists are not getting the deserved jobs to do, respect and benefits.

  6. Ayte Curious says:

    David, we do appreciate your desire to share your personal disappointment with the office. However, if you permit me to be candid, I found the article to be loaded with the self-serving bias calculated to preserve your ego and self-esteem. Such minor complaints should be addressed directly to the appropriate office. Please, do not subject your readers with personal drama. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  7. Bobo says:

    Mr. Dawit,

    You are trying to do your best to be fare in what you are doing. I followed your interview recently with EBC. I found your comments somehow genuine. But it will take us some time to know your reality facts/values.

    Regarding this article. I don’t think you should complain the Federation office. You know why? It is because of the reputation journalists have got in the country. I can find one out of hundred in every government who went ahead and say their mind. You can count them they are few.

    since the feudal regime in this country they have been telling the people what the Government tells them or sometimes by their own initiative they advocate for the leaders need and demand. Then what happens? All journalists loose credibility from the people and even from their masters. So their masters considers them like a trash. That is why tale waging(CHERA MEQULATE) teru aydelem meleso lerase yeterefale. Kebere zeqe yadergale kesewe betache yaderegale, waga yasanesaleyemebalew.Don’t get surprised. Probably it is your frist time to see such event but it is common for them ask them. Keep up professionalism and honesty!!!

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