Head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church: Ethiopia’s Projects Won’t Harm Anyone


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9 Responses

  1. Melaku Biru says:

    I predicted at the Ethiopian-Californians Christians conference in Sacramento, California that soon egypt will be supporting the dam project eventhough they don’t like it . It is happening now.

    They called me “bale shashu” since every prophecy I made had been coming true including the death of Meles Zenawi,and more. I say the Ethiopian goverment officials need to repent and give theirl ife to the real son of creator and save their soul from eternal damnation. They need to stop going against nature intention and trying to stop the water flow or their will be great punishment on their entire families.

  2. Mulugeta Assafe says:

    God created this water before he create human, so people in Egypt, relax. There is enough water for all of us.
    If we can share faith for 2000 years, we can share the water for the coming ages for all ages, Amen.

  3. Z-ETHIOPIAN says:

    No matter what Ethiopia does, be it to improve the life of her population, sustainable clean energy , food security, the industrialization and so forth, the Egyptians are always uneasy, shaky whatever you wanna call it and therefore, we should late Egypt be as uncomfortable and as shaky as they wanted to, and we will most defiantly keep on building our nation and improving our ways of life to the extent of any other nation considered which lives to the highest standard of living and not limited to surpassing those nations at the highest level of living standards.

  4. Gedam says:

    Melaku Biru,

    Is the infamous Ethiopian charlatan Tamrat Geleta now in California? God’s ways are unpredictable and mysterious.

  5. mohammed says:

    Egypt they worry more about domination of poletical history culture
    sport, than water .just to show their upper hand.

    when people see the worest in their life they won’t wish it to happen to any one else even to their enemy.its happen to ethiopian so many life lost in famine.

    egypt never seen such disaster thats why they do not care.
    we have seen it we do care.

    no one is great just God!

  6. Tesfalehulum says:

    Scores killed and wounded in the City of Bahir Dar by TPLF mercienerirs, Agazi’s, upon a peacfeful protest. We all should unite, with the exception of woyane soulless cadres and duket teshekamis, this atrocity on innocent citizens whose demand is legitimate.

    • Beza says:

      If they don’t obey the law and try to confront the police that’s their fate Shimaglew Tesfa Bekele YeESAT Arbegna. You were begging those messengers to grab the gun from police and shoot why you crying now. Don’t give this kind of message on ESAT. KITA RAS Shimagle. Of course the hooligans should be confronted with the language they know. The police has appologized last time for the killing of people by its undisciplined cop. But this one is organized by some hooligans so they will get what they need.

  7. Be ewnetu says:

    It’s time for Egypt to support either the dam or claimant change activity in Ethiopia. all days are not the same. conditions are depends on time. and Egyptian should understand how to solve the differences in base of win-win, before the time is over….

  8. Zemed says:

    Dawit Kebede,

    hope you will post your latest interview on EBC. Very interesting. Proud of you for your firm stance for the ethics of your profession against all odds in every direction.
    Due to your bold decisions you have made already history in Ethiopia journalism history. Wish you all the best and strength for any future challanges.

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