Tadesse Mizan of EBC’s Hitmet Dasesa interviews Awramba Times Editor


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9 Responses

  1. Tazabi says:


    It doesn’t sound right when you depict your own interview as a news cast to all of us on your own website. Such actions seems biased on self observe and self serving approaches. I would have loved you to say “It gives me a great pleasure to share with you my interview with Taddesse Mizan of EBC’s Hitmet Dasesa!”

    Other than that, keep up the excellent job!

  2. Zellalem Leyew says:

    That was a very good interview and discussion.

    Among the others the intentionally and timing damaging the country image and undermine the citizens by the Anglo-American well designed and operating policy was spoken. It is true, when Ethiopian by herself or any foreign individual, group or nation says or writes anything good about Ethiopia based on the truth and realities in ways intended to benefit the country in many ways including replacing the damaged image by the evil English lead west, valuing its citizens efforts and true nature and that will bring more useful investors in useful and healthy investment opportunities, the English and their few USA evil allies are too quick and too evil working hard and reaching wide in order to discredit those things with lies. Their goal is to keep the nation poor, weak and alone that would serve them to be the only criminals around and to behave the way they are right now in teh name of aid…..

    Few True examples.

    1. When Ethiopia changed the Nile path way for the time being for only hundred meters before it gets back to its usual path way for the sake of building the dam, the English based FT(Financial Times) where its African damaging base is in Kenya, was sending a devil female so called journalist in the ceremony. The only thing she was happily reporting was with aim intended to discredit the event and telling her evil readers that are like to hear only setbacks and weakness in Africa saying “If, if, if…. Ethiopia manages to build it. Her message was telling her sick readers as she is that if if if means Ethiopia cannot build it. They are just bluffing. This is a mega mega project even in the rich nations standard and Ethiopia is poor and weak cannot build it”.

    Instead of saying when the dam finishes it is going to produce 6000MW, she was spreading lies telling “if Ethiopia finished it… but will/can not” talking about it full of lies as if she was certain about something she has nothing to do with. She was talking about it while filming being at the Hedase dam. The aim was to discredit the event and take the world interest and attention away with good from Ethiopia with goal to stop the useful allies, investors or tourists away from the country while the evil English have to be there alone to affect the nation without competition or watching them to stop from other nations in many ways including investing in the alcohol and cigarette sectors and doing advertisements while in England it is punishable and criminal with goal to destroy the public health while they would get the profit from.

    2. Another true Example.
    When the Chinese Primer was in Ethiopia and he inaugurated the highway, the English establishment serving tools including the Medias, embassy, security and so called aid agencies and so on were getting mad about it. One ugly with the skin and hair color like that female reporting about the events on CCTV was the unimaginable and unacceptable about the country and people she/they have nothing to do and have no what so ever right for anything.

    ” Landlocked Ethiopia got the first highway” This was the Title given to the event while that genetic defect ugly English female so called journalist trained only to do like thick jobs presented using CCTV. This is not done by accident but with very well organized manner and long preparation where many bodies involved with it including their embassy, securities, Thinks Thanks and so on portraying Ethiopia with something bad like this would stop Chinese and others coming in the country to invest and strength the relation. They know Africans and others eyes and ears were on Ethiopia because of the Chinese primer visit and it was their best opportunity to discredit the country with goal to stop useful foreign investments telling them the country is this or that bad not good for investment.

    But they don’t say why Ethiopia is landlocked and by whom? They also don’t say why Ethiopia is blocked the sea intentionally using a very tiny piece of land parallel to the sea with more than 800 KM long with less than 30 km width which is the afar region coast? Even the deaf can hear and the blind can see it about the ancient and big Ethiopia was intentionally blocked from the sea by evil and hateful nations (English lead USA) in order to hurt her in many ways.
    When you see the English in or around Ethiopia in any form, look at the eastern part of the Ethiopian map that little racist and evil island establishment agenda was fully responsible blocking Ethiopia from the sea. Everyone knows that. But they don’t tell you who did it when they are talking shit about Ethiopia being landlocked in order to affect the country in many ways including with aim to stop useful and good investors unlike they are.

    FT, BBC, Guardian, Retours or other English evil medias, journalists and individuals including those evil females do have base in Kenya. They are affecting Ethiopia coming from there. There are evil English individuals right now in Ethiopia in the name of this or that but for the same agenda which is business as usual. Yet, Ethiopians are not doing anything about it despite the time has passed long times ago. They are allowing the worse enemies to be in the country to affect the country and citizens the way we know them how evil and demons they are in Ethiopia and all over the world mainly beyond Europe.

    “Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Herman Cohen is still painting his old shit about Ethiopia from his seniors resident lying on his sick bed to die”

    This Zionist evil old man was USA representative in Africa and messing lots about Ethiopia including during the Regan and Bush senior era engaging with rebels or anyone that was ready and able to wage war against Ethiopia. This old Zionist is the worse enemy Ethiopia was facing directly since 1974-1991. He was the one playing satanic roles Eritrea to be separated from her millennia part of Ethiopia with goal to block Ethiopia from her millennia old sea coast line rights. This Zionist is an evil old man still is at war against Ethiopia despite he is a sick and evil Zionist old man in the 80s or 90s.

    Herman Cohen is an evil Zionist old man deserves nothing in Ethiopia but wishing him a long suffering dementia old age before his rotten to death. Yet, he is still talking about Ethiopia which is sounding like a dead animal is bluffing from his grave. Fu*ck this evil and old Zionist who committed countless crimes against Ethiopia for so long. The Ashkenazi Zionists(none Israilist-converted jewish) are worse than any living thing on earth. You can find them in England too engaging in different sectors and branches including in the English criminal Medias.

    Hoping Ethiopians Medias, Scholars and the citizens will continue talking about important issues openly and deeply particularly about the foreign Medias, organizations, institutions, NGOs, Bad investors, criminals, embassies, nations and so on bad and damaging activities against the nation in ways the public knows the truth about and learns from.

    English lead western (USA) Medias are working very closely or are there only to serve their own nations damaging agenda in other nations as their NGOs, charities and aid agencies are. HRW, CPJ, right groups, International river, Open democracy, article 19, Oakland institute, and many many more are there in England and USA(New York) for one reason which is serving their own agenda and plan in other nations where the medias are there working together with them. They are one and the same despite having different names, forms, agendas and so on. It is a huge and widespread division of labor going on among them working together for the same outcome in the countries don’t belong to them.

  3. Gedam says:

    Dawit proud of you!

  4. Daniel says:

    It is very interesting analysis, good job. However I am very concerned that the very journalists like yourself, Dawit, who are supposed to promote the local languages do not bother speaking them properly on a national TV. English words without interpretation are in every sentence you both spoke. Who were you addressing to? Diaspora living in the UK or US? Or only the educated people in Ethiopia? How is it possible to develop local languages if you journalists are not even trying to do so? As much as I was impressed by the analysis I am ashamed by the language used.

  5. Ethiowatch says:

    Zellalem Leyew,

    the British system of maintaining “influence” is sophisticated. On one hand we have an official and genuine “Aid” (carrots) , which by itself is strong power and at the same time the negative,false media war (the stick).

    Look at for example this article “Is Ethiopia Violating UN Sanctions against North Korea: New Evidence Uncovered” link: http://38north.org/2014/12/aberger122314/ presumably “written by” a harmless angle looking lady by the name Andrea Berger link: https://www.rusi.org/analysis/authors/ref:B4E8DD5873DB43/ . It is just a game. From those couple of dozen of countries the lady mentioned who might have weapon deals with NK, she just picked Ethiopia this time. Next time it would be another country, as it suits. Who is financing this “NGO”s? and guiding their missiles? probably the secret service. Knowing that Ethiopia is deeply dedicated for peace and all whatever effort it undertakes is aimed is to keep peace in the region beyond to achieve it’s main agenda of fighting it’s main enemy, namely poverty makes me to see these kind of propaganda and small media wars relaxed.

    P.S. where is the Ethiopian “think thank”? where are the Ethiopian “Andrea Bergers”?

  6. Daniel Y says:

    “Yeman Zer Gomenzer”

  7. Fissaha says:

    I thought Dawit interview was fair and balance. I thought he will be given different views that what actually said. Great job Dawit. By the way love your awrambatimes. I always read it at least once a day and keep it up!!

  8. Meron says:

    Dawit Kebede, Wonderful interview. Those who do not understand your right to express whatever opinion you have tried to make it a big deal for a journalist to have a critical view. I completely agree. Even people like Chomski tell us how the US uses such organazations like Amnesty, CPJ and Human Rights Watch or Freedom House to promote their own hegemonic agenda. You only told the truth. No sensible westerner will be offended for such a sharp view. Well, done for stating the facts with intelligence and honor.
    Nobody, whether it is CPJ or Amnesty, has a right to tarnish our nation’s image in order to promote self-serving agenda of the West.

  9. Abraha says:

    Dawit, you right! As you said, these Western advocacy groups like AI, HRW and CPJ are more interested in imposing Western hegemony than human rights. The issue of human rights used to tarnish the image of countries like Ethiopia that want to be independent. You spoke mu mind! I also agree with you that the US State Department human rights report is the exact copy of reports from AI, HRW, CPJ etc……. My admiration for you is that you spoke honestly regardless of the award and honor you were given. True journalists always speak the truth! Keep it up bro.
    Good point!

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