Inspirational Poem about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam by Getnet Enyew (Video)


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6 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    What a poem? This great man is simply awesome. Yegitmu Kana yelibin sir fenklo yemiyasdemim. Lesemaw libin yemimesit. Le Ethiopia Telatoch yemiyasdenebir meliekt yalew gitm. Yawm Abay Anat lay hono. Ya Kita Ras Shimagle YeESAT Tesfa Bekele yeAwramba Tesfalehulum/Tesfa yelelew/ min yil yihon.

  2. Zellalem Leyew says:

    Very touching, teaching, assuring and motivating Poem and nice reading as well. Thanks.

  3. Tamiru says:

    A nice poem. Keep it up. God. Less Ethiopia!

  4. Tamiru says:

    The poem is very inspiring and uniting. May God the Almighy bless Ethiopia and it’s people.

  5. hermi says:

    Precious words!

  6. hermi says:

    Precious words!
    Thank u AT.

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