Bereket Simon Talks with Awramba Times about the role of TPLF for Today’s Ethiopia (Video)


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14 Responses

  1. D says:

    What’s Ato Bereket knows about TPLF? He’s Eritrean. He doesn’t represent Tigrai nor Gondar.

  2. Ermi says:

    All you need to do is read between the lines as Bereket tells you that the have been ruling the country by “nesib”. What do the low level cadres think now when he is saying the country is still the poorest of the poor contrary to the hope of Addis ababa becoming as developed as new York city with the introduction of the 50 metered taxis?

    Aba melas’ latest single says it all about what is achieved by dedebit fifth graders. I guess Dawit should post it as it is very informative for the woyane dedebits and its blind and hodam followers.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Beza says:

      Ermi, how was your vacation back home, I mean Eritrea. You were absent for a while, I hope you didn’t come back with itches and infection. But according to your writing you’ve been infected not only your body your brain too. You are so worried about Ethiopia but, you must be worried about your country so called Eritrea.

      Eritrea should be you must be worried about not Ethiopia. Those are the people you call them low level cadres who registered double digit economic growth.

  3. Hailu says:

    Yes,EPRDF is the most fruitful party in Ethiopia history and future is bright with EPRDF

  4. Gedam says:

    As we move on the challenge for the Government and the country will be tougher not easier. So, carry on the good job.
    We are nowhere near where we should be.

  5. mohammed says:

    yesew lej yezerawn yemiachedew sensochu eskemiseru becha new.
    ahun weyanewoch ayakutem enji shemglew eyesholeku new,

    long time ago i did post regarding melese zenawi what i wished him to see
    which was like late china leader jiag zamin to step down as prim minster and to carry on as
    member of parlament or commander for the militery .
    that did not happen his gone,

    the rest weyane the same fate waiting them,
    all these ,simon,sebhat,tsehaiye,seyum,by now they should have have been replaced by new
    ehadig leaders,

    otherwise like haileselase lejachew negso biyaut des yemilachew aynet astesaseb
    endiaw saysaka ya split second hasab legedelu silu menalbat tekeseta yehonal

    ya helm gen its to let,

    the same negen senaseb yemimetaw gorfe aytawekem,

    ediaw weyane leaders i wish them
    to take fast action before its to let special when you see this militery defectores,

  6. gudandsemon says:

    all the leaders are responsible for the militery machine.
    nothing to do with the pilots,
    they have been told to give the helicopter for free to shabia
    ethiopian weyane give to ethiopian shabia
    its old practice nothing new,

    shabia and weyane they said we will rule ethiopia together
    no serprise.

    its normal ethiopian air boeing is next weit and see.

  7. matusala says:

    ትምክህኞች አሁንም ምንም በገጎ ነገር አይታያቸውም ዓለም የመሰከረበት የአኢትየዮየያ የህደዳሰሴ ገጉዘዞ ለማንከኳሰስ መመኮር የያዘዙትን አገረራችን የመማይበጅ ዓላማ ተስፋ መቀቁረጥን ያመለክታል አሁንም ከህወሓት ኢህአደግ ጉዞአችን ሩህ ነው

  8. Bethihu says:

    As to all the TPLF-EPRDF leaders have had mentioned, their secret for success was not only their clear political program, but they were able to connect with the heroic Tigrain people in the beginning, then with rest of Ethiopian people….
    That’s why, the diaspora idiots or so called politicians didn’t achieve a thing with their nonsense ot trashy political activities in the past 23 years while TPLF-EPRD shaking and moving the country forward…

  9. tam says:

    look all those tigrayns with guns in no other region allowed sevilens carrying a gun

    • Beza says:

      Bahir dar Englizawiwn yegedelew keAksum new keShire? Kedebub Gonder aydel ende? Wushetam, Ketafi. Dawit is allowed to interview them, not because, he is Tigre it’s because he is neutral and knows what to do as a journalist. You can not invite Abebe Gelebaw as a journalist in the white house or state department meetings. That’s the reason why. DAWIT is the best journalist ever. That’s why Awramba had a lot of visitors. Tam tam.

  10. tam says:

    no other so called private mideye have access to interview high rank officers,,why dawit ? it is clear as crystal becoz he is from tigray

  11. tamagn says:

    so no one except Tigre shall have weapon to his or her custody
    so they can fly to Eritrea at will

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